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Earnest Layman

Earnest Layman

By Clint Adams
Promoting sound Christian doctrine and refuting that which contradicts it (Titus 1:9) via sermon reviews and book reviews.
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Movie Review - They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll
On June 14, 2020, I posted a movie review on "They Sold Their Souls For Rock & Roll (10-hour edition)" by Good Fight Ministries. It became my most-viewed post for 2020. As I introduce movie reviews to my podcast (specifically ones on my blog) on the one-year anniversary of the aforementioned post, I give basically the audio version of this review. I also discuss how this post of mine in actuality was a dud.  No commercials on this one. If you listen with your kids, please be aware that some of the topics may be for mature audiences only. Here is that movie review post: Thanks for listening!
June 14, 2021
Book Review - "Deceived On Purpose" by Warren Smith
On June 22, 2020, I posted a book review on "Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church" by Warren Smith. On this podcast, I go through that post. I also give some additional information not in the post. 0:03 - Announcement + first eight chapters 34:00 - rest of the book ***RESOURCES*** Here is my blog post of the review: Here is my post on Max Lucado: This link is to a search engine with TD Jakes' name already in it. Use it to also search for Bill Hybels: Here is the link of my book review on James Sundquist's "Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church" (corresponding podcast episode embedded at the end of that article): I mentioned the movie "Church of Tares." Here is a review I wrote of that movie: Did I miss a link? If so, please let me know. Thanks for your time! Hope this episode helps!
June 13, 2021
Sermon Review/Profile - Jen Tringale
This is a dedicated episode to Jen Tringale, "an internationally known speaker, author, and strategist on awakening destiny." She was mentioned in my book review on Kent Philpott's "False Prophets Among Us: A Critical Analysis of the New Apostolic Reformation." I received an email request inquiring of her. This episode is a response to that request.  0:37 - Part One (refutation of some sermon soundbites) 44:51 - Part Two (Linking Tringale to Word-Faith; refuting the Mirror Bible, modern-day apostles, and women preachers) 1:33:18 - sermon review - "Something New Is In The Air" ***RESOURCES*** Here is the aforementioned book review on Philpott: Here is the article from GotQuestions.Org (henceforth referred to as GQOrg) about God's being in control: Here is my post on why it is unbiblical to decree and declare: Here is the GQOrg article on the purpose of angels: Here is the episode showing the origin of Lou Engle's "The Call": This is the Justin Peters transcript I mentioned: Here is the Mike Winger video that exposes the "Mirror Bible": Here is the GQOrg article on the "Mirror Bible": Here is my movie review I did on "A Shack Of Lies": Here is both the Tim Challies article that refutes William Paul Young's "Lies We Believe About God" and the Fighting For The Faith episode that both discusses the Challies article and links Che Ahn with the New Apostolic Reformation: I mentioned an episode featuring lectures by Cairns and Charmley. Here it is: I never did read that section from my book review I mentioned on David Cloud (substituting instead Jude 1-11). Here is that book review: Did I forget any links? If so, please let me know. Thanks for listening and your patience!
June 6, 2021
***ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 5/2/2021*** Sermon Review/Profile - Rob Ketterling (ARC)
In this episode, I both lay some groundwork and review a sermon by Pastor Rob Ketterling, pastor of River Valley Church, a multi-site megachurch in Burnsville, Minnesota. Ketterling is part of the lead team of the Association of Related Churches (ARC).  0:37: Introduction + Debunking Ketterling's having false teachers (specifically Robert Morris) and female preachers at his pulpit.  47:23 - Debunking Ketterling's SOAP Bible-Reading Plan  1:13:16 - Sermon Review: We Are Failing At Being God (Dated 11/22/2020)  **RESOURCES***  Here is my article on the Association of Related Churches (ARC):  Here is the book review on David Cloud that I mentioned: Here are the resources debunking and refuting false teacher Robert Morris:  This single link should show 2 YouTube videos from Pastor Chris Rosebrough of Fighting For The Faith (F4TF) that debunk "The Blessed Life" and one video that debunks "Living Beyond Blessed":  Here's the ARC video I referenced that showed the soundbite of Morris:  This episode overall is an excellent refutation against hearing God's voice audibly. If you wish to skip to Morris' Easter Sermon (which, spoiler alert, took 3rd place for the 2014 "Worst Easter Sermon of the Year" contest for F4TF), go to the 1:11:15 mark:  Here are the videos I mentioned regarding hearing the voice of God. The following order should suffice:  Finally, I mentioned a book review I did on a book by Galen Woodward. Here is the review:  I hope all this information helps. My sincerest apologies on any confusion regarding the publication date. 
May 31, 2021
Book Review - "Last Days Survival Guide" by Rick Renner
On September 18, 2020, I posted a book review of "Last Days Survival Guide" by Rick Renner. This episode is the audio version of it. 0:00 - Intro + the book's pros 27:33 - The book's cons ***RESOURCES*** Here is my post of my review on Renner's book: I mentioned that false prophet Hank Kunneman endorsed Renner's book. Here is a long but informational YouTube video showing him (among many others) to be false prophets: Use this search engine (with Kunneman's name already in it) to search for further information on Mike Bickle, Sid Roth, Michael Brown (aka "Doctor" Michael Brown) and Perry Stone: Here is the "Fighting For The Faith" episode in which Rosebrough shows how believers are not under the Mosaic Covenant: Did I forget a link? If so, please let me know so I may correct it. Thanks for listening!
May 30, 2021
Book Review - "Love Does" by Bob Goff
On May 19, 2021, I posted my book review of "Love Does" by Bob Goff. Here is the audio version of this review that follows closely to the written article. 0:00 - Intro, Foundational Pro and Foundational Con 12:58 - The Three Theological Problems That Flow From The Foundational Con ***RESOURCES*** Here is the book review post: Here is the lecture from Rosebrough I mentioned: Thanks for listening!
May 23, 2021
Book Review - "Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church" by Paul Washer
On May 28, 2020, I published a blog post for a book review on "Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church" by Paul Washer. This book review was the highest viewed "book review" post of mine in 2020. This episode is an audio version of it. 0:00: Intro + first half of book 23:52: second half of book ***RESOURCES*** Here is the original post of my book review on Washer's book: The following link is a website that has a search engine with Joseph Prince's name already in it. Use that same search engine to search for such people as Patricia King, Jennifer LeClaire, Priscilla Shirer, Rick Warren, Erwin McManus and others I mentioned when discussing those who claim direct revelation from God: Here are my posts on Alex Seeley and Henry Seeley of The Belonging Co in Nashville, Tennessee: Here is the YouTube channel of Daniel Long's "Long For Truth": Here is the YouTube channel of Justin Peters: Here is the YouTube channel of the Polite Leader: Here is the episode of the Steve Kelly "sermon" that won the 2014 "Worst Easter Sermon Of The Year" contest. If you want to skip to the "sermon" review, go to the 1:03:02 mark of the episode. You might find the whole episode helpful, though: Here is a good video on Mark Driscoll and Perry Noble: Here are two websites that give good information that exposes James MacDonald: Here are the three book reviews I mentioned that are not in the written version of this book review (READER DISCRETION ON THE FINAL TWO OF THIS SET OF THREE:): Here was the sermon review of Robert Madu that I mentioned: Here was the sleep information I mentioned: Did I forget a link? If so, please let me know. Thanks for listening!
May 16, 2021
Book Review - "Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church" by James Sundquist
This is the audio version of my book review on "Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church: A Documentary On The Teachings of Rick Warren" by James Sundquist. SEGMENT ONE: First six chapters; SEGMENT TWO (49:29): rest of the book. Here is my blog post of my book review on Sundquist's book, my book review on Rick Warren's "The Purpose-Driven Life", my topical post on "The Message" paraphrase (aka Herephrase), and my profile post on the late Henri Nouwen. A great episode on Dawain Atkinson: The episodes I mentioned on John Samson & Costi Hinn: The sources I mentioned regarding the "senior pastors" Rick Warren said to follow on Twitter in 2013 (second source citation not a full endorsement): The next link goes to a website featuring a search bar with Joel Osteen's name in it. Use that link and search bar on the page to look up the other names I mentioned (TD Jakes, Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley, Brian Houston, Steven Furtick, Mark Batterson, Ed Young, Joseph Prince, Craig Groeschel, Bill Hybels, Bill Johnson, Troy Gramling, Pete Wilson, Jentezen Franklin, Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald, David Crank, Erwin McManus, Robert Morris, Chris Hodges, Rob Carpenter, Kerry Shook & even Rick Warren):  This is an informational video on Driscoll & Noble: Hodges, Greg Suratt, Rick Bezet, Stovall Weems, Miles McPherson, Joe Champion and Casey Treat are all affiliated with the Association of Related Churches (ARC): A great podcast that reviews a sermon on reparations by Eric Mason. For a shortcut, go to about the 25 minute mark: Here is an article showing David's Platt's endorsement of Louie Giglio's "Goliath Must Fall" book. Below that is my review of Giglio's book: Speaking of Giglio, here is the "Fighting For The Faith" episode showing Giglio's approval of the fleecing of those at the 2016 Presence Conference (said conference hosted by false prophet Phil Pringle). Use the same "Fighting For The Faith" link above to search for information on Phil Pringle: Here is the article I mentioned that pertained to Saddleback's ordaining three women pastors: Thanks for listening!
May 9, 2021
Book Review - "Ten Words To Live By: Delighting In And Doing What God Commands" by Jen Wilkin
On March 21, 2021, I posted a Wordpress blog post of my book review on Jen Wilkin's "Ten Words To Live By: Delighting In And Doing What God Commands." It has been my most viewed "book review" post to this day. This podcast episode is a bit of an expansion of that article as I attempt to put all my book reviews from my Wordpress site onto podcast form. In this episode, I look at the pros and cons of this book. Here is the link to the book review. All links I cite (sans one) can be found in this article: That "sans one" link is the following: I hope this helps you.
May 6, 2021
Pilot Episode - Earnest Layman
In this episode, I explain the who, what, when, where, why and how of the podcast in relation to its being an extension of my blog 0:47 - Who 2:47 - What 3:58 - When 4:10 - Where 4:33 - Why (Part 1) 5:28 - How 7:00 - Why (Part 2 - not the song :) )   7:30 - Logically   16:25 - Biblically   1:41:25 - Statistically
April 29, 2021