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Hello all,

EDU IS LIFE is all about being informed and never feeling you have filled your cup. We dive deep into various topics. Everything we discuss, we have a foundation in that topic. We respect all people regardless of their orientation and belief, but we also respect ourselves and our orientation and beliefs first. We are unapologetic men and women. We make no excuses but will definitely make extend apologies when needed and warranted. EDU IS LIFE looks to be another platform where we discuss topics that impact our daily lives. Unfortunately, we are not 100%
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The Void Inside. Have you been able to fill it?
EDU IS LIFE and REDBEARD from the Coffee & Benefits Podcast discuss what's holding Americans back?  Why do Americans feel such a strong connection to Africa? Why they call it the motherland, and how faith,  religion, spirituality, and the void inside has controlled their affairs and decision making in and outside the workforce. Over the net 15  minutes, these two experts at life, will share individual perspectives,  and dive deep on these topics that are even more apparent in our current times. So #COMETHRU, if you appreciate the vibe then tap the like button and share it with those who are also engaging in these same topics of discussion. The EDU IS LIFE platform is all about addressing the issue head-on and eliminating the void so it has no room to fester any longer.  We want to have a broader conversation, with diverse ideas and perspectives that add a more insightful view on this topic. Provide feedback with your comments as well.   From EDU IS LIFE we say, Thank you for your time. We appreciate your time. We value your time.
July 19, 2020
America is Over-Run with Pedophilia
Really quick, I wanted to discuss the current events surrounding #QAnon vs. the Left.
July 15, 2020
Get #FREE with Malcom Harvest #BKA #BLVCKJAGGER
EDU IS LIFE sits down with Malcolm Harvest to discuss #LIFE, to #Laugh, and build over a number of topics. Check him out on Youtube at  Please like share and favorite the podcast, we have a lot in coming forward. 
July 14, 2020
The Devils Pie, is it worth it? Knowledge, do you seek it? Freedom, do you want it? Love, do you have it? #sayno #morals #character #values #principles #trust #honor
The Devils Pie, is it worth it?  Do you have a price? That seems to be the way things are shaping out today. There is a segment of humanity and society that seems to believe everyone has a price at which they will cave in and compromise their principles and beliefs. EDU IS LIFE promotes everything honest, true, and genuine. We are not here to redirect your actions or choices, we are here to have the tough conversations and speak on the topics that are most relevant to our culture and society, in which we are affected directly.  Knowledge, do you seek it?  EDU IS LIFE has set out to invigorate its listening participants to join in the renaissance of seeking true knowledge, attaining true knowledge of self, and sharing knowledge with the community around you. Most important is the process of #KnowledgeSharing and it is a great time and moment in existence to do so. existence Freedom, do you want it?  An educated individual is an adequate soul. Education drives life. It has been a vehicle in the lives of many and has taken then both near and far as they seek that of Creator's bounties.  Knowledge is the highest form of manumission(To be set free from bondage). Freedom is a road.  Education is the vehicle. Real knowledge is the key, and you are the driver. Love, do you have it? Do you give it? 
July 4, 2020
ICE CUBE drafts - CONTRACT WITH BLACK AMERICA #CWBA. #reparations #civilrightsreform #policereform #educationreform
ICE CUBE has just released his proposal to the powers that be. It is called Contract with Black America.     WOW!!!    Is this really happening? Are we moving in a step forward where we are ready to make demands and tell others how they need to interact with us?  Are we ready to be organized?     Is ICE CUBE a community leader? This is paramount regardless of the  success. Because the act has occurred and what happens next is all up to each and every individual. How this affects, your- TOMORROW is depending on your TODAY.
July 2, 2020
The Fear Series Introduction. Fear of Rejecting #BlackLivesMatter, #ACAB #ANTIFA
In this series, EDU IS LIFE will briefly delve into the concept of organic standards versus a corporate-driven campaign I. E. the Machine. EDU IS LIFE poses a position where humanity must stand firm in their truth and in the principles they hold near and dear to to their ethics. The Machine which in BLM, ANTIFA, ACAB, and others seek to force humanity to compromise their morals and values in favor of a social and sub-cultural wave. This wave, too will dissipate and what will be left is the destruction and ravage it does to the people and property in its way. 
July 2, 2020
Part 4 of why I took my talents to the desert.
A continuation of the interview with Coffee and Benefits
June 29, 2020
MAGA 2020? Why this Negro is supporting the Orange Man, why you should too.
Peace and Powahhh I was tagged in a Democratic propaganda piece by a friend, and he asked why do I support Trump? in this episode, I discuss how I exercise my freedom of choice, why I choose to support #blexit, and how I came to this conclusion. Be sure to share and be a part of the ongoing #renaissance.  Send in your book suggestions for the EDU IS LIFE Book Club.  Subscribe to the EDU IS LIFE Youtube Channel as well. 
June 29, 2020
Taking my talents to the desert. Session 1 #expatlife #saudiarabia #lifeinsaudiarabia #travel #qualityoflife
Peace and Power everyone. We kick off our podcasting journey with a sit down to discuss why I chose to become an ex-pat, and take my talents to the Arab world.
June 29, 2020