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The Aesthetics of Leadership

The Aesthetics of Leadership

By Edwin Adams
The Aesthetics of Leadership are a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of transformations, especially in leadership. Hosted by Dr. Edwin Adams. Available on all major podcast outlets. Video versions of the show available at - AND the video episodes are searchable by keyword!
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Clay Stephens: Consistency Through Adversity
He was born with only one pectoral muscle, lacking the one in the right side of his chest. "It's a fairly major muscle in the chest. Everyone has their battles, it just happens that mine is quite visually obvious, so it’s talked about a little more. I don’t think of it as any more hindering than issues that other people in elite sport face though, whether that be mental or physical. We’re all fighting against something.” What a profound statement from one of today’s top athletes. It speaks to the heart of the man on the inside. Clay Mason Stephens, born in Australia, is up for an Olympic bid to represent his home country. For the past few years, Clay has been part of the NCAA Fighting Illini gymnastics squad. Always looking for growth environments, Clay chose Illinois because, "it has an exciting and enthusiastic gymnastics program with a great bunch of selfless athletes. Everyone in the program at Illinois has the goal of improving their gymnastics and supporting their teammates to do the same. Being in a healthy environment like that will help me to develop my gymnastics to the highest possible level and hopefully help the team achieve great things.” Join our conversation as we discuss the nature and appreciation of transformations, environments for growth, and the mindset to press on under the greatest resistance.
April 9, 2021
Dr. Tim Reed: Needle on Red
Dr. Tim Reed is a father, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Creator of the Straight-Line Fitness Solution. He grew up the second of seven kids in a small Nebraska farm town. The strong silent type is what they used to call him because even though he excelled in athletics and was a standout athlete, Tim grew up shy and timid. He often reflects on and embraces the journey he's been on and those who have guided him along the way. Since the young age when he was obsessed with human performance to now at the age of 32 realizing how much fitness has been a catalyst for a total life transformation. Now he coaches other how they too can live a healthy, energetic lifestyle, and as Tim likes to say "keep the needle on red." Online at On InstaGram: @DadBod_ReInvented On TikTok: @DadBod_ReInvented Team DBR Apparel:
March 24, 2021
Trey Bell: Processing Trajectory
Trey Bell, LCSW, IIN Holistic Health Coach, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer: Movement and activity has been a staple in my life since I can remember.  Growing up in small town Delaware, team sports like baseball and soccer were always a top priority along with family and friends.  In fact, my devotion to baseball led to a scholarship to play Division 1 baseball for Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus.  While learning more and more about baseball and strength training, I also completed two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work.  Through these experiences, I began to realize the importance of the connection between the mind and body. Online at: On InstaGram at: @TreyBell
March 20, 2021
Edward Chlerich: A Simple Act of Kindness
Fuelled by a simple mission, to spread kindness in a challenging world, I place self-care and wellbeing at the centre of my platform. In my career, I’m a marketing and relationship management professional, who helps brands build stronger connections with individuals. I create content that not only promotes a product but also a lifestyle. To be authentic and to resonate with people is the main objective of my messaging. This has enabled me to foster new client relationships and loyalty. I joined social media in April 2020 and have cultivated a community of over 300,000, which serves as a testament to how engaging the content I create is. My hope is that I make someone smile and give them a chance to take a breath from any worry. I encourage my community to explore their passions, to travel, and to live a healthy, environmentally-conscious lifestyle. On InstaGram & TikTok @Edward3s
March 13, 2021
Jesse Smith: Front Stage Leadership
Jesse is an established dancer, recording artist and entrepreneur.  Getting his start in the entertainment world when he moved to L.A. in 2005 as a dancer with McDonald Selznick Associates.  There he got an opportunity to work with artists like Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Mario and more.  Since then he has been using his talents to perform and speak all over the world on stages in front of over 100,000 people in his career. Now Jesse continues to help creatives turn their passion into a thriving business that can make a positive impact on the world through his business My Creative District. Through My Creative District, Jesse cofounded WorldWide Dance Challenge – An online Dance Show/Competition where they bring dancers from around the world and all different styles to compete head to head live online in front of a live audience for a chance to be named the worlds best. You can check it out at Social Media channels FB: Instagram:  @jessepaulsmith LinkedIn: Website:
February 28, 2021
Daniel Muto: Overcoming All Obstacles
My journey with CrossFit began in the Spring of 2012. After catching a rerun of the 2011 CrossFit Games, I was mesmerized, I needed to give it a shot. I knew that the older brother of a friend who I grew up playing baseball with had just opened a CrossFit gym. So I reached out and set up an intro session. My first workout was the Baseline WOD (500 meter row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups) and it left me sprawled on the floor for what felt like an eternity after finishing. It was a feeling that I had not experienced from a workout ever before, and I knew immediately that I was hooked. Going to classes several days a week became the norm, and I found myself constantly looking forward to my next visit to the box. CrossFit quickly became a huge part of my life, and I knew that I wanted that part to continue to grow. After graduating from college with a degree in history, I acquired a personal training certification to make a little money while in grad school. I always saw this as the first step toward getting my Level 1 — I knew that I wanted to become a coach — but I wanted some experience under my belt first. I worked as a personal trainer for 2 years before finally attending my Level 1 certification. Coaching became my passion immediately. Getting the chance to connect with people and affect change on a daily basis is an amazing feeling. Some of my closest friends and fondest memories have been made through CrossFit. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to call this my career. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Online at and On InstaGram @MutoDaniel @PisgahFitness @D.Muto.Training
February 21, 2021
Tylor Gentry: The Gift & The Curse
Tylor Gentry is the founder of Ambition Threads. A motivating lifestyle brand bringing a clean, luxurious style to the main stream with quality apparel, headwear and accessories. Influenced by action sports, fitness and the daily hard-workers that strive to be extraordinary. Ambition is an empowering movement driven by motivated individuals that break the mold and strive to be the best version of themselves all while maintaining hard work, faith & persistence to achieve their own level of success. Remember back when wearing the latest and greatest trend made you feel like you were a leader amongst followers. When having the best brand made you feel as if your identity changed. As if your AMBITION towards the day had risen to the top. Ambition Threads is that feeling. We are taking an industry that's about looks, and making about the feel and the message, with an innovative and creative style to every aspect of our brand! Online at On InstaGram @AmbitionThreadsCo and @_TylorGentry
February 20, 2021
Thomas Cox: Solution Finder
Thomas Cox is a former college football player at UAB and former college football coach. He was the first QB in UAB History to lead a UAB football team to defeat a ranked opponent.  He is a husband, father, mentor and life changer.  He began his business Mealfit in 2013 from his kitchen table. A friend came to him with a dilemma of how to eat healthy and Thomas used his expertise in meal planning to help this friend. This quickly turned into thousands.  Mealfit is Thomas's company founded on making eating easier and healthier. He feels motivating people through food and lifestyle is the way he can truly impact this world. As a businessman Thomas has grown a very successful online, retail and catering business through his holistic grassroots approach.  He has seen profits double in every year of business through his knowledge of marketing and customer service. In just 8 years Thomas has taken mealfit from an idea on a borrowed laptop to generating millions of dollars in just 8 years. Thomas has also leveraged his business income and has stepped into real estate where he owns multiple apartment units in Tennessee and Alabama.   Any business wants to know how to turn customers into disciples and Thomas has done this with each of his thriving businesses. MealFit Online at: Table & Thyme Online at:
February 19, 2021
Marc Waterman: Magic In The Seed
“You wont make it” “ you cant do it” these are words I’m sure we have all heard either externally or internally, sometimes they propel us forward and other times they anchor us in pain. Marc has heard the words and chosen to not listen. Riding the bus of life without a destination into his teenage years he decided to try and get off. Stop the bus get to that final destination. That didn’t work out and a decision to change took over, “if I’m going to be on the bus, I want at least a say in where its going”. In the trilogy of mind, body and spirit he took action where he could and started to transform his body, he because an awarded international natural bodybuilder, over a decade of a journey he then set to transform his mind culminating in years of study and a Masters in Business and now looking to gain the courage of spiritual connection, using the tools he has in a time when he feels most connected.. when he is riding one of his restored vintage motorcycles. On Instagram: @WolfMotorPack
February 17, 2021
Lee Werner: Mo Money, Mo Problems
Lee has never been one to take the typical path through life, but whatever he does, he does it full tilt. Whether it was playing hockey growing up, playing in bands in high school, studying music and business in college, or building and driving race cars; whatever he’s doing, you can bet he’s giving it everything he’s got. His love of cars led to his first career in the auto-industry, where he gained hands on knowledge in the garage followed by almost a decade of experience in managing relationships. Specializing in helping small and medium sized businesses manage their fleets, Lee developed his common sense approach to problem solving. He also learned first-hand how rewarding it is to take a personal interest in his clients. On nights and weekends he and a small team of friends chased their passion for racing. Building and maintaining their own car, Werner Motorsports LLC and their “Spec Miata” compete on the highest level of amateur sports car racing in the country - the Sports Car Club of America Majors Tour. Now as an ACCREDITED ASSET MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST ®  Lee’s method is to focus first on people, and then help them find the right strategies. With his background outside of the financial industry, and by joining forces with his mother Marsha (a veteran CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® for over 25 years), the family team founded Turning Point Wealth Management at Raymond James. Together Lee and Marsha span a generation gap and a gender gap to bring a different perspective than many other wealth managers in the business. Using that unique perspective as their map, they guide clients through life’s craziness toward the financial turning points they strive for.
February 16, 2021
Brian Bisher: Unbreakable Foundations
I graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy in 2013 and received a certification in health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017. Six years ago, a two week experiment with fasting opened the gateway for my own personal wellness journey. Having struggled with insecurities about my own physical appearance and health issues nearly my entire life, I have made it my mission and purpose to help others become the agents of change in their life and feel more secure in who they are physically and mentally to escape the trap of self-comparison and bring more energy and joy into their lives. Specifically, my focus is on young professional dads who want to build an unbreakable foundation of health and fitness for life without hating the process. I empower men to create the habits and mindset needed to thrive as partners, parents and professionals. Empower Rx Health Solutions Online:
February 15, 2021
Dael Sovchik: Accountability & Progression
I began my personal training career in 2014 starting at Golds Gym while pursuing my bachelor’s degree at The University of Akron studying Exercise Science specializing in Strength and Conditioning. I also had the opportunity to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach intern for The University of Akron Football Team, gaining over 300 hours of experience training Division 1 football athletes in Neck, Back, and Core progression, assisting with preparing certain athletes for the NFL combine and working along side the Head Strength and Conditioning coach in training NFL athletes. I acquired my NCCA Personal Trainer Certificate and my NCCA Strength and Conditioning Certificate through The National Council on Strength and Fitness. My Coaching Philosophy is to influence my clients and athletes by holding them accountable, providing education, establishing a healthy lifestyle, committing to their goals and above all encourage positivity through fitness. On Instagram: @Coach.Sovchik
February 14, 2021
Eric Guilmette: Finding Positive Places To Grow
Eric Guilmette, 26, is a male model, actor & fitness coach living in Long Beach, California. A former pro natural bodybuilder, Eric's career in entertainment has exploded since transitioning to a full time model in October 2019. Even throughout the pandemic, Eric has thrived and modeled for many major brands all over the country including Differio, JJ Malibu, WEN, RounderBum and many more. Eric tells us in the podcast he has "huge projects" that he is currently working on that he is very excited to unveil over the coming months. With so much excitement to come, be sure to follow Eric on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter "@etfitnesscoach" and live the blissful journey with Eric each day. Photographer Credit: "Victor Ozuna - Greek...." - Victor Ozuna @victoroz
February 13, 2021
Chase Coleman: No Regrets
Coleman’s first acting gig was portraying the character, Garrett, on the popular daytime show, One Life to Live. From there, more impressive guest star roles have continued to add to his resume, including: The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Kings, as well as many other starring and supporting roles in independent films like New York City Serenade, Catahoula, and God Don’t Make the Laws. He also played the lead of Andrew in the off-Broadway play My Big Gay Italian Wedding. In 2010, Coleman won the Screen Actors Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series,” for his role on Boardwalk Empire. In 2011, he was nominated for an Indie Soap Award for “Best Supporting Actor in a Drama,” for his portrayal of Dr. Dane Sullivan on the show, In Between Men. Coleman founded the production company Bloodstone Productions and wrote the short film Into the Rose Garden which he also directed and starred in. More recent acting gigs include guest starring as Robert in the pilot of the TV series, The Americans, in the summer of 2012, as well as filming Season Two of In Between Men. In 2014, Coleman was cast as Oliver, a werewolf of the Crescent Wolf Clan, on The Originals, the popular spin-off show of The Vampire Diaries. Oliver’s run spanned twelve episodes between Season One and Season Two. Most recently, you can catch Chase attending several fan conventions developed for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, both as a guest star and musician. It is evident as soon as you meet this young man, how much he cares for and adores his fans. During every appearance at these conventions, Chase not only displays his talented skills as a musician, but he also interacts with the fans as much as possible, leaving them with lifelong memories and many awesome selfies. Fans could describe Chase as “the life of the party,” full of boundless energy, and absolutely one of the best, most genuine celebrities to be around. Whether it’s rocking out at a karaoke party or having fun during a Q&A panel, it’s always safe to say that if Chase is around, everyone is going to have a great time! With all the accomplishments Chase Coleman has achieved so far, both in his professional acting career and as a musician, there is no doubt that he will go on to accomplish bigger and better things in his lifetime. We, as fans, can only stand back and watch his star burn brighter. Follow Chase on InstaGram @chasercoleman And online at:
February 12, 2021
Brandon Burns: A New Focus
Brandon Burns is a lifelong coach with roots in the athletics and fitness communities. After graduating from the University of Michigan with dual degrees in economics and psychology, he expanded his coaching career into business consulting, as well as personal & professional development coaching. He has worked with a wide range of individuals, from youth, to award-winning artists and professional athletes. He currently serves as a coach & business development specialist for Eric Thomas & Associates, in addition to building his own boutique coaching & consulting practice - The Adamas Group. Follow Brandon on LinkedIn Follow on Instagram @IAmBBurns
February 8, 2021
Joshua Mills: Whatever It Takes
In 2012, my father and best friend passed away from colon cancer at 48 years old. The last lesson my father bestowed upon me before passing was that “your health is your wealth and without your health you have nothing.” There’s never been a more profound moment in my life, as it was there and then that I committed to redirect my life and take ownership of my health. I was overweight, hypertensive, prediabetic and depressed at the age of 25; today, I am a new person. In the past eight years, I’ve obtained a Master’s degree using food as medicine, a plethora of fitness certifications, and held positions with industry leaders in fitness and corrective exercise, and nutrition education. I’ve personally tried almost every diet and fitness routine you can think of from vegan, IIFYM, Carnivore, 5 day water fasts and smoothie detoxes to bodybuilding, cross-fit and bodyweight bootcamps. By personally knocking down every door out there as well as learning and working with thousands of people, I’ve found the recipe that allows us to combat the diseases of lifestyle (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, etc.) and live to happy, healthy, and WHEALTHY! I couldn’t be more excited to be part of a one-in-a-million team and deliver an A to Z solution that empowers you to make lifelong sustainable changes to be your healthiest, most vibrant you! Follow Josh on Instagram @holistic_af And Online
February 7, 2021
Bart Babineaux: Student of Life
graduated from University of Illinois- Chicago 2007 Rawlings All- American 2006; Baseball turned Serial Entrepreneur- Opened 1 biz at 26; Feildhouse Expanded shortly after- Sold both in 2012- Opened Cfwm in Jan 7 2013 (current) Bought CFNM in 2013 (sold 2014) Opened CFWO in 2014 (sold 2014) Opened Lean|Bodies gym in Costa Mesa Ca 2016 (sold 2018) Real Estate investor; Rental properties Student of LIFE Follow his journey on InstaGram: @BartBabs
February 1, 2021
Maverick Willett: Fear Warrior
Maverick is a former collegiate athlete, Army Ranger Veteran, and now a full-time online coach. He's been training/coaching others to reach their physical and mental potential for over a decade. Since going online, the results he's been able to get have multiplied exponentially, for now he is able to not only give people a truly customized blueprint for success, he can also be with them everywhere they go! However, what he is now is the product of many years of challenges, trials, and tribulations. As a kid he was bullied and made fun of every day by kids who had more money, and were more physically developed than he was. This destroyed his self confidence for many, many years. Fitness was always his outlet, but even as he developed physically, he wasn't confident in himself on the inside. He vowed that not only would he find more confidence within himself, but he would also help others with their mindset and self image. After growing up feeling like he was never good enough, he vowed to never let anyone else feel the same. His goal with every client is inner and outer change. Maverick believes we all have a light, and he can help anyone shine it brightly and vividly. He also introduces mindset practices that will turn people's life around. He is living proof! Online: Schedule An Appointment On InstaGram: @Maverick_Willett
January 29, 2021
Sil Visser: The Greatest Mental Gains
From Sil: I want to start here not with who I am and what I do, but why I do it. Quality of life is one of the greatest values to me. I believe it should be to you as well. We all know the saying, “Rather one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep.” Right? But why not a lifetime as a lion?! I believe that as long we are eager enough, we can achieve that. And that’s why I am here. I am Sil Visser, a health & vitality coach and body composition specialist with over 10 years of experience. As an international model working with many fitness brands, I have to be able to combine the high demands of physical achievements while being a vegan for my own personal and ethical motives. I advocate for drug free results.  These results are longer-lasting and contribute to a healthy and balanced life. I excel at deadline diets with peak strategies, (vegan) ketogenic diets, high performance programs and body composition optimisation. I am a motivated person, determined to get the best results not only for myself but also for the people with whom I work and support. My discipline is my strength. I thrive on pushing myself to the limit and testing my capabilities. Motivating others from my personal experience and knowledge is what I do best. With this personal approach, I support, coach and lead people in reaching their own maximum potential. Learn More at: On InstaGram: @Sil.Visser
January 25, 2021
Keyen Lage: Emotional Alignment
Keyen Lage is a former NFL Athlete turned Emotional Intelligence Coach for World-Class Leaders. After almost becoming paralyzed during a football injury in the National Football League, Keyen was able to start his new journey by looking at life from a completely new perspective. He dove head first into understanding what it actually means to live a life of fulfillment while achieving success along the way. Since making that decision, Keyen has personally worked with over 300 people on creating a healthy relationship with themselves so they are able to escape the rat race of the achievement loop, and step into a place of achieving massive success, impact, and money from a place of ease. He helps entrepreneurs, and business owners regain a deeper connection with themselves to find more fulfillment in their lives. Keyen has worked with World-Class Fitness Models, Professional Athletes, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, & C-List Executives. Keyen works with people all over the world on being able to remove mental, emotional, & physical blockages that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. My clients do things that few people on the planet can do. They are powerful, passionate and successful, yet whatever is coming next still feels like a really big leap. They want to take the next big step. I help extraordinary people who already achieve 'impossible' goals to achieve what still looks 'impossible' to them. Online: On InstaGram: @Keyen.Lage
January 22, 2021
Liam Sallquist: Raw & Unedited
"El Lobo" fights his way onto the show to share his perspectives on change, transformation, and spirituality.
January 20, 2021
Tyler Kelly: Risk and Reward
Being a competitor and Fitness enthusiast, Tyler's passion grew from continuing his education with ISSA Fitness Specialist Certification, and exploring in his own research of studies and databases. He's grown into a sponge, continuing to learn as much information about the Fitness Industry as possible. Sharing his passion and knowledge with the rest of the world will be something he does for the rest of his life. Since becoming a certified fitness professional, he has worked with countless individuals both in person and online to bring an indescribable bond between them along the journey. As fortunate as he is to do what he loves, he always looks forward to the next challenge for both himself and what value he can bring into this world. This is his Full-Time Job, and he puts everything he has into each and every one of his clients to ensure the best result along with a life-changing experience. He's the founder of both Logical Lifting and InstaShred...truly transformational brands. Online at: On InstaGram at: @Insta_Shred and @TKelly4242
January 18, 2021
Dave Durante: The Elite Resource of Technique
Dave Durante is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as alternate. After retiring from competition, David helped coach his alma mater, Stanford University, to an NCAA Team Title in 2009 and has continued to be a part of the sport through his position on the Athlete Advisory Committee with the United States Olympic Committee as well as his position on the USA Gymnastics Men's Technical Committee. Dave was a lead coach with the CrossFit Gymnastics L1 course from 2013-2015. He also wrote and developed the CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Course. Dave is co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness and Power Monkey Camp. Online at: On InstaGram: @DaveDurante
January 16, 2021
Johnny Otley: Leaps of Faith
Back from Season 1, Episode 13, for another inspiring and engaging conversation, Johnny Otley brings more stories and influence from his relentless leaps of faith. Johnny is an athlete. But not just any athlete. He chooses extreme sport to test his mental and physical limits. This incredible skill has come from a transformation in his spirit. He's an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, while also serving as a mentor and coach for the next generation of athletes. Join our conversation as we dive deep into his transformational experiences in body, mind, and spirit.  On InstaGram: @Johnny.Otley
January 11, 2021
Christian DelRosario: Photo Ninja & Global Ambassador
Christian has been a professional photographer since 2008. There are three passions in life that keep him busy -- his love for animals, traveling, and photography. His most recent endeavor involves taking people to Africa on safari trips, where he teach photography and shares his passion and love for animals with his guests and friends. He is a very proud Dad to a beautiful Frenchie named Roxie and a cute Boston Terrier named Romi. His two dogs make me very very happy. His mantra: Unpretentious Photography.  Online at On InstaGram at: @TheChristianDelrosario
January 8, 2021
Coffee Talk with Bonde Johnson
Bonde Johnson is a young entrepreneur with a passion for fitness, health, and real estate. He is the Founder & CEO of a coffee roasting company, a commercial real estate broker, and has a YouTube channel where he teaches about coffee and business. With his undergraduate degree in nutrition science, MBA in Real Estate, and real world experience running multiple businesses--he has grown into a young leader in his field. Learn more about The Brew Brothers and the Roasted Coffee Company here: Follow Bonde on Instagram @Bonde_Jr And on YouTube as Bonde Johnson
January 2, 2021
Nick Finch: An Awakening
Since a young age, I’ve been fascinated by human potential. To go beyond what I was capable of and achieve greater things. This first showed itself in the many trips to my local woods where I would begin my gradual increase in fitness to join the Armed Forces shortly after. After 6 years in various reserve forces I developed a greater understanding of what it meant to build and maintain an inner world of strength and resilience. One that would soon reflect itself in the outer world in the form of success in fitness and helping others get their own goals. It was these formative years of developing inner calm and grit that allowed me the capacity to lead from the front, and help others reach beyond where they are at; and reach their potential. To reflect back now, a lot of those years were met with self doubt and anxiety. Not quite knowing if I was on the right path or not. But due to the current pandemic, a mindset that more of us need more than ever. That is, the mindset to go beyond our capabilities. Beyond our comfort zone. Because it is in facing discomfort, we begin to achieve a life worth living and begin to see progress. A life, in which we begin to feel ‘Alive’. And that’s worth living. On Instagram: @GetFitByNick
December 6, 2020
Aaron Wiebe: Growing Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally
Aaron Wiebe is a 24 year old leader who helps people achieve GROWTH in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of their lives! He started out as a physical health enthusiast and after years of following his passion to help others, he came to a point where he realized he cannot have true physical health without balancing the mental and emotional side of his life. This is to him, what haelen, or "whole" means - His mission is to educate people on how to achieve a life not void of trauma and pain, but a life where you know how to deal with both in a way that achieves GROWTH. Founder of Haelen Strength on InstaGram
November 28, 2020
Copernicus Johnson: Growth & Adaptation To Stimulus
Copernicus has a natural talent in bringing out the best potential in people and their ideas. -Public speaker -WBFF Pro & Published Fitness Model -Owner of Actions Over Words Lifestyle, LLC  Influencer Coordinator for Ambition Threads He thrives off of sharing high quality lifestyle and fitness content!
November 16, 2020
Ryan 'Stacks' Harmon: Transformations In Words & Actions
Fitness influencer who has earned over 2.8 million fans to his ryan.stacks TIkTok account, where he posts a range of comedic videos as well as fitness content. He is also a USA Today Best-Selling Author. Find all things Ryan online: Click Here InstaGram: Watson and Stacks Books On Amazon
November 9, 2020
Jonah Malin: Overcoming The Biggest Fears
Jonah Malin is a content strategist and contributing writer based in Washington DC. Malin is a top writer on Medium, Career Advice Author for Ladders, and an active member of the fitness community as an ambassador for NOOMA and owner of ColdPressed, a digital publication about wellness.  You can connect with Jonah at:  On his website:  and on his 'Barely Relevant' newsletter site:
November 2, 2020
Charlie Dolnosich: aka No Excuse Charlie
Who is Charlie? Charlie is a man of many hats.  He's a teacher, a certified personal trainer, a nutrition consultant, an online coach, a bodybuilder, a podcast host, and a youth mentor amongst many other things.  He originally forged his passion for working with children and athletes from the early stages of his teaching career.  Leadership has been a crucial cog to his success in all of these aforementioned areas.  He works diligently with his students and clients and always strives to improve his outreach and professional development.  He has trained hundreds of athletes and helped earn scholarships for many.  This man of many hats continues to try and add feathers to them as regularly as possible. Host - The Chasing Dream Podcast Instagram - @NoExcuseCharlie Twitter - @NoExcuseCharlie
October 26, 2020
Drew DeOrsey: On Change & Consciousness
Voted #1 Men's Fitness Coach in Denver 2019 Certified Weight Loss Hypnotherapist Holistic Health Expert & Nutrition Coach On InstaGram: @DrewDeOrsey On YouTube: Drew DeOrsey For Coaching: Schedule A Time To Talk
October 19, 2020
Luke Smith: Creating Environments For Growth...Body, Mind, & Spirit
Former Army Ranger, now high performance coach
October 12, 2020
Jacob Actkinson: Crushing His House Arrest
On InstaGram: @jacobactkinson  Playlists by JACOBY on SoundCloud: House Arrest, Pumpkin Spice Bangers & Pumpkin Spice Bangers II
October 9, 2020
Jesse Foy: A Story Teller Through Many Lenses
Jesse Foy is a 25 year old self-taught, independent photographer & filmmaker who resides in the beautiful beach town of Destin, Florida. Jesse enjoys spending quiet time on the beach with the Lord, exploring the deep blue sea with his sister or best friend, wearing a GoPro on his head regularly, and juggling 10 different instagram accounts on a daily basis. Contact Jesse by email or via instagram: instagram @JesseMe93
October 3, 2020
Chuck Taylor: Trouble Maker Turned Entrepreneur
Trouble maker turned entrepreneur. I grew up in a small town in Central Texas. Early in life, I was a good kid who made straight As & Bs and attended church on a regular basis. However, as I graduated high school and had a child at an early age, I allowed my emotions and lack of better judgement to steer me in the wrong direction. After several years of doing drugs, going to jail a handful of times, and almost killing myself (from poor choices), I decided it was time for a change and began my path on self-improvement. I was blessed enough to find a mentor just when I needed one. From there, I would make several failed attempts to start my own business as I continued to improve myself as a person. Eventually opening a bar on 6th street was my first semi-successful endeavor. Shortly after, I found myself wholesaling real estate. I started my real estate career in his early 20’s buying and selling real estate notes. This would be the foundation that would help me start, what is now, a successful real estate business. Now, my brother (who is also my business partner) and I diligently work to improve the efficiency of our business and adapt to the ever changing marketplace. I enjoy traveling with my wife, spending time with our dog Hurley, and hanging out with friends and family. It's my passion to share the principles I've learned in the past 15 years as I've relentlessly pursued becoming the best version of myself that I could possibly be. PS. I'm addicted to fitness. On Instagram: @ChuckBuysRealEstate The Tayton Brothers Real Estate Company
September 28, 2020
Force Recon Marine Vet, Sgt. Adam Terrazas: The Relentless Pursuit of Winning Strength
Adam Terrazas was born August 22nd 1995, in Thousand Oaks, CA where he was raised by his parents Larry and Tracey Terrazas. His father worked in Aerospace for the Space Shuttle Program and his mother was worked as a hair stylist. He is the youngest of two following his sister Alexa. From a young age, Adam was very competitive, being a three sport athlete with many hobbies including: golfing, surfing and playing the guitar. He graduated from Westlake high school where his passion to serve God and country would ultimately lead  his path to the United States Military. Adam joined the Marine Corps in September 2014 where he attended MCRD San Diego and graduated recruit training at the top of his class as Company Honor Man and Iron Man. He was meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal/E-3 for his achievements in Alpha Company, 2D Recruit Training Battalion. After graduating from MCRD, he reported to the School of Infantry West, Infantry Training Battalion, Upon completion of infantry training he attended Basic Reconnaissance Course, Survive Evade Resist Escape,  Army Airborne, Multi Mission Parachute Course, Combatant Dive School, Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Master and Joint Fires Observer. He spent two and a half years in Okinawa, Japan where he conducted a full platoon cycle as Point Man/Navigator in a Force Recon Platoon. In that time, he attended Tactical Combat Casualty Care,  Close Quarters Tactics training, Visit Board Search and Seizure operations,  High Altitude High Opening parachutist course, and deployed on the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. While deployed he conducted joint exercises conducting multiple training operations with the Air Force Special Operations Command. In October, 2017 he conducted Foreign Internal Defense operations in the Philippines where he trained and supervised Philippine Force Recon Marines in Close Quarter Tactics and Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques in aid of follow on operations. After his deployment with the Maritime Raid Force he went on to be the Assistant Team Leader in Force Company’s POTUS Platoon. He was able to lead, teach, and train Recon Marines in the planning and execution of operating in a close quarters environment, as well as hands on training and proficiency in Tactical Combat Casualty Care. In March of 2018, re-stationed to 2D Force Reconnaissance Company,  he began conducting live fire ranges as well as live tissue training  as he gained proficiency in life saving skills as the Free Fall Team Medic. After completing Tier 1 Group shooting package, he completed Marine Corps Combatant Diver course. Upon the completion of that course he conducted extensive training in Aruba where he gained proficiency in Clandestine Dive operations. He then attended the Airborne Mobile Training Team course in Raeford, NC. As the Assistant Team Leader of the Free Fall Jump Team, he conducted multiple full mission profile night jumps with unlit and unmarked drop zones.  He went on to conduct cold weather training in Bridgeport, CA where he was tasked as Team Leader of a twelve man element to conduct a total of four Reconnaissance patrols in support of the Mountain Warfare Regimental Exercise 2-19. Upon completion of his Military service, Adam returned to his hometown of Thousand Oaks, California. In hopes to continue his passion for helping others in this great nation, he went on to pursue a career  in financial services. He and his best friend Dominic Conti built their own Agency called Thirteen Twenty Two Financial where their new found mission is to provide more accessible way for families and businesses to achieve true financial independence in all aspects of life through education and awareness. Follow Adam's continued transformation on InstaGram @AdamTerrazas_21 
September 25, 2020
Adam Martin: The Fit Pharmacist & Hope Dealer
Dr. Adam Martin works with people to write their script for success using proper nutrition, stress management, and the power of a positive attitude. He earned his doctorate of pharmacy degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, and with over 7 years of experience working full-time in the community pharmacy setting, he’s passionate about empowering other pharmacists and pharmacy students to put the health back into healthcare through leading by example in their professional practice to not only live their best lives, but to inspire others along the way to do the same. He pairs his PharmD with his expertise as a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant to guide self-care back into healthcare. Dr. Martin is the founder of The Fit Pharmacist, LLC. As a National Speakers Association (NSA) Professional Speaker, Adam’s core passion is traveling to pharmacy schools across the world to speak to pharmacy students, sharing practical plans of action that will empower them to maximize their careers and create a competitive edge in the profession to maximize their success and degree of impact. He has made his life's work showing people how to take control of their overall wellness, sharing SimpleSolutions through his writing for numerous pharmacy publications including PharmacyTimes magazine, and is the author of the best-selling book "Rx: You: The Pharmacist's Survival Guide for Managing Stress & Fitting in Fitness” (available on Amazon: ), as well as the forthcoming book "Gen-Z Pharmacist: Dominate Pharmacy School & Script Your Dream Career” (available to pre-order here: He is the host of The Fit Pharmacist Healthcare Podcast, sharing successes and practical strategies from the most successful minds in the profession of pharmacy with a new episode released every week. You can subscribe and learn more here: With a passion for learning and serving his patients, he’s an inaugural member of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association’s Leadership Excellence and Advocacy Development (LEAD) program, and strives to serval the global community of pharmacy as a medical missionary, having served in Honduras and Panama as a pharmacist in the field. In 2019, he was named the "Most Influential Pharmacist" by SingleCare's Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards. You can connect with him on Instagram: @thefitpharmacist Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn: @FitPharmFam YouTube:
September 21, 2020
Sgt. Justus Branson: Semper Fi Mentorship and Mindset
Sergeant Justus R. Branson: 1st Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines Sergeant Branson was born in Monroe, L.A. He graduated from Neville High School, Monroe. L.A. Class of 2014 Sergeant Branson shipped to MCRD Parris Island, SC for recruit training on August 4th, 2014 and graduated meritorious Private First Class as platoon honor graduate with Kilo Company, on October 31st, 2014. From November 2014 to January 2015, Sergeant Branson reported to the School of Infantry, Infantry Training Battalion, Jacksonville, NC, where he attended basic rifleman course and received the MOS of 0311. From January 2015 to April 2015, Sergeant Branson reported to Basic Security Guard School, Marine Corps Security Forces Regiment, Chesapeake, VA, Where he received the MOS of 8152. From April 2015 to May 2017, Sergeant Branson reported to Marine Corps Security Forces Battalion, Bangor Washington, Bravo Company, where he served in the billets of Rifleman, Team Leader, Squad Leader, Section Leader, Corporal of the Guard, Sergeant of the Guard and Platoon Sergeant during this time. He was promoted to Lance Corporal May 2015, meritoriously promoted to Corporal March 2016, and meritoriously promoted to Sergeant November 2016. In May 2017, Sergeant Branson executed orders to 1st Marines Division, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. He has served in the billets of Infantry Squad Leader, and Infantry Platoon Sergeant. He is currently serving as a Squad Leader in Fox Company. He has conducted two combat deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Crisis Response – Central Command in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and Operation Freedom Sentinel. He served as an Infantry Squad Leader, the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of security at the Al Anbar Operation Center, Al Anbar Province, Iraq, and multiple disclosed locations throughout Helmand Province Afghanistan. Sergeant Branson’s personal awards include The Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal with (2) Gold Star in Lieu of Third Award and Device under Combat Conditions, Good Conduct Medal, and Five Certificates of Commendation. Follow him on Instagram: @maverick_2723 and @sgt_branson_usmc
September 18, 2020
Matt Norrby: Challenge, Self-Awareness, Perspective
The classic Irish accent took only a few minutes to assimilate. The baritone voice exudes focus and purpose. And what shined brightly was the soul of a champion. His incredible aesthetics and powerful prose on social media attracted my need to understand the components that shaped the champion. Matt is not only a personal trainer. He is an athlete. To be exact, a crossover athlete. What began as a way to be better in his favorite sport, soccer, led to a passion for the gym and the outcomes it could produce. He's competed in natural bodybuilding competitions, Strong Man competitions, and even amateur kickboxing competitions. He is absolutely non-stop in testing the boundaries of personal performance. In this episode, we dive deep into his transformational principles that have brought him wins, learns, and a ton of trophies. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mjn_91
September 14, 2020
Trent Parnell: Hard Work, Consistency, and Persistence
Join us for dialogue on transformations from several perspectives: competitive athlete, lifestyle enthusiast, personal trainer, and video production consultant. Follow Trent on Instagram @parnell_productions
September 7, 2020
Lawrence Achey: Service, Leveling Up, Belief
Lawrence Achey and Christopher Popper are both drug free professional bodybuilders with a combined 14 years of law enforcement experience with 7 total police academy graduations. These coaches earned their Masters degrees in 2014 in the field of criminal justice and have earned several awards and achievements throughout the academy and their careers. Lawrence and Chris use the experiences they’ve gained through competing and succeeding in law enforcement to provide current and aspiring officers with step-by-step strategies on how to maximize performance, fat loss, mental focus, and knowledge. With the current lack of trust nationwide with the police, it is time to create a new breed of physically fit and healthy police officers.
August 31, 2020
Johnny Otley: Adventure, Pain, & Faith
Johnny is an athlete. But not just any athlete. He chooses extreme sport to test his mental and physical limits. This incredible skill has come from a transformation in his spirit. He's an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, while also serving as a mentor and coach for the next generation of athletes. Join our conversation as we dive deep into his transformational experiences in body, mind, and spirit.
August 24, 2020
Maverick Willett: Part 2 of Transformation Principles
Maverick returns from Episode 1 to continue our conversation around the principles of transformation.
August 14, 2020
Tom Knight: Steering Action With Every Word
In this episode, Emmy Award-winner Tom Knight and I discuss five key transformations in life: having difficult conversations, creating an environment for success, learning from failure, living a transformation lifestyle, and optimizing physical conditioning after age 50.  For more information about Tom Knight: Website: and Instagram: @TomLeighKnight YouTube: Titan Up Your Game
August 12, 2020
Dallas Matthew: Building Wealth
Public servant, real estate investor, personal finance guru, fitness expert.
August 9, 2020
Cole Householder: The Power of Prose
Cole Householder is a current Collegiate Rugby player at Louisiana Tech University, at which he is in his third year studying History, with hopes to be a professor, so that he might show others the impact and beauty of history. Through his studies he is also receiving a minor in English, which he appreciated tremendously and hopes to one day publish his own book on poetry and wisdom. Cole has worked extensively with training horses as well, in which he has learned lessons on patience and leadership that could not be achieved by other means. Cole’s mission in this life is as follows “No matter the circumstance or obstacle, to treat others with respect, kindness, and love, and to lead by example rather than words alone”.
August 5, 2020
Anthony LaJoye: LaJoyeful Living
Anthony LaJoye is an entrepreneur, businessman, musician & outdoorsman among many other things.  After a debilitating back injury at the age of 27 he turned to natural healing & learned the power of positivity.  Since then Anthony has devoted his life to promoting joy through spiritual, physical, emotional & mental health & constantly urges his tribe to live life becoming the better version of themselves each day.  His hashtag #stayhappystayhumble embodies the ideals of his brand & promotes values he holds close.  Since launching just 1 year ago, Anthony’s podcast “LaJoyeful Life” has been heard around the world & continues to inspire the idea of living a chivalrous life through personal soul-searching & development.  Anthony is a master at finding good in every situation & will teach you how to reduce stress, feel fulfilled, grow your horizons & accomplish more!
August 3, 2020
Mike Cerbus: Authenticity Reigns
Mike Cerbus travels the world as the Education Director for Power Monkey Fitness, where he has left his mark on thousands of people through coaching Power Monkey clinics. He holds the highest honor of having coached at every single Power Monkey Camp.  His Olympic weightlifting credits include the 2011 American Open Championship, 2012 Pan Am & Olympic Qualification Teams and he’s a 5 Time USA National Medalist. Website: Power Monkey Fitness Instagram: @MikeCerbus
August 1, 2020
Matthew Petruso: Creating Freedom
Matthew Petruso is an entrepreneur who fell into entrepreneurship after being fired from an oil and gas company at 21. Never wanting the feeling of not being in control of his finances and/or his life again; he took things into his own hands. Learning how to sell and invest became his primary focus. Eventually starting his own insurance agency and real estate investment company; his dream of becoming financially free was accomplished before the age of 30. Now in his early thirties; he is focused on helping other find their success in whatever avenue that may be. He is an advocate for personal responsibility and self development. Focusing his time and energy he wants to help others live financially; physically and emotionally fit. Website: The Medicare Mentors Instagram: @MatthewPetruso Email:
July 30, 2020
Dr. Ryan Livingston: An Aligned Life, Body and Mind
To facilitate transformational shift of human consciousness towards fulfilled lives, using innate principles and laws of life, through the vehicle of chiropractic. Dr. Livingston specializes in quality of life performance. He is uniquely positioned through personal experience, and his medical and research background, to teach and educate at a high level. His speciality is in training CEO’s, Business Owners, Doctors and Entrepreneurs how to BioHack their bodies internal defense systems, and achieve peak productivity, brain focus and performance. Dr. Livingston has expertise in personal training & natural bodybuilding. His dramatic transformations have been requested for publication in books on body recomposition. Dr. Livingston continues to successfully teach thousands of clients and patients to detoxify their bodies, get lean, shredded and healthy. His approach utilizes a unique blend of Eastern Medicine philosophy combined with Western Medical concepts to shape and alter the path and environment of his clients, athletes and patients to drastically tip the scales of success in their favor. His impact and protocols prove time and time again, it’s never too late to drastically alter your life trajectory forever, as long as you are willing to take full responsibility of your life. For more information about Dr. Livingston: Website: Instagram: @advancedspinalinstitute Email:
July 29, 2020
Kevin Hejnas: Teamwork Making The Dream Work
An incredible interview with transformational leader and coach, Dr. Kevin Hejnas. He and his team have created a sustainable program for optimal living. In this episode, we talk about his biggest transformational experience to date and identify the pillars of success that create the best opportunity for change. For more information about Dr. Kevin Hejnas Website: Instagram: @Hejnasty YouTube: Hejnasty
July 27, 2020
Diamyn Hall: The Mental Side Of The Game
In this episode, Diamyn Hall, Collegiate baseball's first mindset coach. We discuss high performance characteristics that lead to the best chances for a desired outcome. For more information about Diamyn Hall: Website: Instagram: @Diamyn Hall Twitter: @DiamynHall
July 26, 2020
Brandon Burns: Creating Peak Performance
Founder & CEO of Adamas Academy, Brandon is a former Division 1 collegiate gymnast with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry as both an athlete and coach. His experience training elite-level athletes as well as his background in high-performance coaching has helped him form Adamas into the single most effective 12-week transformational fitness product on the market. Now an entrepreneur, Brandon is taking peak performance and behavioral coaching to a new level of influence. 
July 17, 2020
Maverick Willett: Transformational Coach & Entrepreneur
Maverick is a former collegiate athlete, Army Ranger Veteran, and now a full-time online coach. He's been training/coaching others to reach their physical and mental potential for over a decade. Since going online, the results he's been able to get have multiplied exponentially, for now he is able to not only give people a truly customized blueprint for success, he can also be with them everywhere they go! However, what he is now is the product of many years of challenges, trials, and tribulations. As a kid he was bullied and made fun of every day by kids who had more money, and were more physically developed than he was. This destroyed his self confidence for many, many years. Fitness was always his outlet, but even as he developed physically, he wasn't confident in himself on the inside.  He vowed that not only would he find more confidence within himself, but he would also help others with their mindset and self image. After growing up feeling like he was never good enough, he vowed to never let anyone else feel the same. His goal with every client is inner and outer change. Maverick believes we all have a light, and he can help anyone shine it brightly and vividly. He also introduces mindset practices that will turn people's life around. He is living proof!
June 30, 2020