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Creatives Uncorked!

Creatives Uncorked!

By Elaine Brewer-White
A podcast about creating, conversations with all kinds of creators, from painters to poets, musicians to potters, actors to jewellers- people who make! We get their insights on why when and how they find their inspiration.
Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!
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Rachelle Chinnery Hornby Island Potter
A great conversation with Hornby Island potter, Rachelle Chinnery.  We discuss how she built her island life, her porcelain and photography work, and how it's inspired by the nature of the island.  We discuss the choice to make a living in the arts and the challenges of being an entrepreneur.
June 26, 2021
Suzanne Northcott at her studio/shop Morph: ology
Finally, a face to face conversation -- with Suzanne Northcott in her studio/shop Morph: ology in Fort Langley.  We talk about her exploration of re-re-purposing old textiles into unique fashion - army issued sleeping bag covers turned into jackets, lace tablecloths into beautiful blouses, and embellishing on old clothing with embroidered imagery. Suzanne talks about how she moved between different mediums, from painting to stitching, and how she fails to wrestle her muse to the ground!
June 11, 2021
Bruce Greenwood Episode #12!
A fabulous conversation with Canadian actor, Bruce Greenwood.  He talks about events from his 30+ years in film, through his 70+ movies and tv shows.  We also discuss his life long passion for music, his singing and songwriting, and performing with his new, yet to be named band! Please note - we had some technical difficulties with the recording - zoom connections!  For his patience, I sent Bruce a mug from my new pandemic pottery series "Fuckity Fuck Mugs"!  A mug for a year when there's just nothing left to be said...!!!                                                           I know, I know...a shameless plug...but hey -- a girl's gotta make a liv'n!   (And this is the only reason that this episode is rated "Explicit"!!!
May 29, 2021
Christine Rio of Slate Jewelery
Episode #11, I  am in conversation with Christine Rio - jewelery designer and dog lover!  Her pug Ripley has a few things to say in this interview!  We talk about her path to making one-of-a-kind jewelery pieces - from a Micheal's beading kit to Jewelery Art Shows in Milan and NYC!
May 15, 2021
Helen Donnelly, Clown artist, therapeutic clown and instructor
In this episode I am in conversation with Helen Donnelly, theatrical clown, therapeutic clown, and creative director of the non-profit Red Nose Remedy.  We talk about how she found her clown personas, the difference in using clown for entertainment and for healing, and then  also, her ordeal with living with stage 4 cancer.  A longer podcast than usual - not a moment to be missed!
May 07, 2021
Meira Mathison, renowned potter, ocean lover, and past director of MISSA
Episode #9!  I am in conversation with Meira Mathison - renowned potter, and for 20+ years managing director of Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts.  We talk about where she found her clay calling - from living on a sailboat to building a house and studio to accommodate her clay addiction.  How she found her path through artist residencies, and how important it is for artists of all kinds to pursue inspiration through art centre facilities.  In the last part of our conversation, Meira talks about her involvement with MISSA, how a small movement of artists offering a few classes at a remote location in Metchosin on Vancouver Island has grown into an international school of the arts catering to facility and students from all over the world.
May 01, 2021
Keith Johnstone! Conversation with British Canadian pioneer of improv, creator of Theatresports, playwright, and director.
It was an honor to speak with Keith Johnstone, pioneer of improvisational theatre, and creator of Theatresports. Keith describes his early life in Britain as a school teacher,  his genius in inspiring the most difficult kids, then his work developing theatrical improvisation, where it was at the time, illegal! Keith eventually immigrates to Canada and initiates Canada's first improv company in Calgary, Theatresports.
April 24, 2021
Wendy Van Riesen, textile artist and fashion maker!
In episode #7 I have a conversation with textile artist and owner of Dahlia Drive, Wendy Van Riesen. She unpacks her journey from her career as an actor to creating one of a kind fashion, using up-cycled materials, and working with First Nations artist Reg Davidson
April 17, 2021
Veena Sood - Actor and improviser
Veena talks about her 30+ years performing on stage and in film, how being Indo Canadian has recently become an asset getting roles, and how  improv from legend Keith Johnstone, shaped her career.
April 09, 2021
Peter Flanagan - Okanagan Pottery
Episode #5!  In this Episode I am in conversation with potter Peter Flanagan, from Peachland, B.C.  We discuss his path to becoming a potter, his detour into a 'real job', how his pots are made from various materials from the Okanagan Valley,  and his methods of creating his magnificent wall chargers! *Bonus at the end of this episode -- our first Soap Opera Commercial -- for Juliet 925!
April 02, 2021
Zsuzsi Gartner, Novelist!
In this episode I am in conversation with  Zsuzsi Gartner, we discuss her  life as a writer, her debut novel The Beguiling, how she builds out story and develops characters, her attitudes on self publishing vs finding a publisher, and her ideas for her new novel - which actually evolve during our conversation!
March 27, 2021
Norman Foote, singer, songwriter, master puppeteer!
Norman Foote has lead an incredible life of creativity, from busking on the streets in Australia to creating character for Expo 86, to touring the world with his music.  Juno award winning, funny, and inspiring - he's never far away from his guitar! Part way through the interview I get to sit back with my glass of See Ya Later Ranch Pinot Gris and just listen!
March 20, 2021
Lori Goldberg - Painter, teacher, nature's keeper...
Over a lovely glass of Intersection Merlot, Lori and I talk about her work as a painter, artist and teacher.  She describes what influenced her to study art, and how she supports herself as an artist, with different kinds arts related jobs. Lori explains what inspires her to paint - how nature and upcycling have lead to various series, and how a red canoe painting was commissioned to take up an entire foyer!  She's constantly curious and looking for her next idea.
March 20, 2021
Gordon White, actor, clown and professional funnyman!
Our inaugural episode features a conversation with Gordon White, actor, physical comedian and Cirque du Soliel clown.  Gordon muses on what made him laugh as a child, his progression in a career that's taken him from stage to screen to Cirque du Soleil big top. He talks about how he builds a character and how he finds the funny! *Bonus original Old Time radio Ad for Juliet 925 Jewellery. 
March 20, 2021