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By Rarufu
A real life podcast that pushes limits. Insightful and Critical thinking about what makes us us and how we can evolve for the better. It’s yours as much as it is mine.
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Laugh At My Pain.
As I'm writing this, I'm listening to some lofi hip hop beats (The Spacebreaks Vol. 1-2 [Full BeatTape]). I'm chilled. I'm relaxed and I feel good. I'm in the living room/kitchen with my house mates - everyone looks happy. We're laughing about different things, some are on their phones, some are watching Liverpool FC on tv, I am smiling at my laptop screen... Because I am actually seriously writing this - where do we go from here? Well this is part of reason why I created this platform, so I can express myself to myself and whoever is interested enough to watch/read/listen. (This is my method of enhancing my confidence, self belief and self love). I still get super nervous before uploading a new episode, perhaps that's why we're on episode 12 after a year, oh well, we move. Things can only get better, I'm sure.  This episode is about just that, things getting better, regardless of how dark times are. Sometimes the best thing we can do is laugh at our pain. My guest shares a lot about her "dark experiences" and "painful thoughts", she says "no matter how you feel, it's always fleeting... you can acknowledge that you're hurt but you don't have to feel the pain". Hence the reason you'll hear her sweet nerves laugh after she describes one of her tragic episode. My guest is a strong mixed race women (she doesn't want to be tagged) but she does want to share her story, which I think is cool. I encourage it. I am a 100% myself on this platform, so that my beautiful guests can share freely and with comfort. I'll add that my guest has changed my mentality and attitude towards life, through her stories and I appreciate her for that. Big Love, ET.
March 15, 2021
Two-Way Mirror
This episode is stunning and honest. I am joined by good friend and lead vocalist of heavy metal band Loathe, Kadeem France. He speaks deeply about his experiences and paints vivid pictures of his highs and lows as a an artist in the band. Kadeem also touches on how he’s dealing with the band’s success and how he stays balanced, grounded and in control of his ego. In all honesty, it’s just nice to see how humble this fella is. He touches on the the meaning behind the band’s latest album “I Let It In And It Took Everything” and my favourite song on the album Two-Way Mirror, hence the title of this episode. We discuss all of this and more, please enjoy. Kadeem, I am proud of you. I have big love for you - keep doing your thing brother. Big love.
January 5, 2021
Pain Is Power
This one is beautiful. It's real. It's honest. My guest, Onyx, takes me on a journey of his life so far... We discuss hate, depression, anxiety and suicide. We take a trip on the other side too and touch on everything on the other end of the spectrum, love, life, freedom, happiness and peace. This talk has truly changed my life. I'm starting to see my power. I'm starting to see my light. I'm letting my self doubt go. I'm letting my lack of confidence go. I'm on my way to freedom, love and peace. Enjoy the journey. Thank you Onyx - you're a special man.
November 4, 2020
Mother Nature II
In this episode, we are joined again by the herbalist, writer, teacher and all around nice guy. We talk about masks, health and food. We also discuss LAW and where we think the world seems to be going. The conversation was beautiful - Reis continued to speak passionately about money, fear and how the world is "controlled". If you're reading this, I say... Know yourself. Love yourself. Know your rights. Learn your rights. Live freely. Please enjoy.
October 18, 2020
Mother Nature
Mother Nature is calling - pick up the phone.  In this episode, we have herbalist, writer, teacher and all around nice guy Reiss, tell us about his world and how he sees society. This episode discusses different natures of our world. Food, money, fear and how the world is "controlled" was also talked about . We discuss WOMEN and the Black Lives Matter Movement towards the end of the podcast too. Actually... We discussed everything. So please enjoy.
September 21, 2020
Experience (Birds Are Free)
In this episode we discuss vulnerability in men, ego, privilege, the importance of reflection and having good friends around you. 
August 18, 2020
Within-Self (PT 2.)
Episode 6, the art of conversation with Sticky Dub. We discuss, God, self management and the importance of knowing one's self. We also explore the  importance of reflection, vulnerability and having a relationship with your mind… Please enjoy. I would like to apologise for my incredibly long pauses. 
July 20, 2020
Exploring love, forgiveness and self intimacy. 
June 28, 2020
Interesting Nonsense - (Chapter I. TRYING)
Sometimes we have to reach our lowest points in life, in order to improve ourselves. There's beauty in the struggle. There's success in trying. 
June 14, 2020
A Journey.
Walking into our Future.
March 17, 2020
Life, Death & Confidence.
Inspired by Kobe Bryant. Forever a legend.  Live like there's no tomorrow people. BIG LOVE.
February 16, 2020
2020 Vision
Patience. Self Belief. Face Your Fears.
January 5, 2020