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How to Change Your Career Path | (ft. Kevin Bethune) Ep. 30

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We are bridging the cultural gap for careers in art + design.

Our interview episodes dive deep into community, tactics, and mentorship. We share candid conversations with the best in Design about what it actually takes to have a seat at the table and see your ideas come to life.

No fluff. No ambiguity. Mild cursing.

So, whether you're knee deep in building your own design business or just a lover of fine art, this is a place where you can come to elevate your mindset and skillset as a designer.

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How Designers Can Create a Social Strategy (Ft. Kim Nguyen) | Ep. 40
Joined by digital content strategist at Finishline, Kim Nguyen, we talk about smart ways to use time on social, color threading on an IG feed, getting better at work-life balance, and learning to speak up as a woman in a creative field.
December 14, 2018
Why More Artists Should Train Like Athletes (Ft. Kevin Carroll) | Ep. 39
Joined by Author, speaker, and art school consultant, Kevin Carroll, we walk through mindset changes, winning routines, and a 4-step process that could give any designer the same edge he's seen in the world's biggest athletes - including his friend Kobe Bryant.
November 30, 2018
Own Your Heritage. It Matters. (ft. Spandana Gopal) | Ep. 38
Naturally, I think we’re all a little afraid of standing out from the rest of the crowd. Naturally, when you stand out, you’re open for criticism. Yet, so many of us come from places, cultures, and circumstances that others simply can’t relate to. So, what should you do? Blend in or shout every chance you get? We like to think there’s a lot of middle ground that’s worth exploring. So, this week, we invited Spandana Gopal, founder of Tiipoi to have a conversation about Indian design, cultural appropriation, and how we can all share parts of who we are through our work. If you’re someone who has been looking for a way to share more about your specific upbringing, nationality, or ethnicity, this episode was made just for you. Tune in.
November 16, 2018
What No One Tells You About Content Creation (ft. Ben Roazen) | Ep. 37
As we approach a a new decade of the 24/7 news cycle (starting , everyone feels pressure to create (and consume) content around the clock—for better or for worse. This week we’re joined by Ben Roazen, former host of Hypebeast Radio and contributing writer for GQ, The Fader, and Complex to talk through content as an artfrom, worst freelancing practices, normcore opinions, and unplugging from work at night. Tune in.
November 9, 2018
What You Should Know About Art Dealership (ft. Paul Johnson) | Ep. 36
[Education]: Pratt + Chelsea Flea Market [Work]: Johnson Trading Gallery + Salon 94 With over 20 years of experience buying and selling high-end art, furniture, and sculpture, Paul Johnson knows more than a thing or two about building a art + design business. Over the course of an hour long conversation, we talk about family, finances, and faith during the long--often arduous--journey of the art scene. Also, he gives his take on humility and what a strategy might look like to start an art or design gallery in 2018. If you’ve thought about opening your own gallery or consignment store, this show is for you. Tune in.
November 2, 2018
What's Next for Sneakerheads? (ft. Brandon Edler) | Ep. 35
Content Producer - [Education]: Complex - [Work]: Complex, Finishline, + Rosewood We don't like the phrase "making it". The second that happens is the same second that we stop growing. In the spirit of growth, we're joined by someone who's shown an innate ability to sustain a career in the ever-changing world of sneakers and content. Brandon Edler has been a critical part of the recent--and sustained-- success of Complex and Finishline. Now, at Rosewood, he spends roughly 50 minutes talking with us about his opinions on: - Building a Business from a Passion - Finding Your Tribe - Showing Your Value - Knowing If It's Time to Cash in Your Collection - StockX, Grailed, and Goat We think you'll love the discussion this week. You can follow us--and this week's guest--using the links below. - - Tune in.
October 26, 2018
How to Balance Two Brands on Instagram (ft. Shujan Bertrand) | Ep. 34
Industrial Designer [Education]: Art Center College of Design, Astro Studios, IDEO, InCase, Steelcase, Nike, and more. [Work]: Aplat, Inc. It’s probably your dream to start a new brand from scratch. In today’s age of dropshipping and crowdfunding, a new start is just a click away. But, what do you do once the novelty of “launch” wears off? How do you separate your personal life from your brand? What do you do when distraction starts creeping in? On this episode, we sit down with Shujan Bertrand, founder of Aplat, Inc. With past experience at Astro Studios, IDEO, Incase, Steelcase, Nike, and more, her perspectives are definitely worth you lending an ear.
October 19, 2018
Stop Skipping Design Fairs! | (ft. Bernard McCoy ) Ep. 33
Co-Founder Atlanta Design Festival [Education]: Design is Human + Modern Atlanta [Work]: Atlanta Design Festival If you’re a young, self-taught designer, you might feel out of place at a design fair. Walking from one exhibit to the next, you can’t even imagine how you might find a foot in the door. Yet, one of the worst things you can do is to never come back. Today, I invited Bernard McCoy (co-founder of Atlanta Design Festival) on the show to have a conversation about why local design fairs are often the best opportunity for young designers to share their work, learn new skills, and grow their network each time they step through the door at a design fair.
September 28, 2018
Building a Design Studio Culture That Lasts | (ft. FUWL) Ep. 32
Industrial Design Studio [Education] Linnaeus University [Work] IKEA, BAUX, TID Watches, MUUTO, HEM, Cappellini With well over a decade of experience under his belt, Jonas Pettersson (co-founder of @formuswithlove) knows first hand what it’s like to lead a studio through the pit of a financial meltdown and the peak of an IKEA commission. Before you can know success, you must first know yourself. And, running a design studio can teach you a lot about both. On this episode, we talk with Jonas about how he’s managed to keep the soul of his studio alive. Tune.
September 14, 2018
Why Accolades Don't Mean Shit | (ft. Beau Oyler) Ep. 31
Founder / Industrial Designer [Education] Academy of Art University + New Deal Design [Work] Urbio, Enlisted Design, Samsung VR, Netgear Arlo, Fellow, Pi Charging, Airpop, etc. Description: Beau has won damn near every design award there is to win. He's been on Shark Tank. He's founded a successful product startup. He even has a dope, minimalist studio with dozens of employees in the middle of Oakland. In other words, to most people under the age of 30, he is "Goals". So, now, WTF? How could you possibly say that every success checkpoint I had in mind is actually a mirage? These are all fair questions. We address them all in this week's episode. Tune in.
September 7, 2018
How to Change Your Career Path | (ft. Kevin Bethune) Ep. 30
Founder / Shoe Designer [Education] Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon, + Art Center College of Design [Work] Dreams + Design + Life, Nike, BCG Digital Ventures, Booz Digital, + Design Management Institute Description: Kevin joins us this week to discuss how he found the time, grit, and skills needed to transition from a Corporate Financial Planner to Nike Footwear Designer and Co-Founder of Boston Consulting Group's Digital Ventures. If you're sick of moonlighting your dreams, Kevin's story will serve as a healthy reminder of what's possible.
August 31, 2018
How to Grow Your Design Brand | (ft. October Comms) Ep. 29
PR / Marketing [Education]: University of Leeds, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Heart Home Magazine, Vitsoe, and Digital Media Manager [Work]: Case Furniture, One Eighty Light, De Rosee Sa Architects, Viewport Studio, London Transport Museum, Atlanta Design Festival IG: @octobercomms Website: This week, we have Daniel Nelson -- one of the best in the business -- covering some very common questions regarding PR for the design industry. If you find yourself worried about any of these questions, this show is for you. Topics Covered: What should I be doing with SEO, Google Analytics, Social, etc.? When should I outsource all this marketing stuff? How often do I need to do talks, guest blogging, etc.? How do I set and track goals for online traffic, marketing, etc.?
August 23, 2018
Why Public Space Matters | (ft. Xavier Vendrell) Ep. 28
Architect / Professor [Education]: Barcelona School of Architecture, Rural Studio at Auburn University, and University of Illinois at Chicago [Work]: Poblenou Park in Olympic Village, 1992 Olympic Games, Millennium Park Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, Washington University School of Architecture Often, we overlook the triumphs and failures of how the world around us comes together. We're talking about the design of public spaces. Our guest this week--Xavier Vendrell--has shown and proven his prowess on the very subject. Working currently as a professor for Auburn University's renown rural studio, Xavier spends time walking us through both his story and his inspiration. For anyone interested in urban design--this is a perfect primer.
August 17, 2018
How to Prototype the Right Way | (ft. Brett Lovelady) Ep. 27
Product Designer / Entrepreneur [Education]: Brigham Young University, Astro Studios, Lunar Design, Frog Design, [Work]: Xbox 360, Apple, EA Sports, Facebook, Nike+ Fuelband, HP, Skullcandy, and More Featured in Fast Company's 2018 list of most innovative companies, Astro Studios is responsible for some of the most coveted tech products in recent history including XBOX 360 and the Nike+ Fuelband. We spend roughly an hour talking to Brett Lovelady--founder and CEO--hearing about the behind the scenes and his very detailed tactics on prototyping.
August 9, 2018
Pros + Cons of a Running a Small Design Studio | (ft. Morcos Key) Ep. 26
Graphic Design Studio [Education]: RISD, Notre Dame University [Lebanon], Grey Advertising, [Work]: Yale University School of Art, HBO, Nickelodeon, The Public Theater, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Codify Art From features in Print Magazine's 15 under 30, speaking engagements across the world, and art collectives--design duo Jon Key and Wael Morcos are certainly well-equipped to offer new perspectives to the next generation. On this episode, we talk about their design studio and go into more detail about how they see their projects through to the end.
August 2, 2018
Subculture Matters...Alot. | (ft. Andrew Luecke) Ep. 23
Stylist / Trend Forecaster / Writer This week, we’re joined by Andrew Luecke--author of COOL: Style, Sound, and Subversion. He spends about an hour with us sharing stories of skater culture, writing for major fashion mags, and getting a book to Barnes and Noble. Tune In.
July 19, 2018
Why More Students Should Study Architecture | (ft. BLDGS) Ep. 24
Architect / Studio Owner [Education]: Harvard, Washington, Yale, Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects [Work]: Burned House, Steelcase Leadership Headquarters, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Benning Place, Ansley Glass House, Georgia Tech Caddell Building, Georgia Tech Maker Space Ever wonder why school is a necessary step? Feel stuck because you've only followed the rules your whole life? Or maybe you're feeling like you're running out of time do what you want because you're about to have a family. Each of us have a bit of these qualities inside. That's why we took the time to sit down with one of the founders of the award-winning architecture firm--BLDGS. Brian Bell has over 15 years of experience as an architect. But, today, we spend an hour discussing what it's like to grow as an artist both in skill and in mindset. If you're wondering how to make your art a life-long practice, tune-in today.
July 11, 2018
Why is Design School so Great | (ft. Tomas Clarkson) Ep. 23
Graphics and Typeface Designer Born to English + Spanish parents, raised in the Netherlands, and educated in London, Tomas Clarkson is co-owner of Plusminus Studio--specializing in graphic and typeface design. We spend about an hour discussing the day-to-day highs, lows, and uncertain moments associated with operating a studio before your 30th birthday. If you ever find yourself thinking "Idk if I'm ready to go on my own", this episode is for you.
July 5, 2018
How to Find Your Voice in Your Work | (ft. Joe Peacock) Ep. 22
Designer / Writer Joined on the show by author, designer, artist, and curator--Joe Peacock--we spend time talking through definitions of success, dealing with burnout, and the social responsibilities of an artist. If you find yourself stuck with these common frustrations / questions... - Do I need to go to art school? - How do I get through writers' block? - What is it like to have your work being shared with hundreds of millions? - What title should I use to define what I do? - I feel like most art lacks any sort of social impact. I like art that makes a difference. Then, this story is one that’s made just for you. Tune in.
June 26, 2018
#1 Rule of Design Thinking | Ep. 21
Rule #1 | Don’t think too hard about thinking. Rule #2 | See rule 1. In this episode, we unpack the phrase we all love to hate. It’s not that we don’t agree with the concept. It’s because we think of it as the basic rules for how every human should operate in the 21st century. Use some empathy people—damn. Now that this phrase is tossed around in B-School more than art studios...what do we make of the whole thing? Where do we go from here? What do we do when our old pal stops sitting at the nerdy kid lunch table with us? Tune in.
June 20, 2018
How to Create Conversation with Design | (ft. HAWRAF) Ep. 20
Design Studio Joined on the show by HAWRAF co-founders Andrew Herzog and Nicky Tesla, we spend an hour addressing topics of process, routine, and sales in design. Tune in. HAWRAF: - Interactive Design Studio - Est. in Brooklyn. 4 Co-Founders. [Education] RISD, SCAD, Google, School of Visual Arts, HUSH, Sagmeister + Walsh [Work] Brooklyn Symphony, Mailchimp, CharlieWhiskeyTango, Visibility Studio, Asktia Keep up wit more of their studio's progress here: twitter: @hawrafintl ig: @hawraf
June 15, 2018
Why Your To-Do List Sucks (And What To Do About It) Ep. 19
Today--we talk about: - Why the concept of a to-do list is killing your work - How I know this to be true - What the alternatives look like - What process I have found that works best for a creative career - Other resources & names to explore
June 5, 2018
Inspiration is for Amateurs Ep. 18
Today I'm talking about the number one complaint I see on a regular basis and why we all need to raise our standard for operating. -- IG: @edu.guess
May 29, 2018
Two Mental Blocks Every Artist Must Manage | Ep. 17
1. MORAL VICTORIES 2. MANAGING A SOCIAL LIFE I'm talking about both of these during this episode. Tune in to hear more. -- @educated__guess
May 26, 2018
Le Corbusier - The [Not So] Radiant City | Ep. 16
"Le Corbusier was trying to find a fix for the same problems of urban pollution and overcrowding, but unlike Ebenezer Howard (Garden City) , he envisioned building up, not out." One of the most polarizing figures in architecture...the pioneer of modernism. I'm spending about 20 minutes covering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most importantly!--what we can learn from him. Tune in.
May 23, 2018
Friday Frustrations | Ep. 15
2nd installment of our Friday frustrations series. - Submit your 90 second clip to @justinmcelderry via text - We'll share your story - We'll share your work - We'll both share the importance of positivity + grit
May 19, 2018
Alister Mackenzie - Landscape Design at Scale | Ep. 14
Today--we're covering applications of art in a slightly different field. We've been on a wave of design with applications in advertising. But, we've yet to touch on applications in entertainment, sport, and real estate. So, here we go. Alister Mackenzie is the designer of hundreds of golf courses. Most notably: Augusta National Golf Club -- host venue of The Masters Today, we talk a bit about his inspirations, background, and work. Let's expand our artistic reach.
May 17, 2018
Muriel Cooper - Co-Founder of MIT Media Lab | Ep. 13
Remember our episode with Jacqueline Casey last week? This week, we cover the person who hired her--Muriel Cooper. You won't want to miss it. Follow along our typical format: - Bio - Work You Should Know - Her Signature Style - Other Names You Should Know
May 15, 2018
Friday Frustration Instructions | Ep. 12
Educated Guess is all about helping artists: 1. Learn more about their craft 2. Connect with other local artists 3. Breakthrough creative blocks A critical piece of this puzzle is making sure we provide artists a platform to vent AND share their breakthroughs. That's why every Friday we're giving everyone in our community the space to do just this. Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur or anything in between, simply follow the next 3 steps: - Find us on IG: @educatedguess_ - Share a 90 second audio clip - We'll include it in our next show
May 12, 2018
Jacqueline Casey - A Queen of Helvetica | Ep. 11
Imagine keeping the consistency of typeface, layout, and messaging for a private academic institution that's been in existence for over 125 years. This was the charge of Jacqueline Casey--a graphic designer, illustrator, and educator--throughout her 40+ year tenure at MIT. A true trailblazer for graphic design and women's equality. Today, we spend time highlighting her story in 4 simple steps. - Bio - Work You Should Know - Her Signature Style - Other Names You Should Know
May 10, 2018
How to Deal With Imposter Syndrome | Ep. 10
There's always a piece of every artist that pops up once every blue moon asking the question..."Am I Good Enough??" Today, I'm talking about this topic head on. I'm discussing 3 Simple Ways I overcome what is often called "Imposter Syndrome." We're here to build a community of artists who don't want their dreams to fall by the wayside. Tune in.
May 7, 2018
Power of Ritual - It's OK to "Go Through the Motions" | Ep. 9
There are 3 statements that get a bad rap in the art community. 1. "I feel like I’m just going through the motions." 2. "How do I know if I’m making progress?" 3. "I only got 15 views per video." I've found these statements to be debilitating and demotivating. Let's talk about how to change this. Today we're addressing these three thought head on! It's OKAY to think, feel, and say these things. However, there are a few good tactics and habits I've found helpful in my life. Resources Mentioned in the Show: - (1% Rule) Tommy Baker - Miracle Morning (Hal Elrod) - Crushing It (Gary Vaynerchuck) Tune in.
May 4, 2018
Michael Bierut - Version Controller | Ep. 8
“Can you do one more version?....Man, I wish my clients knew how much thought really went into the graphic design work I do before just saying." -- Yep, this has definitely been me before. Maybe it’s been you? Today, we’re talking about someone who has helped shape the way we interact with, understand, and recognize the world. To me, there’s power in knowing that someone else has dealt with the same frustrations of freelance clients—only at a grand scale. So, the answer is not—“how do I make my clients appreciate me more?”…the answer is “the answer is in the doing.” There’s more to Michael’s story than just a few type fonts and Helvetica—so, let’s get to it. Tune in. IG: @educatedguess__
May 3, 2018
How To Fall In Love Again | Ep. 7
On this episode of Educated Guess, we talk about the all too familiar feeling like you "missed your moment" or "I don't love it the way I used to". I'm offering you three simple ways to get through this familiar feeling. In this podcast, you'll hear some points about the following: - Review on Austin Kleon's books - Helpful quotes from Brian Eno, John Lennon, Charlie Chaplin, and Thom Yorke - Personal anecdotes on the feeling of falling out of love - The importance of being an amateur - "Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating." If you like what you hear, share by simply sending an episode to one friend. That's how we can help spread this message!
April 30, 2018
How To Get Out of Your Artistic Rut | Ep. 6
Today, we're talking about that moment we all love to hate. The moment when we look up and realize it's been 12 days since we last worked on the project we know we've been looking to finish: a painting, a song, etc. We're not here to gripe about it. We're here to acknowledge it as a truth and share 3 WAYS TO GET OVER IT. Tune in. IG: @justinmcelderry
April 27, 2018
Nate Brown - Creative Director | Ep. 5
The "Name Drop" series -- happening every Wednesday on Educated Guess is meant to make sure people in our community are aware of artists that have paved the way before us! This Installment: Nate Brown (IG: @thenatebrown) Here's What We Cover in This Segment. 1. Quick Bio and Their Process 2. 3 Projects You Should Definitely Know About 3. Their Signature Style 4. Other Names To Know
April 26, 2018
How to Make the Most of 5 Hrs in a Day | Ep. 4
1. Diving into "There's not enough time." or "I've got all this time and don't know what to do." 2. The Pomodoro Method 3. How I Use it To Plan My Day ig: @justinmcelderry
April 23, 2018
Paul Williams - The Architect of LA | Ep. 3
Topics covered on this week's show. 1. What is NYSK? What does it stand for? 2. Who is Paul Williams? 3. What are some projects we might recognize regularly? 4. What's unique about his style or process? 5. Who are some other names to know?
April 19, 2018
Escaping the "Factory Mentality" | Ep. 2
An episode specifically for moonlighting artists out there looking for the breakthrough while working a day job. 1. What is the factory mentality? 2. Why is it important to our field? 3. What do we do about it? How can we overcome it? 4. What resources do we have to remind ourselves when things get tough again?
April 17, 2018
How I Use Pinterest to Avoid Distraction | Ep. 1
April 10, 2018
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