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By Eklipse
Welcome to the Eklipse podcast channel! In this space we address biodiversity and ecosystem services topics by the hand of the best experts, and discuss how evidence based information can ensure a sustainable future in which decisions are based on trusted evidence.
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Transformative change for sustainability


Transformative change for sustainability
Can we live in harmony with nature? Yes, but it would take deep change  and collective effort. An incremental transition would not be enough,  with the imperative of ensuring that transformative action is built into  our collective recovery becoming ever more urgent. New social norms and  laws will be required to unlock the necessary changes at the local and  global levels. What is transformative change? Eklipse second podcast tries to answer  this question, showcasing fresh approaches to tackle the direct and  indirect drivers of biodiversity loss, and explaining what we can do as  individuals, and as societies, to be an activator of positive changes. Guests:  Bulkeley, Heidi Wittmer, Marco Fritz
December 8, 2020
How Eklipse makes a difference
Biodiversity is a complex issue which in face of the growing urgency  requires evidence-based decision making. Learn more about how Eklipse  makes a difference as a Science-Policy-Society Interface to answer  relevant questions on issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem  services at the European scale and thereby support decision makers to  develop evidence-informed policies. Guests:  Marie Vandewalle, Philip Roche, Ute Jacob, Lynn Dicks
December 7, 2020