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By Healthe Life
EHR.Network provides Healthcare APIs that will reduce the cost, improve the speed and ensure compliance for application developers to build, deploy and run standards-compliant EHR applications.
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How EHR.Network is Helping To Improve The Healthcare Ecosystem
The role of IT in healthcare in India is set to change given the recent policy initiatives from the government. This comes at a time when we could say that we have not been successful in achieving the fullest of our potential. We still lack the enabling role of information and communication systems in healthcare to optimize wellness management in India. If we are to look deeper, we are yet to integrate the marvels of modern communication devices and technology with our healthcare and wellness practices to deliver enhanced and personalized treatments. At Healthelife, we believe that we can pave way for better health and wellness for patients and individuals by integrating electronic health records.
March 15, 2021