Eco Savvy

Eco Savvy

By Bek
Join Bek, the host of the Eco Savvy Podcast. Bek is an Eco Strategist with a background in water quality & treatment & environmental protection.

She is a Trained Environmental Scientist & a Credentialed Environmental Health Professional. Growing up in public housing prepared her to navigate challenging environments strategically. Solution seeking was key to her survival & success, early on.

With street wisdom & eco expertise, she talks about environmental & water topics happening in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora.
More places to listen

More places to listen

Sustainable Farming & Development in Ghana with Ahmahtsiyahu Yisrael
Let's trek to Ghana. Plots of crops tended to by Ghanian youth in ag-training, solar powered energy dwellings, water efficienct structures and community engagement outlines a vision of collective sustainability efforts. This is just the beginning stages of an eco village planned for repatriates which will include renewable energy powered structures, eco designed dwellings, eco businesses and a interactive classroom, which loops into playing a role in hands on sustainable farming and development. Ahmahtsiyahu Yisrael gives a brief trek of this eco good he is leading in Ghana with a team.
September 21, 2019
Welcome to the Eco Savvy Experience
Be a holistic student & strategist of your inner environment for it will impact outer environments. Welcome to the art & science of being eco savvy!
August 21, 2019
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