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Podcasts and discussion focused entirely on Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. We discuss everything from current events, to sports to highlighting great organizations. There are podcasts highlighting everything!
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BMK Kids - Parents Checking their Egos and Laundry
We all have an ego, that includes parents.  Also, kids have to learn how to laundry at some point...
October 23, 2020
Six Minutes with Bo...Home PhyEd
Have to get those kids moving somehow and here are ways to do so around the house.  Just watch out for your dog!
October 22, 2020
Banker with a Beer Episode 41
MaiVu Xiong the executive director of the Pablo Group's Foundation joins the program to talk about their mission and to discuss the Hmong culture in the Chippewa Valley. All while we sample a beer that has a strong sentimentalism for Jerry. 1) We learn  the horrific family incident that was the impetus for Mai to get into the law field 2) We learn about the foundation and its mission 3) The focus of the foundation, what they support and grant cycles 4) Growing up raised by Hmong refugee parents 5) Her mostly positive experience growing up being Hmong in the area 6) Being an advocate for the Hmong culture 7) What she sees for the future of the Hmong culture here
October 22, 2020
10/21 Talk of the Town
We're on Scott's basement!  Despite the less than "professional" set-up we're tackling the very serious issue of the county board's decision on the health ordinance. Also, a board member from Helping Hands is clapping back at recent accusations levied on their executive director.
October 21, 2020
GHOSTED PODCAST "Welcome Mr. President"
On the fourth episode of GHOSTED, the team goes full ghosted! The duo investigate the spine tingling spirits of Stevens Point, WI and Brown County, MN as Ada takes a trip down Boy Scout Lane and Semisi uncovers the truth behind the vengeful ghost of little Annie Marie Twente. There will be bloodcurdling screaming, undead hikers, live burial, and a deep discussion on the hotness of Hugh Laurie. With surprise guest star the Ghost of US President Ronald Reagan, join the team on this hauntingly hilarious episode of GHOSTED! Disclaimer:  This podcast includes profanity and mature themes
October 21, 2020
10/20 Talk of the Town
Yet another non-profit scandal in the area...we preview the County decision on the health ordinance and is it the right call for the Eau Claire Schools (and any school for that matter) to go ahead with winter sports?
October 20, 2020
Concert Venue w/ Hunky Dory
This episode features a conversation with the owner of the local venue Hunky Dory.  Among topics covered... ​ - We learn about this home-based venue that operates locally. - The "owner" Dave walks us through how the venue started. - The story of squeezing a five-piece bluegrass band into their venue for their first anniversary and other interesting bookings - The importance of reimbursing the artists, including putting them up at their home for the night! - What they're doing through the pandemic.
October 19, 2020
Best Cheese Curds in Eau Claire
Enough messing around.  We tell you where you can buy the best deep-fried cheese curds in Eau Claire. ​ The health department has waved the white flag. ​ More trouble for the DHS as investigators are targeting a partner in Minnesota.
October 16, 2020
Beast Mode Kids - Lying and After School activities
Alora gives us the kid's perspective on lying to parents and also dives into after-school plans.
October 16, 2020
Banker with a Beer Episode 40
Can a software company based in the Chippewa Valley compete with Silicon Valley? Well, there is one that has long proven it can be done.  We meet Jim Ward from Elite Extra.  All while drinking a Amber Ale with a retro take. ​ Data delivery,  commercial technology based innovation coming right here in the Chippewa Valley Talks about the software his business has developed Running a major software company based in Western Wisconsin and competing against Silicon Valley What are technology people excited about in the near-future Reverse-logistics being the next big thing
October 15, 2020
Six Minutes with Bo...Fruit
Bo is here to give us a kid's perspective on eating fruit
October 15, 2020
Have a Scoop Episode 9
​ Becca from Red's Mercantile and the Red Letter Grant joins the program talking about local female entreprenuership. ​ How her business “Red’s Mercantile” got started The start of the Red Letter Grant to support local female entreprenuers Balancing her time with both How can people volunteer/support Red Letter Grant Keys for success for entrepreneurs (hiring employees and avoiding your own burnout) Why going to the “opening” of a new shop is exciting for her The best way to “win” one of the Red Letter Grants ​
October 15, 2020
Credit to EC City Council for Making Right Decision
We're recapping and opining on the city council's action on the proposed health ordinance from Tuesday's meeting.
October 14, 2020
GHOSTED "You Can't Hang with Patrick Swayze"
On Episode 3 of GHOSTED, things get dark as the team takes on their darkest and most baffling stories yet! One family’s tragic discovery of an infant’s watery grave and a series of unsolved (Winona, MN), a brutal series of unsolved campus murders that has laid quiet for over 50 years now (Madison, WI). Ada and Semisi tell the terrifying real stories of the Winona Angel Baby and the Mad City Murders, all the while trying to summarize the plot of Dirty Dancing. Listen into all the mystery, murder, and theories in this sadistically shocking episode! Disclaimer: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence, body mutilation, and infant mortality. Listener discretion is advised.
October 14, 2020
Adulting with...Dan Leritz - Raising a Family and Teaching in Kuwait
Pat talks with a long time teacher about his career, balancing it with family and what brought him to Kuwait.  Dan talks about taking a chance after being seemingly "set" with where he was working in Minnesota.  How does that jive with family responsibilities?  All of that and more is brought up.
October 14, 2020
10/13 Talk of the Town
Some unsolicited advice for a local group that has lofty goals for their new sports organization... Quick thoughts on ahead of the health ordinance vote. Also, catching a dirty old man on the Chippewa trails? Restaurants asking for tents to serve customers outside...and much more.
October 13, 2020
Preventing Injury in Athletics
Dr. David Kelbel is back with another health podcast for Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. 1) Increasing athletic performance with chiropractic work 2) Preventing injury 3) Working on the “weekend warrior” athletic 4) Getting injured athletes back on the field 5) Advances in techniques and therapies 6) Never too young (or old ) to start 7) Unnatural motions in sports
October 13, 2020
Eau Claire is Here Episode 4
Time to learn more about the people behind this podcast. The microphone gets turned on Jane, Jerry and Scott ​ - Jerry's childhood biking mishap going down Harding Ave. ​ - Lots of discussion on riding bicycles around the community as kids along with "bucking". ​ - We learn more specifics about Jerry and Jane and their families and careers. ​ - Why they are realtors and how their lives and backgrounds have influenced them. ​ - Their favorite things about living in Eau Claire.
October 12, 2020
10/9 Talk of the Town
Scott is still red-hot over actions and statements by members of the Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors... ​ Also, Lieske Giese is 100% correct on this one thing...
October 9, 2020
Beast Mode Kids...Confronting Your Parents
Pat talks with his daughter Alora about how kids assess themselves and ways kids confront their parents.  Sometimes kids don't like what parents/adults have to say so how do kids like Alora confront that.
October 9, 2020
Six Minutes with Bo...Favorite Books
Bo is a "reading machine" so Pat chats with him about some of his favorites including Olivia Saves the Circus and others
October 8, 2020
Banker with a Beer...Local Development
Conversation with local developer Geoff Moeding - His progression into the industry - What is going on with development in this area - His part in developing Phoenix Park at the start - Why has commercial development stalled downtown? - His vision for the Cannery District. - What he still wants to do and why he continues - The trend of leaving cities for suburbs and rural areas - The issue of “affordable” housing from a developer’s standpoint - Misconceptions with the development game
October 8, 2020
Gutless Display by the Eau Claire County Supervisors
The Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors with an inexcusable display of a lack of leadership...
October 7, 2020
GHOSTED PODCAST "Welcome to the Internet"
On the second episode of GHOSTED, Semisi does a bit of investigating into an out of this world hit and run in the seriously average town of Warren, MN (Val Johnson Incident). Meanwhile in Whitewater, Ada discovers that something wicked is hiding in the water towers and dorm buildings of this college town (Whitewater Witches). Drug planes, hidden tunnel systems, and…the wonders of elderly bathtubs??? The GHOSTED team explores all of these topics and more in this wickedly weird episode!
October 7, 2020
Talking Trash Episode 3
The area's "best" street taco joint. Josh’s friend Sweeny is shooting and eating backyard squirrels in Altoona ?!?! The most decadent, extravagant thing you’ve ever eaten Best spot for a steak in town (the gang gives a shoutout to Hooligans) Last time Josh had to wear an actual business suit Stressful times and getting through time Josh hates raking, so of course we dive in Picture day drama for Sweeny’s daughter Catching salmon on Superior
October 6, 2020
In the Kitchen w/ Chip Magnet Salsa Episode 2
The Chip Magnet gang talks with fellow local small business owner Dan Beck of Midwest Meals.  We learn how Midwest Meals went from concept to being on at the early stages of franchising and unlimited potential. This is a company that has blossomed from a handful of meals prepared a week to thousands!
October 5, 2020
Beast Mode Kids - Breakfast Cereals
Pat and his son Alora try to eat as much cereal as they can.
October 2, 2020
Banker with a Beer Episode 38
Scott and Jerry are joined by Peter Hoeft, the owner and operator of Hoeft Builders in Altoona.  They discuss construction and building trends in the area all while enjoying a beer from Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater. ​ - Will what we've learned about pathogens during COVID-19 impact the way buildings are designed in the future? - Taking ideas from other areas he has lived in - His proudest works and projects. - Changes in building design over the last decade - How this region is prepared for the continuing economic issues - The future of the “big box” buildings in the area - How the process in construction may change over the years (technology) - Something he’d like to build that he hasn’t yet - Being part psychologist, part marriage counselor as a builder
October 1, 2020
Six Minutes with Bo...Fruit Loops
Pat's son tries Fruit Loops for breakfast for the first time
October 1, 2020
On the premiere episode of GHOSTED, Ada and Semisi dive into the strange disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki and the terrifying legend of the Haunchyville Haunchies… but not before they discuss the life of amateur podcasting and the Polishness of your great grandpa’s dog. Tune in for a fantastically freaky first episode!
September 30, 2020
Adulting with...Matt Poore - Ultra Running, Mistakes and Fatherhood
On this episode, Pat talks with "ultra-runner" Matt Poore who recently ran his first 100-mile marathon.  They discuss Matt's passion and drive for running and what he did to prepare. ​ Matt is also a father, so of course they discuss parenting topics including bed time routines with their kids and finding "husband wife" time throughout the day.
September 30, 2020
Concert Venue w/ Cait McGarvey
- Listen to a special unreleased track "Freetide" - What she has been doing to stay active during the pandemic - Being a musician and finding your "identity" when you move to a new area. - The ways moving to new areas shapes the way her music sounds - How she performs and lives for that "Oh" moment - Staying Independent
September 28, 2020
Aligned with Dr. Kelbel Episode 3
We continue to breakdown assumptions about chiropractic care by focusing on the benefits children and pregnant women get from the service ​ 1) Why you should bring your child to a chiropractor 2) Using chiropractic care in support of/not against modern medicine 3) Why pregnant women benefit from a chiropractor 4) Learning about your own personal anatomical differences 5)  Dr. Kelbel discusses working on his own wife and child.
September 27, 2020
Eau Claire is Here Episode 3
This episodes some of the great biking, running and walking trails around the area. The folks behind the Eau Claire Marathon share some of their favorites they've come across and talk about their beauty. ​ - Talk about how this summer's Covid Clue's scavanger hunt came about. ​ - How the pandemic brought about creativity for running events ​ - Some of their favorite sights, and learning new things about Eau Claire along various routes
September 27, 2020
Banker with a Beer w/ Michael Perry
We catch up with a former Wyoming ranch-hand and UWEC nursing student (but you may know him for his other line of work)...Michael Perry.  The famed local author and entertainer shares his wisdom and humor with us ​ - Mike gives us his beer drinking history (or lack thereof) - His childhood spent on a farm and eventually living in Wyoming as a ranch hand - How a creative writing class at UWEC set him on his career path as opposed to going into his planned nursing career - Paying the bills vs. art and balancing that - Are writers/artists a mirror to times in history? - The work he wishes he could have back
September 24, 2020
Talking Trash Episode 2
Ball caps, vegan hunters and the oddity of rural North Dakota.  The gang has plenty to chew on... ​ -  The debut of an additional host -  A discussion on the best type of ballcap  (trucker, low top, etc.) -  How Josh and Sweeny almost accidentally killed each other on a hunting trip -  Traveling to North Dakota for a hunting trip and running into"unfriendly" locals. -  Facing a "legal" dilemma after a successful hunting trip. -  How Sweeny is a vegan, but still hunts and still eats his own kills  (and other hypocrite actions he takes despite vegan claims)
September 22, 2020
Banker with a Beer w/ Josh Boxx
Scott and Jerry sit down with the "trash man" Josh Boxx from Boxx Sanitation and cover a wide arrange of topics during this fun interview.  Of course, they also enjoy a great beverage this time from the New Belgium Brewery... ​ - Josh's mantra of setting the tone for those who work for him by being willing to do anything at his company. - The fact there is so much more trash since COVID-19 started - The importance of being emphatic to other businesses impacted hard by COVID-19 - The fact that some businesses are actually doing quite well - How the Chippewa Valley supports it's own - Why he came back to his hometown after leaving college. - The business "fallacy" of recycling you may not realize & that much of your recycled material still ends up in landfills. - Things he wishes people would stop putting in the trash.
September 17, 2020
Have a Scoop with Ramones Episode 8
We learn all about the great local organization TANDEM MENTORSHIP and what makes this a unique and special operation in the area. - Tandem's goal of spreading hope within area youth - How each mentor/mentee pairing has different goals - The spiritual and faith-based foundation that differentiates Tandem - Explaining their "Tandem Tuesday" events - What is the make-up of the children that are mentored? - Where they get their referrals and various partnerships - Do they face, and to what extent is there, backlash to being rooted in faith and religion? - Challenges of being a smaller non-profit operation. #ramonesicecream #eauclaire #tandemmentorship
September 17, 2020
Aligned with Dr. Kelbel Episode 2
With COVID-19, and the regular flu-season arriving, Dr. Kelbel is here to provide tips to boost your own immune system. Help to ward off illness and give yourself the best chance to minimize sickness if you do come down with something: ​ - Boosting your immune system - Comparing your diet to a football roster - What actually IS your immune system - The role your spine plays in overall health - Key for preventative care, including chiropractic work.
September 15, 2020
Eau Claire is Here Episode 2
What do you know about hypnosis? It goes far beyond the entertainment stage shows many of us have seen and has served a health benefit for many over the years. ​ The gang talks about their interaction with hypnosis and we meet Richard Marano from the Hypnosis Center of Eau Claire. ​ -Richard explains moving to Wisconsin for college and the heart-breaking tale that ultimately guided him into his profession. ​ - Explaining how hypnotized people are able to tap into their sub conscious and how you can utilize that to your benefit. ​ - How hypnotherapy fits with various religious beliefs and modern medicine, ​ - How to have a more positive outlook during the ongoing 2020 crisis.
September 14, 2020
In the Kitchen w/ Chip Magnet Salsa Episode 1
The podcast made by local small business owners for small business owners makes it's debut.  We start off by diving right into Chip Magnet Salsa and learn more how this business went from a personal kitchen to a multi-state distribution. - How Chip Magnet was started - Turning your home passion into a business - Identifying your "support" team - Learning as you go - Learning about various insurances and regulations - Being humble - Benefits and challenges of working with family.
September 14, 2020
Talking Trash Episode 1
Scott and Josh sit town to discuss the humble beginnings of Boxx Sanitation and set the table for this unique podcast series. ​ - What is his podcast series about the about? - Experiencing failure in your life and career - Dabbling in various things - The humble beginnings of Boxx Sanitiation - The “Do Your Job” mantra and looking for “Eagles” -  Finding weird stuff in the trash -  The transition of Eau Claire
September 8, 2020
Concert Venue w/ Dissonant Mind
This episode features a conversation with the band Dissonant Mind.  Among topics covered... ​ -  How the band is getting out there in 2020 -   Distributing digitally-only as opposed to having CDs -   Use of odd time signatures and how they construct songs -   Their influences -    How the band started and playing in out of place venues at the beginning for gigs.
September 6, 2020
Have a Scoop with Ramones Episode 7
This episode features a look at the operation of Big Brothers Big Sisters with the local agency's CEO Wes Escando.  Among the topics covered: ​ - The work that goes into coordinating and maintaining matches - The need for volunteers - Who makes a good "Big" - Other ways to volunteer - What motivates people associated with BBBS - Their "Battle Golf" fundraiser - Re-thinking fundraising during 2020.
September 2, 2020
Aligned with Dr. Kelbel Episode 1
We sit down with Dr. Kelbel to get introduced to his new practice and learn more about the work chiropractors do.  Is it just alignments and help for sore muscles?  There is so much more.  Also, we learn the story behind Dr. Kelbel's path towards the profession and why his is a practice focused on the entire family.
September 1, 2020
Have a Scoop with Ramones Episode 6
What is the outlook for the Children's Museum after the building had to abort it's re-opening after only a few weeks.  Scott & Blayne sit down with executive director Mike McHorney to learn me. He discusses having to close down the building again but what the organization is doing to guarantee a stronger future.  This includes the continued momentum towards a new building.
August 20, 2020
Concert Venue Episode 7
The pandemic's impact on local music festivals. Also, a conversation with Will Wall from FM Down
August 10, 2020
Have a Scoop with Ramones Episode 5
This week, Kayla and Scott are joined by Ramone's assistant manager Sarah.  They discuss the impact the "Cash for a Cause" has on the young workforce Ramone's employs.  How it educates and creates deeper meaning for community to these teenagers and young adults.  They also touch on what it means to assist these charitable causes and what they have learned about certain non-profits in the area.
August 6, 2020
Have a Scoop with Ramones
This week, Scott and Blayne sit down with Kerri from The Pen Project
July 24, 2020
Concert Venue Episode 6
Concert Venue Episode 6 by Eau Claire Hometown Radio
July 20, 2020
The Concert Venue Episode #5
The Concert Venue Episode #5 by Eau Claire Hometown Radio
June 19, 2020
Concert Venue Episode 4
Concert Venue Episode 4 by Eau Claire Hometown Radio
June 6, 2020
Concert Venue Episode #3
Concert Venue Episode #3 by Eau Claire Hometown Radio
May 10, 2020
The Concert Venue Episode 2
The Concert Venue Episode 2 by Eau Claire Hometown Radio
April 13, 2020