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Ebony Expats

Ebony Expats

By @ToriTalks
Explore the journey of life abroad from the perspective of ebony expats who stepped out of their comfort zones, moved overseas and are now killing it abroad.

Join @ToriTalks, the Founder of Ebony Expats, as she chats with ebony expats who are CEOs, educators, artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, creatives and more living all over the world. Each person has a different journey and a different perspective. Each expat is thriving abroad in their own way and each of these stories are educational and empowering.
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Doing, Being and Living with Claire Soares of Up In The Air Life

Ebony Expats

Feeling Alone or Lonely as an Expat and Learning Yourself
During this holiday episode, we talked about what it really feels like being a traveler or pioneers of our families and communities: feeling alone, the pain, doubts, and how our families and society view us. We're making decisions that are different. It's risky. It's life-changing. It's beautiful. But, it also has its pains, especially during the holidays. Now more than ever, this podcast feels even more relatable as expats and travelers #StayHome and quarantine around the world during the outbreak of coronavirus. As expats, we often feel alone and cope with the long distance that prevents us from having access to our family and friends. Keep your head up! You're not alone. Keep going. Timestamp Highlights 1:44 - The Exchange | 2:27 - Intros | 3:34 - Guided Meditation with Tori J | 6:23 - How everyone’s feeling about the holidays | 8:19 - Holiday Traditions | 11:10 - Hardly Having  Any Family/Friends Visit & It Hurts | 12:10 - Our Friends Are Scared of the Long Flights | 18:10 - It’s Hard Accepting That You Won’t See Your Family | 21:11 - Calling Expats “Brave and Lucky” | 21:38 - How to Prioritize & Save for Traveling | 24:00 - Privilege of Traveling | 24:40 - Perception of the US vs overseas | 25:15 - Recreating Yourself | 26:10 - The Reality of Traveling vs Social Media | 26:40 - Building Character + Higher Frequencies | 27:35 - Feeling Alone When Making the Move | 30:00 - People Holding You Back | 30:54 - Support & Gap Years In Black Communities | 31:39 - What Society Places On Us vs Becoming the Outlier | 32:00 - There’s No Guideline for How You’re Supposed to Live Your Life| 32:30 - We are the Pioneers 35:00 - Being different can be lonely / Creating New traditions 37:50 - Dealing with Deaths while living overseas 40:00 - Feeling Guilty about being overseas and not going back home. Missing funerals, graduations, etc 44:45 Home is where the heart is / The world can be your home 46: We can start new traditions 47:50 - Feedback after being overseas 4 months now 49:10 Feeling Lonely 50:18 Developing Close Relationships - 51:25 - Making New Friends as Adults 52:30 Being Alone & Learning Yourself 53:10 - what do you like to do and what you don’t 54:10 - Create what you want. Friendships have a responsibility 54:31 If it’s not aligned, it has to go 55:10 Playing small out of fear 57:35 Follow your intuition. Find out what you like. 59:35 - But also allow yourself to mess up and learn from decisions 60:55 There are no bad or good decisions. Don’t beat yourself up 61:10 The Higher Good has a path for you Loss & not having comfort while being overseas 62:49 - 64:40 Go towards the things that make you feel good 66:59 It takes time to settle in and get comfortable again - Being Married - Therapy 68:28 - You Don’t Have To Stay 70:45 We need to call each other more Song: G R L S by Devana Turner @simply_dv
December 25, 2019
Aim to Live a Life You Love with Amber Aziza
On this episode, the amazing Amber Aziza joins me to discuss her journey from a corporate executive to an entrepreneur and expat. Believe me when I tell you that she shared so many gems about trusting your gut, building a business around what you like to do (and outsourcing the rest) and letting go of the things that are standing in the way of you living a life you love. There is something in this interview for every traveler, expat or entrepreneur who is ready to explore the possibilities of creating the business or life you’ve been desiring. A few of my favorite highlights are: Amber’s story of quitting her job ON THE SPOT because she wanted to be the one buying the yachts (6:34) Moving back in with her family before selling her first company before the age of 30 (8:15) How the Kardashians and Snapchat inspired her family to build generational wealth – and how they did it (16:24) Why you shouldn’t live a life you can TOLERATE, but aim to live a life you LOVE. (33:14) Money talks. Poverty screams. Wealth whispers. (35:20) The importance of using your time wisely. If it’s taking too much time, let someone else do it while you focus on making money (44:00) Amber Aziza is a Huffington Post “entrepreneur to follow” who sold her first multi-million dollar business before the age of 30. She’s a millennial expert and a consultant, founder and CEO of Amber Aziza Enterprises which has over seven subsidiaries. Connect with her on Instagram @amber_aziza or at
October 8, 2019
If You Want It, Go Get It... With Amber Aziza [Bonus Clip]
Tune in for a few minutes of FIRE advice from Amber Aziza!! At the end of our interview, Amber gave her final advice encouraging entrepreneurs and travelers to FIND A WAY if you really want it. Listen and tell us your thoughts and any insights you get from this on IG: @ToriTalks and @Amber_Aziza. Go to to learn more about the Make Your Worth Mastermind, 5 Figure Speech Academy and more. TIMESTAMPS: 2:05 - Amber's last piece of advice | 02:28 - If you want something, you will find a way | 2:54 - Leveling up is scary | 4:10 - Kids are not an excuse.
September 23, 2019
Doing, Being and Living with Claire Soares of Up In The Air Life
Founder of luxury travel company Up In The Air Life, Claire Soares, believes in DOING what you love, BEING who you are, and LIVING life out loud. She’s a firm believer of living each moment to the fullest and creating your best memories with no regrets! Claire talks about how she went from Corporate America to CEO and an expat by taking a leap and deciding to "just begin". Claire chats about how becoming an expat consisted of breaking the chains from what we're taught, being OK with being uncomfortable, stepping outside of the box and redefining who you are. Her advice to travelers is to put your best foot forward at all times, operate at a high frequency, and don't let naysayers stop your journey.    
July 22, 2019
Thoughts Become Things with William Gilchrist
On this debut episode, Tori talks to CEO of Konysg: William Gilchrist. William has lived abroad for several years - he currently lives in Singapore. He talks about his desire to travel abroad since the age of 9, the career path that led him to where he is now and the privilege of being a foreigner overseas. William also gives advice to aspiring travelers about recognizing an in-the-box mindset and transforming our minds into a global concept so that we can start living to up to our own potential, whether that means exploring other parts of the world or launching a new project. 
July 16, 2019
Coming Soon: Ebony Expats Podcast with @ToriTalks
Join @ToriTalks, Founder of Ebony Expats, as she chats with expats from all over the world for conversations about culture, thinking outside of the box, how their journey led them to living overseas, what they've experienced in different parts of the world, and owning who you are. If you have any questions or stories you'd like to share, send us a voice message on Instagram @EbonyExpats.
July 6, 2019