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By Ed Cade
A Lockdown Inspired podcast to highlight the positive choices we can make in our lives, to to lift us out of a dark place. Making monthly connections with Creative, Adventerous, Planet conscious and Determined Souls to discuss ways in improving our mental state.
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Episode #2 is with a great friend Nigel; a surfer and mental health advocate


Cyclo Therapy with Jessica Elias.
A beautiful, honest and vulnerable discussion with Cyclist and mental health Star Jessica; On discovering the Joys of Therapy/ counseling;  owning her story and riding a bike to deal with trauma in her life. Share it with a friend in need. ✌️
May 13, 2021
Episode 3, with Pete Lillie Co- Founder of Presca Sportswear; Creating a Sustainable future
A really important topic for me this week on Sustainability.I try to find companies that are choosing to work with a huge respect for the Planet and Presca fit this mould. Delighted to have a great chat with Pete on Prescas inspiring mission to produce fully sustainable sportswear. Their vision is important, reduce plastic, reuse old kit to produce new garments, have a fully closed circuit system by 2022 is impressive.!!!!! We chat about the powers of cold water Therapy,  the importance of breathwork during office hours to reset and focus the brain. And how to keep the kids as motivated as possible during lockdown. Please Keep in mind where you buy your things.Reduce your plastic, give it back to the shop. Question the company vision, is it alligned with your own? Please check out; for all your cycling needs. Also Tom Thurgate on Insta for all musical talents on this podcast Thanks for listening, share it out with your friends and family.Give us a mention on your instant feed and let us all grow together. See you in 2 weeks for more joy. Enjoy the journey not the destination, Ed The M3NTAL Podcast
March 07, 2021
Episode 2, Drawing the Dream with Artist Nick Thompson, aka Thumbs
I'm back!Bit delayed No it wasn't covid related , just hard to juggle Full time Teaching again and produce a podcast. Anyway less of my lame excuses and more about my fantastic guest, friend and talented Artist Nick Thompson. Thumbs (insta) kindly gave us an insight to his world, how just following your passion, taking the brave step can lead to creating your own fulfilled lifestyle. Moving out of London, Lockdown challenges, juggling family life and finding the time to create new artwork. Its all in there. Packed full of ambition. I hope this Inspires you to follow your passion, question what you want out of life. See the power of Art as Therapy, an escape and something we should all try and pick up during this testing time. So go on, grab a pen and paper, free your mind and the rest will follow. Check out thumbs on Insta, listen to a Tribe called Quest and find your groove. Appreciate the comments, share, review me on apple podcasts and look out for my next pod mid Feb Enjoy the conversation, Keep getting out in nature, Appreciate the small things and we will get through this. Would love to see your artistic creations. Big Love Ed
February 01, 2021
Series 2 : Episode 1 : Caroline Soubayroux, Riding On with a Mission
A Great chat with Caroline on the joys of cycling in London. French in Origin but with a wanderlust for adventure , Caroline describes her recent discovery of cycling and her huge passion of the culture. With 20,000km under her belt from 2020 she is defo  En forme!  We looked at how she starts her day, London Life, her mental challenges over the last few years and how she has overcome them. And Of course her top tunes that got her moving over the last Year: 1. Put your hands up for Detroit by Fedde Le Grand  2. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish for a chilled session 3. Roxanne by Arizona Zervas Thanks for supporting , Give me a share on Insta. Join me next Friday for another stonker podcast.  Peace  Ed
January 08, 2021
Episode 12: Creating your Health Foundation with Calea Souter
Hello All, So this week is the last pod of 2020, but what a stonker to end the year on.  A wonderful chat with my friend Calea on her path of wellness. This incredible women, a mental powerhouse who pushes the boundaries in her physical capacities through various sports; Cycling, Triathlon,  alongside being a mother of 3 and running her own Health business. Canadian in origin, we delve into her early years and how nature, water and sport were a crucial element to her growth. We look at her Inspiring family life in Scotland, adapting to the climate and how taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings with her husband and kids, her health has improved greatly.  The power of good, plant based nutrition, breathwork and cold water swimming , has had a dramatic impact on Calea's auto immune disease. So combined with an impressive early morning routine with dedicated time for herself, she's created a balanced and vibrant family life. Check out Calea's Tracks: Hollow Coves; The Woods, Also 80's classic Steve Winwood: Higher Love Also check out : Oh she glows Cookbook, By Angela Liddon for amazing plant based recipes. Please share, subscribe and reach out to friends in need. Especially right now. Make mental health matter Have a Great Christmas, Thanks for the support.  I'll be back ,6th of Jan with another , Mental Podcast
December 21, 2020
Episode 11 : Keeping the Faith, with Lucy Torreilles
The First, Amazing, One to One, In person podcast with my friend and colleague Lucy. She talks openly about her past, her desire to move to France and follow her passion for the French Language. We look at The challenges she faced and how her Christian faith has supported her throughout her journey. Beautiful conversation. Enjoy, share and review me on Spotify. Join me next week for the last episode of Mental before Christmas. Big ❤️
December 09, 2020
Episode 10, Fighting the Fear, Dancing the Dance and Telling My Story .
Hi Amigos, I felt it was time to step up and see how it feels for my guests on the Mental Podcast. So this week, after 9 fabulous guests, I decided to  face the music, dance a little  and open up with the wonderful Tom Thorne, a real natural presenter dont you think? I hope you enjoy it. I did in the end. Please help support me and subscribe to the podcast, leave a  cheeky message on Anchor, or a review on Apple podcast. Your comments and support are very nourishing and help keep the mental health flag flying.  Be brave, be you and reach out to those friends in need. Any questions, ask away. Dont forget to listen to anything by Bill Withers. See you next Monday for another Mental podcast. Ed.
November 30, 2020
Episode 9 : Finding the Source, with Emma Tweddle
An Inspiring chat with Female Surfer Emma Tweddle ,based in Saltburn in the NE Coast of  England. We look at her beautiful lifestyle, so intune with the mother nature and how she creates a living from her brave choices, to follow her passion of surfing.  We discuss  the huge developement in Womens surfing and the importance of caring for the Environment. I love the track Emma's chosen this week, Check out; Dragon Eyes, By Adrianne Lenker  Enjoy, share to your friends. Give a shout out to My podcast. Check out Surfyonder on Instagram Please take the time to give me a good review on Apple Podcast. It helps lot. If you want to support the podcast get in touch.
November 23, 2020
Episode 8, A beautiful chat with friend and Yoga Teacher Aphrodite. We talk Yoga, her values, Hugging trees and all-round sunshine she brings to the world
If you feel like starting Yoga, go Check out Aphrodites website for online lessons: or Instagram; Naturally_aphrodite  Go do some Yoga......... If you Fancy a dance, go to spotify and  listen to her tune by Douha; Mali Mali Have a great week and share the podcast Thanks
November 16, 2020
Episode 7: Designing Sustainabily, Values , Autism and becoming your True self, with Jacob Turner
An uplifting conversation with Jacob on being the designer for Presca Sportswear.  His honesty and openess to talk about his challenges with autism, his values , lockdown restrictions and becoming  your true self , make for a great listen.  Enjoy, share and leave a great  review on apple podcast .Follow me on  instagram: plant_ed_life .Spread the word. Thanks  lets keep being open about mental health. Check out for more details on their cool work and also here's the link to Jacobs tune of the week on youtube:
November 09, 2020
Episode 6; Who is the Cheesy Rider?
A Joyous discussion with a great friend Dan Price. We look at how rediscovering his fun, creative side, Dan has adapted his Cheese business in Somerset and found an exciting new path to follow. Find your Inner Child People.  Be good, stay healthy .
November 02, 2020
Episode #5 An Inspiring chat with my dear friend ,Tom Thorne ,CEO of CandySpace.
We discuss his real struggles in school with dyslexia, but how during those harsh times he created an inner strength and deep self belief to succeed in creating his own successful Business .
October 08, 2020
Episode# 4 : Our Cycle Adventure to the Ocean 🇫🇷
A Review of our Epic Cycling adventure this week from Uzès to Biarritz with my friend William Brossard. ⚠️Watch out it’s in French . En Français cette semaine. N’hésitez pas à regarder sur le site de William:
September 26, 2020
Episode #3 Cycling, fundraising and Suicide prevention with Dr Luke Sullivan
A Great chat with Luke Sullivan, a friend, surfer ,cyclist and Clinical Psychologist. We talk about his work and his creation of Men’s Minds Matter a charity to bring awareness on suicide prevention. Go take a look ;
September 17, 2020
Episode #2 is with a great friend Nigel; a surfer and mental health advocate
We discuss the joys of surfing for mental health, giving up the booze and Nigel’s own powerful story . It’s heavy stuff in parts but that’s what this platforms for. Enjoy ❤️ To sponsor Nigel and Men’s Minds Matter cycle this weekend go to:🚴🏾‍♂️
September 09, 2020
Episode 1, Barbara De Moubray, Living to the max
A Great Interview with my dear friend Barbara de Moubray ;Artist, Environmentalist, Athlete and all round Inspiring woman talking about her work and mental health. Enjoy
September 03, 2020