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Positively Inspired

Positively Inspired

By Eddie C Dollgener Jr
POSITIVELY INSPIRED is intended to lift your day and help you walk in step with Christ Jesus. It will feature short devotions as well as Bible studies meant to grow your faith. It is my hope that you will be inspired by the Holy Spirit to walk in harmony with Jesus Christ in GOD's Holy Kingdom.

Jesus said, "Therefore, go to all nations and every people, baptizing them in the Name of the FATHER, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching everything that I have commanded you."

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How do you handle pressure to move forward in life? How do you face the day-to-day challenges that threaten to push you back into your place of shelter and keep you from achieving success? It is hard for me to be kind of others who have treated me unfairly, but I choose to do so. Because if I do not continue in kindness towards them, then my heart hardens against them. The pain that festers in my heart because of the sense of wrongdoing overcomes my joy of servanthood. I thrive on helping others. That is my life's goal and the reason I wake up every morning. If I let the injustices affect the way I care about someone, then Satan wins another foothold in my life. Do I ignore the injustice has? No! However, I learn how to work around them or eliminate the underlying problem. I grow. I adapt. I persevere. GOD helps us endure these obstacles because HE wants us to grow closer to HIM, to strengthen our faith, and to mature our wisdom and reliance on HIM. Rejoice in the challenges Satan throws into your life, because when you rely on your faith in GOD and seek HIS guidance to overcome them, you will learn to persevere and grow stronger.
April 23, 2020
The last commandment that Jesus gave all of His followers has transcended generations from the time of His resurrection until He comes again to call us Home. It is the responsibility of every living Christian to share all that He taught to those that will listen. The Plan of Salvation will not be withheld from anyone who believes upon hearing, and we do not have the right to choose to whom the Holy Spirit draws to us with the Light that shines from an obedient heart. The Holy Spirit will convict and change the heart of the lost to leave what has defiled them behind so that they too can enjoy the fellowship of other believers.
April 23, 2020
Why do Christians even celebrate this day? We celebrate because it is the day that GOD provided humanity with the way to reconnect with him. As we will learn from the next three sections of Bible study, there were many things that GOD needed to put into place in order for the repentant heart to turn back to HIM. Humanity has sinned. these passages will come from the new king James version of the Bible, and I challenge you to read along with me in your favorite translation.
April 20, 2020
The answer is never. GOD created us out of love. HE established the relationship at the very beginning of creation. There was a time when HE walked in the Garden with us. When we disobeyed HIM and committed the first sin, we stepped away from GOD. HE has never walked away from us. That is our legacy as humans. We are weak, even when we profess to be strong and independent. There are those of us who pride ourselves upon the ability to sustain that independence under our own volition. That is a lie that we are telling ourselves, especially if we rely upon our own means and remain blind to the true source of our strength. GOD is the one who gives us our strength and helps us deal with the problems that catch up with all of us. This is the invitation to the LORD’s salvation.
April 9, 2020
I don't have to tell you that we are in the fight for our lives, our families, our communities, and our nation. Humanity has faced an enemy like COVID-19 many times before. Many of us will survive and learn from the mistakes we have made. So how do we all fight this enemy together? The first thing we must do is give it to GOD and let HIM heal us. We do that through prayer and reading HIS Word at home. The next thing to do is what the government, the CDC, and WHO have been recommending all along. Each and every one of us, who is not an essential employee, must stay home. If you need to go out in public to get something from the grocery store, do not take your whole family with you. That is just multiplying your risk for one of your household to come in contact with the virus. If you are under a 14-day #self-#quarantine due to travel from a known #Coronavirus hotspot, that quarantine includes the family that lives with you. One doctor has noted that viral particles can travel up to 27 ft in a gaseous cloud around a person who has coughed. That is why it is important to wear a #cloth #mask and #gloves when you are out in public. That 14 day quarantine begins the day the last person in your household has become ill with the Coronavirus. Do not be a typhoid Mary and risk spreading the disease any further.
April 6, 2020
Where does your faith stand right now? Do you have expectations that GOD will make things better for you; safer and more enjoyable? We want this coronavirus to go away. We want God to end it immediately. We may not be able to meet together for a traditional Easter Service this year, but that does not prohibit us from celebrating the resurrection that is in our hearts. Easter is more than hunting for eggs or putting on a new set of clothes, however. It is about renewing your heart to have a love for GOD. It is about making a choice to leave love for a sinful life behind you; doing a complete turn in the opposite direction, and making it your purpose to live a life filled with a desire to do the right things GOD inspires you to do.  Most importantly, though, Easter is about celebrating the beginning of a new life through Jesus Christ, believing and admitting that He is the Son of GOD; that He is the only way that we can reconcile our sinful lives to GOD; that He was crucified and died for our sins; and that on the third day He resurrected from the tomb, conquering death and enabling those of us who admit a belief in all that I just described about Him to become children of GOD and inherit eternal life.
April 6, 2020
We are facing uncertain times right now, but our reliance upon GOD helps us to get through each day with the hope that the next one will be better. The 23rd psalm is a good passage of the Bible to commit to heart, not only during this time that we are dealing with the Coronavirus but throughout our entire life. We need to realize that GOD is there to take care of us, that HIS love for us endures forever, and that HE protects us from the evils of the world around us. God has provided us a Shepherd to look after us through his son Jesus Christ. Put your trust in him and follow him all the days of your life. David acknowledges and describes the position that GOD has in his life. Because he had grown up a shepherd himself, David knew the importance that person had who was given the responsibility of taking care of sheep. They knew their shepherd. The flock trusted in their shepherd wholeheartedly. They knew their shepherd would lead them to places where they could eat and find shelter. They would not follow just anyone out of the sheepfold. David was not following just anyone. He was following the ONE he trusted to take care of him. He did not need to question where his SHEPHERD was going to lead him. sometimes we need to take a rest but we are not willing to stop our busy schedules. There are times when we want to keep going to complete a task. However, sometimes God steps in and makes us take a break. Sometimes if the sheep keep going because they are driven by their own wants, they do not think of stopping until it is too late. They can wear themselves out very quickly and become more susceptible to the dangers that surround them. Sometimes, we have to take a moment to step back from our busy lives, sit down, and spend time reflecting on how GOD much loves us and cares for us. There are other times that GOD has to tap us on the shoulder and make us lie down in a green pasture.
March 27, 2020
This is an annual trip that several men, primarily from Texas, who are or have been involved with Royal Ambassadors, either currently or in the past. They gather together, along with young men in their teens, to spend a week in the great outdoors fellowshipping with each other in GOD's presence. The purpose is to take time out of busy lives to grow closer to GOD, to enjoy HIS creation, and to help facilitate leadership growth among each other so that we may be stronger in sharing Christ with the lost world around us.
March 22, 2020
I do not think there is anyone out there who has not been affected in some way by the coronavirus, or COVID – 19, as others would call it. Many of us are going through uncharted territory at this moment. I want to assure you, though, that GOD is watching over us. These are very uncertain times, and I know that many of you are afraid. I think it is very important that we trust GOD enough to carry us through this dark time and continue to study HIS Word. Now more than ever we need to depend upon HIM to see us through. The time is at hand when all people of Earth should turn their hearts back to GOD and come together to recognize who HE is and the awesome power that HE has. We must worship HIM for the love HE has for us and trust in HIM for the care HE provides. It is up to each and every Christian to tell their children of GOD's greatness and imbue upon their hearts so that they may experience the mysteries of HIS workings and the wonder of HIS love. I am afraid that our children are growing up in a time when their relationship with GOD is no longer important to them. COVID-19 is a physical virus in this natural world. It has no power over our spiritual lives or our relationship with GOD. It cannot keep those of us redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ from receiving our spiritual reward. It cannot stop us from acting with compassion toward the lost and suffering. If I understand correctly, once the symptoms are present, those with compromised health have a much lower chance of survival. THAT is all the more reason for Christian warriors to rise up to the challenge and pray without ceasing, act with boundless mercy, and speak words of comfort before the lost are taken from GOD's presence.
March 19, 2020
Are you one of those Christians who gets worried over your students because you feel like you are not able to reach them effectively? Sometimes we Christians get caught up in so much of our mission in life that we often overlook many of the small blessings around us every day. Half a lifetime ago, GOD placed upon my heart the need to teach HIS word to a group of kids from a rough neighborhood around a local church. Since then I have not stopped teaching, though the groups have changed over the decades. I have taught a senior men's class for a time and even preached to a congregation once. I cannot count the many blessings GOD has granted me, but I am sure there are many more that I either took for granted or foolishly overlooked.
February 24, 2020
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could stand in the presence of God right now? How would you react? I know that I would be stricken with awe and terrified at the same time. I know what the bad things that I have done in my life that put HIS Son on the cross. But I am also assured of the grace HE has given me.
February 20, 2020
Remain Patient Even When Patience Is Not Enough
Certain situations in life require us to act immediately in the event of an emergency, so those are best handled with an instant prayer to GOD and let HIM take control. But the other problems in life, the ones that give us a chance to think through the solutions, require us to take our time in evaluating the right choices to make. Fortunately for those of us who are steadfast in walking according to GOD's righteous plan, we have the Holy Spirit which guides us in our important decisions.  In today's podcast, we can find that patience is one of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
February 18, 2020
The Light of Christ Shining Through You
Rejecting others the opportunity to experience grace for their sins, for whatever reason you might give, is not what Jesus taught. When it comes to redeeming believers to HIS Kingdom through Jesus Christ, GOD is an equal opportunity employer. HE does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, ability, or Bible-centered Christian theology in drawing HIS children to HIM. By loving our Christian family and walking in the light of Christ, we can avoid the stumbling blocks Satan tries to put in our way. Love is a powerful weapon that allows us to overlook those transgressions. Love enables a Christian relationship to grow strong in God’s grace. If you know a friend or colleague who might benefit from listening to this message about sharing the light of Christ with others, would you please share this link with them? Thank you and have a blessed day. #jesusfreak #biblestudy #god  #jesus #love #believe #sacrifice #grace #christian #discipleship #dailydevotional
February 17, 2020
Lovers of this World
You have heard it said that the world is full of good and evil. GOD created the world and it is hard to see why there would be an evil presence. Indeed, you cannot look upon this world and not see the good that GOD had created for all of us. Satan wants to corrupt everything GOD created, so he started with us. The world offers pride in our accomplishments and gratification of self-pleasures…not from GOD…but from the root of evil present in the world.
February 14, 2020
Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven
Are you rolling down the highway to hell or climbing the stairway to heaven? Often we want to make things easy for ourselves, simplifying processes and streamlining our activities to fit our busy schedules. Now there is nothing wrong with that mindset, don’t get me wrong. After all, our goal is to stabilize a hectic life and focus our attention on our family and GOD, right? So why is it so hard to stay on the narrow path?
February 13, 2020
A Silver Lining in the Fiercest of Storms
For the last several days, it has been a constant rain and downpour mixed with thunderstorms. There just seems to be no end in sight for the rain. What does your life forecast look like? Are you watching a storm front approach with no way that you can stop it or get out of the way? Perhaps you are already in the midst of a violent storm, buffeted on all sides by the tempest. It's easy to look at the dark grey skies and see nothing but rain and lightning and listen to the roar of the wind and the rumble of thunder. Try to remember that there is a warm sun shining brightly over the tops of those storms and a cleansing fresh growth that follows the rain. Jesus calmly slept as the waves crashed and tossed the boat about in the midst of a storm. What must have been going the minds of the disciples in the midst of that storm? What was Satan whispering in their ears to fuel their fears? It might have been something like, "Is this the moment you die?"; or "Why follow a GOD who would lead you into such perils? Is it even worth it?"; or perhaps the worst thing of all, "Why did GOD abandon you out here all alone to suffer such a fate as this? Did HE ever really love you?" During your storm, those questions might have made their way into your own heart.
February 12, 2020
Deception of the Believer
#Deception of the #Believer Today, the prince of darkness tries his best to convince us that he can give us the world. GOD never said everything was going to be hunky-dory after we accepted Christ into our hearts. GOD never promised that life on Earth would be easy after accepting salvation, but HE makes it easier to deal with adversity. Some folks take only what they think they need from the Bible. There are no bad parts of the Bible that we can just set aside simply because they do not agree with our spiritual constitution. Do not fall into that trap!
February 6, 2020
On the Fence: A Distinct Choice between Life or Death; Blessing or Curse
A Distinct Choice between Life or Death; Blessing or Curse The decision God presents you with is not a difficult one. We all sit on the fence at one time or another in our life, struggling with that moment of indecision; the moment of choosing between two different options in our life. In our spiritual life, sitting on the fence represents a time when GOD has drawn us to HIM by the Holy Spirit to make a choice between what HE has to offer us and what Satan offers us to remain in the world. 
February 5, 2020
Autonomy and Rebellion
Despite our rebellion, GOD still calls us to be HIS children. Like many of the other sins that pollute our lives, rebellion separates us from the grace of GOD. Any sin that we hold on to harms the relationship we have with HIM. The desire to hang on to our autonomy and reject the coercion of the Holy Spirit to act according to GOD's will for our lives is rebellion, plain and simple.
February 3, 2020
If You are Waiting for the Perfect Moment
How hard is it for you to get the nerve up to get out and share the plan of salvation with the lost people around you? If you are waiting for your perfect moment to start the work that GOD has called you to do, I can almost guarantee you that it will never come. Not all of us have been called into the ministry to preach or teach GOD's word, but many of us have been commissioned by HIM to lead others to HIM. HE does not expect you to go out on your own. In fact, HE will send HIS Spirit ahead of you to prepare the people to hear HIS word from you.
January 31, 2020
Martha, Martha
Do you live with a really busy schedule? Do you try to fill every moment up with activity so that there is not much downtime? Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done? Sometimes it is good to be busy. It has been said that idleness is the devil's playground. However, there are times that you need rest, especially for your soul. Sometimes when we are so active, we often forget the little things, but those little things can be very important. Sometimes Christians get caught in that trap. We busy ourselves, making sure that our life on the outside meets up with the standards of a Royal visit. We become so obsessed with the appearance of a dedication to GOD that we tend to forget about a heart dedicated to GOD.
January 31, 2020
I’ve Got Too Much Dirt for God to Care about Me
Do you think that there is too much dirt in your life for God to even care about you? Do you think that you need to get yourself right first? Do not let Satan lie to you through the whispers of other sinners about your unworthiness. To tell you the truth, when Jesus reached out to the lost to present salvation, He made no distinction upon their background. GOD draws sinners from all walks of life through the Holy Spirit to the Son HE loves so that they can experience the love HE has for all of humanity. They came from the poor and the sick as well as the rich and the learned. Jesus ministered to the working class as well as thieves. Hash Tags to use #biblestudy #god #jesus #love #believe #sacrifice #grace #christian
January 29, 2020
My Personal Testimony
Sometimes in life, we see ourselves as the captain of our ship and we are steering the course through uncharted waters. Up ahead is an impossibly big iceberg, either visible or unseen. However, we are stubborn and refuse to steer around it. Damage to our ship occurs and pushed us off course. We might get angry, but there may have been treacherous waters behind that iceberg. We might even ask ourselves, "What was GOD thinking?" This episode was recorded unscripted and unedited.
January 24, 2020
The spiritual church is your personal connection with GOD. It is as strong as you make it and built up of what you are willing to give to GOD. HE will use what you offer, but will not take what you do hold onto. So, this question will always remain: What will you give GOD to build your life up with HIM, and what are you holding onto to keep that relationship from being complete?
January 23, 2020
After the Fire, GOD Is Ready to Heal You
Are you going through a difficult time in your life right now? It could be an illness or financial difficulties. It could also be living alone. For whatever reason that you may have been put through the fire, GOD is ready to heal you. GOD's purpose for the circumstances may not be revealed to you yet, but HIS love for you is evident and never-ending.
January 23, 2020
Don't Let Your Pride Deny a Friend's Blessing
Have you ever had the opportunity to give a blessing to someone in need, but they either refused it out of foolish pride or offered to repay you at a future time? What they don't realize is that they may be denying your own personal spiritual blessing.
January 22, 2020
Walking Righteously in the Kingdom of GOD
An inspired Bible study intended to help all Christians and other people to grow closer to GOD. This episode focuses on Respect, one of the characteristics of discipleship. 
January 21, 2020
Walking Righteously in the Kingdom of GOD
It is an inspired Bible study intended to help all Christians and other people to grow closer to GOD. Whether you are a beginner to the Christian faith, or you have been walking with GOD for many years, this Bible study is for you. I intend to guide you through many of the issues challenging Christians to maintain their faith in Christ and their righteousness in GOD's Kingdom. Most Scripture read in these episodes will come from the New Living Translation Bible version on, my preferred source for parallel searches and biblical facts. You are encouraged to follow-up or read along with your own preferred translation of the Holy Bible.
January 21, 2020
Never Turn Down Prayers of Encouragement
Have you ever wondered why someone prays for you? Does it surprise you when you find out someone you don’t know is praying over a personal matter of yours?
January 18, 2020
GOD Can Do Great Works Through You!
How often do you witness that certain person in your place of worship who commands attention upon themselves instead of GOD or Jesus? Do not let your ego corrupt your walk with GOD or hinder the ministry HE works through you.
January 18, 2020
How Do You Determine the Importance of Your Serving GOD?
Have you ever heard the saying, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians"? The gist of the saying stems from the workplace and refers to the problem of there being too many managers and not enough people to actually do the work. In the following passage from 3 John:5-8, the apostle was not critical of the church body that was being represented; he was just exhorting a fellow Christian worker who seemed to be in an otherwise normal position within his church that did not involve leadership.
January 17, 2020
A Faith Unashamed, A Love Unhidden
We should express our faith in the full view of many other people who observe us in our daily lives. Our faith and our desire to serve GOD and follow HIM all of our days should never be hidden from others because we should not be ashamed or afraid of HIS workings in our lives. You know, you should never feel ashamed of expressing your love for GOD. Every bit of your life was exposed to HIM before you ever even considered accepting the sacrifice of HIS Son as an atonement for your sins. That gift of salvation is yours! Proudly proclaim that you have been set free of your sin!
January 17, 2020
Our Desire Should Be to Connect with GOD by Obeying HIS Commandments
Have you ever had the pleasure of teaching a young student GOD’s Word and watching them grow by leaps and bounds in faith right before your very eyes? It’s amazing to watch this young man growing into a spiritual leader in my youth group. I am proud of his effort to remain true to the scriptures as he learns more about GOD’s purpose for his life. He has a good heart and I hope that I am still around to see what the Holy Spirit is going to empower him to do.
January 14, 2020
It's Time to Take a Stand! Choose to Live Apart from the World, Not as a Part of the World.
Christians are now living in a world when sins are excused as a condition of life and celebrated over when accepted by society. It is too easy for us to immerse ourselves in this world today. The influence that it has upon us is profound. We are forced to be tolerant of an immoral train of thought or face the consequences of standing up for what we believe in.
January 12, 2020
Being Sensitive to the Conscience Belief of Fellow Christians
How often have you been discouraged and needed to hear words of approval for the work you are doing for the Lord? Have you ever been told by a trusted colleague to do something that you sense is wrong, but they try to convince you it's the right thing to do? This episode deals with sinning against Christ when someone encourages another Christian to do something they believe is wrong.
January 11, 2020
What is Coming Between You and GOD?
In Colossians 4:2 Paul urged Christians to "Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;". That is we are to be constantly in contact with God, devoting ourselves to prayers of praise and gratitude. However, you might ask yourself, how is it you can be true to God when so many things in your life steal away from the devotion he deserves from you? How do you stay alert?
January 10, 2020
A New Year's Resolution You Can Live With!
As you consider your New Year's resolutions, don't let your faith be entangled by the thorns of worldly concerns. Those who are weak in the faith tend to get close to GOD only when they are in the presence of other Christians in worship. I'm not claiming whether or not they are Christians, but that they practice their faith in the presence of thorns. Once they leave the church, the world presses in on them and chokes out any spiritual growth.
January 2, 2020
On Contemplating the Previous Year
When we walk in the ways of the world we tend to forget GOD has an intended purpose for us. I cannot pretend to understand all the nuances of the events or the directions GOD steers me in but I know there is meaningful purpose in all of it. Let's read Matthew 5:13-16
January 2, 2020
Celebrating the Wondrous Gift of a Loving GOD
You may have asked yourself this very question: "Why was the Son of GOD; the King of kings; the Messiah; born in a place of shelter and feeding for livestock instead of a palace meant for royalty?" GOD is in control of all things, including the timing, location, and events surrounding the birth of HIS Son. Even the tiniest detail could not be overlooked. 
December 25, 2019
A Wonderful Creation of Love
GOD has not made any mistakes in HIS creation. Everything has a purpose. Humans were originally created to live in harmony with this masterpiece. We were created with a free conscience to take care of this world and the rest of its living things according to GOD's will. When sin corrupted the relationship between GOD and humans, it set in motion a series of events that shaped the world into something totally different than the paradise GOD originally created. Humanity has inadvertently disregarded the physical world GOD created for us, and in place of that, have sought after the dark pleasures of the spiritual world.
November 8, 2019
When You Walk Away from GOD
Are you searching for peace? I want to help you find the peace you need. While Satan can’t destroy the bond of salvation that connects us to GOD, he can certainly cause harm and hindrance within the relationship. When we walk away from GOD, HE always wants us to return to HIM.
November 7, 2019
Be My Anchor in this Retched Storm
Tragedy happens every day. We suffer earthly afflictions caused by Satan, not Heavenly calamity created by GOD. Understand that Satan wants to drive you away from GOD so that you can't light the way for the lost to come to Christ. Satan has been given the ability to afflict you and discourage you for only a limited amount of time. GOD will never allow him to do more to you than what you can withstand.
November 7, 2019