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Into The Mind

Into The Mind

By Eddie Ross
This podcast is for all things to do with mental health and wellbeing also covers positivity and motivation.

Instagram: rosseddie - I use this as a platform to expressive positive vibes and good energy for those having a bad day. Please feel free to ask a question or need advice
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Interview with Alex Broadway
"my mum would chose a bottle of vodka over me" these was the words Alex would use to describe her upbringing. I have known Alex for a while now and know some of her past but this really opened my eyes to who she truly is and why the way she is. Alex is a caring, generous, most amazing person but she hasn't always had it easy. Alex's mother has been a alcoholic whilst Alex was growing up. we discuss memories what that was like and the domino effect of others who have been effected by one persons mistake.
April 11, 2021
Interview with MMA, recovering addict Ryan Ridgway
Wow wow wow what an interview! Ryans life has been fascinating going from the life and sole of the party to fighting MMA, becoming an addict, overcoming and adapting to a better man. its refreshing to get another person in recovery to chat to me and talk about our past. About how it changed us and how now all we want to do is help others who have been in our shoes. 
April 7, 2021
Interview with Bayo and Tom Ratcliffe
Bayo is a rapper who's lyrics base around his mental health struggles and Tom is a videographer who shares his stories through the art of film
March 14, 2021
interview with David Diaz
whats up guys I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly talented David Diaz. we discuss everything from his music to his mental health and his future plans. hope you enjoy! @davidiazmusic @intothemind1
March 1, 2021
a strong enough 'WHY' can change your life
@intothemind1 in every day life we make decisions that benefit ourselves but we do all this with a reason why. a 'WHY' can truly change your life as long as its strong and big enough
January 16, 2021
Will we ever be fixed?
@intothemind1 - Instagram. I often wonder if I will be fixed from my past and mental health, I believe I won’t but that’s fine because it’s made me who I am. A better person. Asking as I remain having control I’ll be in a happy place
November 9, 2020
Are anti depressants addictive?
We seem to take antidepressants when we can no longer control our emotions, we need them to keep us level but how addictive are they? Can we live with out them? Do we need them for the rest of our lives? And a little discription of how they made me feel.
September 1, 2020
Why do we look for things that keep us down?
I’ve never quite understood as to why we go searching for low depressing things when we are already feeling down. Listening to sad songs, watching a said film. We find it comforting but at the same time it doesn’t make us happy.
August 13, 2020
How do we deal with guilt
We often get confused between guilt and shame. We hang onto guilt too often so we need to find ways to over come it and move on with our lives
July 27, 2020
Motivation for success
I believe in you! I believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Let’s move the negativity, move the people who don’t deserve you and succeed on your own.
July 8, 2020
Finding hope after hitting rock bottom
This is an interview with two extraordinary people who have both hit rock bottom at separate times but been able to make it out into the light. Edward and Hannah met at rehab, now they are travelling the world seeing different cultures how they deal and personify mental health.
July 6, 2020
I have been to that dark part of my mind
motivation for depression. sometimes we cant ever find a way out but this will not last forever. keep pushing, keep your head held high, you can come out of it.
June 22, 2020
Anxiety it’s not to be feared
We all fear anxiety at some point. Scared to embrace it and scared to admit we suffer from it. Well I say enough!
June 16, 2020
Its okay not to be okay
this is my very first podcast so firstly thank you very much everyone who has supported me over the years and who have recently seen that im passionate about mental health.
June 9, 2020