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Electric Enthusiasm

Electric Enthusiasm

By Katie Cobalt and Alexander Kjerulf
The podcast that celebrates unironic enthusiasm. Your hosts, both highly experienced enthusiasts, take each you on tours of topics that are fun, fascinating and exciting.

Topics include music, science, movies, books, comics, historical figures and much more.

There are detours into even weirder topics, as the fancy strikes us. Listen for the three words you love to hear: "By the way..."

New episode weekly.
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Josephine Baker - The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Electric Enthusiasm

Orcas - Smart, Playful, Awesome And Misunderstood
Orcas are awesome and Katie is ready to give you all the reasons why - including their intelligence, playfulness and understanding of fluid dynamics. BTWs include: What Orcas are called in Danish, should we call them "killer whales" and (obviously) Free Willy! In the Moment Of Meta we officially announce the 10th enthusiandment. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
September 23, 2022
Tove Jansson – Moomin Trolls And Anti-Fascism
The Moomins are nothing but cute, cuddly, innocent kids’ stories right? Wrong! And the creator of the Moomins, Tove Jansson, was just a kids’ writer, right? WRONG! She was also a novelist, poet, painter and all-round badass and Alex shares 5 reasons why you should be enthusiastic about her, BTWs include queer erasure, dancing and lesbian cottage core. In the moment of meta Katie talks about saying “YES!” to new adventures. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
September 07, 2022
Mad Max Fury Road – This Movie Should Not Work… So Why Is It SO AWESOME?
How does this movie even work? A 70-year old grandpa and his wife make the most insane, over-the-top, high octane action movie EVER? Alex has a theory: It works only because EVERY element of it is insane. This completes our trilogy of episodes on maximalist movies that started with Everything Everywhere All At Once and RRR. BTWs include feminism, Aliens and Mel Gibson. In the moment of meta Katie talks about being enthusiastic about your hobbies when you also get paid to do them. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
August 31, 2022
Trixie Mattel - The World's Hardest-working Drag Queen
Of all the drag queens in all the world, Katie loves Trixie Mattel the most and in this episode you’ll hear a ton of reasons why you should be enthusiastic about her too. Including her insane work ethic, how funny she is and of course her long-standing partnership with Katia. BTWs include: Makeup Lying to the media Staying friends in showbiz What Katie wants for her birthday Moment Of Meta In the moment of meta Alex gives some tips on how to be enthusiastic about your job. Yes – it’s possible! Get more information and links or leave a comment at
August 23, 2022
RRR - The Epic Indian Action Movie That Goes ALL-IN on EVERYTHING
RRR (Rise, Roar and Revolt) is a brand-new Indian movie that has Katie VERY enthusiastic because of the insane action, the crazy high energy and the men’s fashions. Just don’t talk to her about whatever it is the women are wearing! It is a HUGE blockbuster in India and worldwide and you can see it on Netflix right now – but first listen to this episode to hear exactly how awesome it is. BTWs include: What is Tollywood and why is it different from Bollywood Why you should watch RRR with British people In the Moment Of Meta we talk about an ad that enraged Alex and how to use hobbies as a source of enthusiasm. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
August 17, 2022
Bees - Fuzzy, cute and essential for our survival
Bees? Yes, bees! They’re cute, they give us honey and without them we wouldn’t have food. And as all of our listeners probably know by now… WE LIKE FOOD! Learn how bees communicate through dance and pheromones and how they’ve evolved into the perfect pollinators for all of the plants we rely on. In the Moment Of Meta, we review the 9 enthusiandments we’ve proposed so far: Don’t yuck someone else’s yum! Any topic can be fascinating when presented with enthusiasm. Make sure to share your enthusiasms enthusiastically (you are not too much). Thou shalt not fake enthusiasm! You don’t have to participate in something to be enthusiastic about it. It’s OK to be enthusiastic about something that is flawed. Be enthusiastic about people. Always tell your friends what you like about them. You don’t have to be an expert in something to be enthusiastic about it (but researching a thing can deepen your enthusiasm for it). Seek out adjacent enthusiasms. Do you have a suggestion for number 10? Tell us all about it in a comment. Get more info and links or leave a comment at
July 14, 2022
Tubular Bells – The BEST 70s Album You Haven’t Heard
Alex LOVES this classic album by Mike Oldfield although it has no songs, no lyrics and no singles. Instead it has 49 minutes of genre-defying, beautiful, challenging and utterly innovative music. So what’s so great about it and how did something this weird become a huge hit? BTWs include: Peaking too soon in life Why horror movies suck How to diss someone in morse code in your music Musical marmite In the Moment Of Meta, Katie talks about why we shouldn’t just look for consent – we should be enthusiasm detectives. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
July 07, 2022
Everything Everywhere All At Once - The Weirdest Coolest Funniest Everythingest Movie EVER
STOP! Please do no to listen to this episode before you've watched the movie. Seriously. We mean it! The movie is SO GOOD but it's even better if you go in not knowing ANYTHING about it. So go watch it now and then come back here and se why this is Katie's new favorite movie. We will say that it includes Michelle Yeoh in the role of her life! And nothing else. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
June 27, 2022
Weird Animal Mating Habits - Do It Like They Do On The Discovery Channel
Most species have sex but some have found VERY innovative, funny, strange or just downright bizarre ways of doing it and for some reason, Katie knows a LOT about this weird world. So does Jo, an animal keeper and trainer and our first ever repeat guest. Learn why giraffes drink pee, what terrifying shape a duck's penis has, why anglerfish males are the ultimate clingy boyfriends and much more. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
June 22, 2022
Ella Fitzgerald - From Street Child To First Lady Of Jazz
What a voice. What an incredible musical talent. She came out of total poverty and a life as a Manhattan street child. Ella Ftizgerald – the greatest jazz singer ever? Hear how she got her greatest hit that time she completely forgot the lyrics to Mack The Knife in Berlin. BTWs include Chick Webb, racism, Marilyn Monroe and Alex’s new favorite expression for something really quiet. In the moment of meta Alex talks about letting go of enthusiasms. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
May 19, 2022
Lise Nørgaard - Writer, feminist and UTTER BADASS
Lise Nørgaard is a bad-ass Danish journalist and author who discovered her superpower (writing) and has used it tirelessly to promote women’s rights and social justice. She also created Matador, the best Danish TV show EVER, and (maybe most importantly) had a pastry named after her. BTWs include implanted memories and swing dancing. In the moment of meta Alex Katie shares a story of how she used enthusiasm to defuse an online feud. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
May 11, 2022
Body Disposition - Wanna Be A Tree When You Die?
We hate to break it to you, but you are going to die. What do you want people to do with your corpse? The most popular options in the west, cremation and burial, are both terrible for the environment, so in this episode Katie talks about better methods for body disposal. BTWs include capitalism and cannibalism. In the moment of meta Alex talks about enthusiasm for… pigeons? Get more info and links or leave a comment at
May 05, 2022
The Ig Nobel Prize - The Nobel's Funnier, Dorkier Cousin
Everyone knows about the Nobel Prize but the Ig Nobel Prize is WAY funnier and dorkier. It is given out for science that "makes you laugh and then makes you think." The science it awards is cool but the annual ceremony held at Harvard is the funniest thing ever. Especially how they weaponized adorable 8-year old girls to stop speakers from going over time. BTWs include bee stings, kidney stones and  how to hide gold from Nazis. In the moment of meta Alex talks about enthusiasm for... pigeons? Get more info and links or leave a comment at
April 27, 2022
Steven Universe - Awesome Songs And Healing Spit
Katie brings you some more Hopepunk For Squishy Marshmallows. This adorable kids’ cartoon has superheroes, great songs, healing spit and tons of gags. It also subverts masculinity and promotes queer normativity. BTWs include Florida’s “don’t say gay” law. In the moment of meta Alex issues a new challenge. Get more info and links or leave a comment at
April 20, 2022
Rollercoasters - Puke, Screams, Fear And... Fun?
Rollercoasters are scary. And there's an arms race between theme parks to come up with bigger, faster and wilder rides every year. So why do we love them? Alex talks about the history, the technology and the fandom of rollercoasters and explores the intersection of fun and fear. BTWs include puke and syphilis. In the moment of meta we follow up on last week's challenge: Get a magazine about something you don't normally care about and find something cool in it. Get more info and links or leave a comment at
April 07, 2022
Hamilton - Hip-hop History Of The American Revolution
How can you not love a hip-hop musical about the American revolution where all the founding fathers are played by people of color??? Katie is not just a fan of Hamilton - she is self-proclaimed Hamiltrash. In this episode she talks about what makes the music so great (obviously!) but also about the huge cultural impact that the show has had. BTWs include Tom Waits, Encanto and the KGB's hilariously failed attempt to blackmail the president of Indonesia. In the moment of meta Alex issues a challenge to Katie and all listeners. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
April 01, 2022
Tom Waits - The Weirdest Human In Showbiz
"Is Tom Waits for real?" That is the question that pops up when you google him. In this episode Alex gushes over the weirdest man in showbiz and tries to get Katie to appreciate his music, his acting, his life and his voice. That last one is an especially hard sell. Also: THIS IS OUR 25TH EPISODE!!! Not bad for a couple of hosts whose strengths do not include things like perseverance, planning and general sticktoitiveness. BTWs include artists who play a persona and why Shrek 2 is the best sequel of all times In the moment of meta Katie introduces a new enthusiandment: Explore adjacent enthusiasm or in other words if you like a thing, check out other things that are like that first thing. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
March 22, 2022
The Jewel Box Revue - The First Ever Mainstream Drag Show
This stage show presented 25 men performing as women and one woman MC dressed as a man. It started in 1939 and made drag mainstream with high production values and incredibly talented performers. But most of all: Meet Stormé DeLarverie, MC of the revue and the butch lesbian whose scuffle with police was the spark that ignited the Stonewall riots. The word badass doesn't even begin to cover her. BTWs include: Why the "Mr." in front of the performers' names was SO important The Stonewall Rebellion How men wearing women's clothes will surely lead to the downfall of western civilization The dogs' secret plan to take over the world In the Moment Of Meta, Alex once again stans Swedish statistician Hans Rosling's work on compiling data that shows that the world is getting better in many ways and uses Rosling's work to quiz Katie. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
March 14, 2022
Bioshock - Our Grossest Episode Yet
Bioshock is much more than a computer game, it's also a cracking story, a philosophical exploration of free will and a devastating critique of libertarianism. It's also gross, scary, intense and a buttload of fun to play. Alex would know, he's played it for well over 200 hours. BTWs include: What is art and what is not Exploding cans of... human droppings The intense competition to be the dumbest US congress member (Watch out for the Gazpacho police!) Each host's favorite Cards Against Humanity card In the Moment Of Meta, Katie celebrates how humans fixed the hole in the ozone layer and tries to get on board with the idea that the world is getting better and better in so many ways. Also, we talk about a horrible parasite that used to infect millions of people and has now been nearly eradicated. Get more information and links or leave a comment at
March 08, 2022
Marine Animals - Meet The Gods, The Goddesses And The Assholes Of The Sea
Guest enthusiast Jo Gudman Rasmussen shares her passion for all kinds of marine animals from nudibranchs (giggle!) to whale sharks. Alex has all his dreams shattered when he learns that sea otters are NOT adorable - they are in fact the assholes of the ocean. BTWs include: Quitting your job to follow your enthusiasm, the fly named after RuPaul and how to eat a still-living octopus (hint: chew it REALLY well). Get more information and links or leave a comment at
March 01, 2022
Olympic Weightlifting - First you clean it, then you jerk it
Alex LOVES weightlifting but Katie is completely uninterested in sports. Will he manage to infect her with any of his enthusiasm? Hear about the athletes who do it and the drama, the poetry and the history of this niche sport. It's also probably the most corrupt sport in the world and is trying to go clean after decades dominated by a man who was almost cartoonishly evil. But how can you not love a sport where the two lifts are called the snatch and the clean and jerk. In the moment of meta Katie reveals a deep, shameful secret: She's been keeping a gratitude journal... and it works! Get more information and links or leave a comment at
February 22, 2022
Chinese New Year - 3 Full Weeks Of Food And Traditions
Gong hei fat choy! Or 恭喜发财 if you prefer. It's Chinese New Year and we dive into all of the great traditions around it, including what to eat, what to wear, who to give money to and why you should NOT get a haircut. With guest enthusiast Sarah Chua. In the Moment Of Meta we talk about how to be hopeful and enthusiastic about the future. Get full show notes and links or leave a comment at
February 15, 2022
The Wayfarer Series - Hopeful Sci-Fi For Squishy Marshmallows
The Wayfarer Series is a trilogy of four(!) science fiction novels by Becky Chambers - and Katie's all-time favorites. They are a great example of Hope Punk, i.e. works that make you feel positive and optimistic about the world. In the Moment Of Meta we introduce a new enthusiandment: You don't have to be an expert in X to be enthusiastic about X. There's also a corollary: But usually, diving into a topic only deepens your enthusiasm. Get links and more information or leave a comment at
February 08, 2022
The Vorkosigan Saga - The EPIC Book Series by a Sci-Fi Grandma
In this episode Alex talks about his absolute favorite sci-fi book series, The Vorkosigan Saga by American writer Lois McMaster Bujold. This series is thrilling and creative but so is a lot of other science fiction. What really sets it apart is how progressive and ultimately hopeful Bujold's books are. That and the amazing characters.  BTWs include Hope-punk, vegan gravy and the world's longest running sci-fi series which started in 1961 and is still going strong. In the moment of meta we talk about sharing your enthusiasm fully with no shame. Visit to get the links, more info or leave a comment.
January 31, 2022
Christmas Food - Traditional Weirdness From Around The World
Food is amazing and Christmas is amazing – so it just makes sense that Christmas food is all kinds of amazing! In this episode Alex and Katie team up to talk about their favorite seasonal dishes plus also weird Christmas foods from all over the world. BTWs include traditions, commensality and Slovakian bathtub carps. We keep the theme going In the moment of meta and talk about being enthusiastic about eating (as opposed to being ashamed about it). Get links or leave a comment at
December 22, 2021
Billy Strayhorn - The Unsung Hero Of Jazz
Everyone who knows jazz knows Duke Ellington. But did you know that many of the Duke's most famous songs were actually written by a gay black musical prodigy called Billy Strayhorn? In this episode Katie celebrates the life and music of Strayhorn who received little recognition (or even money) for his work but who still lead a "lush life." BTWs include the Baader-Meinhoff effect. In the moment of meta we share a tip on how you can use enthusiasm to meet new people. Get the links for this episode or leave a comment at
December 16, 2021
Piet Hein - Poet or pirate? Why not both!
Piet Hein was a Danish philosopher, mathematician, designer, poet and all-round smart cookie who did amazing work in both science and arts. Be warned: This episode has POETRY!!! BTWs include Piet Hein (the awesome pirate) and why Danish is the worst language. In the moment of meta, Katie talks about closing feedback loops and proposes a new enthusiandment: Thou shalt always tell your friends what you like about them. Get the show notes and links or leave a comment at
December 09, 2021
The Art Of Drag - Blowing up gender in STYLE
Drag is not just men dressing as women - it's a playful and enthusiastic art form that messes with our preconceived notions of gender and identity. Katie - who is about to do drag herself for the first time - shares the history of drag, the most iconic performances and which seasons of RuPaul's drag race to avoid. BTWs include best drag names, backronyms and why there is nothing more fake than reality TV. In the moment of meta Alex proposes a new enthusiandment: It's OK to be enthusiastic about something that is flawed. Get the full show notes and links or leave a comment at
November 30, 2021
Hallelujah - The Prettiest (And Most Abused) Song In The World
This amazing song took 7 years to write and was then roundly ignored. Only after a cover version and the untimely death of an artist did the song finally become popular. Since then, Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece has been covered at least 300 times and was used in The West Wing, Scrubs, Watchmen, Shrek and much much more. Everybody treats it like a sad song, but it’s not – Cohen’s intention was much more joyful. BTWs include death of the author, communication in relationships and ice cream chords. Get the links and show notes or leave a comment at
November 23, 2021
Cynthia and Hatsune - Fictional women who became real
Cynthia Gaba was a celebrity in 1930s high society in New York. Hatsune Miku is a singer with a global fan base who has even gone to space. But here's the twist: Cynthia was a mannequin and Hatsune is 100% digital! How did two women, who are clearly not "real" in the traditional sense, become so successful and what does that say about the nature of celebrity and even of reality? What is real? BTWs include William Gibson's 1996 novel Idoru which predicted Hatsune Miku, men who fall in love with fictional women, Thor Ragnarok and ragging on Game of Thrones. As usual. In the moment of meta we propose the next enthusiandment: You don't have to participate in something to be enthusiastic about it. Get the full show notes and links or leave a comment at
November 16, 2021
Ultramarathons - Extreme running and the nutcases who enjoy it
Mark Dowds was out of shape and nearing 40 when he discovered ultra-marathons and has now run several dozen of them.  Mark tells us what it's like to run 50km (or more!) in steep terrain and challenging conditions, the extreme emotions you experience and how he maintains his enthusiasm for both training and competing. BTWs include Guinness, gummy bears and the monarchy. In the moment of meta Katie gives three tips for how you can enjoy being bad at stuff. See the full show notes and links or leave a comment at
November 10, 2021
Cosplay - Going Hard With Hot Glue And A Dream
Our guest in this episode is Agent Colbert, a very enthusiastic cosplayer who's known for her vintage aesthetic, rocking Agent Carter and the marvelous Mrs. Maisel cosplays but she has also done everything from Ty Lee from Avatar the last Airbender to Velma from Scooby Doo. Learn what it takes to cosplay, what it's like to go to conventions with 1000s of other cosplayers and how to find out what character you should cosplay as! BTWs include perfectionism, badass Asian women and The Lake Wobegon Effect. Also - The Muppets!!! In The Moment Of Meta we talk about being enthusiastic about yourself even though you're not perfect. Get full show notes and links or leave a comment at
November 02, 2021
Niels Bohr - The man who played dice with the universe... and won
Alex gets his hometown pride on and celebrates the life of fellow Copenhagener Niels Bohr, who revolutionized physics twice over. He may be the smartest person in physics... and he was definitely the nicest! Hear about Bohr's epic feud with Einstein (drama!) and get a (very short) intro to the weird and freaky world of quantum physics. It will blow your mind. BTWs include: Nerd humor, the world's smartest cat and dead people. So many dead people. This episode was co-written by FDC Willard. In the moment of meta we talk about intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation and which one is better for enthusiasts. Get full show notes and links or leave a comment at
October 28, 2021
Dune, the novel - 1000 times better than the movie(s)
Now that Villeneuve's Dune movie is finally coming out in America, it's time for Alex to try to convince Katie to read a book that is notoriously long and complex... but ultimately so worth it. Dune is the best-selling science fiction novel of all time. It was written by American author Frank Herbert, and came out in 1965, over 50 years ago, but contains themes and ideas that make it relevant to this day. This episode has NO SPOILERS for either the book or the movie. BTWs include: What Tolkien thought of Dune - Connections between Game of Thrones and Dune - What went wrong with David Lynch's AWFUL 1984 Dune movie - Why it's a good thing that Ridley Scott's attempt to film Dune failed. In the moment of meta we talk about the concept of FLOW and how it relates to enthusiasm. Get full show notes and links or leave a comment at
October 20, 2021
Cha Chaan Teng - Hong Kong's Bizarre East/West Fusion Diners
In this episode we talk food and that gets Katie REALLY excited as she shares her enthusiasm for Hong Kong's Cha Chaan Tengs - cheap informal diners that serve a bizarre but delicious Asian take on the western food that the British served in their restaurants. Hear about the pineapple buns that contain zero pineapple, the deep fried peanut butter french toast and Katie's mom's favorite midnight snack: macaroni soup. Katie even gets Alex to make some Hong Kong milk tea and try it on the show... hear how he likes it. BTWs include: Why you never drink the first tea they bring you in a Cha Chaan Teng - The most disgusting food Anthony Bourdain ever tasted - Impulsive tattoos Moment Of Meta In the Moment Of Meta we talk about the research that shows that enthusiasm is good for you and can lead to more happiness and a better sex life. Katie and Alex also take a test that reveals their top strengths and biggest weaknesses. Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at
October 13, 2021
Swing Guitar - Preserving A Legacy With Enthusiasm (And Spite)
Jonathan Stout is incredibly enthusiastic about preserving the legacy of swing guitar and honoring the people who created and developed the genre. Swing music is amazing but real swing music that actually sounds like it did in the 30s and 40s is depressingly rare these days. Modern jazz musicians tend to look down on swing jazz and even when they do try to play it, they don't do it right and it ends up sounding more like modern jazz. Jonathan is a band leader and guitarist specializing in pre bebop jazz guitar. He leads eight different bands, but is best known for Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five and the Jonathan Stout Orchestra, both of which he co-leads with Hilary Alexander. His bands have been heralded as some of the world's premier swing dance bands. Hear about how Jonathan went from heavy metal electric guitar to jazz music, his incredible collection of vintage guitars and what "white whale" guitar he dreams of getting his hands on and the time he got the thumbs-up from Norma Miller, one of the original swing dance performers BTWs include racism in jazz and the producer who discovered Billy Holiday, Count Basie, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and MANY others. In our Moment of Meta we talk about the fourth enthusiandment: Thou shalt not fake enthusiasm! Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at
October 07, 2021
Avatar The Last Airbender - The Cartoon That Will Save The World
Avatar The Last Airbender is on paper a kids cartoon show... but it's also so much more than that. Over three seasons it tells a story that is poignant, thrilling, funny and - above all - hopeful. Pretty good timing of Netflix to get it onto their service in 2020, just when we all needed a dose of positivity. Hear all about this amazing show, including: A redemption story that beats even Kylo Ren. Uncle Iroh's life lessons. Kickass female characters. What kind of bender Katie and Alex would each love to be... but what they probably are instead. Why the live-action movie sucked so badly. BTWs include: The Aristotelian world view Whatever happened to M. Night Shyamalan? The concept of redemption and the tragic story of an Amish school shooting. Avatar sightings at the recent Olympic games in Tokyo. And yes, we do end up ragging on Game of Thrones. Again. In your moment of meta, we explain the 3rd. enthusiandment: Make sure to share your enthusiasms. Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at Links Avatar The Last Airbender on Netflix (NOT in Denmark, though). Xiran Jay Zhao videos on Cultural Inspiration in Avatar. Aristotelian physics - earth, air, fire and water.
September 29, 2021
Modesty Blaise - A 1000 Times Cooler Than James Bond
Modesty Blaise kicks as much butt as 007 but she does it with way more style and way less borderline rape. Meet the coolest action heroine of the 60s who began her adventures in newspaper comic strips before making her way into novels and some shockingly bad movies. Hear about how feminist and modern the stories are for their time (or any time), including sex positivity, nudity and consent-based sex and how incredibly rare and awesome it is that Modesty (a woman) was the clear leader and Willie Garvin (a man) was her faithful follower (not slave). Alex also delivers a heartfelt plea for Netflix (or someone... anyone) to make a Modesty Blaise show. Both so he can watch it but also to annoy the hell out of all the Men's Rights Activists and conservative pundits. BTWs include: Pulp Fiction and what Vincent Vega was reading on the toilet in Butch's apartment What Katie's mom and Quentin Tarantino have in common Shoehorned romance subplots and why they suck Beverly Hills 90210 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer The trope where every time someone enjoys something, bad stuff often follows In our Moment Of Meta, Katie talks about the doll called Electric Enthusiasm, which to Alex's surprise is definitely not a sex doll. Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at
September 21, 2021
The Banjo - Loud, Fun And... Sexy?
People have a LOT of misconceptions about the banjo and often dismiss it as the instrument of hillbillies or rednecks. But did you know that it's an instrument with a huge history and tradition that can be both loud, fun and... sexy? Our guest enthusiast in this episode is Daniel Rodrigues, a Portuguese jazz musician living in Copenhagen where he plays in several different jazz bands and he is VERY enthusiastic about the banjo. Daniel takes us on a journey of the banjo, that includes: Why it's the most fun instrument How to find success and fame as a banjo player The weirdest song he's ever played on a banjo The best jokes people tell about the banjo And yes, the movie Deliverance does come up. BTWs include: A fantastic connection between the banjo and Harpo Marx, the subject from our very first episode. Game of Thrones. In our Moment of Meta we talk about the single most important rule of enthusiasts everywhere: Don't yuck someone else's yum. Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at
September 15, 2021
Josephine Baker - The Most Interesting Woman in the World
Singer, dancer, entertainer... but also civil rights activist and spy for France during WWII. Josephine Baker truly is the most interesting woman in the world. Hear all about her amazing life, including her cheetah that would often escape its leash and (encouraged by the audience) menace the band and how she adopted 12 children of different races to form a "rainbow tribe". BTWs include: Celebrity nicknames Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" The Trial of the Chicago 7 In our Moment Of Meta, Alex talks about one of the "commandments of enthusiasm" (or enthusiandments as he insists on calling them over Katie's strong objections) namely that any topic can be fascinating when presented with enthusiasm. Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at
September 09, 2021
Harpo Marx - The Happiest Nudist In Hollywood
Harpo Marx (of the Marx Brothers) was a genius of physical comedy but, maybe more impressively, he was a nice and fun person who lived a truly happy life. Raised in a poor Jewish family on Manhattan and thrown out of school (literally) in 2nd grade, he still ended up living an incredibly interesting life and becoming friends with people like George Gershwin, George Bernard Shaw and Salvador Dali. Hear about his most epic pranks and about his occasional nudism. Harpo could (and would) turn any boring situation - like a game of golf - interesting by taking off his clothes. BTWs include: Some of the strangest town names in America Weird vaudeville acts of the 1920s In our Moment of Meta Katie reveals how she came up with the name of the podcast - Electric Enthusiasm - and shares two important quotes about enthusiasm. Get the links and full show notes or leave a question/comment at
September 09, 2021
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August 25, 2021