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12. Bob Cisneros

An episode of The EDGE Conservation Podcast

The first of its kind podcast, sponsored by EDGE, following the bravest and most innovative minds on the frontlines of wildlife conservation around the world.
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REPLAY: Louis Psihoyos
As our team is off this week lining up new guests and episodes, we're posting again this awesome chat with Oscar Winning Documentary Filmmaker Louis Psihoyos.  If you didn't catch it before, you absolutely must now:  Louie Psihoyos directed the Oscar-winning documentary THE COVE, the series RACING EXTINCTION and is Executive Director of the Ocean Preservation Society.  He and Kira discuss the effects of his filmmaking and his conservation efforts.  He's kind of a badass.
August 20, 2019
17. Cyril Ruoso
Cyril Ruoso is a professional photographer-reporter who has traveled the globe for 20 years in search of extraordinary pictures of wildlife.   His first encounter with the Borneo orangutan influenced his work by giving pride of place to primates. He also focuses on species too often considered trivial - this is the idea behind the project "Planet Frog".   Hear about his work and how vital photography is to wildlife conservation in this episode.   And learn more here:
July 31, 2019
16. Gareth Norris
Gareth Norris is an extraordinary bird handler at the Wild Raptor Conservancy - and has unique relationships with the birds of prey he rehabilitates for re-introduction into South African skies.  Hear about his work, raptor personalities, jealous hawks and the importance of flying predators.   Learn more here:
July 24, 2019
15. Devon Galpin Clarke & Shannon Galpin
Devon Galpin Clark -- 14 years old -- started Endangered Activism, an organization that "aims to help people feel connected to endangered species."  Along with her mom Shannon Galpin, world-famous  National Geographic Adventurer and global activist, Devon speak with Kira about her organization, effort and the power anyone has to make a difference for wildlife on a worldwide scale.   Find out more at:
July 16, 2019
14. Daniel Beltra
Daniel Beltrá is a photographer who travels the globe with his camera to show man's impact on the environment.  From the Antarctic to the Amazon, from one pole to the other, he's seen parts of the world few could ever imagine traveling to -- and he brought his camera.   Hear about Daniel's unique career, his perspective on the environment and how wildlife is faring -- and then go see his amazing shots here:
July 9, 2019
13. Shannon Malone
Shannon Malone is a documentary producer who has worked as editor and development executive.  Her long list of credits includes Discovery Atlas, Real Family of Jesus, and Extraordinary People, Planet Earth and many more.  She has worked for The Discovery Channel, National Geography Channel and Wild TV.   She and Kira discuss the path to a documentary, the importance of docs in conservation and awareness of wildlife, and the best experiences she's had on the ground.  Don't miss this one.  Listen now!
July 2, 2019
12. Bob Cisneros
Bob Cisneros is the curator of Big Bear Alpine Zoo.   He served as President of the American Association of Zoo Keepers and is on the Board of Directors of the California Wolf Center.   Hear about responsible zoo keeping, the role of rehab zoos and animal ambassadors, and the "Five freedoms" and how they apply to two wolf packs, two blind snow leopards and a three-legged bear.
June 25, 2019
11. Dr. Michelle LaRue
Dr. Michelle LaRue is a research ecologist and public speaker at the University of Minnesota, where she focuses on ecological and conservation issues from North America to Antarctica.  Her research centers on the distribution, habitat and effects of human impacts on populations of Emperor and Adélie penguins, Weddell seals, polar bears and cougars. Dr. Larue chats with Kira about her time in Antarctica, how to reach the non-scientific public, and what science needs to do to keep wildlife living around the world.   Learn more about Dr. LaRue's work here:
June 18, 2019
10. Kedar Gore
Kedar Gore has been actively engaged with environmental NGOs in India since 1996. His overall area of work has been wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, and much more.   Kedar has been working as the Director of The Corbett Foundation since July 2009. He is in-charge of its divisions in Mumbai, Corbett, Kutch, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Kaziranga.  The Corbett Foundation (TCF) is a non-governmental organisation that is fully dedicated to the conservation of wildlife with active involvement of local communities. TCF has successfully demonstrated its interventions around important tiger conservation landscapes / national parks in North, Central and North-east India in tiger conservation landscapes, and in semi arid ecosystems of Western India where it work towards the protection of Great Indian Bustard, a critically endangered species.
June 11, 2019
9. Paul Templer
Safari guide and writer Paul Templer survived an attack from the animal responsible for more fatalities in Africa than any other.  Hear his harrowing tale, his amazing perspective on appreciating the wilderness, his book, and his life now as he travels and brings a passion for wildlife to people everywhere.   Visit his site here:
June 4, 2019
8. Matt Shapira
Matt Shapira is a film producer, writer, and artist known for traveling the world and painting his unique style of elephants to raise money and awareness for the species.   Kira calls him in Los Angeles and we hear about his travels, passion and example of how we can foster our own talents to help wildlife.  Listen now, and subscribe!  You can follow Matt at @roaming_elephant And learn more about his work here:
May 28, 2019
7. Jeff Provenzano
Jeff Provenzano is one of the world's most famous skydivers.  He jumps for the Red Bull Air Force, movies, sporting event and for Endangered Species Day he joined EDGE in South Africa for a special experience.   Hear about it here in a special episode of the EDGE Conservation Podcast as President of EDGE Nathan Edmondson sits down with Jeff in Limpopo.  
May 24, 2019
6. Jessica Babich
Jessica Babich is the Director of Save the Waterberg Rhino, a conservation group dedicated to a holistic approach to protecting one of the worlds highest concentrations of rhino. She and Kira discuss her never ending quest and constant innovations in the pursuit of changing the South African landscape to preserve the endangered species. 
May 21, 2019
5. Chris Treter
Chris Treter is the founder of Higher Grounds Coffee and co-founder of On The Ground, an initiative to build schools where Coffee is farmed.  His extraordinary work to build schools and sustainable farms in the Congo.   Visit 
May 14, 2019
4. Paul Blackthorne
Kira talks to Paul Blackthorne: Actor, Producer, Conservationist and investigative filmmaker behind the documentary Save the Rhino Vietnam.  Hear the ARROW star discuss his love for exploration and protecting wildlife.  
May 7, 2019
3. Louie Psihoyos
Louie Psihoyos directed the Oscar-winning documentary THE COVE, the series RACING EXTINCTION and is Executive Director of the Ocean Preservation Society.  He and Kira discuss the effects of his filmmaking and his conservation efforts.  He's kind of a badass.
April 22, 2019
2. Stephanie Fennessy
Stephanie Fennessy is co-director and co-founder of Giraffe Conservation Foundation, and tells Kira about her field work, research and community development in her unique effort to preserve the world’s tallest mammals.   More about Stephanie here:
April 22, 2019
1. Sean Hensman
Sean Hensman is the director of the Rory Hensman Conservation and Research Unit, owner of Adventures with Elephants, and leads some of the top elephant research and conservation efforts in Africa.   More about Sean's work here:
April 22, 2019
0. A Brand New Podcast
EDGE founder Nathan Edmondson and host Kira Dorrian ask each other "Why a podcast?" Introducing the EDGE Conservation Podcast. More about EDGE here:
April 22, 2019
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