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Third Options

Third Options

By Third Options
Sometimes the world seems black or white, left or right, this or that. However, there is always a third option. Everyone's third option is different. Even your third option may change from one day to the next. Thus the name "Third Options." This show is about looking at new possibilities, breaking old habits, forging new paths. Making each day a better day through opening yourself to what is possible outside the conventional lines and thoughts.

We will look at health, fitness, spirituality, and even the taboo subjects of politics and group-think. Let's journey together!
Making Big Unwanted Decisions
Sometimes life throws gut punches. You then get to decide how to deal with it. Facebook made it impossible to use my artist name and branding that I have used for eighteen years. Here is the story.
June 14, 2022
This is a Test (Isn't it aggravating?)
Yep, I'm doing that thing where I make a test out of an inferior quality version of what may come later. Stay tuned, the suckage will be reduced significantly in the next week and this will go away. Yay!
April 28, 2022