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Podcasts and discussion focused entirely on Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. We discuss everything from current events, to sports to highlighting great organizations. There are podcasts highlighting everything!
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Let the Kids Play - 5/28
Derek gives his thoughts on the NHL and NBA playoffs and more in the season finale (don't worry, we'll be back later in the summer)
May 28, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #8 - Truly Beneficial Benefits for Employees
On this episode, Amy Gibson from Erv Smith Services visits to talk about why they utilize direct-pay for their employee health plan. This is the third year Erv Smith Services has partnered with ReforMedicine. They have about 60 employees and 30 families and in all about 85 people on their health plan. So why did they make the switch in the first place? The worries they initially had and how they were overcome. Overall, what benefits have they seen in terms of health (lots of weight loss and morale is up) and costs (lots of money savings!).
May 27, 2022
5/26 Talk of the Town
Discussing the current events of Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley - Its local graduation season, plus a reminder of what Memorial Day is all about - Scott wonders what EC City Councilmember Jill Christopherson has against a prominent local business - Town of Washington annexation vote delayed - Thoughts on the water bottling plant proposal debate and the renewal of liquor licenses for a trio of downtown establishments
May 26, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Mike Golat City of Altoona
This week’s beverage of choice:  Palm Belgian Amber Ale We’re talking about the furnace of growth for the Chippewa Valley…Altoona!   The 16 year City of Altoona administrator Mike Golat joins the program. 1) We learn about Mike’s background, including his many years in Alaska 2) Working with Mayor Pratt 3) Has the reality of the present growth matched his vision (particularly River Prairie) 4) What’s the next target, with River Prairie now “complete”. Including possible annexations. 5) Growing pains, such as water restrictions 6) What is the city’s current population (Altoona is fastest growing city in Wisconsin) 7) Redeveloping Altoona’s downtown area 8) Is Altoona the spot for that long desired convention center for the area 9) His favorite hang outs in the Chippewa Valley More Episodes:  Banker with a Beer (
May 26, 2022
Mack Chat #20 - Military Families
Sponsor:  H&R Electric INC Guests: Drew Hunt – Class of 2021 and current UW-Madison Student Annette Hunt – Chair of Chippewa County Veteran Services Commission With Memorial Day upon us, Molly brings on a family that is not only associated with McDonell but the military.  We learn about the military service from Drew’s dad/Annette’s husband. It’s a fun discussion of what is means to be a part of a military family. The benefits, the sacrifices and more that every member of the family goes through. And ways everyone can support military families. Oh, and catch the story of how Annette’s birth name was supposed to honor astronaut John Glenn!
May 25, 2022
5/24 Talk of the Town
Discussing the current events and issues in the Chippewa Valley every Tuesday and Thursday - Scott discusses a physical addition he'd like to see on the outside of the Pablo Center immediately - Scott details an uncomfortable encounter at a Minnesota figure skating show - Thoughts on the CV Regional Airport's airline of choice recommendation More Episodes: Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Podcast (
May 24, 2022
Money Donuts - Talking Real Money with the CFO of RCU
Steve and James sit down with Royal’s Chief Financial Officer Jon to get his insights into credit unions, rates, the economy, and donuts in this timely episode. Between explaining how credit unions exist to help Members and a quick economics course, Jon also shares his favorite donut and some thoughts about how to prepare for the future. Learn more at
May 24, 2022
Marcon Unleashed #33
Dan is a local resident and business owner. Hear his straight-to-the-point commentary on a variety of issues. New podcasts drop every Monday. Check out the podcast swag at Marc-On Shooting in Lake Hallie On this episode: - Dan details an experience with a resident who declined to sign for him to get on the sheriff ballot. He also clears up some of the misconceptions a few potential voters have brought up to him.
May 23, 2022
Downtown Menom - Farmer's Market
Conversations with the people and organizations that make Menomonie and Dunn County. Becca and Dustyn chat with a myriad of characters. Veronika Zazovsky – West CAP Menominie Farmer’s Market Manager The Farmer’s Market is returning for another season in Menomonie and Veronika is here to tell us all about it. - How did she get started and end up in the role - Favorite part of working with local farmers - Discusses some of the new vendors arriving this season - Their EBT Market Match program - She tells her story of coming to America after being born in former Soviet Union (and why Menomonie?) - And we learn how she recently cooked an Octopus More Shows:  Menomonie, Wisconsin Podcast (
May 20, 2022
5/19 Talk of the Town
- Erica Zerr's ECASD Communication Plan - The downtown "food desert" is about to end - Why one Regis teacher deserves all the praise he is getting!
May 19, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Economy
This week’s beverage of choice:  Brewery Ommegang Three Philosophers Guest: Dr. Wayne Carroll: UW-Eau Claire Economic Professor What’s it been like to watch the economy goes through numerous waves over the course of a three-decade career. He touches on what is happening RIGHT NOW, including inflation and an explanation of what it is. There is more to it than seeing gas prices go up. He takes a stab at guessing when inflation may have its rise tempered. How educating young adults about the economy has had to evolve other the years.
May 19, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Dean Talafous
Dean takes us through his youth, starting out as a basketball player until his buddies convinced him to try hockey. It was a good thing they did! Dean developed into a smart, skilled, tough player who excelled at all levels including the NHL! He shares stories about playing against Bobby Orr and with Phil Esposito!
May 19, 2022
Coffee at the Cottage #2 - Menomonie Mayor Visits
Menomonie resident Emilie Wiese takes us to her cabin for relaxing conversations about what is happening in Dunn County and the area. On this episode, Emilie talks with the mayor of Menomonie Randy Knaack. 1) He talks about Project Hope, which started a couple of years ago and deals with drug abuse in the surrounding community. What is the program and its objective. He also touches on the community-based policing effort that is ongoing. 2) They move onto the “Stout Road Project” and open communication about it. 3) The “Winter Wonderland” project and Wolske Bay clean-up. 4) The economic growth the city has been seeing and his specifically talks about Ellsworth Cheese and the new facility they have. 5) Efforts centered addressing affordable housing, and housing options in totality in the community. 6) Randy’s goal to have another campground in the city 7) Working to keep the lake clean and what is being targeted regionally 8) Highlights a major event coming to downtown Menomonie in late July. Lets Paint the Town!
May 18, 2022
Mack Chat - Mary Jacobson & Ann David
It's a throwback episode!  In honor of longtime educator Mary Jacobson's retirement at the end of the 2021-2022 academic calendar we go back to March 2021 and episode #1 of Mack Chat!  On this episode, Molly talks Ann David and with Mary about the student ambassador program she has developed and guided for many years.
May 18, 2022
Momentum Fitness Podcast #2
Jim is joined by Coach Dawn, who is the nutrition coach at Momentum Fitness. She tells us about her journey and how social media increased her interest in eating better and working out. She has been certified as a nutrition coach for a few years and where she comes along in the health-habit process for members. It’s about building better habits and a lifestyle, not just calorie counting and “good” vs. “bad” foods. Who benefits from having a nutrition coach? More Shows: 
May 18, 2022
5/17 Talk of the Town
- Will/should Eau Claire annex the Town of Washington property at center of development debate - Fate of commercial air service in the area - Is Josh Stanley the best local republicans have to offer? - Why landlords/property management companies are getting unfairly blamed for "homeless week"
May 17, 2022
Real Tru Talk #22 - Seven Baby Steps
Knelly talks with Meg Hyland about Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps, and how those steps have manifested in their own lives. They describe their current and past difficulties, and how they handle them.
May 17, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #14 - Coat brushing, toe-nail care and more
Heather, from emBark in Eau Claire, WI, takes us through training our dogs for desired behaviors. Not just what to do, but the psychology behind it. On this episode Heather discusses “husbandry”, a discussion sparked by what she has been hearing from clients. Its all based on cooperative care. 1) Tips for brushing your dog 2) How to care for you dog’s toe nails 3) Things to be mindful about when putting on a leash/harness to go outside More Shows: 
May 17, 2022
Marcon Unleashed #32
Dan is a local resident and business owner. Hear his straight-to-the-point commentary on a variety of issues. New podcasts drop every Monday. - Dan talks about his vacation to Florida - Dan describes a prior experience with airport security - Upcoming Veterans meetings coming up at Marc-On
May 16, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #21
In this podcast, Dr. Lona talks about the concept of Innate and how she applies it to her day to day life to help stay more in alignment in her life. More Shows:  Innate Life Podcast Presented by Cook Chiropractic (
May 16, 2022
Let the Kids Play - 5/14
The Chippewa Valley's podcast that gets a kids perspective on what is happening in sports.
May 14, 2022
Baking Goodness - Magic Middles
Alexia brings back a cookie from the 1980s, with a homemade twist and the results are outstanding!
May 14, 2022
Boys & Girls Club Empower Hour #3
Mollie, the director of the Chippewa Falls location, talks with Riley, one of the kids who comes to the center. Riley steps inside Mollie’s office to ask her a number of great questions from a kid’s perspective. More Shows: Empower Hour (
May 13, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #7 - The Doctor's Wife
David’s wife Patti joins the program to discuss a variety of topics related to breaking down the conventional methods of medical practices. Why practices and individual doctors should consider leaving the “familiar” for a direct-pay method. What it has meant for David and Patti and what they have seen over the last decade plus. The history of how they built the practice along with the challenges that developed and ultimately the benefits. More Shows: Dr. Usher Weighs In ( #directpaymedicine #physicians #medicalpractice #directpaymedicalpractice
May 13, 2022
5/12 Talk of the Town
- The liquor license decision has been delayed - Progress made, or was it, during landfill talks this week - Local students preparing for next steps - An important charitable event this weekend
May 12, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Jenny Fesenmaier
This week’s beverage of choice: Kwak Amber Ale Guest: Jenny Fesenmaier – Pablo Group Research and Development We learn about the Pablo Group’s projects both the ones that have been completed and some in the pipeline. What are the goals and objectives they have?  As a developer in the area, what are potential customers looking for? What are the must haves? She also answers the question; is downtown reaching a ‘saturation point’. You have to hear her answer! And what about affordable housing?
May 12, 2022
Mack Chat #19 - Graduating Senior & Retiring Principal
Sponsor:  Mason Companies INC Guests: Marcus Roach – Senior at McDonell Brian Schulner – McDonell HS/MS Principal Molly talks with soon to be graduating senior Marcus about his time in the McDonell school system. We hear about his participation in music and also learn about his involvement with the Altoona fire department. The conversation then shifts to Brian, who is about to retire from his position as principal.  His memories and insight from a 40 year career in education. Oh, and we hear about his sportscasting background. More Shows:  Mack Chat from McDonell Area Schools (
May 11, 2022
Roadtripz w/ Liz & Minz #5
This week Liz and Minz had their latest adventure to the Chippewa Falls Mineral and Gem Show at the Eau Claire Event Center. Not just an educational event but the gals thought this event was definitely a “hidden gem”!
May 11, 2022
5/10 Talk of the Town
- Should the city remove liquor licenses from a trio of downtown establishments? - Should the city annex property in the Town of Washington to spur development? - Another championship for UW-Eau Claire Sports
May 10, 2022
Come when Called!
COME HERE!!! Want your dog to come to you? Heather from emBark breaks down all that goes into this learned behavior.   - Getting your dog to come when called - Capturing "owner gravity" - Puppies vs. Older Dogs - Common misconceptions - Using names and verbal cues - Any differences between breeds
May 10, 2022
Let the Kids Play - 5/2
Kentucky Derby picks and more on this week's episode
May 07, 2022
Downtown Menomonie S2E1 - Emilie Menz and La Dee Dah Gift Shop
Conversations with the people and organizations that make Menomonie and Dunn County. Becca and Dustyn chat with a myriad of characters. Emilie is the owner of a business in Menomonie and sits down to talk to give us the inside scoop on running a store in the community. She and her husband purchased the store a few months ago. - She tells us the story of taking over this downtown cornerstone business - What is the “haberdashery” the shop includes - What makes downtown Menomonie great and the growth over the last 4-7 years. - Her singer-songwriter experience including an event coming up with the Mabel Tainter More Shows: Menomonie, Wisconsin Podcast (
May 06, 2022
The fate of the Chippewa Falls Municipal Pool
- What should happen with the Bernard Willis Pool in Chippewa Falls? - Are we excited about THIS coming back to the area? - City continues to cut down trees in a necessary project
May 05, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Mike Dandrea
This week’s beverage of choice: Moon Ridge Brewery Honey Brown Ale Talking weather and the life of a television meteorologist with WEAU’s Mike Dandrea. What led to his interest in weather and his path to becoming a television meteorologist. His background in the military and where that took him around the world. Being originally from Pittsburgh, what are his impressions of the Chippewa Valley? How early does he have to get up for a 4:30am show? And why he is a fan of the Winnipeg Jets fan. More Shows: Banker with a Beer (
May 05, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Dave Schwartz Minnesota Wild
Dave Schwartz joins the program from the Minnesota Wild headquarters to talk about his journey from the state of New York to the State of Hockey. Dave spent many years as a television sportscaster, but jumped at the chance to work with the Wild! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
May 05, 2022
Coffee at the Cottage #1
Menomonie resident Emilie Wiese takes us to her cabin for relaxing conversations about what is happening in Dunn County and the area. On this debut episode… - Why a podcast and we describe the unique location of these recordings - We learn about who Emilie is and her background that has included living in a variety of places o How her time living on the west coast, influences her now - Favorite things and spots around the area - What can we expect on this podcast
May 04, 2022
Mack Chat #18 - Little Macks
Sponsor:  Fries Financial Group A group "Little Macks"  take over this edition of the podcast.  Joelle '30,  Greta '34 and Max '34 tackle all the hard hitting topics.  Including favorite colors, animals and more.  What they like about their teachers and things they've learned about their faith. More Episodes: Mack Chat from McDonell Area Schools (
May 04, 2022
Momentum Fitness Podcast #1
Hosted by the people behind Momentum Fitness in Eau Claire.  Their mission is to create a family of hard-working, humble and fitness-minded people. Jackie and Jim, in honor of Mother’s Day, talk to their moms on this edition of the podcast. Mo and Vicki tell us about themselves, raising their families and much more. There are plenty of “fun” questions the moms answer. Including: Have they ever been arrested? What was their first car? Oh, and any secrets about the hosts? Podcast Site: Momentum Fitness Podcast (
May 04, 2022
5/3 Talk of the Town
A parent has sought the removal of a book she deems inappropriate, from the Chippewa Falls' school curriculum. Also, efforts to impede the work of the Eau Claire Area Schoo, District Board have been made. ​ Plus, local officers cleared in a death last Fall.
May 03, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #13 - The myth of the "normal dog"
On this episode Heather discusses the “myth of the normal” dog. While many of us have an idea of the common characteristics of dogs, the truth is every dog is different. Be careful what your expectations are and where those expectations come from. What is the context you are seeing a behavior? Lots of this revolves around social situations and the expectations and assumptions we put on what is normal vs. abnormal. “Normal” can be viewed a number of different ways. More Shows: Dose of Dog presented by emBark (
May 03, 2022
Marcon Unleashed #31
- Dan Marcon is getting on TWITTER after the Elon Musk takeover - Dan is now a Chippewa Falls homeowner - New podcast swag has arrived - Thoughts on the Chippewa Falls tragedy. o  Congrats to law enforcement on their work on this o A reminder to stay active in your child’s life! - Food trucks coming to Marc-On Shooting including Nene’s Tacos and Big Pappa BBQ
May 02, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #20
In This episode Dr. Danny and Dr. Lona go over their "Better Results Faster with Chiropractic Class"
May 02, 2022
Let the Kids Play 4/30
Derek sets the stage for the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs and gets us up to date on where everything stands with Major League Baseball as April comes to a conclusion.
April 30, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #6 - Workplace Healthcare Options
How employers and employees can save OODLES of cash by using a medical provider like ReforMedicine. A number of  local businesses already provide this option. Ways employers and employees benefit from using a Direct-Pay healthcare provider. Dr. David Usher takes us through the highlights and what he and ReforMedicine have been able to provide for area businesses.  Why changes in health insurance a decade make this an option to strongly consider. More Shows: Dr. Usher Weighs In (
April 29, 2022
4/28 Talk of the Town
Why no Mother's Day brunch buffets in the area this year! That, and what's next for our community after the Lily Peters' tragedy More Shows: Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Podcast (
April 28, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Eau Claire Express
This week’s beverage of choice: Lucette Farmer’s Daughter Guest: Craig Toycen – Eau Claire Express The new owner of the Eau Claire Express joins the program to talk about his purchase of the franchise and the upcoming season. - What led to his interest in purchasing the Express - His background in being very active in the Chippewa Valley - What changes should fans expect - Balancing time between the Express and Toycen Ford - Challenges the franchise faces - The process of getting players - His favorite spot to watch a game at Carson Park - Thoughts on artificial turf at Carson Park
April 28, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Mark Strobel & Peyton Huls
Mark Strobel tells of his hardscrabble upbringing on the East Side of St. Paul, to his hockey success at Hill-Murray High School, to his days as a UW Badger, through his journey through the coaching ranks. Mark's work ethic and faith have carried him through good times and bad. Peyton Huls tells about his first season as an Eau Claire Mustang Pee Wee, working on his skills, as well as his hockey "salad"! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
April 28, 2022
Roadtripz w/ Liz & Minz #4
This week on Roadtrips with Liz and Minz, their latest adventure is to The Brewing Projekt. Talking about “plants and beer and beer and plants!” The plants and beer event at The Brewing Projekt was one of their best trips yet! Where is Road Trips going next? The Chippewa Mineral Show More Shows: Roadtripz with Liz & Minz Podcast (
April 27, 2022
Real Tru Talk #21 -Living in Eau Claire
Knelly and Kathryn discuss their favorite haunts and locations in the Eau Claire area. They talk about what it's like to raise kids in Eau Claire.
April 26, 2022
Dose of Dog #13 - Dog Training Myths
Area dog training expert Heather busts some common myths when it comes to getting desired behavior from your dog.  Things have evolved over the years and its not right to just keep doing things the same way. 1) Reinforcing fear 2) You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Or can you? 3) Dominance 4) Playing tug
April 26, 2022
Unapologetically Me Episode #4
Sidney is a local college-student sharing her thoughts on the world.  We always "hear" about what the next generation is thinking but here is our chance to actually listen. On this episode she discusses mental health. Mental Health is a never ending battle, don’t shy away, let’s face it head on! More Shows:  Unapologetically Me (
April 25, 2022
Immune Help! For when you feel Crappy
The newest Innate Life Reclamation podcast presented by Cook Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls, WI Dr. Lona and Dr. Danny talk about how they help support their immune systems when they are expressing symptoms and a different perspective to symptoms.
April 25, 2022
Baking Goodness - Carrot Cake
Our little baker discusses a recent trip to Walt Disney World, and her attempt at making a carrot cake along with a SURPRISING twist as to something she isn't a fan of More Shows: Baking Goodness Podcast (
April 23, 2022
Downtown Menom #23 - Making Maple Syrup
Conversations with the people and organizations that make Menomonie and Dunn County. Becca and Dustyn chat with a myriad of characters. Guest: Derek Trainor –Maple Essence Farms He talks to us about continuing a five-generation family tradition of producing maple syrup. It’s grown from a family hobby to a full operation with thousands of trees they tap. We get some insight into the process of making maple syrup. What has changed and what has stayed the same. He also educates us on what those “grades” on maple syrup containers means. More Shows:  Menomonie, Wisconsin Podcast (
April 22, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Tom Rocque
Jerry from Northwestern Bank meets with the people and organizations that make the Chippewa Valley a great place to live and work. From politicians to non-profit to local events and celebrities and much more. This week’s beverage of choice: Sand Creek Badger Porter Guest: Tom Rocque – Rocque Ridge Guides & Outfitters Jerry and Justin from the bank talk with Tom about being a young entrepreneur. - What led to his desire to be his own boss and why an outdoors company? - Is his age a benefit or a detriment? - How his military background has helped him - His short term and long term goals - What’s it like to transition from the not-for-profit to for-profit business world - Advice to his age bracket starting a business - Family involvement
April 21, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Minnesota Made Hockey
What started out as a way to get his son some extra ice time has grown into a huge organization the services over 6,000 hockey players a year at 2 sites - Edina and St. Louis Park, MN - Minnesota Made Hockey! Bernie's story starts as a dad looking to get his son some extra ice time. One clinic led to two, which led to four which grew to what it is today. Listen to Bernie's story of passions, dedication and commitment to the great game of hockey! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast ( 
April 21, 2022
Mack Chat #17 - Volunteering and Internships
Conversations with the people who make up the McDonell Area Catholic School Community Sponsor:  Thaler Oil Company Guests: Laneyse Baughman – Senior at McDonell Michelle Farrow – Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce - Michelle talks about the “schools to skills” program that shows students opportunities. - Laneyse discusses how this has benefited her as a student and provided direction to what career she’d likes to pursue. - Teaching students about not just careers, but how to succeed. - The importance of trying various things through volunteering and internships to learn what you like (and what you don’t like) - The Job Fair - Preparing students to be a part of the community Volunteer Chippewa Falls Facebook Page: Volunteer Chippewa Falls | Facebook
April 20, 2022
Real Tru Talk #34 "Preventing Burn Out"
- Talking about the importance of work life balance and their personal growth from it! - The teams’ goals with “unplugging” and how they manage their rest and keeping burn out to a minimum - Learning about the “80 20” Rule, are you being honest to yourself about your 80 20? - Their top 5 takeaways to prevent getting burnt out! More Shows:  Real Tru Talk Podcast (
April 19, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #12 - Fear and Anxiety
Heather, from emBark in Eau Claire, WI, takes us through training our dogs for desired behaviors. Not just what to do, but the psychology behind it. On this episode Heather discusses fear and anxiety in dogs. Its something many of us are familiar with from a human perspective but dogs also have the issue. What are signs to identify along with the do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling anxiety with your dog 1) Identifying fear and anxiety with the dog. How it presents in a dog’s behavior 2) Do talk to a trusted veterinarian 3) Reading body language 4) Enrichment for your dog 5) Behavior modification More Shows:  Dose of Dog presented by emBark (
April 19, 2022
Marcon Unleashed #29
Dan is a local resident and business owner. Hear his straight-to-the-point commentary on a variety of issues. New podcasts drop every Monday. - Recap of recent local Republican Party meet and greet and some impressions Dan came away with - Dan’s support for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status - Dan discusses his notable experience for the Chippewa County Sheriff position - What is a “Constitutional Sheriff”? - Dan addresses misinformation about him that is out there More Shows:  Marcon Unleashed (
April 18, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #5 - Health Care Finances
Dr. David Usher weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family. Diane Peterson, who oversees many of the aspects of ReforMedicne, talks with Dr. Usher about why she works with the practice. She has a unique perspective on healthcare and finances. She does a deep dive into modern healthcare finances and how we ended up here over the last 20 years. More Shows: Dr. Usher Weighs In (
April 15, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Brandon Riechers Royal Credit Union
Jerry from Northwestern Bank meets with the people and organizations that make the Chippewa Valley a great place to live and work. From politicians to non-profit to local events and celebrities and much more. This week’s beverage of choice: Leinenkugel’s Northwoods Amber Guest: Brandon Riechers President & CEO Royal Credit Union - A recap of his 25 years with RCU and how his various roles helps him in his current position - Differences between a credit unions and banks - Importance of being a part of the community, including financial education within area schools - The changing role of branches with more being done online - His role as the leader of the Wisconsin Credit Union League - Who are his mentors - Serving rural and urban markets More Shows:  Banker with a Beer (
April 14, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Sis Paulsen
Listen in as Sis takes us through her youth hockey days, playing checking hockey with the boys, through high school, then, to the inaugural season with the Wisconsin Badgers Women's Team! Following a few years of coaching at a variety of levels, Sis has found her home as the Director of Hockey Operations and Equipment Manager with the Women Badgers with some US National/Olympic Team duties sprinkled in. You don't want to miss this episode! Rice Lake Pee Wee Phoenix Randall-Hoeft talks about his multi-sport athleticism, his hockey hair and the Michigan goal he scored this year! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
April 14, 2022
Roadtripz w Liz & Minz #3
First and foremost check out the new Facebook page Road trips with Liz and Minz. Listen to their latest adventure at the Artisan Forge event in Uptown Eau Claire. This time with Liz and Minz they got to interview different artists at this event as well. Stay tuned to hear where they go on their next adventure! More Shows: Roadtripz with Liz & Minz Podcast (
April 13, 2022
Real Tru Talk #34
Diving into introductions of the team members Get a little more insight on the market in Lake City! More Shows:  Real Tru Talk Podcast (
April 12, 2022
Money Donuts - Tips for Job Seeking & Selling Yourself
James, Cooper, and Steve join Joe and Danielle from Royal's Talent Services team to discuss tips for selling yourself, applying for jobs, and finding new career opportunities. Even if you're not looking for a career change right now, this episode has some great information about best practices for future job seekers and the current job market. More Shows: Money Donuts Podcast by Royal Credit Union (
April 12, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #19
Presented by Cook Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls In this episode - Dr. Danny and Dr. Lona discuss some basics on a healthier view on food and nourishing your body and being intentional with food More Shows: Innate Life Podcast Presented by Cook Chiropractic (
April 11, 2022
Downtown Menom #22 - Linda Rundle and Menomonie Women's Club
Conversations with the people and organizations that make Menomonie and Dunn County. Becca and Dustyn chat with a myriad of characters. Guest: Linda Rundle – Co-President GFWC Menomonie’s Women’s Club She tells us about the women’s club and about a major anniversary celebration they have in April. They are one of the longest running civic clubs in existence in the area. Over the years they’ve raised funds for a variety of projects. She tells us about their heart-shaped pillow program with local hospitals and breast cancer programs. Also, their hanging basket program that has provided vibrancy and lined the streets of downtown Menomonie for many years. More Shows: Menomonie, Wisconsin Podcast (
April 08, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Charlotte Akervik and Ann Wilgren
Charlotte and Anna take us through playing with and against boys, to their epic battles in high school, and playing together at MSU-Mankato. Anna shares her experiences with the US National team. Aubrie Dowd takes us through her season which resulted i her team playing in the state tournament, getting scored on by one of her WEHL teammates and her excitement to play with the Chippewa Falls/Menomonie high school co-op team next year! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
April 07, 2022
Real Tru Talk #26 - Back in the Game
We get a recap of the team to see what they have been up to and summary from this past quarter! What is new in the housing market with interest rates and affordability with homeowners? Best 1st Quarter Ever for the team by helping 50 families and getting a look at what the rest of the year looks like What is new with the expansion in Hudson? Record Low Interest More Shows:  Real Tru Talk Podcast (
April 05, 2022
Unapologetically Me Episode #3
Starting off new traditions and making sure you are taking that extra time for yourself on the daily! What do you tell yourself in the morning? Make a playlist, power pose, do what you gotta do to improve your well being, not the person right next to you! More Shows:
April 03, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #4 - Mental Health Services
Dr. David Usher weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family. On this episode... Angela Trapani a psychiatric nurse practitioner who recently joined the practice talks with Dr. Usher about mental health. Behavioral health and physical health are tied together. More Shows:  Dr. Usher Weighs In (
April 01, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - John Harrington & Porter Anderson
John "Bah" Harrington takes us through growing up in Virginia, MN, playing at UMD, experiencing the "Miracle on Ice" firsthand and his coaching journey since his playing career ended. Porter Anderson tells us about his dedication while coming back from a broken collar bone, his scoring prowess, his love of the game and his excitement in making the VSA Guardian elite team! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
March 30, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Alice in Dairyland
As her time as Alice in Dairyland is coming to an end, listen to her thoughts and reflection with this journey, including a milk chugging contest from a calf bottle! More Shows: Banker with a Beer (
March 30, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #11 - Living with Dogs with Uncommon Ailments
Heather talks with Sara and Jim about megaesophagus in dogs and living with dogs that have this ailment. So what is this diagnosis, what does it mean for your dog and what does it mean for the human? Overall, it’s a conversation about living with dogs that may have any new illness or medical issue. Especially ones that may not be what we would consider “common” More Shows:  Dose of Dog presented by emBark (
March 28, 2022
Real Tru Talk - Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone
Knelly and her team discusses taking chances and trying new things and the challenges to overcome. Both in their careers and personal life. Katherine talks about how she has gone sky diving, scuba diving and performed with a jazz band among many things within the last year. How does trying these new adventures apply to her career too. Lisa N expresses how the team in general has helped her step outside her own comfort zone, including things like this podcast. Lisa B discusses pulling the trigger to getting into real estate and the leap of faith that took. More Shows:  Real Tru Talk Podcast (
March 27, 2022
Banker with a Beer - Kim Way
The President of the UWEC Foundation discusses all the exciting additions currently going on, and those still to come with the university in the near future. We learn a bit about her background, what she sees as some of the highlights since she came to town in 2001. From Haymarket, to Pablo Center to Sonnentag and many other projects along the way (with more to come). More Shows:  Banker with a Beer (
March 24, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Local NHL player Jake McCabe & A Youth Player
Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Jake McCabe joins us for our next episode. Jake has had an 8 year professional career - 7 seasons with the Buffalo Sabres and this season with the Chicago Blackhawks. Jake's career has risen steadily from the USNDTP, to the Badgers, to the NHL. EC Mustang Dane Nodolf talks about his hat trick and what he does to work on his shot. His goal next year is to play on the Pee Wee A team. We hope he makes it! More Shows:  The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
March 24, 2022
Roadtripz w/ Liz & Minz #2
On this episode Liz and Minz recap their latest roadtrip to Chippewa Falls for a pro wrestling event.  Includes conversations with a couple of the wrestlers and fans at the event.  Then they discuss an additional adventure they had following the wrestling event, at a popular but "spooky" bar in Chippewa Falls. More Shows: Roadtripz with Liz & Minz Podcast (
March 23, 2022
Unapologetically Me Episode #2
The world as seen through the eyes of a Chippewa Valley college student.  Sidney provides her take on issues and life in general. On this episode Falling on your butt is more fun than you think, you can come back stronger and here are some ideas to get out of your head and remind yourself of your worth.
March 21, 2022
Innate Life Reclamation Episode #18 Inside Out vs. Outside In
In this episode - Dr. Lona and Dr. Danny - talk about inside-out perspective vs. outside-in. Presented by Cook Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls, WI More episodes right here Innate Life Podcast Presented by Cook Chiropractic (
March 21, 2022
Baking Goodness - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Our little baker Alexia tries her hand at peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and we find out if they are "yummy" or not
March 19, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #3 - Medical Weight Loss
Dr. David Usher weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family. Obesity is a medical diagnosis and ReforMedicine has a program in place to help patients. What does it mean to have obesity and the approach ReforMedicine has. The typical patient comes with issues associated with obesity, including chronic diseases and stress. Why its all about giving back control to the patient What to expect when you join the plan. More episodes here Dr. Usher Weighs In (
March 18, 2022
Downtown Menom #21 - John Heike Heike Wealth Management
Conversations with the people and organizations that make Menomonie and Dunn County. Becca and Dustyn chat with a myriad of characters. This conversation starts with a discussion of work attire and why John’s been dressing much more casually (starting before COVID). Do suits make clients ‘uncomfortable’. The group then transitions into talking about Zoom call protocol. How John asked his future wife on a date via MSN Messenger. His path to Menomonie and what he offers in “wealth management”. How did he end up in the finance business?
March 18, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - DI College Player & Local Youth Girls Hockey Players
Minnesota State Mankato Maverick - Andy Carroll - takes us through his journey as an undersized high school defenseman to the Number One Division 1 hockey team in the country! ECA Stars 10U players Kenna and Sierra talk about their season, making it to state and how excited they are for next season to start! More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
March 17, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #10 - Crate Training
Heather, from emBark in Eau Claire, WI, takes us through training our dogs for desired behaviors. Not just what to do, but the psychology behind it. This is a skill every dog should have. Whether as a new routine, or out of necessity, there is a probability your dog may need to be transported via a crate. Heather, takes us through the why and when and little bit of the how. Whether the dog is a puppy or is a “old dog that need to learn a new trick”. More Episodes: Dose of Dog presented by emBark (
March 15, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #17
In this episode, Dr. Pete Brettigen talks with Dr. Lona about the power of Innate and a clear nervous system! More Shows:  Innate Life Podcast Presented by Cook Chiropractic (
March 14, 2022
Boys & Girls Club Empower Hour! #2
Angela and Xenia from the Chippewa Valley Boys and Girls club stop by the Menomonie location to talk with a pair of kids about some of the programs. Elizabeth is a fourth grader Wakanda Elementary in Menomonie. She talks to us about summer camp, which has registration open right now. She talks to Xenia about what is involved in the program Bethany is a fifth grader at Oaklawn Elementary in Menomonie. She tells us all about the “Youth of the Year Gala Event” coming up in April. Bethany is the 2022 Junior Youth of the Year.
March 11, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - Pro Athlete Finances & Local Girls Hockey Players
ECA Stars players Olivia and Charlotte Raygor welcome the BOS guys into their warming house and outdoor rink to talk about what they like about playing the great game of hockey! The BOS guys also meet Peter Byrne, a financial advisor who has helped numerous people in entertainment and sports.  He gives us some insight into managing the finances of professional hockey players. More Shows: The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
March 10, 2022
Mack Chat #16 - The "Mack Way"
Conversations with the people who make up the McDonell Area Catholic School Community Sponsor:  Stelter Incorporated Guests: Ava Bushman – Junior at McDonell Mary Huffcutt – Dean of Academic Affairs Talking the basis for why McDonell exists and that is academics. We meet a student and what their goals are along with one of the people in charge of the educational principles at the school. It’s not just a “public school education but with religion” What are the nuts, bolts and pillars of the education here. This includes the fundamental principle of reading, and not just reading but truly understanding the literature. A dedication to the science of reading. Why should parents send their children to McDonell for their education? What separates it from elsewhere? From a student’s perspective, what is it that they enjoy at the school? The education and the faith element. What is the “Mack Way”? More Shows: Mack Chat from McDonell Area Schools (
March 09, 2022
Roadtripz w/ Liz & Minz #1
Liz and Minz are getting ready to explore all of what Eau Claire and Chippewa has to offer. Listeners are there to be a part of their adventures and figure out the fun places to go see that people have not gone to before! One of their next adventures will be a pro wrestling tournament on March 12th. Their goal is to get people out of the house and go explore some of the many foodie finds, picture perfect spots, and even some of the spooky spots!
March 09, 2022
Money Donuts - Ana Explains Her Budgeting System
Royal team member Ana joins Money Donuts® to talk about her budgeting system, which uses separate accounts for different categories of expenses! Ana also shares her journey to finding a budgeting system that works for her as a 21-year-old college student. Listen now to learn how Ana budgets and get some great money management tips that can apply to almost any situation! More Shows Here Money Donuts Podcast by Royal Credit Union (
March 08, 2022
Real Tru Talk #20 - Being a Mom and a Realtor
The moms of the TruLiving team introduce themselves and their families. They describe their work-life balances, and the pressures of being moms that they feel in their position. More Shows at Real Tru Talk Podcast (
March 08, 2022
Unapologetically Me Episode #1
Chippewa Valley college student Sidney Gullickson gives her take on a variety of issues from the perspective of a young adult.  How does she view the world. In this episode Reminding the world to have a backbone, confidence, and originality again. Confidence BUILDS Character Make the world yours, not somebody else's An introduction of who Sidney is and her goals with this podcast
March 07, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #16 - Self Love
Dr. Lona interviews Nurse Practitioner - Kelli Cook on Self Love and her own evolution of understanding healthcare.
March 07, 2022
Baking Goodness - Cookie Sandwiches
Do you love the taste of cookie dough?  Then you want to listen to this episode
March 05, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #2 - Intro to ReforMedicine Family Practice
Dr. David Usher weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family. What is ReforMedicine? What is this practice and why its probably not what you think. Ever have a hard time seeing your doctor? Don’t feel you have a relationship with your family doctor? Bettering the relationship between patients and physicians, while re-thinking the finances behind health care are the basis for Reform Medicine. Affordable care done in a better health care experience. What services ReforMedicine offer How does someone get started as a patient here More episodes here Dr. Usher Weighs In (
March 04, 2022
The Breakout Sessions - A Hockey Team Owner and a Local Mite Hockey Player
Bill McCoshen takes us through his journey from Superior, WI to Madison, WI and his involvement with hockey along the way. As a player, coach and team owner, Bill strives to provide opportunities that allow young hockey players to chase their dreams of playing at the junior, college and professional levels. Eau Claire’s Evan Raygor talks about learning the game from his dad, skating on their outdoor rink and his goal of playing in the NHL!
March 03, 2022
Drive the Valley Episode 13
Presented by Chippewa Valley Mazda and Ken Vance Car City Bill sits down with one of the lead sales people with Chippewa Valley Mazda and Ken Vance Car City to discuss the "new normal" when it comes to purchasing vehicles.  How dealerships have adapted, what customers should keep in mind.  What current changes are for the long-term, and what they see going to what it once was when its possible.
March 02, 2022
Dose of Dog: The 4 Things Every Dog Should be Taught
Heather covers four areas that every dog owner should teach/prepare their dog for. Some of these are pre-emptive skills which come in handy when an emergent situation arises. Think of them as “insurance”. Having knowledge just in case it’s needed - Using a Muzzle - Going in a crate - Being comfortable with another human - Wearing post-surgical attire Cooperative Muzzle Training video  : Teaching A Dog To Wear A Muzzle (Muzzle Training) - YouTube The Muzzle Up Project : The Muzzle Up! Project | Muzzle advocacy, Education, and Training (
March 01, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #15
Presented by Cook Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls In this episode Dr. Lona interviews Dr. Cystal Folta on self reliance and conviction and stepping into your power!
February 28, 2022
The Breakout Sessions w/ Team Wisconsin
Team Wisconsin's Director of Player Development, Brad Byce, talks about the structure and goals of one of the top hockey development programs in the Upper Midwest. Then, a conversation with Eau Claire Youth Hockey player Conor Matthews, a member of the Bantam C team! More Shows at The Breakout Sessions Podcast (
February 24, 2022
Real Tru Talk - Staging your home
Home buyers, even in this hot market, won't necessarily purchase anything just because its available.  Sarah McIntosh with New Life Staging talks about the importance of staging your home before putting it on the market.  She also gives us some tips you can do before hiring someone and talks about when hiring someone may be a good option. Extra: We hear a fun story from Lisa!
February 22, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #14
This episode Dr. Lona has a convo with Dr. Leslie Hiles on breaking unhealthy family patterns and epigenetics.
February 21, 2022
Baking Goodness - Bagels
The adorable baker Alexia takes us through the process of making homemade bagels and lets us know if what she made is "yummy or not" We also hear if she plans to remove her mask as restrictions are dropped for second graders in Eau Claire, thoughts on her favorite Olympic events and more.
February 19, 2022
Dr. Usher Weighs In #1 - Getting to know your physician
Dr. David Usher weighs in on a number of medical and health topics to help you and your family. On this episode, get to know your physician. Dr. David Usher tells us all about who he is. Not only his professional life but we learn about his family, his hobbies and passions. Why would he, or any doctor, leave a successful practice to try a different way of going things. You WANT to hear this. For more episodes: 
February 18, 2022
Mack Chat #15 - Meeting Steve "Sir" Roesler
Conversations with the people who make up the McDonell Area Catholic School Community Sponsor:  Cobblestone Hotels Guests: Sidney Flanagan – A senior at McDonell Steve “Sir” Roesler – A teacher who is retiring after more than four decades Molly and Sidney talk with Steve about his career in education and share stories as he nears retirement.  McDonell has been his only teaching job since starting in 1975 and over the time he has taught Western Civilization, Government, Sociology, American History and many others. Mostly social studies but also P.E. and religion classes. We get the story behind his nickname “sir”. It involves a foreign exchange student in 1986. How a passion another had for “hang gliding”, led to him coaching track. Memories of Debbie Roesler Sidney and Molly take us inside what a “Sir” class is like.
February 18, 2022
The Breakout Sessions w/a pioneer of Wisconsin Girls Hockey
Sue Mussey Kempf takes us through her pioneering career - as the first female to play boys high school hockey in Wisconsin, then on to Providence College where she starred in both hockey and softball.
February 17, 2022
Drive the Valley Episode #12
Bill is back with Drive the Valley, visiting with great guests from around the Chippewa Valley. Guest: Dr. Robert DeFatta from DeFatta ENT: Facial Plastic Surgery Dr. DeFatta was born in Louisiana and we learn how a life born and raised in the south, ended up in Eau Claire, WI. Of course a romance is involved. He has now been in the area since 2011…but that accent is still there! How it is to work in a career side by side with his wife. Where they compliment each other and help each other expand. Why “I can’t even see it” is the best compliment he can receive. His new venture: River Prairie Wellness Center that we’ve all seen built up off the bypass. The trend in holistic medicine and a new way of doing things
February 16, 2022
Money Donuts - Behind the scenes with underwriting
The Money Donuts® team takes you behind the scenes with guests Chris and Rikki from Royal’s consumer loan underwriting team! We’ll take a look at Royal’s underwriting process, review credit score basics, and then get our guests’ expert insights into the best ways to take care of your credit and more. Get more at Money Donuts Podcast by Royal Credit Union (
February 15, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #8 - Surviving your Dog's Adolescent/Teenage Years
Heather, from embark in Eau Claire, WI, takes us through training our dogs for desired behaviors. Not just what to do, but the psychology behind it. Surviving your Dog’s Adolescent/Teenage Years - Just like humans, adolescent and teenage years have their unique challenges. It lasts from when a puppy is just a few months old until they are 2-3 years old. - What behaviors are prevalent among teenage dogs, such as impulsivity and focusing issues - Why dogs get relinquished to shelters at a higher percentage during this time. It’s a hard time for both dog and human - Heather explains the “why” behind the behaviors and the steps that can be taken. And that includes LOTS OF PATIENCE - “Burning off Energy” is not a simple fix. Instead, its much deeper than that. Including rewarding desired behaviors with treat stations. - Its okay to avoid things as opposed to forcing a behavior
February 15, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation #13
Presented by Cook Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls On this episode, Dr. Danny shares about healing from Lyme's as a child and the impact of that on his health outlook.
February 14, 2022
Boys & Girls Club Empower Hour! #1
Does Chippewa Valley Boys & Girls Club CEO Ann Kaiser dye her hair?  We get that, and many other, honest answers as she sits down for an adorable interview with 2nd grader Mabel Mabel, an Eau Claire second-grader and part of the kid community at the Eau Claire Boys and Girls Club interviews the CEO Ann Kaiser. Thanks to Mabel’s questioning we learn: How the Boys and Girls Club came to be in the Chippewa Valley How many in total exist Teenagers get to stay later, but kids Mabel’s age not as long (she wishes she could stay later) Youth of the Year Gala Event in April and Lemonade Day in August The experiences and opportunities kids get Why people think the kids at the program are “bad”. The reality is, the program is for EVERYONE How do people get on the board of directors. Why the Boys and Girls Club is at a former church Ann’s favorite parts of working at the Boys and Girls Club and why she chose to work here Does Ann dye her hair or does she have any tattoos? Yes, those were asked and ANSWERED!
February 11, 2022
The Breakout Sessions: Coaching Youth & High School Hockey
Listen in as Madison West's Rich Smith talks about coaching youth hockey, through high school and up to College Club. He has a special place in his heart for his Madison Polar Caps Bantam A team that won a state championship last season, resulting in him being awarded the prestigious Jeff Sauer Coaching Award.
February 10, 2022
Real Tru Talk #19 - 5 Things to Consider Before Buying an AirBNB
Five things to consider before buying an airbnb. Knelly and the team discuss their airbnb situations and what makes them successful.
February 08, 2022
Dose of Dog - Potty Training
Podcast sponsored by emBark Heather is here talking POOP.
February 08, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #12
Dr. Lona has a conversation about the power of intention even during life's most stressful moments.
February 07, 2022
The Breakout Sessions w/ Mark Osiecki
Coach Osiecki helps us understand how a player who was : too slow, not athletic enough, couldn't shoot, wasn't fast enough, etc. could earn a Division 1 scholarship and carve out a 5 year professional career and develop top notch defenseman throughout his coaching career. His "jewelry box" is loaded with championship rings and medals! Then, Tyler Patrow is a youth hockey player who is in his 3rd year of playing hockey. He tells us what he likes most about playing the game and who some of his favorite teammates are.
February 03, 2022
Drive the Valley Episode 1
How did a would-be mortician from Wyoming end up becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the Chippewa Valley car industry? We meet Bill Bertrand from Chippewa Valley Mazda and hear his unique story.
February 02, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 Episode #7 - Proper Training of Bully Breeds
Brian Munro a certified dog behavior consultant in Minnesota, who joins Heather to discuss the proper training of “bully” breeds of dogs. Why Brian eschews some training methods that lean on using “dominance” for these breeds. He uses more “reward based” methods. The arousal level of “Bully” Breeds and how to utilize that in training desired behaviors Helping these breeds learn how to be calm What behaviors to capture when you first bring the dog home Book: Canine Enrichment For The Real World
February 01, 2022
Real Tru Talk #12 - What's it Like to be Part of a Team
Knelly sits down with her team to discuss what it is like being part of a real estate team. They discuss what they have learned from each other, and how they have come to depend on one another in their everyday lives. EXTRA:  Lisa tells a behind the scenes story
February 01, 2022
Innate LIFE Reclamation #11
On this episode, Dr. Amanda and Dr. Lona discuss the power of using your voice and how healing that can be. #health #holistic #freedom #selfcare #healing
January 31, 2022
The Breakout Sessions w/ Ty Emberson and Gillian Johnson
Join Ty Emberson as he leads us through his journey from Eau Claire to the United States National Development Program (USNDP), to the Badgers and, currently, the Tucson Roadrunners of the AHL. Hayward's Gillian Johnson explains how she keeps her squad together even though the players come from many different schools. Her being a 3rd generation Hayward hockey player and her plans after her senior year!
January 20, 2022
Dose of Dog - Meeting Your Dog's Needs
A subject that Heather is very passionate about as she touches on how expectations and genetics come together in dog’s behavior. Sometimes what we want, goes against what a dog is naturally programmed to do. She breaks down her discussion by various breeds including herding, working and sporting. How do you adapt, but still achieve desired behaviors. Kim Brophy : Meet Your Dog: the Game-Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog's Behavior by Kim Brophey ( Molly Sumridge (Carroll College) :   Primitive Dogs — Couch Wolves
January 18, 2022
Baking Goodness - Halfmoon Cookies
What are Halfmoon cookies?  Alexia introduces us to these unique cookies that originate out of Upstate New York.
January 14, 2022
The Breakout Sessions w/ Jordan Steinmetz
Jordan Steinmetz talks about being an all-around high school athlete, who almost chose to play baseball in college, until he was noticed at a hockey tournament and his sport path drastically changed! He went from the NAHL to the USHL to Division 1 hockey at St. Lawrence University. He talks about leadership and what skills have helped him stay in the game! McKayla Zilisch and her Fox Cities Stars teammates had a great result at their recent Holiday Tournament in Chippewa Falls - they won the whole tournament! McKayla talks about growing up with hockey playing brothers and her future of playing Division 1 hockey next season at St. Cloud State University. This 27th Episode is sponsored by: * Dooley's Pub - the place to go for a traditional Irish Pub experience with quality food, good prices and beverages. * Riverside Bike and Skate - Eau Claire's hockey headquarters which is the oldest hockey store in the state of Wisconsin.
January 13, 2022
The Breakout Sessions w/ Sam Stange
JC and Mogey's guest is former Eau Claire North standout athlete Sam Stange. Sam excelled in baseball and hockey while in Eau Claire, including hitting a last at bat homer that lifted the Huskies to the 2019 state baseball title. However, hockey is where he making his mark at the elite level as he is currently a Wisconsin Badger and has been drafted to play professionally by the NHL Detroit Red Wings. Sam talks about his rise to become a Badger and the work needed to get to the next step.  Also joining the program are current North high school hockey players Noah, Jacob and Gabe Bestul. Three brothers who made the varsity squad. Remedy Bloody Mary Mix - out of Wisconsin, created to satisfy your deep craving for a Bloody Mary! Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic - Dedicated and committed to the health care needs of patients in Western Wisconsin since 1954.
January 06, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #5 - Jumping Up
Heather tackles the issue of dogs “jumping up”. She dives into the behavior, which can be a big issue for many dogs and their humans. - Why do dogs do it? - Does saying “off” to your dog, or squeezing their paws, serve as proper responses? - Using the “treat scatter” method to redirect - Developing the desired behavior through predictable scenarios
January 04, 2022
Dose of Dog S2 #4: Handling Large Gatherings (Like at the Holidays) for your Dog
We know holiday time can be stressful for adults. Well, it can be the same for dogs, especially if you are having lots of guests (strangers) coming over for gatherings. What should you know? Heather is joined by Dawn Olson, another certified professional dog trainer at emBark. Dawn’s expertise is in managing the dynamic between kids and dogs and she provides some key points to whenever you have large gatherings (like at holiday time) Tips on where the dog should be, hugging your dog and should you put costumes on your dog?
December 14, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Client Appreciation Events
Knelly and Katherine discuss hosting events for both current and past clients. Examples of what they do and why them do them, especially with former clients.  They cover how they do them and why the work is worth the effort. Anyone who runs a business, works in sales or handles any marketing needs to listen to this. They also discuss supporting the community through sponsorships and partnerships And listen for your chance to win a free trip and stay in California!
December 07, 2021
Dose of Dog S2 Episode #3 - Loose Leash Walking
Presented by emBark in Eau Claire, WI Like taking your dog for walks around your neighborhood and need to use a leash? Or think of when you have to leash your dog to bring them to place (like vets or to grooming) Well, that is a trained behavior for your dog and Heather takes us through the process to develop the best “loose leash walkers” o The human, not equipment, teaches loose leash walking o Defining what you want loose leash walking to be o What type of harness Heather prefers o What does 3AM have to do with anything?!?!? Define your “take out window”
November 30, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Gratitude
They discuss the power of gratitude and how it impacts personal and professional life. The group brings up examples from their own lives Being grateful isn’t just about the good, but also embracing the opportunity to overcome challenges.
November 30, 2021
Dose of Dog S2 Episode #2 - Humane Hierarchy: Best practices to handle behavior
Humane Hierarchy – Best practices to handle behavior 1) What is this “hierarchy” and how does it apply? This is Heather’s tool box for working with dogs and improving behaviors. 2) Taking a holistic view of the dog 3) Changing behaviors by revising environments 4) Example of setting the dog up for successful behaviors 5) Using positive reinforcement with examples 6) Also positive punishment to stop behavior and does Heather see value in this Application-of-the-Humane-Hierarchy-Position-Statement.pdf (
November 16, 2021
Dose of Dog #25 - Winter Fun with Your Dog
Winter Fun at Home with Your Dog - With colder weather here, things to do with your dog inside your home that benefits them - Using things like “hand targets”, “chin rests” and “paw crosses”
November 02, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Boundaries and Balance
Sheila from Silly Serrano’s in Eau Claire talks with Knelly about creating a business. Most importantly, creating a balance between family and chasing dollars.
November 02, 2021
Innate LIFE Reclamation Episode #1
The debut episode of this podcast series presented by Cook Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls, WI. Dr. Danny and Dr. Lona discuss what Innate healing is and how they apply their own Innate Connection to their own health and well-being. Each episode will have simple steps/strategies to help you on your path!
November 01, 2021
Banker with a Beer - Michael Perry
Michael Perry - humorist, singer/song-writer, writer and part-time pig farmer comes back to the program.  The gang has a conversation while enjoying a special Non-Alcoholic beer from Brewdog called Nanny State, a "hoppy N/A ale" - How he has adapted over the last year, and took advantage of multiple avenues - Balancing his work which can be urban with his love of rural and blue collar. - The joy he gets from being able to have so many experiences - What is the one time he truly gets to thank his audience - Advice for those entering the “gig” economy - Thoughts on internet-influencing - Would he ever consider leaving the state and where would he go?
October 28, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Don't Forget the Fun in Your Business
Benefits of creating fun within your business. The team recounts some of their experiences they’ve had. Including a recent trip the team took to a conference in California. There was also another California trip the featured a flat tire story (among other things).
October 26, 2021
Dose of Dog #24 - Door Dashing
It’s a safety issue and one that frustrates many dog owners. - What to do if your dog is prone to rushing out open doors - She takes us through building proper behaviors through reinforcements - She discusses house doors, car doors and other “doors”
October 19, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Getting 1% Better Everyday Part II
Accomplishments aren’t “all or nothing” but instead moving in a positive direction daily. From dieting, to cleaning rooms in your home to business this is an important mindset to have. Be vulnerable and acknowledge your weak points
October 19, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Getting 1% Better Everyday Part I
Accomplishments aren’t “all or nothing” but instead moving in a positive direction daily. From dieting, to cleaning rooms in your home to business this is an important mindset to have. Be vulnerable and acknowledge your weak points
October 12, 2021
Dose of Dog #23 - Triggers and Thresholds
Heather takes up through recognizing when your dog is getting uncomfortable and what to do. The fact that almost anything can be a trigger for a dog and what are the signs to look for Learning how much your dog can handle
October 05, 2021
Real Tru Talk #25 - Celebrating Wins
It’s important to celebrate your wins and the team does that in this episode. While many times we focus on the lows in whatever we do, on this episode we look at the highs. Get ready for some uplifting anecdotes
October 05, 2021
Marcon Unleashed Episode #1
Dan Marcon tells us about himself. His small town upbringing, military background, his education and what has led him to now. Did you know he worked security detail for some well-known celebrities? What is Marc-On Shooting and the business he has built. He gives you a hint as to what the podcast will be about. He’ll be a straight-shooter (no pun intended) on some deep topics. Including political topics, local and a national. He touches on some recent local issues he has been involved in and nationally gives thoughts on Afghanistan.
October 04, 2021
Real Tru Talk #24 - So You Want to Be a Realtor
They take you through the process with some of newest realtors in the business, with tips and advice from the whole team. 87% of those who get their license let it expire within four years, so what does it take to make this a successful career Dealing with the highs and lows that come.
September 28, 2021
Dose of Dog #22 - Canine Accessories
Heather is telling us about her favorite canine accessories.  From a variety of self-feeders, to snuffle mats, to harnesses for walking and treat pouches she covers many items she recommends.
September 21, 2021
Dose of Dog #21 - Lost Dogs of Wisconsin
Kathy Pobloskie from the Lost Dogs of Wisconsin organization is the guest, telling us all about this wonderful organization which helps to reunite families with their missing dogs. She takes us through how their process works and gives some great tips that you can do to help find your lost dog. She also explains why old-fashioned flyers remain a very useful tool even with the rise of social media. About Us | Lost Dogs of Wisconsin Lost Dogs of Wisconsin | Facebook
August 31, 2021
Dose of Dog #20 - Preparing your dog to be left alone
Do you feel guilty leaving your dog home alone?  This is the episode for you! With schedules changing, and kids headed back to school, more family dogs will be left home alone.  How do you acclimate your dog to the changes and make it so your dog can flourish being home alone and during your absences? 
August 17, 2021
Dose of Dog #19 - Basics of Dog Behavior
Heather sits down to discuss the five "rules" she has for utilizing behavior based practices, dubbed the "Basics of Behavior". 1. Reinforcement builds behavior. 2. Consequence drives behavior. 3. Listen to your learner. 4. Commit to being consistent. 5. Define expectations.
August 03, 2021
Dose of Dog #18 - Therapy/Service/Emotional Support Dogs Heather discusses the differences between Therapy dogs, Service dogs, and Emotional Support dogs. She also dispels common myths and misconceptions about the role of each in society.
July 13, 2021
Dose of Dog #17 - Doggy Body Language
Heather sits down to discuss dog body language, and addresses the ways in which dogs can show stress. She also explains avoidance behaviors, and appeasement and how those play into understanding body language. Heather references "Doggy Language" written by Lily Chin, Renee Erdmann, and The Language of Dogs.
June 22, 2021
Dose of Dog #16 - Hiking with your Dog
One of the best parts of having a dog is going for walks/hikes!  Heather is here with some of the basics to remember 1) Types of harnesses to use (and yes, have your dog leashed and she explains why) 2) What to do with poop 3) Protection from fleas/ticks (and the items Heather has found worked the best) 4) Over etiquette, including what to do in regards to wildlife, other dogs and other humas
June 08, 2021
Dose of Dog #15 - Can Do Canines (& Prison Programs)
Dyan Larson  is a Prison Program Instructor with Can Do Canines a non-profit that trains service dogs and works within local prisons. We learn all about the program, including how you can have a "weekend dog" and benefit this program in ways you can't imagine. How the dogs in the prisons have a "ripple" of benefits to many people. And we learn the specific role SERVICE dogs play and the difference between service, therapy and emotional support dogs. Web Link: Youtube Clip:
May 25, 2021
Dose of Dog #14 - More Dog Myth Busting!
Heather is here again busting more myths when it comes to training your dog.  - Harness Myths - Handling 'stronger' breeds with a heavy hand - Puppy Training - Breeds that 'can't learn'
May 11, 2021
Downtown Menom Episode 1
This podcast series will introduce us to the people and places that make Menomonie a wonderful community.  On the debut episode, we meet Dustyn and Becca from Downtown Menomonie INC. to set the stage for the podcast.   Among many topics covered we learn about Becca's love of crystals...Dustyn's involvement with vintage baseball...and what fast foot chicken franchise residents ask for in Menomonie the most
May 05, 2021
Real Tru Talk - Meet the Team
We learn who the members are on this team. The PERFECT episode to listen to if you are in a position where you need to build a team.  Along the way we learn how one team members purchased their first home over a telephone, how another transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom and how another quit multiple jobs just to take this one. EXTRA: One agents story of having a 10-year old find a real pistol during a showing!
May 04, 2021
Dose of Dog #12 - Unleashing your dogs reactivity
Have a dog that seems to "lunge" or bark often when you're out for a walk?  Have you gone for dog walks very early in the morning or late at night only so that you can avoid what you think is triggering them? Heather is here with the psychology behind what is happening, why some dogs do this and offers hope that those 5AM walks don't have to be permanent!
April 13, 2021
Dose of Dog #12 - Getting your dog to "chill out"
There are ways to settle down your dog that go beyond simply yelling "Hey, it!" like they are your teenager tearing up the rumpus room.   Heather takes us through the ways to set a good behavior for your dog and tips to get them to "chillout" when you need them to be. Plus, she reminds us of an important potty-training tip now that the snow has melted!
March 30, 2021
Dose of Dog - Your Dog's Personality
Dogs have personalities and all are different.  So your dog is likely either an extrovert or introvert.  They may be outgoing or they may be "shy". Heather takes us through how to give your dog the best environment for them based on their preference. -Giving "shy" dogs confidence - Avoiding "flooding" your dog with triggers - How to properly expose your dog to triggers and creating desirable responses.
March 16, 2021
Dose of Dog - Enriching your dog's life
Sponsored by emBark
March 16, 2021
Dose of Dog - Keep our babies and dogs together safely
Sponsored by emBark
March 16, 2021
Dose of Dog - Resource Guarding
Why does your otherwise docile dog growl when you come near their bowl (or another object)?  Heather tackles this topic as she discusses "resource guarding" -Why do dogs feel a need to guard something they deem valuable (such as a bowl, toy or even their human) - Finding help or information online can be tricky on this topic - She brings up cues that this is being displayed by your dog - This is a part of a dog's natural behavior, but it can be dangerous.   - So what can be done?
February 16, 2021
Dose of Dog - Why dogs do what they do
Heather is here to discuss the behavior of dogs. More specifically, why do dogs act the way the do.  She takes us through the science and psychology and how she utilize this in training. The behavior of dogs and why your dog acts the way they do, isn't all that dissimilar to that of any human relationship.
February 02, 2021
Dose of Dog - Socializing Your Puppy in a Pandemic
Socializing your puppy in their first few months is critical, but during a pandemic it may seem impossible.  Heather tells us that is absolutely not the case. - What is "puppy socialization" and the goal of building confidence.  Scared dogs resort to things like barking. - Putting your puppy in a position to be successful - Using sight/sound/smell to build that confidence - Creating opportunities for your puppy to meet people.  Should your puppy be exposed to lots of people?  Is that good or bad?
January 19, 2021
Through the Doggy Door Episode 1
On the debut episode of this series, we are introduced to Heather from emBark.  The podcast includes: ​ 1) Her background and the start of emBark 2) The best part of working with dogs 3)  The basic dog tips she gives 4) Things to consider when adding a dog to your family 5)  The misconception of "Alpha" dogs 6) COVID-19 impacts on dogs.
November 03, 2020
Banker with a Beer w/ Michael Perry
We catch up with a former Wyoming ranch-hand and UWEC nursing student (but you may know him for his other line of work)...Michael Perry.  The famed local author and entertainer shares his wisdom and humor with us ​ - Mike gives us his beer drinking history (or lack thereof) - His childhood spent on a farm and eventually living in Wyoming as a ranch hand - How a creative writing class at UWEC set him on his career path as opposed to going into his planned nursing career - Paying the bills vs. art and balancing that - Are writers/artists a mirror to times in history? - The work he wishes he could have back
September 24, 2020