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ECP 015 BEST Time Choices

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Podcast with observations and ideas to improve performance and results to achieve change
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Podcast with observations and ideas to improve performance and results to achieve change

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ECP 017 Innovation - two wrongs can make a right
In this episode, I discuss the topic of innovation.  I've worked in and with teams looking to innovate and have made a number of observations about what can work best when it comes to innovation.  I discuss seven in this cast.  They are: Clarity of objective. Build trust and openness in the team. It's a mindset not an event. Move quickly from theory to practice. Plan do review approach. Think about who you recruit. Alignment of reward systems As always I'm interestest in any thoughts and observations you have about this topic. I'd also be super appreciative if you've found this of benefit if you'd pass it on to someone else you think might appreciate the content.  And if I'm pushing my luck a 5* review always goes down well.
November 6, 2019
ECP 016 Are you too fancy?
In this episode, I discuss the tendency some people and teams have to become too fancy about the approach they use to achieve a goal.  The approach can get in the way of the progress they want to make often as a result of: Becoming too complex Getting lost in the approach Failing to bring people with them Struggling to prioritise and make decisions I talk about four things you can do to help support yourself when thinking about the approach: Clarity of objective, understanding of the start point, and specific on what next. Working out the basics and do them brilliantly Importance of MI - what questions are you looking to satisfy. When it comes to MI, because you can doesn’t mean you should Start the approach small then, potentially expand As always I'm interested in any comments you have - please drop me a line to damian@effectivechallenge.com  If you have found this useful and can think of someone else who might appreciate it, I'd be really grateful if you could share with them.
October 24, 2019
ECP 015 BEST Time Choices
This is the final of a four-part series which has been considering the Effective Challenge BEST model. This episode focuses on the choices we make around how we use our time.  Among other things, I discuss the potential downsides of finding yourself operating from a 'latest and loudest' mode,  consideration that we need clarity and principles as opposed to the latest gizmo or tactic and finally how Stephen Covey's habits can help. I'm interested in any thoughts or comments you may have about this cast, please drop me a line to damian@effectivechallenge.com
October 12, 2019
ECP 014 BEST Skills
ECP 014 BEST Skills In this episode, I consider the third element of the Effective Challenge BEST model - Skills.  Often skills are the first place people head for when thinking about development.  In this cast, amongst other things, I discuss how it's easy to not give enough consideration to the informal skills learning opportunities that exist and the need to combine theory with the practical doing to really enhance our performance. I'm interested in any comments you may have from this cast - please drop me an email to damian@effectivechallenge.com
October 3, 2019
ECP 013 Your BEST Environment
This episode is part two of a four-part series where I look the Effective Challenge BEST model.  The focus is looking at the impact of our environment in the pursuit of a particular goal or project. I consider what triggers can be helpful to introduce into an environment to support more of what you want and less of what you don't want. To illustrate a practical use of the environment analysis I provide some examples of the work I did to consider how to create what I believe I need to train for the 2020 Tour of Flanders sportive. You can download a free Environment workbook from www.effectivechallenge.com to undertake your own environmental analysis.  I'd love to hear how you get on or answer any questions you may have. damian@effectivechallenge.com
September 18, 2019
ECP 012 Behaving your BEST
ECP12 Behaving your BEST In this episode, I introduce one of the models I use when working with individuals and teams - BEST. Where BEST stands for Behaviour, Environment, Skills and Time.  More specifically in this episode, I look at assessing our behaviour to get to improve our performance. With a particular goal in mind I do this through three areas: What behaviours do I want to see more of and less of?  How stimulus and response can impact us.  The use of reflection time to assess progress and what adaptation could be required. In future episodes, I will look at the three areas of the BEST model in more detail. Please subscribe to receive future episodes and if possible please leave a review - they really are appreciated.  Alternatively drop me a line directly to  damian@effectivechallenge.com
September 4, 2019
ECP 011 Project Ronde
In this episode I talk about a sporting challenge I'm taking on in 2020.  It's the Tour of Flanders in Belgium something I've wanted to do for while yet put off as I didn't want to commit to the training required.  The podcast cast draws parallels to other situations you might face in other settings.  Here are three: Get stuff out of your head to bring greater objectivity. When we know the level of commitment required we can make more informed choices. You don’t have to know the whole plan in detail to make progress. As always I'm in interested in any feedback or questions you might have.  Please send me an email to damian@effectivechallenge.com
August 28, 2019
ECP 010 Train Smart - Live Better
Something a bit different in this cast - the first Effective Challenge in Conversation episode.  This is the first of what I hope will be a number of conversations with people from different settings.  The overriding topic of these conversations is exploring how people have achieved change to improve performance.  Those of you who have listened to previous casts or engaged with other Effective Challenge material will know that getting basics in place and functioning well is a key element of sustained high performance.   The conversation is with Casper Chittingden and Richard Brockhurst – founders and owners of the 3 Aces Cross-fit gym, London. It's longer than previous episodes. This is deliberate to allow people to get a better feel for the Approached used by Caspar and Richard. In the conversation we cover a wide range of topics including: · The benefits of physical exercise and its impact to wellbeing outside of the gym environment · Working out how to get the best from people · Overcoming challenges through practical action and a mindset which encourages growth and learning.  Whilst the conversation if biased towards exercise, the majority of approaches used by Casper and Richard are readily applicable to other settings. Slight health warning on this one.  The recording took place in the gym which is located under the arches of a train track.  From time to time you'll hear the trains going by. I really hope that doesn't detract too much from what I hope is a useful conversation. As always I’m interested in your feedback - please drop me a line damian@effectivechallenge.com If you feel so inclined please subscribe to receive future episodes or leave a review on your podcast platform of choice. Thanks in advance.
July 23, 2019
ECP 009 Stuck in a State?
In this episode I discuss my observations of the different states people can find themselves in as they look to make sustainable changes to their performance.  I draw on work by Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross who made observations of the states people go through when receiving a terminal diagnosis.  This work has been adapted to help individuals and organisations manage change.  I have my own version of this which I have observed when leading change with individuals, teams and organisations. I encourage you to consider: The differences between enthusiasm and commitment. What emotional aspects might show up as you look to make change and balance these with the often more obvious tangible elements like goals and plans. Where possible doing this work up front to help you avoid the less helpful states towards the progress you want to see. If you are struggling to make sustainable change which of the seven states you could be in and what questions you could ask to help make the progress you desire. As always I'm interested in any questions and or feedback you have - please drop me a line to damian@effectivechallenge.com For more information about how Effective Challenge can help you make the progress you are looking to achieve, please drop me a line or have a look at the website.
June 20, 2019
ECP 008 To Plan or Not to Plan?
In this episode I discuss some of the benefits of building a 90 day plan to pursue a particular goal or project.  This is relevant to both individuals and teams. I make the argument that being able to see a particular 90 day plan in the context of your other commitments and priorities increase the chances of success. I'm interested in your views about this topic, drop me a line at damian@effectivechallenge.com
June 6, 2019
ECP 007 Giving and receiving an apology
Prompted by an incident at the 2019 Giro D'Italia, where two riders got themselves into an exchange of words that led to one giving an apology and the other gracefully accepting it, this episode looks at what we could learn from their situation in everyday life.   It considers: some of the indicators that might mean we are more likely to say or do the wrong thing the need to resolve an issue you may have created through some emotionally fuelled behaviour letting go and allowing someone to apologise why accepting an apology doesn't make you a push over Previously I'd written about the Giro issue on the Effective Challenge Blog.  You can see what the two riders actually said to each other here: http://effectivechallenge.com/lesson-from-the-giro-giving-and-accepting-an-apology/ 
May 28, 2019
ECP 006 Get it out of your head
In this episode I discuss some of the challenges of trying to manage too many things inside your head and some options to consider to improve your performance in this area.  This includes getting better objectivity, getting better at prioritising thoughts and setting up your environment with appropriate thought capture tools.   I make reference during the cast to Brain Toss. This is an app I use for capturing thoughts I have whilst doing exercise. Here's a link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/braintoss/id576226036?mt=8 I imagine it's available on other platforms too. If you have alternative tools then please let me know. I'm always interested in any feedback you might have.  Please subscribe if you  enjoyed this and please share if you think you know others who might get some benefit from the podcast. 
May 15, 2019
ECP 005 Career In a rush or in a rut?
In this week’s cast I discuss careers and what it means to get your own definition of a career and how to pursue it.  Considering: - The implications of being in a career rush or rut.  - How to tackle overwhelm when you’re not sure what to do. - What you can practically do to build momentum in your career. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts and or observations about the cast and any topics you would like to see covered in future episodes. Drop me a line damian@effectivechallenge.com 
April 24, 2019
ECP 004 Getting beyond SMART objectives
Many organisation are setting up objectives for people to deliver. Of a standard approach is used for the wording of these objectives.  The SMART acronym is a common in example.  In this podcast I look at getting beyond the words and considering the relationship between the individuals delivery the objective.  Looking at challenge and support, the role each individual has to play and setting up a way of working which increases the chance of delivery success. The topics discussed are applicable in multiple settings not just business. 
April 13, 2019
ECP 003 PRIME for success
The latest episode of the Effective Challenge podcast where the foundations of personal success are highlighted. To do this I use the PRIME model, where PRIME stands for Physical, Rest, Intake Mind and Energy. In addition, I highlight the very good Joe Cross documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly dead.
March 12, 2018
ECP 002 Expectation versus Reality
In this episode I look at an approach to improve the quality of our expectations versus the realty we might face.
March 3, 2018
ECP 001 Kicking off the cast project
Introduction to Effective Challenge podcast.
February 14, 2018
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