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E.W. Podcast

E.W. Podcast

By Juan Baez
Conversations, Discussions, & Rants in English, Spanish, and in Spanglish (it'd be in French too if I knew the language) about the many topics and subtopics related to: Health & Fitness, Learning & Education, Science & Technology, Food & Cooking, Psychology, Philosophy.... and anything in between.
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E40: Transhumanism with Zoltan Istvan

E.W. Podcast

E40: Transhumanism with Zoltan Istvan

E.W. Podcast

E52: ¿A todos nos llega?
Este episodio es en respuesta a un post en Facebook acerca de la apariencia física, la salud y el fitness.  Sobre la realidad de que estar fit y saludable no tienen nada que ver cómo uno se ve. Sígueme en los medios (presiona en cada uno): Instagram Facebook Twitter Para colaboraciones, compartir fuentes (libros, artículos, estudios, contactos, etc.)
July 22, 2020
E51: On Collaboration
In this episode, I speak about the importance of collaboration. I mention all of the collaborators that I've had in my podcast and provide a short summary of our conversations. All of their Social media and contact information below: Cristina Bruice (Body Acceptance Coach). IG: | FB: | Website: Liliana Pickens (Realtor, Running Coach, & Podcaster). IG: | Podcast: Brincando El Charco Dr. Mayra Oyola (Scientist & Runner). IG: Dan Allan (Physical Educator). IG: Dr. Lauren Hodges (Educator). LinkedIn: | Website: Lenore Skenazy (President of Let Grow): LikedIn: | Twitter: | Website: Zoltan Istvan (Politician, Futurist, Journalist, & Transhumanist). Twitter: | IG: | Website: Marissa & Bambi from AgeProofProject (Physical Educators). IG: Alex Trujillo (Personal Trainer & Physical Educator). IG: | Website: Bill Protzman (Musician & Educator). LinkedIn: | Website: Ricardo Tagle (Physical Educator). IG: | Website: Preston Patterson (Licensed Mental Health Counselor). LinkedIn: | FB: My contact information: Email: IG: (Here I share all of my fitness, physical education, and podcast related things) Twitter: For donations: E.W. Podcast Distribution: RSS Feed: Platforms: Search for E.W. Podcast in Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Anchor.FM, Podbean, RadioPublic, Overcast, PocketCast, CatBox,  
June 22, 2020
E50: Happy New...
A bit on how I feel about the end of the year, and the new year, and resolutions, and the "new year new you" idea. Also, changes or additions to the podcast for the following episodes.
December 30, 2019
E49: Taking a break. Talk to you soon!
I'll be back by December
November 4, 2019
E48: Preston Patterson LMHC. Mental Health
In this episode, I speak with Licenced Mental Health Counselor Preston Patterson about suicide, addiction, education, neurofeedback, and wellness. Patterson works at the Center for Healing Arts in Winter Park FL with a group of other mental health professionals who address issues such as Addiction, Suicide, Woman Issues, Man Issues, Anxiety, and Depression among many other things. You can check him out and contact through: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:  Follow / Contact me via: Instagram: Facebook: Linked In: Twitter: Email: Please consider supporting this podcast via: Patreon: Anchor:
October 15, 2019
E47: Bill Protzman. Using Music for Self Healing
Bill Protzmann is a musician who utilizes music non-traditional ways to help people with their self-care (self-healing). He has worked with patients or people suffering from PTSD, addiction, suicide thoughts, and with homeless - as well as with corporations by helping with stress, anxiety and depression management - utilizing music. His book is titled "More Than Human - The Value of Cultivating the Human Spirit in Your Organization". You can check Bill Protzman on his social media and website for his work and contact him for his services (just click over each one): Facebook Twitter Linked In Website Follow me and contact me through social media or email: Linked In Facebook Twitter Instagram Email Consider supporting this podcast on and or my
September 28, 2019
E46: Ricardo Tagle. Moving Beyond Fitness in South America (En Español, with English summary intro)
In this episode I speak, in Español, with Ricardo Tagle who is a physical educator in Santiago, Chile. He is one of the pioneers of functional fitness in South America and has been a physical educator for around 30 years. He runs a very interesting place called The Human Lab in which the focus is to promote Physical Education and Human Movement in a non-traditional way. Among the things we speak, he tells me about 'Culture of Endurance'  or Performance Culture and how it is being a big problem for our physical and social health.  You can find Ricardo and his project on social media:  Instagram: Ricardo | The Human Lab  Facebook: Ricardo Twitter: Ricardo | The Human Lab Contact me for information, comments, inquiring conversations, and share research: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Consider supporting this podcast via Patreon or 
September 13, 2019
E45: Into the Realm of Fitness Morality with Alex Trujillo (The Bio Mechanic)
In this episode I meet with Winter Park FL local Alex Trujillo best known as The BioMechanic. We talk about everything health and fitness, and its many realities and moralities. Check him out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Follow me on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Contact me via emai: Support this podcast on Patreon: Check out my food Instagram @itsfoodoclock for some food fun.
August 30, 2019
E44: Functional Aging, with Marissa & Bambi (AgeProof Project)
In this episode I speak with Marissa and Bambi from the AgeProof Project about functional aging. They are Movement Professionals who work with sensory exercises and Functional Neuroanatomy as a method to improve the physical condition and functionality of their clients. Follow them on Instagram: @ageproofproject Follow me on  Instagram Facebook Twitter Support this podcast on Patreon to help me keep bringing good and more frequent material, and have more access to interesting stuff to share with the world. Leave me a voicemail via my site or in the Anchor App with your comments about this episode or the podcast in general.  Leave me a review on Apple Podcast and Stitcher Posdcast to help me reach out more people.  Contact me via email at: for comments or collaborations. 
August 10, 2019
E43: Hearing (Our Senses)
Just like every other sense, this one has evolved over millions of years and it was not always what it is today. Not in humans, and not in other species with such sensorial capacity.  Email for comments, sharing research, or collaborations: Leave me a voice mail and donate to this podcast on Anchor: Support this podcast on Patreon: Leave me a review on Stitcher and on Apple Podcast
July 19, 2019
E42: Sight (Our Senses)
This episode is the second of a series about the human senses and their importance. Today I talk about the sense of sight. Visit my Patreon website to support this podcast: and get benefits. You can also support this podcast through my site Send me a voice mail using the meesage feature on my profile Find me on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn Email me for reviews and comments, and for collaborations at  Leave me a voicemail at:
July 5, 2019
E41: Touch (Our Senses)
(This is part of an episode series about the human senses) The human sense of touch is super cool and interesting. That sensation of a soft feather, the breath and warmth of your partener when you are having sex or making love, the texture of that amazing food that made you remember something or that made you want more of it, the heat when you grab a cast iron pan while it is hot and you scream FUCK!, and although we may not remember it, the powerful stimulus in our nervous system when we touch something with any part of the body as babies. Support this podcast on Patreon and or in References for the episodes only for Patreon supporters Send me an email for collaborations, sharing research, comets, and reviews Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
June 14, 2019
E40: Transhumanism with Zoltan Istvan
Welcome to the future and into Transhumanism. In this episode I chat with Zoltan Istvan about Transhumanism and its importance for health, education, and humanity itself.  Zoltan Istvan is a Journalist, Futurist, Author of many articles and a fiction titled ‘The Transhumanist Wager’. He is also also a politician who represents the Transhumanist party. Check him out on:  Facebook  Instagram Twitter His website: Consider donating to this podcast via Patreon or via Anything helps! Leave me a voicemail with your opinion about my podcast, recommendations, and telling me little about you and how this podcast is of value and relevance to you.  Contact me for collaborations and donating research to (soon an email just for the podcast) Follow me on social media: Facebook Twitter Instagram And check my website:
May 30, 2019
E39: (Episode 2) Solutions, NOT Resolutions
Here I talk - and cite an article that I wrote - about setting solutions instead of re-solutions. Leave me a voice message: Contact me for collaborations, share research, and for reviews: My Website: For the article that I wrote: Thrive Global: Please consider supporting this podcast:
May 16, 2019
E38: (Episode 1) Reading makes you stronger... literally!
This was my first episode ever, back when this podcast was called "Beyond Fitness'. In here I talk about the importance or reading not just for learning bu for our health. Consider sporting this podcast: Contact me for comments, sharing email, of for collaborations at: Follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
April 26, 2019
E37: Lenore Skenazy, on the importance of free play.
(Intro ends at minute 9:59) Lenore Skenazy is the president of Let Grow, a non profit organization dedicated to educating parents and teachers about free play and how kids and the society benefits from it. She is also the author a book called You can check her (and LetGrow) ou at: Twitter: Lenore | Let Grow LinkedIn: Lenore | Let Grow FacebooK: Lenore | Let Grow Instagram: Lenore | Let Grow Consider donating to this podcast  Follow and/or contact me for comments and collaborations or comments at: Email: Instagram Twitter Facebook * Purple words are links
April 10, 2019
E36: Dr. Lauren Hodges, Ed.D.: Learning, Education, Wellness, and more.
Dr. Lauren Hodges has a Doctorate in Education and Experiential Learning, a Masters in Writing and Creative Journalism, She is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach -  and she runs a few businesses in the fields of Corporate and Adult Education, Heath and Fitness Training, and Teacher Training. Today we speak about her work and her views and experiences on health and fitness, nutrition, education and learning. You can find more information or reach out to her via: Website: LinkedIn:  Instagram: @drlaurenhodges Twitter: Please consider supporting this podcast: Contact me for comments, interviews, questions, or for sharing research at: or at Follow me on Instagram @quantum.fithealth and on Twitter: @beyond_pe
March 27, 2019
E35: Organismic Physical Education, and Responsibility
In this episode I talk about how I define Physical Education from an organismic perspective, and then I talk about how it is each individual's responsibility to take control on their life, health, and fitness - and about how it is not the responsibility of a teacher, coach, or trainer.  Leave me a review on Apple Podcast.  Please consider supporting this podcast:  Contact me at:, or at  Follow me on social media: IG - @quantum.fithealth, Twitter - @beyond_pe.  Had to eliminate the music due to copyright.  But anyways go to your favorite music streaming app or YouTube and find the song "Todo se Mueve" by Residente (Calle 13, was the name is his former band), and enjoiy!
March 15, 2019
E34: Parkour and Physical Education with Dan Allan
Dan Allan is a Canadian elementary school Physical Educator who at his 56 yrs of age he practices Parkour and runs a parkour club as an after school program for his students.  You can check him out on Instagram @danallan.parkpur.54 In this episode we talk about how he became a parkour practitioner, overcoming a serious injury, and his experiences in the world of fitness and physical education.  Please consider supporting this podcast at: Leave me a review on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Stitcher or wherever you happen to listen to your podcasts.  Follow me on Instagram @quantum.fithealth For podcast collaborations contact me at: or at Music by: Mastermind XS
February 26, 2019
E33: Atmosphere, Health and Fitness with Atmospheric Physicist Dr. Mayra Oyola
Dr. Mayra Oyola is an Athmoperic Scientist/Physicist and an ultra-marathon runner. In this episode we talk about the atmosphere, the environment, and aerosols and how our health, behavior, and fitness are affected by these. We also talk about her views and experiences with diets, health, and fitness in general. Music by: Little Glass Men. Song: The Atmosphere. Album: Simplify  Music taken from: Find me on Instagram and Twitter Contact me via email for collaborations or for comments about my podcast or for donating research Consider supporting this podcast on
February 14, 2019
E31: Some notes on health and culture.
In this episode I share some notes that I have been taking for a while about health, fitness, and culture from articles and documentaries.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please consider donating to this podcast and my book for more access to research and resources: Leave a review on Apple Podcast  Contact me via email for collaborations, donating research, and comments:, or Check out my website if you are interested in my online fitness services:
February 1, 2019
E30: Running, Cooking, and Epicness with Runnig Coach Liliana Pickens
In this episode Liliana Pickens and I talk about running, coaching, health, cooking, and epic stuff, and about people's unrealistic expectations when they want to start exercising.  Liliana Pickens is a Marathon Runner and the Running Coach of the Lake Nona Run Club in Orlando FL. Her Podcast in Spanish 'Brincando El Charco' (Jumping the Pond) explores the when, how, and why of Puerto Ricans coming to the Main US and how have their lives have changed since. Check out her Podcast Instagram page @brincandoelcharco.  If using Apple Podcast leave me a review. If using use the voicemail feature and send me a message about you and what you think of my podcast. You can also communicate with me via emails:  Please consider supporting this podcast, and research for my book at:  If you are a Coach, Athlete, Physical Educator, Physical Therapist, Anthropologist, Historian, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, Personal Trainer, Evolutionary Biologist, Physician, or Marketing or Advertising professional who works in or with education and health related environments please contact me at I would like to have a conversation with you in my podcast.
January 17, 2019
E29: Congruence
In this episode I talk about the concept of congruence and how to apply it in our lives. For YouTube: Hit like, subscribe to my channel, and share this with your friends and family. Leave a comment below. For audio listeners: Find my podcast "Edification & Well-being' in almost every platform out there and subscribe. Leave me a review on Apple Podcast ( and anywhere else you can). Also send me a voice message via the Anchor.FM app. You can also send me an email to: for comments, questions, and for collaborations. For donations go to my podcast website and hit where it says, "Support This podcast" :
January 11, 2019
E28: Some comments on goal setting and resolutions. Happy New Year!!!
My comments and reflections on health and fitness goal setting and resolutions for the new year. In short... Have fun and enjoy life, just don't abuse! Contact me at: Email: Instagram (follow me too): @quantum.fithealth Twitter: @beyond_pe Leave me a review on Apple Podcast, and send me a message via Anchor app and let me know about you.  
December 27, 2018
E27: Consciousness (Theories and Psychology)
In this episode I present the concept of consciousness and research that pertains it.  Are we always conscious? Even when we sleep? What does it mean to lose consciousness? Can exercise affect consciousness? Is consciousness affected by politico-socio-cultural factors, environmental factors, or is it independent of these things? Is it a very human thing, or is it something that all living creatures have? To contact me: | Twitter: @beyond_pe (also for donations). Add me as one of your favorites and send me a voice message about you.  Leave me a review on Apple Podcasts
December 21, 2018
E26: Cognition(p2) and Concepts
In this episode, I continue with the topic of Cognition from a philosophical perspective and I also talk about the concepts of Success, Love, Sacrifice, and Happiness, what I think they should mean and how improving upon our cognition will help. Leave me a review on Apple Podcast. To contact me:, Twitter: @beyond_pe, Instagram: @quantum.fithealth. For donations: Anchor.FM (, Patreon:
December 12, 2018
In the meantime...
I will be posting next week. In the meantime... check out my previous episodes and let me know what
December 8, 2018
E25: Cognition (p1)
Cognition is much more than the act of thinking, and it just so happens that it is not only limited to the brain. In this eppisode I talk aboy two kinds of cognition and how these relate, as well as how these arte important for the better development of human movement... and cognition. Contact me for comments or to solicit a conversation in the podcast at: | Twitter @beyond_pe | Instagram @quantum.fithealth. For donations or sponsoring your product: | I will be crearing a link for the references un my website next week:
November 30, 2018
E24: Thechnology, Authenticity, and Cooking.
In this episode I talk philosophise about the topics of tecnology, authenticity, and cooking. Hopefuly in an instructive way. Contact me at: / Facebook and Twitter @beyond_pe Donations:
November 16, 2018
E23: (Psychology) Theory of Self-determination
The Theory of Self-Determination is atheory about human motivation and personality. In this episo I descuss a research paper I read about it and also comment on it. Contact me at: ( ( (Twitter @beyond_pe) (Facebook and Instagram: @quantum.fithealth) For donations: ( (
November 9, 2018
E22: History of PE, Health, and Fitness (Part 3: Greeks and Romans)
Today I contunue the series on history of physical education helath and ditness, adding up to the information I shared about the ancient greeks, and the talkig abot the romans. Contact me at | | Twitter and Facebook: Edification & Well-being For dontions: |
October 31, 2018
E21: (Philosophy) Adding meaning.
Have you asked yourself... 'what does this really means for me?' Before jumping into a health program? Have you taken a step back and find out is it really weight loss, or toning, or strenghening what you need? What do those things mean to you? Contactme: \ / Twitter or Facebook group: Edification & Well-being. For donations: |
October 26, 2018
E20: History of PE, Health, and Fitness (Part 2: Ancient Greece [a])
In this episod we are traveling to ancient Greece where I will be talking about the history of physical education, health and fitness in such times and culture. For donations: and To contact me:,, or FB and Twitter by Edification and Well-being.
October 19, 2018
E19: History of PE, Health and Fitness (Part1: Primal times and Ancient Egypt)
In this first part of a series I will be talking about the history of physical education, health and fitness starting with primal times and ending with acient egypt. How everything started? What happened? Contact me at, via twitter and Faceboo at Edification & Well-being. Leave me a review in iTunes, and make me one of your favorites in Anchor.FM. FOr donations: I will be sharing all the references in my facebook page.
October 10, 2018
E18?: A short break?
A little on what's going on. Contact me at: Find me on facebook and twitter by Edification & Well-being. Leave me a good review on itunes.
October 3, 2018
E17: Classical Conditioning in Health and Fitness
Today I talk abouy how Clasical Conditioning or Stimulus Response Theories and techniques fit withing the marketing strategies used by health and fitness organizations. Find me on Twitter and Facebook by 'Edification & Well-being'. Email me at Visit my website Donate to this podcast via my Patreon website (, or via my Anchor.FM website (
September 26, 2018
E16: Fat Shaming, Weight Loss, and More with Coach Kristina Bruce
In this episode I have a great conversation with Health and Body Acceptance Coach Kristina Bruce about fat shaming, weight loss, and a couple of other things. You can learn more about her and her awesome work at and @kristinabruce_coach on Instagram (also on Facebook). To contact me:, Twitter and Facebook: Edification & Well-being, Instagram @quantum.fithealth. For donations: , or (also throughout the anchor app)
September 18, 2018
E15: Sexism in Sports and Fitness Environments
In this espisode I talk briefly about the presence of sexism in sports and fitness environments. Contact me via email at:, or Facebook and Twitter at Edification & Well-being. For donations go to
September 13, 2018
It is my belief that because we do not know what we want, baecause of having create a society in which we do not value who and what we are, we have created a paradoxical life. And I believe that part of the solution beguins at getting to know ourselves, understanding our individual realities and identities. For comments, corrections, and interviews please contact me at For donations go to Find me on instagram @quantum.fithealth. And at Twitter and Facebook (group): Edification & Well-Being. Check out the StarTalk podcast with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson for awesome education. Also check Dr. John Medina's book: Brain Rules
September 4, 2018
E13: Of Athletes and Mortals
In this episode I talk about and present the difference between athletic training and exercises for practical living from a philosophical window. Follow my Facebook Group and Twitter: Edification & Well-Being Instagram: quantum.fithealth, Email:, For donations: Check out Joe Rogan's Podcast, and StartTalk by Neil deGrasse Tyson. ACLARATORY NOTE: I do not know either Mr. Rogan or Mr. Tyson (and perhaps they may not even agree with what I say in this podcast), so me mentioning them in this episode is just a recommendation based on my experience listening to them. You choose to check them out or not.
August 29, 2018
E12: Choices and The Paradox of Choice
In this episode I pose some philosophical questions that I have been asking myself, and that strongly belief you should ask yourself too- about making choices. I also present and comment about The Paroadox of Choice by Phsychologist Barry Shwartz. For comments, questions and interview requests please send me an email at, or via my facebook group and twitter, Edification & Health. For donations to this podcas and for my book please go to
August 22, 2018
E11: Why we should exercise/move?
In this episode I comment on the reason (s) for moving or exercising from a practical standpoint, and cite and comment about the book Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina. For questions, comments, topic requests and for interviews, please contact send me an email at For supporting my podcast Please leave a review, and/or go to
August 15, 2018
Fear is a complicated thing, and it can happen in the worlds Physical Education, health and fitness. Goals are also a complicated thing and without properly setting them we can find ourselves in a conundrum. Today I explore a different angle of fear as it relates to health, and pose my philosophy on goal setting. For questions or collaborations you can contact me at my email, FB and Twitter at PE & Health Beyond Fitness, and Instagram @quantum.fithealth Check out the the IG account of @mvng.project for awesome Education and exercises beyond the traditional boring stuff.
August 8, 2018
E9: In defense of fat people, and the diet and fitness dilemma.
Today I talk about obesity and the dangers of too much fitness and diet, and the diet and fitness dilemma. contact info:
July 31, 2018
E8: Phys Ed v.s. Training (Philosophy)
I prefer education over training.
July 23, 2018
E7: The Complexity of Health
Here I talk about the importance of considering all components of health as well as the basic human needs according to Maslow.
July 16, 2018
E6: Things to consider before... health.
There are many things we need to keep in mind when we say, "I wanna be healthier". More of it in another episode.
July 10, 2018
E5: Let's cut the crap!
July 2, 2018
E4: Health, Fitness, and Phys Ed
Linky mentioned: - Survey: - Donatiin support:
June 26, 2018