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Eavesdropping on Joe Hage

Eavesdropping on Joe Hage

By Joe Hage
Host Joe Hage hand-picks recorded conversations with medical device thought leaders. These unprepared, stream-of-conscious remarks are sometimes worth repeating! So, turn up the car radio volume, and eavesdrop on our calls! For more goodness, see: – 1,000+ archived discussions + resources – direct access to medical device experts – in-person events – our more formal podcast – medical device marketing strategy

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Eavesdropping 03 – Tricia Peterson on a Adolescent Perfection, Religion, and Distress

Eavesdropping on Joe Hage

Eavesdropping 03 – Tricia Peterson on a Adolescent Perfection, Religion, and Distress
In this episode, I have a fascinating conversation with Tricia Peterson about religion - and conferences? Recognizing I'm hosting my tenth conference next year, Tricia called for some advice. But we went WAY off topic when I learned about her research on Adolescent Perfection, Religion, and Distress. For example, the conflict of a girl who loves her family but wants to leave the Church of Latter Day Saints. Or the despair of the Christian son who discovers his homosexuality may keep him from everlasting life. It was so interesting, I had to share it with you. (And yes, we eventually talk about conferences.)
December 17, 2019
Eavesdropping 02 – Moshe Engelberg, PhD on a Better Customer Relationships
In this episode, my friend, 10x alumnus Moshe Engelberg and I discuss his new book, The Amare Wave ("amare" in Latin means love). He sees too many product-centric (versus customer-centric) companies talking violently – about capturing customers, crushing the competition, and conquering the market. It leads to separateness, greed, and unnecessary suffering. He concludes business is missing love and has many examples to show where it worked. Let's listen in on the call!
November 10, 2019
Eavesdropping 01 – Karen Anderson on copywriting
In this episode, I talk with Karen Anderson, my beloved friend and the only person I've ever trusted with my voice. Karen, a strategic thinker and brilliant copywriter, was naturally my first choice to critique my landing page and copy ahead of my big MDG Premium launch.  And boy, did she!  Let's listen in on the call!
November 05, 2019