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By Joanna + Scott
The world's a big place. Join Joanna + Scott as they try to make it a little bit smaller, one conversation at a time! New episodes every Wednesday.
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Joanna Does Orientation! Scott Tries Dating!
In this unexpected minisode, Joanna and Scott get extra personal... Joanna shares her thoughts on her first few days in Philly. Spoiler: It's extremely heartwarming. Scott shares his thoughts on dating in NYC. Listen to this episode and be inspired to write a letter to your future self! Follow Edamame on: ⟡ Instagram ⟡ TikTok
August 25, 2021
14. Christina Xing
Christina Xing is an award-winning Asian American director and the creative visionary behind music videos for Tessa Violet, Claud, Frances Forever, and more! This young creative directed her first featurette (‘How the Moon Fell From the Sky and no One Even Noticed’) at age 17. In this episode, Scott, Joanna, and Christina chat about dreamscapes, formative high school experiences, and skydiving. Christina shares her experiences as a budding director from boarding school to film festivals to tips on crafting honest visual narratives. If you’re curious about anything you’ve read so far, give this episode a listen — we promise you won’t regret it! See more of Christina: ⟡ Website ⟡ Instagram ⟡ YouTube  Follow Edamame on: ⟡ Instagram ⟡ TikTok 
August 18, 2021
We're Back!
After a brief hiatus, Joanna and Scott are back and better than ever! Grab your edamame because they're back! They've missed the pod IMMENSELY and hope you have too. Listen to this episode to find out where in the world Joanna and Scott are! Spoiler Alert: It's not California! The pod is alive and thriving and we can't wait for you to hear what's next!
August 11, 2021
13. Justin J Wee
Justin J Wee is a photographer, community chef, and proud Libra. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The New York Times, TIME, VICE, Out… you name it! In this episode, Justin chats about moving from Australia to NY, becoming a photographer, and starting Communion, a not-for-profit queer monthly dinner series. This episode will inspire you to love your friends deeply and be kind to yourself. Hot tips from this ep: try Kewpie and Lao Gan Ma on pizza! And learn more about queer history! 🏳️‍🌈 See more of Justin: ⟡ Website ⟡ Instagram Follow Edamame on: ⟡ Instagram ⟡ TikTok
June 11, 2021
Chicken Nuggets, Self-Reflection, and CitiBikes (Again)
Scott and Joanna are back with another miniep, and it's a good one. This episode will keep you on your toes– from stories of goodwill from strangers to a chicken nugget taste test, it's worth a listen... here's to hoping that Joanna doesn't get in any more CitiBike accidents. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! 
June 3, 2021
Stream SOUR
POV: You find a shipwrecked bottle with instructions. 1. Listen to this minisode where Scott and Joanna discuss Olivia Rodrigo's debut album, SOUR. 2. Stream SOUR. 3. Follow @edamamepod on Instagram
May 26, 2021
12. Bryan G. Stevenson
Bryan G. Stevenson is a filmmaker who’s worked with Nike, the Madbury Club, Apple, and most recently, as the Equal Justice Initiative’s videographer! EJI is a nonprofit committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the US, founded by Bryan A. Stevenson– Bryan G.’s uncle. In this ep, Joanna, Scott, and Bryan chat about filmmaking from home films to feature film sets like Just Mercy. Bryan shares insights from director Destin Cretton, his cameo appearance in the film, and what it was like dropping out of UPenn to work in New York. Tune in to hear some good advice, our thoughts on TikTok, and what an over-caffeinated Scott sounds like. See more of EJI: ⟡ Equal Justice Initiative: ⟡ The Legacy Museum & National Memorial for Peace and Justice: ⟡ Watch Just Mercy: See more of Bryan: ⟡ Bryan’s website: ⟡ Instagram: Follow Edamame on: ⟡ Instagram: ⟡ TikTok:
May 19, 2021
Joanna Goes to NYC & Breaks Everything
Joanna details her first 72 hours in New York City, from smashed fingers to (almost) celebrity sightings to broken phones. It’s juicy, it’s short, it’s a must-listen. As always, follow Edamame on Instagram and TikTok!
May 12, 2021
Hit & Runs + Robberies
In this minisode, Joanna and Scott share some fresh stories and some traumatic throwbacks, from weekend updates to panic-worthy memories. A top 10 weekend of Scott's life. Joanna's first time in Berkeley. Minor car accidents in parking lots. Thievery on the streets of Paris. This minisode is layered and from the good to the bad, she has it all... Listen for a good time and for some good luck! Follow Edamame on Instagram and TikTok– more fun is on the way!
May 5, 2021
11. Tommy Do
Tommy Do is a comedian, writer, actor, professional figure skater, and so much more. In this episode, we chat with Tommy about everything from Prince Philip to the Moderna vaccine to injury-healing passions for truffle-flavored anything. Tommy shares hot takes on thank-you cards, stories on set with Kristen Bell, and dish soap conspiracy theories. Does Aladdin have to fly in Disney on Ice and how does Tommy feel about it? Was there really free cocaine at his first comedy show in LA? How can you make it as a writer in the entertainment industry? You’ll never know unless you listen.... See more of Tommy and his work: ⟡ His iconic Instagram: ⟡ “Normal Gays” (ft. one of our faves, Joel Kim Booster): ⟡ “Masc Only” (ft. SNL king Bowen Yang): Follow Edamame on: ⟡ Instagram: ⟡ TikTok:
April 28, 2021
10. Nick D'Apolito
Nicholas D'Apolito (aka Nick Dap) is a graphic designer! He's designed album covers for artists like Alexander23, Jeremy Zucker, and Ariana Grande, and if you can believe it, he's still a student at Columbus College of Art & Design. In this episode, Scott, Joanna, and Nick chat about eating habits, lucky numbers, and what it means to be an Ohioan. Listen if you're curious about what it's like to work with Ariana Grande or if you're curious about all the easter eggs on the "positions" album cover. This episode will inspire you if you've got big dreams/aspirations. Spoiler alert: everything starts with a DM. See more of Nick on Instagram @nick.dap or at his website,!
April 21, 2021
9. Ellie Chen + Jensen Syneff
Ellie Chen and Jensen Syneff are best friends, Stanford grads, and co-founders of Oddli, a new sustainable brand making clothing from fabric that should’ve been thrown away! In this episode, we chat about Oddli’s viral TikTok (Joanna’s TikTok inspiration), the origins of the brand, and what new collections are coming soon. Tune in to hear Scott, Joanna, Ellie, and Jensen talk fruit Halloween costumes, iconic childhood songs, and creative inspirations. Find more of Oddli @oddliclothing on Instagram and TikTok and shop their beautiful pieces at!
April 14, 2021
Eyebrows & Big Babies (ft. Leo)
Are eyebrows body parts? Is that big baby on TikTok actually an average-sized toddler? Joanna and Scott catch up with Leo, their ex-co-worker/friend, on their favorite movies, irregular body proportions, and their weekly obsessions. If you stan Boss Baby and/or Black Swan, this is an episode for you. Find Leo at @leo_cooperband on Instagram and at! 
April 7, 2021
Unsolicited Advice ft. Michelle Obama
This week, Scott + Joanna play six degrees from Kevin Bacon with past Edamame guests. As a friend of the pod, find out how many connections you are from Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Obama, Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Conan Gray, Conan O'Brien, Olivia Rodrigo, and more. If that doesn't convince you, listen for some top-tier unsolicited life advice. As always, follow Edamame on Instagram @edamamepod for more fun content!
March 31, 2021
8. Brenda + Clara Liang
Brenda + Clara Liang are students, sisters, and co-founders of Siren Basics, a new affordable underwear brand empowering self-confidence and acceptance. In this episode, we talk about some of the values behind Siren (what is hygge and how do you pronounce it?) and how the two turned their idea into a business. Two guests mean twice the fun, so tune in to hear Scott, Joanna, Brenda, and Clara chat about their underwear journeys, travel stories, and what 2014 smells like. Join the sisterhood at and see more of Brenda + Clara @sirenbasics, @brendaliang, and @minijelloworld on Instagram!
March 24, 2021
1 Year Later
In this minisode, Joanna and Scott chat about how they're feeling a year after quarantine. Join them down memory lane as they chat about how they were feeling in March 2020 versus how they're feeling now. As always, follow us for more content on Instagram @edamamepod!
March 17, 2021
7. Jenny Liu Zhang
Jenny Liu Zhang is the founder of Plot Twisters, the education technology studio building self-reflection tools for K-12 students! This episode hopefully also inspires some self-reflection in you, so make a cup of tea and settle in to hear Joanna, Scott, and Jenny talk friendship, relationships, and personality tests. They also chat about their fit grandparents, what they've been wanting to learn, and unconventional running tips (zombies are involved). Check out Plot Twisters at and see more of Jenny at!
March 10, 2021
New York! Piercings! Amanda Gorman!
In this episode, Joanna and Scott share some exciting life updates! Joanna's moving where? Scott's moving where?? Who's in Scott's phone contacts?? Listen to find out!
March 3, 2021
Pagina or Vagina? (ft. Kimi & Janice)
In this minisode, Scott & Joanna are joined by Kimi & Janice to chat about everything from childhood sex education to TikTok relationship advice. What did Janice think BJ stood for? How old was Scott before he learned that vagina wasn't pronounced with a p? Listen to this ep to learn all this and more, including some life hacks that can become unconscious standards in your life... Enjoy!
February 26, 2021
6. Eli Rallo
You might’ve seen that TikTok about “stock market bf & astrology gf” floating around on your FYP or a duet of someone (rightfully) criticizing the TikTok tomato feta pasta…in this episode, we chat with the wonderful creator behind these videos, Eli Rallo! Eli is a Columbia journalism student, host of the podcast Miss Congeniality, and TikTok creator @thejarr. Joanna, Scott, and Eli chat first crushes, relationship advice, and astrology. We dig up Eli’s Witty Profiles page from 2011 and talk about the behind-the-scenes of TikTok fame. See more of Eli at @elirox722 on Instagram, on her podcast, and of course, on TikTok!
February 17, 2021
Joanna Almost Dies!
Surprise...this is 4 minisodes in one! Buy 1 get 4 free. This minisode stitches together some never before heard Joanna + Scott content. From learning how to sneeze to frozen Gogurts, you’re in for a wild ride! Listen for all the easter eggs.
February 10, 2021
5. Dilys Ng
Dilys Ng is a Senior Photo Editor at TIME and mastermind behind some of their most iconic covers, from Taylor Swift to BTS to Dr. Fauci. Have you ever wondered what Nicole Kidman’s really like? Or how Sandra Oh’s mom reacted to her TIME cover? In this episode, Joanna, Scott, and Dilys chat about what it’s like to work with the world’s most influential people, growing up in Singapore, and the hidden dangers of eating orange slices. See more of Dilys at or on Instagram @dilysng!
February 3, 2021
Mayo! Bullying! Poop! (ft. Jonathan)
In this minisode, Joanna and Scott are joined by Jonathan, a longtime friend of the pod. They discuss mayo on fries, bullying in Canada, and Jonathan's best poop story. Warning: the imagery is vivid, so skip if you're eating. We promise it's still worth a listen. Laughs or your money back.
January 27, 2021
4. June Xie
Ever wondered how to make 10 Vegan Dinners For 2 People on a $25 Budget (in NYC)? June Xie is the Senior Food Producer at Delish answering these questions, & you might know her from her incredible series “Budget Eats”. In this episode, June shares her journey into food media after experiences as a teacher, social worker, & pastry chef. Joanna, Scott, & June discuss what they’d be as foods, misconceptions around “organic” food, & robot poetry. Warning: this episode contains controversial opinions, from big sushi to jalapeño tomato oats. See more of June on Delish’s YouTube channel and on Instagram @thank9stars!
January 20, 2021
Joanna Turns 19
Joanna turned 19! In this episode, Joanna shares her New Years' Eve birth story & her "20 Things to Do Before Turning 20". Listen to hear a snippet of a childhood Joanna singing & ring in a new year of Edamame with Joanna & Scott. 
January 13, 2021
Poop Stories
Looking for a good comeback to "Whoever smelt it dealt it"? In this episode, Joanna and Scott chat about sleep paralysis, poop, & farts. TW: descriptions of poop & explosive humor.
December 17, 2020
3. Dillon Matthew
Dillon Matthew is a talented portrait photographer who’s shot Conan Gray, Finneas, Wallows, bestdressed, & more — all before graduating college. In this episode, Dillon talks about his friendship with Conan, the origin of the Kid Krow album title, and his process for directing the “Heather” music video (which has 30+million views!). Scott, Joanna, & Dillon chat about Instagram culture, Bobby Flay, and how to make it as a budding photographer. See his work on Instagram @dillonmatthewc or on his website!
December 9, 2020
Wii Fit, Waterparks, and Working at Target
In this first minisode, Joanna + Scott chat about hot waterpark employees, Wii Fit, rare 2000's birthday aesthetics, and rolled ice cream.
December 4, 2020
2. Maya Man
Maya Man is a creative technologist at the Google Creative Lab & all-around cool human! To name just a few of her talents, she’s a programmer, artist, and dancer—most recently, she choreographed and starred in Joji’s “777” music video. In this episode, Joanna, Scott, & Maya decode their dreams, muse over how TikTok is changing the dance landscape, & share the weirdest things they’ve found on the Internet. You can find Maya on the internet at and buy anti-racist books from to support Black-owned bookstores!
November 25, 2020
1. Felicia Hano
Felicia Hano is a former UCLA gymnast, 2018 NCAA Champion, and 6-time All American! As Edamame’s first-ever guest, she shares her experiences as a student-athlete, her pre-competition routine, and the times she almost met Mila Kunis, Adele, and Michelle Obama.
November 18, 2020