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The eduCreators Podcast

The eduCreators Podcast

By eduCreators
The eduCreators podcast is your source for news and current events related to the fields of education, technology, and education policy. In addition to bringing you the news, we also speak to educators and those who are making an impact on the way that students learn and share their individual talents and creativity.
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Archived Episode: The 2016 Election Episode
The 2016 election is finally here, but what do this year's races have to do with education policy in America? In this episode, we take a closer look at some of 2016's most important races with the help of an excellent voter's guide created by Education Week. Congressional races, gubernatorial elections, and ballot measures will all be a lot more fun to talk about than the race between Hillary and Trump. And when there's no more to be said about this week's ballot, never fear - ECOT founder Bill Lager is spending less this year on political contributions, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has some new advice for parents who are concerned about their children's "screen time".
February 22, 2018
Archived Episode: Flexible Seating in the Elementary Classroom
Giving students in elementary school a chance to make authentic choices is an essential part of preparing them for taking responsibility later in life, so one of the latest trends in classrooms is to offer flexible seating arrangements. In this first episode back after the summer, Cory talks to Nicole Davis and Kayla Kidwell, two teachers at Roseville Elementary in Zanesville, OH.
February 22, 2018
Archived Episode: Project Right Angle
Earlier in 2016, 7th-grade social studies teacher Matt Brown passed away after a long battle with cancer. In his wake, however, he left Project Right Angle - a challenge to 13 middle school students to design the perfect arm brace to help him overcome the side effects of his radiation treatments. In this episode, I speak with some of those students - each from Maysville Middle School in Zanesville, Ohio - and their STEM teacher, Brandon German. We talk about the genesis of the project, the early obstacles that the group faced when designing a prototype (or two, or three, or more!) and the outcomes, both expected and unexpected, of their collaboration with Matt Brown, and more importantly, with each other. The students featured in this interview are: Rylee Butler, Donna Hampp, Jett Hill, Hannah Ogilbee, Addlaide Pitcock, Kassidy Rock, and Katlyne Terrill. Not present for the interview were: Morgan Jinkens, Kalli Sidwell, Paige Webb, Jenna Meredith, Brianna Morrison, and Lauren Pickre
February 22, 2018
Archived Episode: Family Engagement and the edcamp Movement
In this post-SXSWedu episode, Cory Roush speaks about the way that the media creates a narrative, unintentional or not, that doesn’t reflect well upon the teaching profession. He also introduces an interview with two Ohio County Schools administrators, Michelle Dietrich and Susan Nolte, where professional development, teacher training, and family engagement are just a few of the topics discussed!
February 22, 2018