Earth Medicine Podcast

Earth Medicine Podcast

By Alexia
Welcome to Earth Medicine Podcast- your daily medicine for inspired living. Sharing stories, motivation and wisdom from Mama Earth and her change makers. Tune in and listen.

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#6 - “You don’t need to save the Earth” with Maa Gyaan (Himalayas)
For this episode I invited my dearest teacher Maa Gyaan again to speak to me about Mother Earth. Maa shares deep spiritual insight and teachings that question the way of living, connecting and saving the Earth. She talks about Why we don't have to save the Earth Internal vs external Dharma (purpose) the impact of positive vibrations & how collective consciousness works the impact of negative propaganda about the dying Earth  how donations are donations for your own happiness how service for the Earth should be celebration, prayers and joy About Maa Gyaan Suveera: Mystic teacher-healer, a life coach and mentor, Maa Gyaan Suveera is a gifted yogini who lives by the banks of Mother Ganga, on the outskirts of Rishikesh. She is founder of the Ci Plus Meditation technique and the Cosmic Intelligence Evolutionary path. Her blissful joyous journey of over three decades into healing and teaching, has transformed her as a beacon to countless people. Her efforts hold high appreciation from people belonging to various spheres & walks of life. She is extensively engaged in conducting Workshops through India and abroad. Having mastered various applied versions of the healing streams that benefit people, ‘Energy’ is her core pursuit. She offers to teach more than 51 courses on Healing, Wellness, and Meditation. People from all parts of the world come for residential courses, one-on-one learning, individual processes, and take spiritual guidance from her. She conducts retreats which are personalized for an individual’s spiritual growth and complete blossoming. Maa also conducts Training programs for the new age of Humanity. These programs are customized for companies and organizations for grooming the employees, thus positively impacting integrity loyalty and productivity. The three layered pyramid designed for these training programs , offers evolutionary sharing with the middle and senior management levels. She is bringing up the Kirti Hermitage in Rishikesh. This is her home, a herbal sanctuary, where everyone experiences the phenomenol Nature at its best.
September 13, 2019
#5 Project Ocean 🌊 Hawaii - How everyone can make an impact
This episode is featuring Dyson from @project_ocean_hawaii. Dyson is a 17-year old high schooler who has set up various projects tackling #plasticpollution on his home island Hawaii. Dyson's aim is to ban all single use plastic straws on the island and hence spreading more awareness about how much plastic we use in our everyday life. His project has taken him from speaking to classrooms full  of elementary school kids to big environmental congresses.  In this episode we talk about —the amount of pollution plastic straws cause in the ocean — #thestrawchallenge : how everyone can make a difference — Dyson's impact in schools and all over Hawaii — why it is so important to speak about environmental issues  — what drives Dyson's passion to make a difference Follow and support Dyson's project on instagram: @project_ocean_hawaii ------------------------ For further podcasts, feedback and to connect with me click here: Love Always,  Alexia
August 24, 2019
#4 Yoniverse with Eva Teja
Eva Teja Kaur Tschiderer is Sacred Femininity Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Her offerings include Women Circles, Womb Healing Sessions and Yoni Steaming. in this podcast she talks about  —Female anatomy & body literacy: why it is so important to be able to name your body parts. All of them. —Womb wisdom: how to connect to the womb and 3 things that nourish her — Sacred sexuality & healing  — Self care practice & Yoni steaming*** — Yoniverse: why it is important to look at your yoni  *** Find a practitioner and get a consultation before you steam! Steaming with the wrong herbs can lead to heaving bleeding, too short cycles, itching, absence of the period and more. …………………… ABOUT EVA TEJA:  Eva holds space for women to return to their innate wisdom. She opens doors to accessing ancient techniques that are empowering, nourishing & healing in order to connect to your authentic self. Her offerings reach from Women Circles, Womb Healing Sessions and Moon Cycle Guidance, to Yoni Steaming, Kundalini Classes and Women's Retreats. You can find Eva in Vienna, Austria as well as online and internationally on one of her customized healing Retreats.
July 17, 2019
#3 The Power of Ceremony with Christian Coelho
This episode is featuring Christian Coelho, Forrest Yoga teacher, body worker, student of shamanism and passionate Salsa dancer. Christian opened the first Forrest Yoga studio in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and is spreading his art of teaching and healing globally.  Christian talks about  The power of ceremony: what is it all about?  Yoga ceremony as medicine: How Yoga and Shamanism complement each other his approach to modern yoga  receptivity & healing: Leave space for magic the power of voice + he shares his favorite medicine song on the drum  About Christian:   Born/raised in Brazil and initially trained in Ashtanga & Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Christian found inspiration in the slower and intuitive style of Forrest Yoga.  Christian loves to create an environment where students can explore many aspects of yoga - physical, metal, emotional and spiritual - so they can listen to the voices of intuition and develop a growing relationship with themselves. Further, Christian uses the power of Native-American ceremony to inspire his life and to teach from a place of fullness, so his students are always welcomed and guided to his best quality of attention. After being based in London for 4 years, Christian moved back to his home-city of Rio de Janeiro to open his yoga studio in 2018, called Casa 111.  For more info:
June 24, 2019
#2 Female rituals for embodied living with Nives Gobo
In this episode I am talking to soulpreneur, yoga teacher, author and female empowerment coach Nives Gobo. Nives shares  -- what helped her em-Body knowledge -- her daily rituals -- how drumming is one of her most important daily practices to connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth -- why it is important to live with the cycles of the Earth & Moon and your menstruation -- how her intuition shapes her life Find out more about Nives via or  or her book "Mondschön" (available in German language in all book stores and via amazon).
June 9, 2019
#1 Funnel of Love with Maa Gyaan Suveera
Funnel of Love with Maa Gyaan Suveera from the banks of the Ganga river in India. Maa talks about •• the medicine of unconditional love ••what to do with longing and desire ••techniques for evoking intrinsic love ••spiritual sadhana and everyday practice ••
May 21, 2019
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