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EYL #8 My Accountant is so Good, I’m Practically Living Tax Free.

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Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Financial Advisor Rashad Bilal and Educator Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast
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Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Financial Advisor Rashad Bilal and Educator Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast

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EYL #47 Last Laugh
Greg Barnett has been an NFL agent for 15 years. Some of the current players that he represents are Justin Houston, Reshad Jones, and Pro-bowler Kyler Fuller. He also co-represents this year’s #4 draft pick Clelin Ferrell and former Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston. His journey has taken him from being in special education in high school to becoming a school teacher, to making NFL history. In 2015 he helped negotiate the largest contract for a linebacker in NFL history at that time for Justin Houston. The contract was for $101,000,000 with $52,000,000 of it guaranteed. In addition to being an agent, he also is an entrepreneur, investor, and manager for retired players including the legendary Percy Harvin. In episode 47 he walked us through NFL contract negotiations, he explained what college athletes go through, and we talked about the NCAA not paying athletes. We also discussed special education in schools, the business of AAU basketball, and the advantages of HBCUs. Guest IG: @gbobarnett Book Tip: Sole Influence
November 8, 2019
EYL #46 Mama I Made It
Anthony and Anton Downing are twin brothers who were born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. They are both firefighters by trade. In addition, they became local celebrities when they struck a deal to have a nationally aired TV show on HGTV which featured them renovating and flipping homes in the area. In addition to being TV stars and firefighters, they're well known local real estate investors with a focus on South Side real estate. In episode 46 they educated us on how being a firefighter is the perfect profession to have multiple side businesses since they only work 2 days a week, they explained the process of how real estate show TV deals work and they explained the dynamics of what’s going on in the South Side and how contrary to what is shown in the media there is actually a lot to be encouraged about. We talked about how you can have a career and be an entrepreneur at the same time, real estate opportunities, and they gave real-world examples of how anyone can buy a home and renovate it with extremely low down payments. Guest IG: @thedowningbrothers
November 5, 2019
EYL #45 Hustle & Motivate feat. John Henry
John Henry is only 26 but his business story could span three lifetimes. He's the son of Dominican immigrants. He grew up below the poverty line in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood. At 18 he worked as a doorman in a luxury building in Brooklyn. While working as a doorman he started a dry cleaning business. Within 3 years his business was making $100,000 a month in revenue. At the age of 21, he sold the business for $1 million and started the first business incubator in Harlem called Cofound Harlem. After making a name for himself in the city, he was offered a podcast deal, and then a TV deal for his own show on Vice called “Hustle”. He parlayed that into a brand endorsement deal with Cadillac. After starting Cofound Harlem he decided he wanted to dive into the world of Venture Capital. He joined forces with three other young entrepreneurs and became a partner in Harlem Capital. Harlem Capital Partners is a $25 million Venture Capital firm owned and operated by four men of color under the age of 30. The fund plans to invest in 1,000 minority and women founders over the next 20 years. All four of the partners are on the most recent Forbes 30 under 30 list. In EYL #45, John walked us through his incredible journey. He told us the story of his first business, he explained in detail the inner workings of the V.C. world, he explained the steps to set up a Venture Capital fund, he detailed how TV deals are structured and he outlined the current market place for brand partnerships and media opportunities. Guest IG: @johnhenrystyle Book Tip: Steve Jobs
October 29, 2019
EYL #44 Wall Street Trapper
Leon Howard aka Wall Street Trapper grew up in the turbulent streets of New Orleans. His mother was shot in front of him when he was 9 years old. He took to the street life early and was arrested and tried as an adult at the age of 16 for attempted murder and armed robbery. He was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in Louisiana state penitentiary. He was introduced to the stock market while he was incarcerated and fell in love with it instantly. He read every book and newspaper he could get his hands on and watched CNBC every morning religiously. When he was released from jail he began working as an ironworker. While he was working he invested 70% of his income. After putting together a strategic plan he quit his job and became a full-time investor and entrepreneur. He now travels the country to teach other people with similar backgrounds about stocks and investing. He credits the stock market for changing his life and getting him out of the cycle of destruction that he was raised in. He now is on a mission to help educate as many people as possible about investing to provide a level of hope that he was not afforded as a youth. He’s 100% self-educated but his knowledge in stocks is on par with an investment banker. In episode 44 he covered and explained every area of stocks in detail. He covered REIT’s, ETF’s, Indexed funds, he explained his strategy in evaluating a company to know if it's a good stock to buy, he explained how to set up a stock account for a child and much more. He also explained how anyone can buy back their financial freedom by way of stock market investing for income. Guest IG: @wall_street_trapper Boot Tip: Wall Street Trappin 101, 102, & 103
October 22, 2019
EYL #43 The Youngest in Charge feat. Prince Donnell
Prince Donnell has built an extremely strong presence online but he has a lot more to offer outside of social media. At 25 he’s the CEO to the fastest-growing tax preparation company in American history. His company, Jumping Jack Tax has built a community of over 400 licensees nationwide in less than a year. In episode 43 he detailed his transition from the corporate world to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, he broke down the tax preparation business in detail and explained how anyone can get in the business regardless if you have a tax background or not, and he went into detail about text message marketing. Guest IG: @princedonnell Book Tip: Think and Grow Rich
October 18, 2019
EYL #42 Family Ties feat. Dana Chanel
Dana Chanel is a force of nature. She built her first app Sprinkle of Jesus at the age of 21 in two days with no previous technical experience. Sprinkle of Jesus is now the top Christian Moblie app in the world with over 8 million users. In addition to Sprinkle of Jesus she is also the founder of Curl Bible which is an online bueaty supply store that host products from over 200 small businesses, she is an owner of an app devolpmemt company called Alakazam Apps and she is an investor in a credit company named Credit Exterminators. On episode 42 Dana told us her story, she also explained why having an app for your business is mandatory, she spoke on the importance of not relying on social media for marketing, she explained why direct to consumer relationships are essential and she talked about how her relationship with her father made her into the woman that she is today. Guest IG: @danachanel
October 15, 2019
EYL #41 Ride or Die
It’s a little known fact that mobile home investing provides that highest cash on cash return on average from any form of real estate. It requires extremely low amounts of capital to invest and the profit margins can be huge. Very few people think of investing in mobile homes or mobile home parks, but it’s not only an extremely lucrative business it’s also a high demand industry. 22 million Americans live in mobile homes and as real estate prices continue to go up nationwide the demand for mobile homes is rising. It’s a billion-dollar industry that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams of Mobile Home Elite Investors have mastered the mobile home industry. In episode 41 they gave us insight on how anyone can get started investing for as low as $500, they went into detail about the ins and outs of mobile homes and explained the pitfalls to avoid. Guest IG: @MobileHomeEliteInvestors Book Tip: A step by step guide to buy and sell mobile homes
October 8, 2019
EYL #40 Story Time feat. Kenny Burns
Kenny Burns is the definition of a renaissance man. He invented the term “lifestyle specialist” years before it became popular. His storied career covers a vast vartiary of areas. He was the second black designer in Saks Fifth Ave with his fashion line Ryan Kenny, he was a music executive and responsible for signing Akon, Wale, and The Dream, he ran a record label, he helped launched Revolt TV, he's one of the most successful party host ever and an icon in the nightlife scene, he was an executive at Roc-A-Fella records durning thier peak years, he was a brand ambassador for Ciroc, Greygoose and Deleon, he also created the influencer programs that all spirit companies use, and he is also an owner in Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. The brand is named after Nathan “Nearest” Green who was the slave that was Jack Daniel’s master distiller and the craftsman behind the now world famous Jack Daniels whiskey brand. Kenny told us halirious and entertaining stories about Roc-A-Fella, Diddy, TI and more. He also gave us game on the inner workings of the night life business, the spirits industry, the music business and marketing. #musicbusiness #marketing Guest IG: @kennyburns Book Tip: The Dream is Real
October 4, 2019
EYL #39 Stay Down Until You Come Up
The trucking business is a $700 billion industry. Most people have no idea how lucrative it is. Anyone can become an entrepreneur in the industry with proper knowledge. You do not need to be a driver or even know how to drive a tractor-trailer. Alix Burton is the epitome of resilience. He started in the trucking industry in 2012 with no experience or mentor. He purchased a box truck and hit the ground running. After a year he shut his business down because his expenses became too much for him to keep up with. In 2015 he relaunched his business, this time he focused on 18 wheelers instead of box trucks. His past failure helped propel him to massive success. He now has a booming operation with 11 trucks on the road and monthly revenue totaling over $100,000. Along with running the trucking business Alix now teaches others how to become successful in the industry. He has partnered with Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher) to provide an educational platform for people interested in the business. In episode 39 Alix broke down the trucking industry, he explained the ins and outs and provided a blueprint for success, he also detailed his personal journey of business highs and lows. His story is a motivational tail that anyone can learn from. Guest IG: @alix_goodenergy Book Tip: How to Win Friends and Influence People
October 1, 2019
EYL #38 Corner Class feat. Jay Morrison
Jay Morrison has been a leader and pioneer in the financial literacy movement for over a decade. He started in the streets hustling. After being educated on real estate he turned his life around and transferred his entrepreneurial skills into the business world. He’s the CEO and founder of the first black-owned real estate equity crowdfund in American history. The Tulsa Real Estate Fund has a $50 million dollar market cap. Some of its assets include a 98 unit apartment complex and an office building that is under construction, once completed it will house office space, production studios, and classrooms. In episode 38 he detailed his journey from transitioning from the streets to real estate, he also gave insight and broke-down key real estate terms and strategies, as well as outlining the vision for the Tulsa Fund. Guest IG: @mrjaymorrison Book Tip: Lord of My Land
September 24, 2019
EYL #37 The Boss
Kika Wise is the true definition of a trailblazer. She is the youngest female franchisor in America. Not only is she the youngest female franchisor in America across all racial lines but she is also one of only a handful of black franchisors in the county. She is the owner of Kika Stretch Studios which is a fitness stretching studio that has 12 locations nationwide. Kika has a unique income-based buy-in model for her franchises to help anyone become an owner. She also has a focus on inclusion, 11 of her 12 locations are owned by minorities. She started her first studio in 2011 with her last $500 that she had to her name from a tax return. She took a leap of faith and rented a room for $300 and spent on marketing $200 on marketing. In episode 37 she explained how she turned $500 into 12 national locations. She also detailed the process and went over the ins and outs for anyone looking to become a franchisor or franchisee and she gave the cheat code on how to make your business appear at the top of Google searches. Guest IG: @kikaiam Book Tip: The E Myth Revisited
September 17, 2019
EYL #36 Buy Back the Block
“Buy Back the Block” is a trendy slogan, but Chris Senegal has actually done just that. He recently purchased an entire abandoned block in the Fifth Ward section of Houston. He is currently in the process of developing luxury townhouses for the area. His plan is to get successful people that are originally from the neighborhood that moved out to come back. In addition to being a real estate developer Chris is a trained engineer, he’s a former stock day trader, he was a franchise owner, and he's a business coach. In episode 36 he gave us insight on the energy business, he outlines business success tips, he explained how to bypass gatekeepers to speak to high-level executives and he gave valuable information about real estate development and how to spot up and coming opportunities in the market. Guest IG: @_invstr Book Tip: Entrepreneur Rollercoaster
September 13, 2019
EYL #35 Pay me in Equity
Mike T. Brown went from tackling running backs in the NFL to tackling the tech world. He’s created a revolutionary fantasy gaming platform that is reshaping philanthropy. He has raised money for his company by way of a little known funding method called equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding is something that every business owner should be aware of because it allows you to raise large amounts of money in short periods of time without any bank funding. It is also something that every investor should be aware of because it allows you to obtain ownership in companies at their beginning stages, which could potentially lead to huge profits down the line. Mike gave us insight on equity crowdfunding, he also explained how he transitioned from the NFL to the tech world and he explained how his company Win-Win will change the landscape of fantasy sports. Guest IG: @_miketbrown Book Tip: Hard things about Hard Things
September 10, 2019
EYL #34 Soul not for Sale
Jabari Johnson’s story in business is legendary. He's the founder and owner of Colors-Worldwide which is the parent company of RNB Only. RnB Only is the premiere RnB musical experience in the world. It's a traveling show without singers. The show consists of a DJ and hype man, very similar to how EDM shows operate. RnB Only is massively successful and has turned into a multi-million dollar booming business that has over 50 shows a year. The brand has grown so large that in a few weeks they will host their first-ever music festival with Ashanti and Queen Naija as the headliners. Earlier this year Jabari went viral after he wrote an article explaining why he turned down $1 million dollars for an equity stake in his company from a venture capital firm. It’s one thing to talk about independence but it’s another thing to be faced with a seven-figure check and have the courage to turn it down to remain independent. He sat down with us and told us why he turned the million dollars down, he also explained his business model, he talked about the importance of data mining, and he provided a road map for entrepreneurs to navigate the tricky world of venture capital. Guest IG: @Jabari Book Tip: Ego is the Enemy
September 3, 2019
EYL #33 BIG TYME feat. DJ Envy & Flipping NJ
Episode 33 is with two of the most important figures in the financial literacy movement. DJ Envy needs no introduction everyone already watches and listens to him everyday. He’s a music and radio icon but his career as a real estate mogul and entrepreneur is just as if not more impressive. Cesar Piña aka Flipping NJ’s life story is made for a movie. He came home from the federal penitentiary in 2006 with a new born baby and no money. In 13 years he mangaged to go from 0 to 900 housing units. He currently has a net worth of over $65 million, and is in the process of building 3 commercial apartment complexes with over 150 combined units. The two titans joined forces last year and created a real estate juggernaut. They currently are traveling around the country educating thousands at their real estate seminars. In episode 33 they sat down with us to tell their stories, they also gave priceless insight into high-end real estate development and they explained how anyone can start making money in real estate. They outlined the blueprint for success and the pitfalls to watch out for. Guest IG: @djenvy & @flipping_nj Book Tip: 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
August 27, 2019
EYL #32 Picture Me Rollin’
Christian Charvet has an inspiring life story. He grew up in some of the toughest neighborhoods in New York City and turned to the streets as an adolescent. In his early 20s, he turned his life around. He got his GED, worked his way up in the car industry, and is now one of the top Mercedes Benz sales managers in the country. He has over 20 years of experience in the car business, his client list reads like a who’s who in New York’s power circle. In episode 32 we went in-depth on everything you need to know about cars. We broke down the advantages of leasing and buying, we explained the different tax breaks associated with each, we looked at buying new vs used, and we explained all the technical car buying terms. Christian also gave insight into different career paths within the automotive industry, a sector that you can earn six figures in without a college degree. We also went in-depth about the art of selling. We explained different psychological traits to look for from customers and how to master the art of closing. We explained how mastering and understanding selling is vital to everyone, not just salespeople. Guest IG: @cch116 Book Tip: Closers Survival Guide
August 20, 2019
EYL #31 Higher Learning
Lenny Williams and Jeff Dess, aren’t your typical college professors and administrators. Jeff is an author of five books with a Masters Degree in English Literature and Lenny is a professor within the business departments at 4 different institutions, with an MBA. They joined forces to create an educational platform called “Trill or Not Trill”, which bridges the gap between pop culture and student development. They have worked with the NFL and have been featured on CBS, The Boston Globe, Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise, and Fox. They also are big names on the college speaking circuit, they have visited over 40 colleges and universities to give lectures and panel discussions. In episode 31 we sat down with the dynamic duo to discuss higher education, college hacking tips, ways to fund education without going into debt and the importance of culturally responsive teaching. They also gave valuable information on the public speaking industry; which includes tips on how to get started, how to know how much to charge and who to market to. Guest’s IG: @professor.williams and @mrjeffdess
August 13, 2019
EYL #30 Everything A Band-Aid Can’t Fix
Nicole Russell is a leading advocate for mental health and well being of children. She was Glamour’s everyday Hero of the Year, Walmart’s Community Playmaker of the Year, and one of Observer’s Top 20 Heroes Under 40. She is the co-founder of Precious Dreams Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that helps young homeless people and children in foster care. She also is a best selling author and entrepreneur. This year she created Complex Networks first philanthropic division titled Complex Community. In episode 30 we cover everything you need to know about starting and running a successful non-profit/charity organization. We also discussed mental health, the art of negotiating, grant writing, fundraising, and marketing. Guest IG: @nicolerussell Book Tip: Everything A Band-Aid Can’t Fix
August 6, 2019
EYL #29 Mama Africa
In episode 29 we spoke with international business expert Fritz Charles about Africa. Fritz graduated from the top business school in the world (Wharton at UPenn), he worked as a trader for the infamous Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers when he was 22. After Lehman went bankrupt he worked for the NBA where he spearheaded NBATV in Africa. After that, he became the head of growth for iROKOtv which is known as the Netflix of Africa. We covered the importance of people of Investing and being connected to Africa, Kenya’s mobile banking success story, the NBA’s new African league, Afro Beats, Nigeria’s film industry, and China’s economic influence on the continent. Guest IG: @fritzchain Book Tip: China’s Second Continent
August 2, 2019
EYL #28 Billions
Fritz Charles’s life is legendary. He graduated from the top business school in the world (Wharton at UPenn), he worked as a trader for the infamous Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers when he was 22. During his time at Lehman, he traded a billion dollars a day in complicated swap derivatives. After Lehman went bankrupt he worked for the NBA and Barclays. After that, he went international and became the head of growth for iROKOtv which is known as the Netflix of Africa. He then became a cryptocurrency expert. He founded Coin Gamma which is a cryptocurrency media platform. He currently serves as the director of product growth of Token Tax which is a cryptocurrency tax company. In episode 28 we covered everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We also covered the inside world of investment banking and broke down the global financial collapse of 2008. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure Guest IG: @fritzchain Book tip: Bitcoin Billionaires
July 30, 2019
EYL #27 Teflon Don
Shawn Bullard is a true renaissance man. He played in the NFL, he was the star of a TV show, he owns a coffee shop, he owns a hair salon, he owns a skincare line and he owns one of the only black-owned commercial real estate development companies in Philadelphia. He owns over 100 units in Philly and in August, 2019 his largest development (a 22 unit apartment complex) will open up in the neighborhood of Temple University. Shawn told us his story and gave great insight into the world of entrepreneurship and investing on episode 27. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
July 23, 2019
EYL #26 Mind Right, Money Right
Ash Cash grew up in the projects and became one of the youngest credit union CEO’s in America. At the age of 31 and at the peak of his rise in the banking industry he retired from the corporate world to become a full-time entrepreneur. Ash is the best selling author, speaker, wealth coach, and he runs a credit company, but most importantly he has a strong passion for educating people. In episode 26 we talked about his journey, how to self publish books, the inside world of banking, how to make the leap from a job to being self-employed, the importance of cultural teaching in regards to finance, and financial tips for everyday people. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
July 16, 2019
EYL #25 Hometown Hero
The black hair care industry is valued at $2.5 billion. Curly Girl Collective is a group that has helped reshape the direction of the conversation by celebrating natural hair. C.G.C. is a group of 5 friends that came together to create the largest natural hair celebration in the world called CurlFest. Up to 35,000 people attend their annual fest in New York City every summer. It’s been called the Coachella of hair. CurlFest has been covered by Forbes, The New York Times, The Today Show, Huffington Post, and Essence. On episode 25 we talked with one of the co-founders of the C.G.C., Simone Mair. We covered the hair care industry and she detailed their journey from 5 people to 35,000. She also gave us insight on the festival industry, the in’s and out’s, and how to get started. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
July 9, 2019
EYL #24 Part 2: All Money In
In episode 24, Part 2 we had a conversation about launching an App. We spoke with Cole Midkiff who is the co-founder of Quiktract. Quiktract is one of the hottest apps in the legal space and has the potential to see a nine figure valuation very quickly. Cole gave us insight on building an app, finding developers, cost, putting together a team, how to monetize an app, the process of meeting and finding VC firms, finding founding, and more. This conversation is billion dollar language. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
July 5, 2019
EYL #24 Part 1: The Social Network
Episode 24 is the technology edition. We had so much content that we split the show into two parts. Part 1 is a step by step guide to social media growth, marketing and monetization. Rashad gave the blueprint that he has used to grow his page, the Earn Your Leisure page and the EYL podcast. We had an in-depth conversation about business marketing and what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
July 2, 2019
EYL #23 It’s Murda feat. Chris Gotti
In episode 23 we spoke with the legendary Chris Gotti. Chris owned one of the largest black owned construction companies in New York City at the age of 30. After construction he joined his brother Irv and became the underboss of one of the most successful record labels in history (Murder Inc). At the peak of Murder INC’s dominance, Chris and Irv got indicted by the federal government on a long list of charges. Facing 20 years in jail, he did the impossible and beat the US federal government in court. During his trail he built a sports management company. After starting the sports firm he worked with a hedge fund, and became a licensed financial services professional. Now he has a distribution outlet called Add Ventures Music for independent artists to get their music on all platforms. He sat down with us and told us details on all of the above and more. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
June 25, 2019
EYL #22 Show Me the Money
Chris Coy is one of the one of the top young NFL agents in the business. He has been a registered agent with the league for 6 years. He represents a long list of clients and is increasing his client pool every year. In episode 22 he sat down with us and told us the steps to become an agent, he explained the behind the scenes business that goes into sports contracts and explained the process of recruiting clients. You don’t have to be an athlete to have a career in sports. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
June 18, 2019
EYL #21 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
In episode 21 we spoke with Derek Ferguson. Derek has been the man behind the money for 30 years. At the peak of Bad Boy Records dominance, he was hand selected by Sean Combs to be the CFO of Bad Boy Entertainment, he was right next to Diddy advising him on every major deal from Ciroc to Sean John, he left Bad Boy to become the COO of Revolt TV, now he’s the COO of Robin Hood which New York’s largest poverty prevention institution. He gave provided insight into the music business, cable TV revenue, the art of deal making, the school system, and the future of peer to peer direct business. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
June 11, 2019
EYL #20 Lord of the Slums
In episode 20 Fernando Hernandez detailed how he went from having nothing to owning 200 housing units and 24 land lots in Paterson, NJ. He’s currently on DJ Envy and @flipping_nj national real estate tour and his portfolio is valued at $25 million. Fernando started with no money, no connections and no knowledge, and in less than 7 years he’s been able to amass a real estate empire. He broke down his untraditional way of real estate investing, he explained his investment strategy (which is very similar to Monopoly, but he’s playing with real cash) and gave the details of his playbook to us for free. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
June 4, 2019
EYL #19 More than an Athlete feat. Brandon Copeland
In episode 19 we talked with Brandon Copeland. Brandon is a NFL linebacker that saves 90% of his salary, he’s an Ivy League graduate, he owns a real estate company, he’s an Ivy League College Professor, and he works on Wall Street. He gave us game on real estate investing, he also broke down the inner financial workings of the NFL, he explained how players are really paid and told us some unbelievable behind the scenes stories that will shock you. He also discussed his financial literacy mission and more. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
May 28, 2019
EYL #18 Credit Rules Everything Around Me
In episode 18 we talked with the credit guru Andy Sukhu, President of Y2K Credit Solutions. We covered how to build credit, how to repair credit, how to establish business credit, student loans, child support, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and much more. We also answered credit questions from listeners. This episode could literally change your life. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
May 21, 2019
EYL #17 The Town
In episode 17 we talked with actor, director and investor Romeo Brown about marketing, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, the money plays behind Hollywood, Oakland’s gentrification plans and how the removal of the city’s sports teams are aligned with the design. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
May 14, 2019
EYL #16 Legend in 2 Games feat. Al Harrington
Al Harrington played 16 years in the NBA. Now he runs a cannabis empire valued at over $100 million, with projections on growing into multi billions in the near future. In Episode 16 Al gave us insight on how athletes go broke, and the behind the scenes view of the cannabis industry. He also explained how the cannabis world is not as glamorous as it’s made out to be. He broke down the traps to watch out for and detailed his journey from 12 plants to farms, warehouses, greenhouses and a retail shop. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
May 7, 2019
EYL #15 Wolf of Wall Street
In episode 15 we brought Wall Street insider Quentin Martin in to talk about the stock market. We covered everything from Uber, Lyft, IPOs, Valuations, and most importantly we provided information on how anyone can get started investing and different strategies that can be use to make money in the stock market. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
April 30, 2019
EYL #14 Homecoming feat. Valencia Clay
In episode 14 we talked about the business of education with master educator Valencia D. Clay. Valencia has been featured on NBC, BET, Vogue, ABC and National Geographic. She’s a World renowned teacher, professor, author, entrepreneur and soon to be doctor. She gave candid insight on what the inner workings of a school looks like, she broke down the business of standardized testing, and provided solutions to the problems that everyone can take part in. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
April 23, 2019
EYL #13 I Suggest You Call My Lawyer.
In episode 13 we discuss intellectual property with superstar attorney Sabine Franco. Sabine is part of DJ Envy’s real estate team and is currently on a national tour with Envy providing financial literacy. Sabine explained the differences between trademarks, copyrights, licensing and patterns. We also discussed estate planning and life insurance. For story time we told the stories of some unbelievable celebrity legal fights over intellectual property. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
April 16, 2019
EYL #12 The Marathon Continues.
In episode 12 we discuss real estate with celebrity mortgage broker Matt Garland. Matt is part of DJ Envy’s real estate team and is currently on a national tour with Envy providing financial literacy on real estate investing. Matt gave tips for first time home buyers, business real estate strategies and insight on how to get your dream house without having to pay for it. We also discussed 50 Cent’s recent real estate debacle and how the average person can learn from it. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
April 9, 2019
EYL #11 Million Dollars Worth of Game.
In episode 11 we interview Derrick Faulcon, owner of the Homemaid/Supper Club resturant in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2012 Derrick came home from serving 5 years in a federal penitentiary. Flat broke upon his release he moved into his father’s basement for 6 months. While in the basement he saved money and planned for his future. Today he owns a resturant, 3 food trucks and a mixed use commercial real estate property. His enterprise pulls in a gross profit of $1 million annually. Derrick not only told his story but he also opened up his books, and broke down his revenue model in detail. He also provided a step by step blueprint to secure profitability as a business owner. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
April 2, 2019
EYL #10 Major Key.
In episode 10 we tackle the largest college cheating scandal in American history and explain how it ties into the complicated relationship between sports and academics in America. We also discuss if brick and mortar businesses can survive in today’s digital world. We also highlight real world examples of successes and failures in the brick and mortar space. For story time, we tell an unbelievable story about the greatest sports deal of all time. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
March 26, 2019
EYL #9 Billionaire Boys Club.
In episode 9 we cover the marijuana industry in-depth, we discuss a former NBA player who now has a multi state cannabis empire, and we examined new proposed legislation that could change the marijuana industry forever. We also examine what roll racism plays in the home appraisal process and explain how black homes are devalued nationwide by $156 billion. In our business story of the week, we highlight the richest person of African descent in the world and shed some light on his little known story. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
March 19, 2019
EYL #8 My Accountant is so Good, I’m Practically Living Tax Free.
In episode 8 we break down how Amazon was able to paid no federal taxes after making $11 billion in profits in 2018. We brought tax expert @ms.business101 in to help us explain the details of how they did it. But more importantly she gave useful tax tips that everyone can benefit from. Episode 8 is packed with a lot of practical gems. We also discussed Kanye’s crazy contract which he’s suing over “servitude” laws, the tragic De La Soul situation, and how Frank Ocean pulled one of the greatest financial moves in music history. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
March 12, 2019
EYL #7 Hustlers Don’t Stop, They Keep Going.
In Episode 7 we tackle the student loan crisis and talk about a new proposed program for employers to pay employees loan debt. We also discuss a government student loan forgiveness program where only 1% of the applicants were accepted. We examine Uber and Lyft’s competition and the heated race between companies to develop self driving cars. We highlight Google and Uber’s complicated relationship and we go over the phenomenal story of how Air Bnb went from being laughed at to $38 Billion in 10 years. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
March 5, 2019
EYL #6 Pay Us Like You Owe Us.
In Episode 6 we discuss Zion Williamson, March Madness reaching a billion dollars in revenue, the extremely complicated financial breakdown for college sports, the difference between the money in college basketball and college football and we examine if student athletes should be paid while they are in college. We also discussed Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL, the money play behind how the national anthem became a game time ceremony and the concept of paid patriotism. In addition we took a look at the recent racist fashion controversies with high end fashion brands. We discussed if these happenings are calculated marketing decisions and if boycotts are effective. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
February 26, 2019
EYL #5 I Got a Story to Tell.
In Episode 5 we discuss Snapchat’s rocky road. We look at some of the choices the company has made and we question if they will be able to survive all of the issues they currently face or if they will fall victim to the wrath of Facebook the same way Vine did. We also examined an ex NBA player who managed to turn $350,000 into $400 million with fast food franchises. And we stepped into the political world and examined the idea of bridging the racial wealth gap with baby bonds. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
February 19, 2019
EYL #4 Big Bank Take lil Bank.
In Episode 4 we discuss the billion dollar streaming fight between Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Hulu. In addition we also cover the Amazon effect in detail, and the global trend of gentrification. We also discussed the cosmetic industry and took an in-depth look into Kylie Jenner and Rihana’s makeup lines. Rashad also gave his perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
February 12, 2019
EYL #3 Scared Money, Don’t Make No Money.
In Episode 3 we discuss the evolving Sports Gambling Industry, the unbelievable story behind one of the best endorsement deals of all time, the billion dollar World of Art investing and how a homeless high school dropout became the most successful American artist in history. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
February 5, 2019
EYL #2 Stack chips for a rainy day.
In Episode 2 we discussed: The Government Shutdown, The Racial Wealth Gap, Super Bowl Ad Marketing, Fashionnova’s business model, The story why the Government changed Instagram ads and more. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
January 29, 2019
EYL #1 Why shoot the breeze about it, when you can be about it.
In Episode 1 we talk about 360 record deals, How Steve Jobs and Sean Parker changed the World, The power of owning your own Masters, Chris Brown’s new contract, A Boogie making history, the importance of Soulja Boy, Money vs Validation, The Oscars financial impact on Actors, George Clooney’s $700million tequila deal and more. Click this link to support the podcast https://www.patreon.com/earnyourleisure
January 22, 2019
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