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Elevated & Rooted

Elevated & Rooted

By Connor Rankin
Love The Mystery of Life. This podcast is all about love, wisdom, vitality, creativity, and beauty.
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ChocTalkz 01: OCEAN w/ Gavin Masumiya
This week's VIP on ChocTalkz is Gavin Masumiya, my cousin. Read the Full Episode Breakdown: Ready to Create Your Dream & Become a Vital Force of Life with 1-on-1 Guidance? Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with Connor here: . Learn More About Holistic Life Guidance: Want to Learn Online? Check out our e-courses to Create Your Core Values, Discover What Matters, Creating an Identity, Meditation, Vitality, Human Experience Design, and much more: Discover the Upcoming Book - Love Your Mystery: Learn More About ChocTalkz: Support Our Cacao Supplier - FireFly Chocolate: Connect with Elevated & Rooted: / / FB: / IG: YouTube: --Connect with Gavin--  Find Your E.D.G.E. (Transform Your Voice): FlowFam™ Email List: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Website:
September 25, 2020