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Episode 4- Student Centered Learning

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By Janalee
EDU of 76067 is a podcast created by the head librarian and instructional technology coach of Mineral Wells ISD whose main goal is to share and inform listeners of all things EDU- instructional technology, classroom strategies, educational buzz words, and point-of-view from other educators. If it involves the world of education, we’re going to examine it.
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Episode 5- Back To School 2019
In this Episode, Janalee Martin, Instructional Tech, and Head Librarian, Cathy Hammond, sit down with Mineral Wells ISD Superintendent, Dr. John Kuhn to discuss and share the upcoming school year for Mineral Wells ISD students and parents. It's an exciting time in the school district and city. Great things are on the horizon! Follow us on Twitter... Janalee Martin- @janaleemartin Cathy Hammond- @hammondcathy9 John Kuhn- @johnkuhntx EDU of 76067 website
August 14, 2019
Episode 4- Student Centered Learning
In this Episode, Nichole Gray, Asst. High School Principal, and Janalee Martin, Instructional Technology Specialist, discuss different components that make up the student-centered learning environment. Topics of 'why student-centered learning', 'how to get started', and 'tools and strategies' are discussed. Follow Nichole Gray on Twitter at @coachgrayclass and Janalee at @janaleemartin. Want to listen to the other episodes? Check out the EDU of 76067 website for more.
June 20, 2019
Episode 3- Innovation in MWISD Libraries
Mineral Wells ISD librarians come together to share and discuss how their Makerspaces at their campuses encourages innovation, creativity, and real-world learning. Check out more information about MWISD libraries by clicking here. Follow our librarians on Twitter: Cathy Hammond, District Lead Librarian- @hammondcathy9 Tammy Thomas,  Junior High Librarian- @tamkthomas Cara Shoemaker, Houston Librarian-  @CaraShoemaker1 Kira Buck, Lamar Librarian- @kbuck722 For other episodes, check out our website- EDU of 76067.
June 5, 2019
Episode 2- Google Keep
Episode 2, Google Keep is a discussion about the variety of ways you can use Google Keep personally or within your classroom. For more information, check out the Google Keep Tech Tip Tuesday Smore.
May 21, 2019
Episode 1- Introduction to EDU of 76067
In Episode 1 Introduction to EDU of 76067, we discuss and reflect on the "why" of creating a podcast within our school district.
April 30, 2019
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