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Series with Global SME Visionary Bankers

Series with Global SME Visionary Bankers

By Efma Podcasts
A 1-to-1 interview/discussion with selected senior SME Banker from well-recognized financial institution in an informal manner. Each podcast is led about personal motivation, leadership, work passion, including a few business-oriented questions. The bankers are selected by Efma and Mastercard committee, based on their bank's performance in SME Banking (innovations, SME initiatives, business results, visibility, etc.) leaving aside their size, market share or existence in the market. Each podcast serves a nomination for the Banker of the Year competition
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Interview with Rohit Garg, Mashreq Bank
In the last episode of 2020 Series with global SME visionary bankers, Lukas Dzuroska talked to Rohit Garg, Executive Vice President and Head of NeoBiz, (Digital Business Banking) at Mashreq Bank. Rohit is the 7th nominee for the SME Banker of the Year Award and he shared his journey to SME Banking, his views, values and vision for the future. 
December 15, 2020
Interview with Rajeev Chalisgaonkar, Standard Chartered
2020 has been a turbulent business environment all over the globe. As businesses have navigated this unprecedented year, they have been able to rely on their banks for crucial guidance. To understand how this has played out in practice, Efma’s SME banking expert Lukaz Dzuroska spoke with Rajeev Chalisgaonkar, the Global Head of Business Banking at Standard Chartered Bank. 
November 17, 2020
Interview with Lori Darlington, RBC Bank
Lori Darlington believes that everything happens for a reason which may explain how and why she joined banking industry. Which trends should we keep an eye on? What challenges do SMEs have to face during these times? In the fifth installement of SME Banker of the Year podcast series, Lukas and Lori talked about how RBC goes beyond traditional banking when it comes to supporting and helping SMEs. Among many great initiatives, you'll learn more on how their online hub helps business owners start or grow their business by providing partnerships, resources and special offers.
October 20, 2020
Interview with Dayalan Govender, Nedbank
Listen to the 4th episode of SME Banker of the Year Series. This time Efma´s Lukas Dzuroska has interviewed our 4th nominee - Dayalan Govender from Nedbank. For Dayalan, SMEs do not simply bring economic benefits to their surrounding communities, but also an incredible amount of social value. Going forward, in a world in which Covid19 is present (or at least a recent memory), SMEs are going to play a critical role in the economy of tomorrow. “As we transition into a new normal, SMEs will represent the biggest catalyst for growth and employment,” said Mr. Govender. And banks are perfectly situated to assist them in their catalyzation of the future economy.
September 22, 2020
Interview with Nikoloz Kurdiani, TBC Bank
Efma and Mastercard are bringing you interview with the 3rd nominee of Efma-Mastercard SME Banker of the Year Award. In this episode, Lukas Dzuroska, Efma’s SME Banking Lead talked to Nika Kurdiani, Deputy CEO of TBC Bank Georgia. With more than 15 years of experience in banking industry, Nika knows the market and believes that SMEs are the backbone of our economy. What topic we should pay more attention to? How new players shape the SME world? How did agile setup  changed TBC’s working teams in terms of effectiveness and efficiency? Find out in this 1-1 interview about motivation, leadership, work passion and business in the SME world. #EfmaSMEBanking
August 18, 2020
Interview with Debarun Roy Choudhury, AGB
Dive deep into the interview with 2nd nominee of Efma-Mastercard SME Banker of the Year Award. Debarun Roy Choudhury, former Group Head, UOB BizSmart talked about how the needs of SME clients changed in 20 years and why the human asset is vital for proper functioning of SMEs? What does Netflix have to do with the fact that Roy cannot sleep at night? Find out more in the interview about motivation, leadership, work passion and business in the SME world led by Efma's SME Banking Programme Lead Lukas Dzuroska. #EfmaSMEBanking
July 21, 2020
Interview with Susan Davies, Santander UK
A 1-to-1 interview/discussion with Susan Davies - Head of Business Banking from Santander UK in an informal manner.  What should be a bank's or financial institution’'s ultimate goal in serving SMEs? What are the top 3 projects delivered for SME clients of Santander Bank UK? What keeps Head of Business Banking up at night? Find out answers to these and even more questions from our first Efma-Mastercard SME Banker of the Year nominee: Susan Davies. We hope that the interview led by Efma's SME Banking Programme Lead Lukas Dzuroska will be your source of insights in motivation, leadership, work passion and business in the SME world. #EfmaSMEBanking
June 23, 2020