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Elevate The Vibe

Elevate The Vibe

By Katie Berlin
Welcome to the Elevate The Vibe podcast. We are a husband and wife team exploring the wild world of parenting. As caregivers, we are faced with countless decisions that will greatly impact the lives of our children. This podcast is our opportunity to connect with paradigm-shifting, thought-leaders who question the status quo, explore paths less traveled, and expand our horizons, ultimately elevating the vibe for future generations.
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74. Part 2: How To Make The Most of 2022 & See You For Season 3
It's our final episode of 2021.  I personally love a New Year, a fresh start. In this episode we talk about an alternative to resolutions to kick of 2022 where you are focused on living your big fat juicy life.  Here is the framework, reflect on the past year and take note of the following 1) What brought you joy? What lit you up? What would you to carry over from 2021 into 2022?  2) What drained you? What do you want to spend less time doing?  3) What are you grateful for?  Think through the past year and ask yourself these three questions, when planning for 2022, how can you refine your life so that you have more of #1 and less of #2. Are there changes you can make to allow more time and space for what energizes you? As you add in more good, you crowd out what is no longer serving you. Then take note of everything you're grateful for, call in more abundance as you focus on gratitude.  What I love about this approach is that you can do this with your children as well to create a life where you're not checking boxes on accomplishments but creating a life that you desire.  We are taking a break and will be back for season 3 in 2022.  Happy New Year! 
December 29, 2021
73. Freedom In Being Misunderstood & Living Your Big Juicy Life, Part 1 of 2
Vibe Hive, this is a two parter. We discuss the freedom in being okay with being misunderstood and how this can tee up reflection for 2021 and where you would like to devote your energy to create one big juicy life for yourself starting in 2022. 
December 22, 2021
72. Understanding neurodivergence and creating opportunities for neurodiverse adults with Perspectability founder Kelli Jensen
Kelli Jensen is the founder of Perspectability - an inclusive environment in Northwest Arkansas where neurodiverse adults can choose to live independently, continue their education, experience new opportunities and grow their community. Kelli and group of parents with neurodivergent children began to re-imagine what inclusivity can look like in communities and society; and they began to focus on ideas and solutions that allow neurodiverse adults to make choices, live as independently as possible, hold jobs, feel connected to their communities, and become participating members of society. We dive into Kelli's plans for the future of Perspectability including a transition academy, continuing education and even a residential neighborhood. Vibe Hive, let's welcome Kelli to the show. Key Takeaway: Parents change the world, dig down deep and change the world, whatever that is, if it's your world, the community.... dream big and make the positive change. If you are a business owner of any sort, consider hiring a neurodivergent person.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to build authentic relationships with people who are different because 9 times out of 10, you are far more affected profoundly than the person you befriended. Be vulnerable and be brave. Different doesn't equal less than. Resources: Perspectability website Perspectability instagram Any Vocational Rehabilitation Organization (Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation) Autism Housing Network First Place Phoenix, AZ Luna Azul Daymark Living
December 15, 2021
71. Tis the season for family dynamics and difficult conversations
The holidays are a joyous time but also can be a time of stress and heightened tension with family dynamics. How do you explain the intricacies and complexities of family relationships to your children? Of course each situation and scenario is nuanced and your child's age will play a role as well, but in this solo episode we discuss a six step approach to having difficult conversations and how you can keep the lines of communication open to facilitate trust and respect with your child.  These six steps are courtesy of the Connections Academy: Six steps on how to have difficult conversations with your child: 1. Prepare for these difficult conversations 2. Be attentive 3. Be honest 4. Keep the difficult conversation short and simple 5. Acknowledge emotions for kids 6. Empower
December 08, 2021
70. How to persist when struggling with mental health with Sadie Sutton - host of the She Persisted Podcast
Sadie Sutton is the host of the She Persisted podcast. At 14 years old Sadie began a year and half intensive treatment for severe depression and anxiety. Now on the other side of her experience, she is a freshman at UPenn studying Psychology, Sadie was inspired to share her story with other teens who are also facing similar struggles and to be a relatable voice for those who are looking for resources.  In this episode we discuss Sadie's experience, the importance of therapy, and the tools/ resources that she recommends for those who may be on their own path of personal growth.  Key Takeaway: For parents with kids, truly impart the belief and the idea that you as a kid are worthy and deserving of love no matter what, and that your parents will be there no matter what you're feeling, what you've done, or your decisions, or your behaviors, they are still there to love and support you just as you are, and that's never going to change and I think that's huge. Invest in that relationship so it's at that point where if something does go wrong or someone is struggling, you've created that foundation to navigate it effectively. Instead of just being like, 'well if something goes wrong I HOPE they would come to me, and I HOPE they would ask me for support,' but feeling really good about like 'I know that if my kid's in a tough situation, or they are in a social situation they don't feel comfortable in, I KNOW that they will call me because they know I am here without judgment, and I will help them get out of the situation, if there is a consequence that needs to happen we'll navigate that later, but I'm just here to support them because I care about their safety. Really building that foundation for the relationship in a preventative measure, so if something does happen you're good to go, and you've taken the steps you can to give your relationship the best chance it can at navigating the situation effectively. Resources: 3East McLean Hospital Book: Lost Connections by Johann Hari 
December 01, 2021
69. Maintaining Your Peace During The Holidays - Boundaries Edition
Happy Holidays Vibe Hive. Is it possible to maintain your peace during the holidays, especially when it comes to family?  In this week's episode we discuss boundaries and reference an instagram post from boundary expert @nedratawwab If setting boundaries feels new or uncomfortable, use these insights from Nedra to help guide you during this time: It's not everyone else's holiday, it's your too. Therefore your needs matter Laying out your boundaries ahead of time can prevent issues on the day of You don't need to be the hero and do everything on your own, ask for help in the kitchen  People will be themselves. Consider this before extending an invite or accepting one.  If the conversation goes off course, don't match the energy in the room  Know when to leave the gathering - develop an exit strategy
November 24, 2021
68. College bound? Jill & Dave Henry share the ultimate guide to keep you healthy & sane
Jill & Dave Henry are the authors behind the book: The Greatest College Health Guide You Never Knew You Needed.  If you're a parent of a college bound student, if you're a college bound student, or if you're a person who is simply juggling life (ehm: all of us)... how this go-to guide can be your baseline for how to manage food, booze, stress, sex, sleep and exercise on campus.  Key Takeaway: College is hard, it can be the best time and the most difficult time of your life simultaneously, do not let social media or someone else's experience dictate your happiness or sense of value. Make a list of five people that know & love you, when you're in a difficult place have this list ready to turn to.  Resources: The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook by Jill Grimes Website: Insta:
November 17, 2021
67. Intuition, when our gut reactions are usually leading us in the right direction.
Intuition. Many of us have been taught to ignore our feelings and think with our logical brain, but our intuition never leads us astray. In this episode we talk intuition, how to cultivate it and the connection between the gut and our brain. 
November 10, 2021
66. Vaccines passports & covid tests... are you for or against?
Are you for or against vaccine passports & covid tests? Where do we draw the line on these requirements for adults and children? Is this going to be our new normal? 
November 03, 2021
65. The POWER of positive affirmations
Are you familiar with positive affirmations? Do you practice them regularly? Do you practice them with your children? This week we discuss the power of affirmations and mirror work + our practice of adding them into our routine.  We reference the book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
October 27, 2021
64. Kids these days have it so easy... or do they?
We all recall the "back in my day" stories and there are many people who think every generation after their own has it "easier". This week we discuss how growing up in the world of social media may be pretty tough and the proliferation of job opportunities due to the variety of channels and careers that have been born in the past 10-15 years. 
October 20, 2021
63. Cold & flu is here, go-to ways of keeping sickness at bay
It's that time of year, the dreaded cold & flu season. In this week's episode we share our favorite go-to remedies that we've found help to keep sickness(es) at bay. Disclaimer, although we may seem like the utmost educated professionals you'll ever come across (this is a joke), we are not doctors, please consult your doctor for actual medical advice. 
October 13, 2021
62. Embarrassed AF by your parents: Part 2
Parents ever embarrass you? In Part 2 of this two part episode series we share those embarrassing moments from you, our Vibe Hive audience.
October 06, 2021
61. Embarrassed AF by your kids: Part 1
Kids ever embarrass you? In Part 1 of this two part episode we share those embarrassing moments from you, our Vibe Hive audience. 
September 29, 2021
60. Parenting in the age of social media
Parenting in the age of social media is tough, what is the right amount of exposure? No exposure, a little bit or full blow youtube sensation?  We'd love to hear your thoughts on social, do you post your kids on social? Do you allow them access to social? What works for you?  Let us know on IG @elevatethevibe
September 22, 2021
59. The importance of routine for your children
In this solo episode, we discuss the importance of that structure and routine play in our lives as children and adults. Whether you're more go with the flow and see where the day takes you, or like to be scheduled down to the minute we all crave familiarity and our children are no different.  Let us know on our latest IG post, what works for you and your family?  IG @elevatethevibe
September 15, 2021
58. Sleepovers, are you for or against?
Sleepovers an age old pastime for kiddos, but are they a thing of the past? In this week's episode we discuss the PROs & CONs of sleepovers.  Article on PROs Article on CONs What are your thoughts? Let us know on our most recent IG post @elevatethevibe
September 08, 2021
57. Back to school, conversations starters with your kids as they head back to school.
Parent: "How was school today" Child: "Fine"  This age old dead end convo stops here. In this week's episode we talk about our top three conversation starters with your children as they head back to school and the time of day to implement. There is a science to this and it takes place in three minutes that are some of the most important three minutes of your day.  Top ten conversation starters linked here
September 01, 2021
56. The art of following your passion with children's-book-author Mary B. Truly
Mary B. Truly is a self-published children's book author & watercolorist. Taking inspiration from mother nature with a sprinkle of imagination, Mary's passion for creativity comes to life in her five self published books. Her books are available on Amazon or you can check out her art and books on her website, and if you happen to live in Washington state, you can find her at the Sequim farmers market every weekend.  Key takeaway: Don’t let someone’s critique of you or your inner critic stop you from pursuing your passion Resources: Ingrim Spark, 20 Books To 50k by Craig Martel IG: @maryb.truly
August 25, 2021
55. Mom guilt, parent guilt, dealing with guilt, how we are prioritizing to stay present, be in the moment and stop feeling guilt
Mom guilt, or parent guilt... as a parent you know the feeling too well.  In this episode we share our tactics to prioritize our time, stay present and be in the moment. This isn't just for parents, as we all feel like our to-do list is never ending and we're not accomplishing "enough" ig @elevatethevibe to discuss this weeks question
August 18, 2021
54. Success is when talent meets opportunity with Mike Gambone
Mike began playing drums at age 12 and instantly feel in love. After continuing to pursue his passion, he earned his degree in Jazz and Commercial Music Performance he began touring with The Bridge. After six years as a full-time touring band, Mike stepped out on his own to begin teaching drums to students of all ages and has never looked back.  Key Takeaway: Giving your kids as many opportunities as possible to find the thing that they are really drawn towards. Success is talent meets opportunity... Having the opportunities to find whatever that thing is. being open to allowing your kids to try different things until they find that thing they want to do, you can be signing them up for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. Resources: Having smart friends who are going through it with kids, try to take as much as you can from everybody's experiences. Music Together class Links: - Mike G's Beginner Drum Course Google business page Insta: @gbone0623 FB: Mike Gambone Drums
August 11, 2021
53. Seven iPads? Traveling with kids, we need your help!
This week we discuss traveling with children, specifically young children. Leave us your tips and tricks on our latest post. 
August 04, 2021
52. Reality of living with severe food allergies, and how Without A Trace Foods is changing the narrative
Brooke & Matthew Navarro are the founders of Without A Trace Foods. Brooke grew up with severe food allergies and also watched her mom suffer from allergic reactions. Brooke lived with the burden of having to keep herself safe from a young age. She recalls being on the verge of tears so many times because she felt isolated when she couldn’t enjoy treats like her friends. When Brooke discovered that one of her children had food allergies, she knew it was time to leave her career in finance, take a leap of faith and create Without a Trace. Brooke & Matthew's goal is bigger than allergen free foods, it's for your kid to never feel left out because of his or her allergies or be labeled as “the allergic kid" and being able to create inclusivity for kids to feel safe and free to enjoy snacks without worry.  website: instagram: withoutatracefoods 
July 28, 2021
51. Monsters In Law, Real or Nah?
We asked the audience & you dished the deets. 
July 21, 2021
50. Cultivating a growth mindset with Dr. Jackie Gambone
Dr. Jackie Gambone joins us to discuss the importance of mindset and no matter where life takes you, mindset is your answer. Jackie is a wife, a mama, she has a PhD in post secondary and adult education, she is a life coach, an engagement strategy creator and the VP of the Bill Sweeney Charity.  Key Takeaway: Give grace, give yourself grace and giving other people grace. We're never gonna be perfect and even if we think we are we're probably insulting somebody somewhere Resources: - allows school to embrace grading aspect/intrinsic motivation way of learning The Big Life Journal (book) Bill Sweeney Charity -Perinatal Loss Grief Counseling, Specialized Bereavement Care Carol Dweck - Mindset (BOOK) Virtues Language: Brene Brown- Sympathy versus Empathy Email: free e-book if you contact Jackie
July 14, 2021
49. How movement can heal and unlock inner joy with celebrity yoga instructor Desi Bartlett
Desi Bartlett is a yoga instructor who has been teaching health & wellness for over 25 years. With a bachelors in Kinesiology a masters in Corporate Fitness recently accepted into a doctoral program for Kinesiology and with certifications in yoga, personal training, pre and post natal fitness and group fitness, she has helped countless students find their inner joy. She is a global ambassador for Manduka yoga, which she partnered with to design a custom yoga mat and is the author of Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy with a second book on the way.   Key Takeaway: Movement should be a joy. It should feel good, and if it doesn't feel good, find something that feels good. Movement is energy in motion, and when we can tap into the joy of movement we feel more alive, we feel more alive, more healthier, more present, awake and aware. Resources:  Doula Lori Bregman  Naturopath Natiya Guin  Book - The Body Keeps The Score 
July 07, 2021
48. Mom-Shaming, Unsolicited Advice and Parenting Double Standards
We've all been there, we even may be guilty of this, but have you ever mom-shamed??? Or been the recipient of mom-shaming??? In this episode we discuss parenting double standards, unsolicited parenting advice and the dreaded mom-shaming.  Sound off on your experiences on our ig: @elevatethevibe
June 30, 2021
47. From barely surviving postpartum depression to thriving. How Samantha Lendall founder of SurThriving Mama went from overwhelmed and tired to thriving and inspired.
Samantha Lendall is the founder of SurThriving mama, a postpartum coaching company dedicated offering a six week course focused on caring for mama. If you're feeling overwhelmed, tired, resentful, or stuck in a rut after bringing home baby, you mama are not alone. SurThriving mama is here to put you back on the priority list and have you go from merely surviving to SurThriving. Samantha's ten rules to Surthrival:  If mama ain't happy nobody's happy The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen Flood yourself with positivity Stay flexible, adapt and overcome Prioritize your passions Never stop learning because life never stops teaching Gratitude and negativity cannot live in the same space Success is built on failure Get comfortable with discomfort Find purpose in the pain Key Takeaway: There are resources out there for you, you are not alone Resources: Website: Facebook: SurThrivingMama Insta: @SurThrivingMama
June 23, 2021
46. Fertility warrior and advocate Dr. Preyasi Kothari on her IVF journey
Dr. Preyasi Kothari is an Emergency Medicine Physician based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a fertility warrior an advocate focused on women's wellness and empowering mamas to do their own research when it comes to their health and the health of their children.  Key Takeaway - Your story has so much value, your voice matters and you can make an impact in your own circle  Resources - Do your research and then close your computer, don't over research! Instagram @preysmd
June 16, 2021
45. The truth behind Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how to recognize signs and symptoms and when to seek help
Many people joke "oh, I'm OCD about this" well for many who live with this disorder, it's not a joke. Our guest today Tori Chavira is a mental health advocate who struggled with a obsessive compulsive disorder, commonly referred to as OCD. After hitting rock bottom and seeking treatment, Tori joined the NOCD team. An organization that offers online therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder, a severe, prevalent and misunderstood mental health condition. Tori is a wealth of information and someone who has dedicated herself to helping others and removing the stigmas associated with seeking treatment. Key Takeaway: recovery is possible, you don’t have to live your life according to OCD’s rules. You’re not alone. Resources:  Made Of Millions  NOCD International OCD organization Tori's Instagram @thetorichavira NOCD Instagram @treatmyocd NOCD Youtube 
June 09, 2021
44. Season 2, We're Back!
In this short but sweet episode, we are back to give you a quick update on what we've been up to before these past six months, thank you for sticking with us and if you're new here, welcome to the Vibe Hive. 
June 02, 2021
BRB taking a hiatus, we'll be back soon
Vibe Hive, we're taking a few month hiatus to schedule additional interviews and bring you dope content for the new year. We will be back around April/ May 2021. Thank you for your continued support and Happy New Year. 
January 06, 2021
43. Your vision, your goal, your priority, your intention, let's put it in motion for 2021. Happy New Year Vibe Hive.
Happy New Year Vibe Hive. A vision, a goal, a priority, an intention. Maybe a New Year's resolution isn't for you, but having goals are timeless and help us create the life that we dream of. In this episode we talk through the importance of goal setting for us each year and how we plan to integrate this for our family as we continue to create the dream life that we visualize. If there are any resources you like for goal setting, share with us on our latest IG post @elevatethevibe The book we reference is The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. 
December 30, 2020
42. Presents? What Presents? Navigating gift giving and receiving during the holidays
Who doesn't love the idea of a mountain of gifts under the tree? When you're trying to raise children to be grateful and appreciative how do you handle the gift giving process? Do you shower them and let it be part of the experience? Or do you temper the gift giving to teach that less can sometimes be more?  We are navigating this uncharted territory and would love any insights our audience has when it comes to handling this for the holiday season, with family members and during birthdays. Drop us your insider tips on our most recent IG post @elevatethevibe
December 23, 2020
41. Furry family members more than just pets. Solo episode with hosts Katie & Jason Berlin
For many of us, our pets are more than just pets, they are family. However, it's not always an easy transition to bring a pet into the home with young children, or bringing a newborn baby home when you have a pet who is use to receiving your one on one attention. In this episode we discuss these transitions and how to handle them. It can be a little nerve wracking at times, but always worth while to see your four legged and two legged family members bond.  Share with us on our most recent IG post @elevatethevibe how you've managed this for your family. 
December 16, 2020
40. Santa slay or santa ney? How do you decide what holiday beliefs are appropriate for you and your family?
Your Ho Ho Hosts of Elevate The Vibe jump on the mic to talk about holiday beliefs. How do you decide what is right for you and your family? Do you share beliefs based on your religion? Based on how you grew up? Based on whatever you feel is right?  Head over to our most recent post and share with us what works for you and your family @elevatethevibe
December 09, 2020
39. Ya better werk. Responsibilities, Chores, Allowance? Setting up your child for success when it comes to work ethic.
How do you handle responsibilities, chores, an allowance? Is this something that you've implement in your home? And at what age?  When is it appropriate to begin to instill a sense of responsibility and a work ethic in your child.  Share your thoughts with us on our latest IG post @elevatethevibe 
December 02, 2020
38. Sibling relationships, growing our family from one child to two, we need your help! Solo episode with Katie & Jason Berlin
As our family of three expands to a family of four, we discuss the intricacies of sibling relationships. Vibe Hive we need all of your insights on how to keep the peace with a big brother who is use to receiving all of our undivided attention now adjusting to having a little sister in the mix.  Let us know on our most recent IG post, how you manage this in your household.  @elevatethevibe
November 25, 2020
37. Giving Birth. Ask any parent, they have a story, and today we share ours.
The birth story. This episode was very difficult to record and share. We hesitated sharing this for numerous reasons, as it's personal, it was difficult and it's traumatic to talk through again.  Everyone who has given birth has a story. If you're open to sharing your story, feel free to share with us on our most recent IG post @elevatethevibe
November 18, 2020
36. T minus any moment now, birth prep, a solo episode with Katie & Jason Berlin
In this week's episode we discuss all the necessary items in preparation for baby's birth. This isn't registry wish list items, this is basic needs for mama, like diapers (yes, diapers for mama), padsicles (what are thoooooose!), and all of the nitty gritty details that we're prepping for baby #2's arrival. 
November 11, 2020
35. Your kids are not bad and you're not a bad parent, it all comes down to communication with High Impact Club founder Marcela Collier
Marcela Collier is a licensed Therapeutic Provider and founder of High Impact Club. She is a mom of twins, parent coach, and helps parents switch their mindset to respond according to their children's behaviors with the type parenting that the child needs. She is the creator of the Parenting With Understanding program that takes parents from, "I don't know what I'm doing," "I've tried everything and nothing is working," to correcting less, and connecting more by responding according to their children's needs. Key Takeaway: Behavior is communication, it's not that children are bad or you are bad as a parent, it's just the way the communicate. If you know how to meet the child's need based on their behavior that is now you will change the behavior Resources: 5 Love Languages Of Children - Gary Chapman Parenting With Understanding Course Website: Instagram @highimpactclub TikTok @highimpactclub YouTube @highimpactclub
November 04, 2020
34. FREAKY AF, Halloween 2020, solo episode with your hosts Katie & Jason Berlin
It's our favorite time of year, spooky season, but this year Halloween doesn't quite look the same for many of us. How are you keeping the spirit alive with your family? Share with us how you're celebrating and making the most of Halloween 2020 @elevatethevibe
October 28, 2020
33. Nurturing creativity to bring out the artist in each of us with Amber Seyler Vyskocil
Have you ever been told that you're not creative? Or do not have artistic abilities? Our guest this week, Amber Seyler Vyskocil, is an elementary school art teacher in Harford County, Maryland. She has both a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Masters in Art Education and over 15 years working with students to nurture their creative abilities. Not all children feel like they are creative and Amber's goal is to take the child who doesn't like art and have it be their favorite subject and the reason why they want to come to school. Amber's passion extends beyond modalities like colored pencils, paint and clay where she uses art as a vehicle to teach about subjects like environmental education, anti-racism and personal empowerment. Key Takeaway: Art & creativity are for everybody, it helps in all career paths and with critical thinking. Take risks, fall and get back up again.  Resources: Check out your local community colleges, rec councils, libraries for interactive art classes for you or your children.  Art Hub For Kids  Kinetic Sand  Cassie Stephens Art Before Breakfast - For Adults Where to find Amber: instagram @rfeart #artkeepskidsinschool Amber's Etsy site: A Cup Of Amber
October 21, 2020
32. How to handle that shit... Potty Training that is.
Potty Training. In this this week's episode we are asking for help from the audience on how to approach potty training.  If you're a caregiver we need your tips/ tricks/ resources on what has worked for you in potty training the bb's in your life.  Head over to our instagram @elevatethevibe and share your insider knowledge with us, we need all the help we can get. 
October 14, 2020
31. Having a plan for when the unthinkable happens with Estate Planning Mom Crista Hermance
What happens when the unthinkable happens?  Many people believe estate planning is reserved for the wealthy or for people who are entering the later years of their lives, but what would happen to your spouse, your children, your business, your assets if the unthinkable happens? Crista Hermance aka the Estate Planning Mom, founder of Hermance Law specializes in protecting families with minor children through estate planning, offering her clients peace-of-mind to ensure that their assets are distributed as they would desire. Key Takeaway: nominate guardians for your minor children & have it documented! Resources: Estate planning guide for parents  Website: social: @estateplanningmom
October 07, 2020
30. Dealing With Death. A difficult and inevitable part of our lives, how do you navigate this topic with children?
In this week's solo episode we talk about dealing with death. As parents it can be difficult to explain the process of death to your children especially if they are young. Whether it's a pet, a family member or friend, we ask the audience how to do you approach this difficult process and conversation with your children? 
September 30, 2020
29. Focus, clarity & emotional control. How the practice of yoga & meditation can allow your children to tap into these traits with Paolo Borgonovo
Paola Borgonovo is the founder of NovoYoga, a yoga studio located in Rodondo Beach, CA offering a variety of classes, including yoga for kids. Paola has been teaching yoga to children for over 30 years and has seen first hand the benefits it provides. Our children are growing up in a world that brings with it pressures across school, competitive sports, technology and constant connectivity. Having tools to help them focus on their self-health, relaxation and inner fulfillment, they can navigate life's challenges with a bit more ease and this is exactly the benefits that children receive from a consistent yoga practice.  Key Takeaway: Stay consistent, even as a parent if you are consistent your child will pick this up from you. Kids have so many activities, try for six months to be consistent. Teach them how to breathe, their lung capacity is developing and the breathe is the center fo everything, breath helps to keep you centered when emotions go all over the place. Resources: Talk to other parents! What works for them! Byron Baptiste - My Daddy Is A Pretzel Website: Instagram: Facebook:
September 23, 2020
28. A Covid Caper. Our first shopping trip as a family during this unprecedented time
In this week's episode we discuss our first shopping outing in six months, as a family, during Covid. Having a toddler it's not easy to convince him to wear a mask and we ask parents, how are you managing masks with your kids? Do you enforce them when you're out? What about at daycare, preschool or during school?  We'd love to know your tactics for managing as we navigate these unprecedented times in our lives.  Join the conversation on IG @elevatethevibe 
September 16, 2020
27. Hungry? Why wait... Registered Dietitian Thalia Eve shares how to avoid mealtime meltdowns with your children
Thalia Eve is a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist who works with parents struggling to create confidence and control during meal times with their children.  Thalia provides tools and mindset shifts for parents to cultivate peaceful family meals without added pressure, bribing or feeling stressed out and defeated by children who are picky eaters. She works with parents to uncover the positive power they intrinsically hold to help their children create a healthy relationship with food. Let's welcome Thalia to the show. One tip for the audience - reframing the parents mindset, the parent has the positive power, caregivers have a lot of influence over the child's eating behavior, and you can use this in a positive way. Role modeling, eating together, having family meals is very important. Think about how you're communicating with your child. Key Takeaway: you have so much positive power as the parent, reframe your mindset around your child eating and acknowledging what you can control and cannot control. Resources: 3 Respectful Phrases To Help Stop Mealtime Battles Mealtimes without meltdowns Book: Born To Eat Book: Brave Parenting Thought Leader, Author, Podcast Host: Janet Lansbury
September 09, 2020
26. Cracking The Whip. Are you the strict parent? Or the easy going parent? We dive into discipline during this solo episode.
Timeout? Grounding? The dreaded "I'm disappointed in you".  In this episode we discuss disciplining your child and our current strategy as well as what we grew up with. Parents out there, have you switched this up as your child has become older? Or do you stick to the same process? There's no one right way to go about this. Share with us on our latest IG post about what works for you and your family.  IG @elevatethevibe 
September 02, 2020
25. Stop, Drop & Roll yourself into this hot convo on fire safety with MySafe:LA
This week we sit down with Chris Nevil from MySafe:LA, a non-profit organization that teaches fire and life safety throughout Los Angeles. The MySafe:LA program began in 2008 teaching fire safety in elementary schools and has grown to a nationally recognized public safety organization. Providing education on how you can best prepare your family and home in the event of a fire or earthquake with services like CPR training, Burn Prevention, Pet Safety and safety for Older Adults as well, MySafe:LA offers courses, webinars and even their own podcast in both English and Spanish with the goal to save lives through education, engagement and partnerships. Key Takeaway: 1) Get your kids involved and let them take leadership in your planning and home safety. 2) Check your smoke alarms 3) Make your escape plan & practice it! Resources:  Website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Vimeo: La FIre and Historical Society Museum: Ralph J. Scott Fireboat:
August 26, 2020
24. Stranger danger or friendly AF? What path have you taken with your child in your community
In this week's episode, hosts Katie & Jason Berlin talk through the dichotomy of teaching your child to be friendly versus instilling a level of trepidation with people they do not know.  We are asking on this week's IG post, how do you handle this? And what method has worked well for you?  Find us on instagram @elevatethevibe
August 19, 2020
23. Have you hugged a chicken today? How animals and our planet are the ultimate teachers and the secret to a united future with The Gentle Barn founder Ellie Laks
Ellie Laks is the founder of the Gentle Barn, a non-profit animal rescue that has saved over 500,000 animals while teaching kindness and compassion within the community. Ellie is an author, TedX speaker, animal communicator, healer, wife, mom, and animal advocate. Her passion led her to create educational programs that invite at risk youth to the Gentle Barn and give children the opportunity to explore empathy, kindness and responsibility. With locations in Los Angeles, Nashville, St. Louis and a goal to open Gentle Barns in every state, Ellie's mission is to create a world where future generations have reverence for all life. Key Takeaway: Especially in these crazy and uncertain times, we desperately need a more gentle world, we need more love, compassion and inclusiveness, not just to people, but to animals, but to the planet and every living creature in it. Instill gentleness into our children and future generations. Resources: The Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King, standing up to the injustice of his time. Jane Goodall and her teachings as well. Cowspiracy & What The Health on Netflix Website: Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok Donate: Ted Talk:
August 12, 2020
22. When it's time to say the pacifier....
In this week's solo episode, hosts Katie & Jason Berlin discuss the accidental end to their son's pacifier and ask the audience for advice on how to wean their child from his or her favorite comfort item.  Catch us on IG @elevatethevibe and share your stories 
August 05, 2020
21. Everything you need to live your authentic life is already inside of you. Dawn Allison, founder of The Well-Grounded Spirit shares how she empowers her clients to live a life true to themselves.
Dawn Allison is the founder of the Well Grounded Spirit. She is a holistic life coach with training across several healing modalities including: neurocognitive bias, the limbic system, traditional Chinese medicine, meditation, hypnosis, reiki, astrolog and plant medicine. Her guidance enables her clients to become honest about their stories, beliefs and values while helping them to realize that all the tools they need are already within themselves. Key Takeaway: What is your relationship like with yourself? Have you check in with yourself lately? What does that really look like? What can you do to improve that? Take responsibility for yourself and awareness for yourself. How aware are you of the relationship with yourself? What is your state of gratitude and internal knowing? Answers these questions empower you and allow you to be of service to the world.  Resources: The Five Minute Journal Website: Instagram: Facebook:
July 29, 2020
20. Hey Baby... solo episode with Katie & Jason Berlin
In this week's episode we are keeping it short and sweet, while sharing big news and talking au pairs. If you, a friend or a family member has experience with an au pair, share your insights with us, drop us a dm @elevatethevibe on give us a shout via email at xoxo
July 22, 2020
19. How the power of mindset gives you the ability pursue your dreams and create generational wealth, with pro skater turned real estate investor Mikey Taylor
Mikey Taylor, is a professional skater turned real estate investor. From a young age he understood that perseverance, grit and mindset were keys to creating the life he desired.  Investing in real estate has been a major piece of the puzzle for Mikey who has retired from skating and is the president of Commune Capital. His faith in the power to believe in yourself coupled with hard work inspires him to share his wisdom with future generations. Key takeaway: whatever you believe is possible is what is possible, the bar can be adjusted, if we tell ourselves a lie enough you believe it is true. Keep pushing the bar higher, be really clear on how you are talking to yourself.  Resources:  Rich Dad/ Poor Dad Think & Grow Rich Richest Man In Babylon 12 Rules For Life The Bible IG @mikeytaylor IG @communecapital Text Group 805.953.8938
July 15, 2020
18. Too much? Or not enough? A solo episode asking the question how do you find the balance when it comes to nurturing your child's interests
As parents we want to give our children an incredible life. In this episode we discuss how do you find the balance between nurturing your child's interests, when to give them the extra push to overcome hardships, and when to let them find their own path. We leave this episode open-ended and ask the audience what has worked for you and your family? 
July 08, 2020
17. Squat For Change founder Donte Palmer on knowing your worth, stepping into your power, and changing the world.
Squat For Change is a non-profit that was founded by Donte Palmer. Donte was out to eat with his family and needed to change his son's diaper. The men's restroom was not equipped with a child changing table and Donte had to squat to change his son, laying his son over his knees. Donte's oldest son snapped a photo of the scene and a few days later Donte posted the image to social media. Little did Donte know that this photo would change the course of his life. Squat For Change's mission started out as a movement to equip all restrooms with baby changing stations and has grown into creating representation for what family units look like with father's in the home. Key Takeaway: Know yourself, Know Your Worth, know who you are, the moment you know who you are everything around you begins to fall into place> if you can't see your worth, ask someone close to you, what are the good things you see in me? Write their feedback down, Take their answers for what they are so you can see for yourself what you offer. Resource: instagram @squatforchange  Website: SquatForChange Instagram: @dontepalmerofficial @squatforchange Facebook: @squatforchange Twitter: @squatforchange
July 01, 2020
16. A vegetable victory. How consistency is key when it comes to your child trying and eating new foods, solo episode with Katie & Jason Berlin
In this episode Elevate The Vibe hosts Katie & Jason Berlin share a milestone of their two year old son finally, willingly eating a vegetable.  Key Takeaways:  Stay consistent, consistency, repetition and variety are key when it comes to introducing new foods to your child  Allergies? Sensitivities? Of course always check with your child's pediatrician if you have a concern, and also tune into episode 8 where pediatrician Mike Vicioso shares the common symptoms of each.  As the parent, it's up to you what you offer your child to eat and it's up to them what they eat **BONUS TIP - do what works best for your family!** Resources: Book reference on food combining - Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond 
June 24, 2020
15. How Magnolia Wellness founder Angela Sinnett uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to create a holistic lifestyle for her patients and her family
Angela Sinnett, founder of Magnolia Wellness, spent over a decade as an energetic healer, acupuncturist and herbalist. In 2018, she founded Magnolia Wellness located in Orange County, California to create a space where dynamic healers could provide progressive services and host uplifting events for the community. Angela has expanded her practice into a holistic healing collective focused on acupuncture, herbal alchemy, fertility specialties, energy medicine, conscious retreats & workshops and is now offering telemedicine appointments as well.  Key Takeaway: The most important thing we can do as parents are our own inner child work, then we don't need to dictate or determine how our kids move through this world, so we are not triggered by them and can allow them to be the glorious beings that they are. Resources:  Healing With Whole Foods  Parent Effectiveness Training Website: Magnolia Wellness Instagram: @magnoliawellnessoc Facebook: @MagnoliaWellnessOC
June 17, 2020
14. Learning, Listening & Difficult Conversations solo episode with Katie & Jason Berlin
Please find a list of resources below including children's books, adult books, TV/ film and organizations in support of educating ourselves, our communities and our children on racism. Children's Books:  Unlikely Friends The Proudest Blue Whoever You Are We're Different, We're The Same Teach Your Dragon About Diversity  Adult Books:  Me And White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change The World, And Become A Good Ancestor White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria How To Be An Antiracist The Color Of Law TV/ Film: 13th - Netflix The Black Power Mixtape 1967 - 1975 - Netflix  American Son - Netflix  I Am Not Your Negro - Amazon Prime Video  Just Mercy - Film  Organizations To Support: NAACP Innocence Project Black Lives Matter Color Of Change  The Conscious Kid
June 10, 2020
13. Reversing the stigma women have around food and their bodies through mindset with Life Coach Laura Conley
Laura Conley is a life + weight loss coach for mamas. For 20 years she struggled with mental games around her weight and food choices. The birth of her daughter was a catalyst for to crack the code to end her life long battle with her weight and relationship to food. Laura's mission is to obliterate diet culture and the endless amount of brain space this takes up in people's minds. She is creating a future where the next generation of children only know a healthy relationship with food. Key takeaway: Write/ journal every day. Set a timer for five minutes and do a brain dump around the issue you're having on that topic. Then you can see all your thoughts on paper and see that you are more than your thoughts. And our thoughts are choices. Resources: We mention Jen Sincero You Are A Badass Book Podcast: Unruffled Where to find Laura:  Website: Instagram: LauraConleyCoaching  Facebook LauraConleyCoaching & Yummy Mummy Group Complimentary 15 Minute No Strings Attached Coaching Session Linked Here
June 03, 2020
12. Endometriosis, what is it, how to determine if you have it, and taking your healing into your own hands with Paula Pavlova
Paula is a wellness and women's health entrepreneur. She is a business owner, writer, yoga & meditation teacher, reiki master and crystal healer. Yoga is a staple in Paula's life, her practice taught her how to really love herself while tap into her own healing. At the age of 13 Paula began to suffer from chronic pain due to Endometriosis. After years of suffering she was officially diagnosed in 2018 and is passionate about advocating for women's health. Endometriosis affects over 200 million worldwide and affects women, men and children. Paula's mission is to help others understand they are not alone in this and there is hope to find healing, you have to take this process into your own heads and listen to your body along the way. Key Takeaway: be honest with your body about how it feels on all levels, write things down, and don't forget to nurture your feelings because your feelings don't lie to you. Resources:  Beating Endo - Paula's Top Pick  The Body Never Lies The Body Keeps The Score Women's Code How To Change Your Mind Ask Me About My Uterus Where to find Paula: website: instagram: MoonBox: Gaia Collective: Email:
May 27, 2020
11. Leverage your natural abilities to create your dream life with Human Design expert Julianna Lembeck
Our guest this week is Julianna Lembeck  who empowers her clients to navigate away from mental health labels, heal their trauma and build a strong foundation for their lives that works with their specific energy ⚡️ ⁠ What is Human Design you ask? It is a system that lends language, classification and guidance to our unique energetic makeup. When we better understand how our energy is stimulated and comes to life, we can better tap into what lights us up and feed the parts of ourselves that are ready to author the powerful story of our lives.  Human Design is language and classification of our unique energetic genetic makeup. Human Design Energy Types: Manifestor - People that are trailblazers, they initiate and make it happen Generator - Here to do work with a consistent energy. Like a motor that turns on each morning and runs all day until it burns out at night. Manifesting Generator - Being service in their own desires and make excess energy for everyone else, can initiate and, here to zigzag a bit between interests Projector - Here to be guides to make efficiency gains and see systems very well Reflector - Center of the tribe, they reflect back how we are doing as a community, identity ebb & flow Our Authority - this is the place within your body that gives you the answers to your decisions Profile - this is the equivalent of your sun sign in astrology, how we present to the outside world, what is the energy you are bringing with you everywhere you go in the world Signature - the indication that you're on the right track Manifestors - Peace, nobody is standing in my way Generators & MG - Satisfaction, life is good, you are in the flow Projectors - Success, helping and guiding people Reflector - Surprised & Delighted Not Self Theme - your personal check engine light, that you need to course correct Manifestors - Rage, you feel small Generator & MG -  Frustration, feeling stuck Projector - Bitterness, seething undertone Reflector - Disappointment, life is dull and does not feel exciting How to nurture your children: Manifestor Kids - empower them to lead the way Generator & MG - present them with specific yes/ no questions and see what lights them up Projector - encourage what they are naturally interested in, allow them to have time for their interest Reflector - in an environment that feels good to them Key takeaway: you are the story that you tell yourself and you need to make it profound Resources: Jenna Zoe & The Holistic Psychologist  Website: Instagram: @JuliannaLembeck Special Offer 10% off a Human Design session with code ETV10 at checkout 
May 20, 2020
10. Deanna Madrid - Water Safety For Children
Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children between the ages of one to four years old. Deanna Madrid is an ISR water safety instructor. ISR stands for Infant Swimming Resource and focuses on survival and swimming skills for children ages six months to six years old. Deanna's passion for water safety was born from an accident where her three year old nephew was found in a pool, blue and unresponsive. Thankfully he was resuscitated but that event changed the trajectory of Deanna's life.  She transitioned from her career as a nurse to a certified ISR instructor. Key Takeaway: Kids should be learning both swim and water skills before anything else, before sports, and they do have the ability to learn. And parents...cut up those floaties. Resources: YOU! You as a parent, you can teach your child a lot in the pool, you just need to dedicate the time. to find an instructor in your area email Deanna directly with questions
May 13, 2020
9. Dr. Nikki Knight - Essential Oil Expert
Dr. Nikki Knight is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who believes in a holistic approach to healthcare., with a focus on the incorporation of essential oils in her practice. Dr. Knight wrote her dissertation on the effects of select essential oils on perioperative anxiety and loves to guide her clients on usage from acute health concerns to general well being. Dr. Knight strictly recommends the use of Doterra brand essential oils, you can make a purchase through Dr. Knight here and she is also offering all Elevate The Vibe listeners a FREE wellness consult if you mention this podcast when you reach out to her.  Connect here: How to use essential oils 3 ways: Aromatherapy: Through a diffuser, or place in your hands and sniff, or sniff directly from the bottle Topical: "Neat" directly on your skin. For kids you always want to dilute, dilution with a carrier is more therapeutic (Dr. Knight likes coconut oil, jojoba & sweet almond). Best places are bottom of feet & along spine Ingest: If your bottle has a nutrition label, you can take internally with add to a glass of water (no plastic), or under the tongue, or in a capsule Common issues in children & essential oils recommendations: Stomach ache - Tamer blend oil, roll directly onto abdomen For Immune Support - Stronger blend oil, directly on a spine & bottom of feet Diaper Cream - Combination of Melaleuca & Lavender Ear infection - Combination of Lavender, Rosemary & Melaleuca around the ear - 3x4 times/ day diluted with coconut oil Dosage Recommendations** If you ever notice a reaction from an oil, you would add carrier oil (like coconut oil) to the skin to dilute the essential oil, never use water as the water will push the oil deeper into the skin In a diffuser if you have cats 3-4 drops, if you have dogs 4-5 1 drop to 1 tbsp of carrier oil (like coconut oil) under 1 year | 2 drops to 2 tbsp of carrier oil (like coconut oil) 1 year & above Essential Oil Health Kit 101 for Adults: Lemon - detoxing | Lavender - calming for mental health | Frankincense - anti inflammatory | Peppermint & Wild Orange - gives you an energy boost Essential Oil Health Kit 101 Ages 0-2 years: Melaleuca - cleansing to the skin | Lavender - calming | Stronger Blend - to boost your immune system Essential Oil Health Kit Ages 2 - 10 years: Stronger Blend - to boost your immune system | Serenity Blend - calming, for sleep, for school & after school | Frankincense - cuts, scrapes, rashes, concentration for homework (application base of skull) Essential Oil Health Kit 10 - 18 years: Stronger Blend - to boost your immune system | Lemon - for detoxification | Lavender - calming & oil of communication, & building trust | Frankincense - concentration for homework (application on base of skull) Itovi body scanner Key Takeaway: Use essential oils and use quality essential oils, be safe about it. Resources: Essential Oils & Emotions & Modern Essentials  Dr. Knight's Website & Blog Dr. Knight's Instagram
May 06, 2020
8. Mike Vicioso - Holistic Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & Founder of Growing Healthy Together
Mike Vicioso is a certified pediatric holistic nurse practitioner and founder of Growing Healthy Together Pediatric Clinic. Mike's philosophy on care blends the natural benefits of alternative healthcare with modern methods of Western medicine. He believes that caring for a patient encompasses the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Mike's experience ranges from caring for children with the most severe ER trauma to very common illnesses such as asthma, ear infections, colds and flus. In this episode we dive into topics ranging from vaccines, nutrition, food allergies, epilepsy and mental health.  Where Mike shares practical advice for parents and caregivers on how to navigate the intricacies of parenthood. Key Takeaway: Contribute/ support Assembly Bill 890. This bill allows nurse practitioners to practice independently Resources: Lifespan by David Sinclair Mike's Practice: Growing Healthy Together Facebook @ghtkids Instagram @ghtkids Twitter @ghtkids Mike's Resource for teaching Nurse Practitioners how to start their own practice:
April 29, 2020
7. Dr. Lisa Kim - Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner
Lisa Kim is an integrative health practitioner that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, approaches to provide comprehensive treatments to deliver effective and lasting results for her patients. In this episode we discuss the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the various practices that fall under the umbrella of TCM like acupuncture, cupping, herbal nutrition, moxibustion therapy and how these practices can be used on patients no matter their age or ailment.  Growing up in Korea, TCM is a part of life, it's ingrained in how you think, eat, care for yourself and how you relate to the world. Moving to the US to pursue a career in Western Medicine, Dr. Kim realized that her roots in TCM were the most powerful healing modality and pivoted her career to earn a degree in Eastern Medicine.  Key Takeaway: During this pandemic, be extra careful, your immune system is all that you can trust. Take Vitamin C & Vitamin D3 and up your consumption of ginger to bolster your immunity.  Where to Find Dr. Kim:  Hudavi Wellness - offers services out of this location  AcuWellness - her clinic that she owns with her husband  Facebook @acuwellness Instagram @acuwellnessca
April 22, 2020
6. BJ Snell - Founder of Beach Cities Midwifery
BJ Snell is the founder of Beach Cities Midwifery, a Women's Care and Birth Center located in LA & Orange County. BJ has been a women’s health care nurse practitioner since 1977. She holds a Ph.D. in nursing from the Oregon Health Sciences University. B.J. and is renown for her work in advancing midwifery care and assisting women in achieving their desired birth experiences. Her expertise extends to the postpartum period as a lactation specialist with years of experience helping women initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies. She has also been the director of selected midwifery education programs, most recently with USC and California State University-Fullerton. Key Takeaway: Trust your body, trust your providers and you will let go and have a baby.  Resources:  American Association Of Birth Centers - find a birth center near you Beach Cities Midwifery website Beach Cities Instagram  Beach Cities Facebook  Healthy Pregnancy Book by Dr. Robert Sears & BJ Snell
April 15, 2020
5. Dr. Christina Vivit - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist & Community Healer
Dr. Christina Vivit is a Doctor of Physical therapy focused on pelvic healing for all genders and life stages. She is an avid health researcher assessing  areas of preventive health in prepartum and postpartum women along with immigrants and refugees. She is passionate about living life wholeheartedly, intentionally, and…raw. In this episode she shares how common symptoms we may experience regardless of gender or life stage are not necessarily normal and that you don't have to live with perpetual symptoms, healing is a possibility.  Key Takeaway: Take care of yourself, what does that mean to you? Feeding your soul, feeding your body, what does this look like for you? Go back the basics if you're having a specific ailment, check in within yourself frequently and see if you can get to the deeper meaning of your issue.  American Physical Therapy Association: Find A Physical Therapist American Physical Therapy Association: Fourth Trimester Article Dr. Vivit's Office: Women's Advantage, Men's Optimal Health Dr. Vivit's Instagram: @christina.marie.v
April 08, 2020
4. Sabrina Mata - Mother, Lawyer, Plant-Based Yogi & Powerhouse
Sabrina Mata was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At 16 years old Sabrina learned she was pregnant with her daughter and against the wishes of her family and community decided to keep her baby. Being a teen mom completely transformed Sabrina's life, however she continued to forge ahead graduating from law school and publishing two books in Brazil. In 2007 Sabrina moved to Los Angeles and found herself falling deeply in love with the practice of yoga. Several years later she signed up for a 500hr yoga teacher training with Yogaworks and since has built a booming yoga career. Continuing her education Sabrina has expanded her practice to support students who have experienced trauma as well as pregnant and postpartum clients. She is a Manduka yoga ambassador, follows a plant-based diet and is about to welcome her second child as a mom over 40 years old.  Key Takeaway: Keep trusting your process, believe in yourself, do your best, allow life to unfold for you, let it be. Sabrina's Website: Sabrina's Instagram: @sabrinamata Resources:  Book: Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy Book by Desi Bartlett Book: A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy by Deepak Chopra Book: The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson 
April 01, 2020
3. Lia Berquist - Doula & Bradley Method Instructor
Lia Berquist is a mom of two, Doula, Bradley Method Instructor, Evidence Based Birth Instructor and self-proclaimed birth fanatic. Lia was introduced to the Bradley Method in 1998 after giving birth naturally in a hospital. Ten years later with the knowledge and understanding on how to advocate for herself she gave birth to her second child at home. She believes that no matter what type of birth you choose, it should be your choice and you should have the tools and knowledge to advocate for yourself.  Key Takeaway: When it comes to childbirth education, do you research, make your selection on the method you prefer and stick with it, otherwise you'll find yourself second guessing your choices and will feel overwhelmed.  Lia's website:               Instagram: @yournaturalbirth               Facebook: @yournaturalbirthlb Resources:  Bradley Birth Method website: Spinning Babies: Evidence Based Birth: Favorite Parenting Book: No Cry Sleep Solution  When selecting a Doula these are the certifications you want to look for: DONA, CAPPA, BADT. Lia recommends when you interview your Doula, ask hard questions and see if this person is the right fit for you. 
March 25, 2020
2. Dr. Rochelle Neally - Bloch Chiropractic
Dr. Rochelle Neally is a pediatric chiropractor who has been in practice in 2000.  After being drawn to chiropractic care from her own chronic illness, she pursued this form of medicine in hopes to change lives and bring relief to her patients. In this episode we dive into numerous healing modalities and how chiropractic care can be used to treat infants, children, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Key Takeaway: Patients and parents advocate for yourself, if you are not a fan of your provider, find someone else who better meets your needs.  Learn more about Bloch Wellness & Sports Medicine here: Bloch Wellness & Sports Medicine Instagram: @myblochwellness Facebook: @blochchiropractic List of Pediatric Chiropractors across the country 
March 18, 2020
1. Amanda Soroka of Higher Selfish - Breathwork & Energy Healer
In this episode we are joined by Amanda Soroka, creator of Higher Selfish.  Amanda's passion is helping souls connect to their higher selves so that they can be more aligned as pilots of their true purpose.   In 2018 Amanda left her lucrative career in TV after realizing that she couldn’t look within and see what her true or aligned purpose was. She felt clouded and overtaken with her industry ego running the show. She craved deeper meaning so she dove headfirst into self observation and development. Through various rituals, journeys, writing, expression and meditations she allowed her intuition to guide her and ended up in an intuitive school where she found breathwork and knew from that moment that her path was forever changed. This work has not only changed her relationship with herself but has given her the tools to be a better wife, mama, friend and person in this world.  Key Takeaway: Healing doesn’t have to be so binary and strictly medical. We have so much greatness and value inside our own hearts and souls and if we could all spend more time with better tools of reflection and processing we might have more ease and clarity around the things that keep us stuck in our lives. Where you can learn more about Amanda: Amanda's upcoming class schedule: Upcoming events Amanda's Instagram: @higher_self_ish Guided meditation available here: Bonus Meditation
March 11, 2020
Intro: Welcome To Elevate The Vibe
Welcome to the Elevate The Vibe podcast. We are a husband and wife team who are exploring the wild world of parenting. As caregivers we are faced with countless decisions that will greatly impact our little human's life, this podcast is our opportunity to explore paths less traveled, find ourselves questioning the status quo and speaking with paradigm-shifting, thought-leaders to ultimately elevate the vibe for future generations. 
January 07, 2020