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EducationNC provides an independent source of news, data, and analysis about education for the people of North Carolina. Here we dive deep into the stories of teachers, students, and education leaders as we work towards fulfilling our mission of expanding educational opportunities for all students in North Carolina.
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Beyond Leandro: Chasing an Extraordinary Education for Young People
Welcome back to Season 2 of The Hummingbird Stories! This week, Donnell and Jenny are learning about the Leandro case in North Carolina and dreaming about what it means to go Beyond Leandro. They talk to's Rupen Fofaria and hear from education leaders Aylon Samouha of Transcend Education, Sonn Sam of Big Picture Learning, and Carol Bower of GALS Denver. Learn more about Aylon Samouha’s work at, Sonn Sam’s work at, and Carol Bower's work at We want to hear from you! Our weekly question is: Everyone in our state is talking about a sound, basic education. But what would an extraordinary education look like? Visit backslash hummingbird to chime in. Artwork by 11th grade student Jocelyn H. Check out her work at @celyns_arts on Instagram.
August 31, 2022
An emotional job: directing exceptional children services for NC
Sherry Thomas talks pandemic, IEPs, and funding for students with disabilities.
August 26, 2021
Moving kids forward: A look at DPI’s new Office of Learning Recovery & Acceleration.
In April, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt laid out Operation Polaris -- her vision for operation of the public education system. At the center is the Office of Learning Recovery & Acceleration, where Michael Maher is executive director.
August 25, 2021
Craven County Commissioners support anti-critical race theory resolution. what does this mean for Craven County students?
At their August second meeting, Craven County Commissioners voted in support of an anti-critical race theory resolution. At the meeting, members of the community gave their opinions on the resolution and discussed what the board’s decision will mean for Craven County Schools.
August 10, 2021
“We’re not always going to get it right.” ft. Steven Gupton of Durham County
This is episode three of's Future Forward podcast series. In this episode you’ll hear from Steven Gupton, a teacher in Durham County. On top of all of the changes educators had to make during the pandemic, Gupton also had to manage switching schools — from his home county to where he teaches now in Durham. He’s learned a lot about connecting with students this year by using innovative methods like home visits to reach those that were less engaged. Thank you for listening! Visit for more information about the Future Forward series.
May 05, 2021
‘School’s changed forever’ ft. Sara Lilley of Vance County
Today you'll hear from Sara Lilley who is an elementary school teacher in Vance County, where she's worked for 11 years. Lilley shares why building strong relationships with students is one of her core values as an educator and how that was magnified this past year teaching during the pandemic. She also talks about the benefits personalized learning has had on her students. Lilley is a pancreatic cancer survivor, which inspired her to start doing ironman races. Thank you for listening! Visit for more information about the Future Forward series.
April 29, 2021
'The strangest year of my career' ft. Casear Campana of Clay County
This is the first episode of's Future Forward podcast series featuring Caesar Campana, a teacher at Hayesville High School. Campana has been teaching for 20 years and this has been, in his words, "the strangest year" yet. In this episode, Campana shares his experiences with student engagement this past year, how he's balancing a new hybrid learning model, and his thoughts on the pressure to have his students reading on grade level. Thank you for listening! Visit for more information about the Future Forward series.
April 29, 2021