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Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living

Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living

By Raghubir Khalsa Kintisch
Raghubir hosts this lively audio laboratory for achieving and sustaining states of sublime creative insight. Imagine having the limitless energy and focus to act on your ideas! Beside playing great music and having informed and engaging guests, Raghubir will read from her two newly published books "Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living" and "Workbook" - both of which explore the confluence of art and spirit and engender the love of practice in both disciplines. Topics: yoga/meditation, the creative flow, handling deterrents/blocks, energy management, metaphysics, and macrobiotics and more!
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Season 2 Episode 1 - The Art of Impact
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Season Two starts with the Art of of my favorite subjects in the realm of creativity. Inflow and outflow of creativity should be in balance. Life is held by impact and it is fed by inflow.  If you knew what you needed to do to keep your creative energy "in the black", wouldn't you do it?  I play the audio intro from a class on impact I taught last month, and read from and comment on the chapter on the Art of Impact from my book, The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living. I talk about the artist Hirokazu Kosaka's archery practice and the importance of bringing responsibility to your creative practice by understanding how impact works. Great music from Alex Chilton, the Boxtops, David Byrne, Sylvester and the Isley Brothers.... there's a snippet of Guru Guru Wahe Guru Melody by AWTAR in the front end of the first segment...which you can find on Spotify, too.  Order your book today at check out my patreon page Join us at The School for Creative Aquarians 
October 31, 2021
Episode 12 - Heat, Glee, Chardi Kala and Community Activism
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Feeling tired..a little lackluster? Don't let the heat get you down. Take a break, be good to yourself, and go within. Heat, Glee, Chardi Kala and Community Activism.... well, how do you get from Heat to Community Activism? This and other queries are answered in today's podcast about the beauty and unity in ANY THING ANY BODY ANY MANY BODIES when they work together. And when all the pieces work together in harmony, the total is truly greater than the sum of its parts.  You can affect positive change - not only in your own life - but in the lives of others by directing energy IN COMMUNITY on any given situation that needs some extra love.  IT WORKS. Musical selections are Chardi Kala Vich, Stoned Soul Picnic, and Summer in the City. - join the revolution! - buy the books!
August 01, 2021
Episode 11 - Clarity of Mind through Digestion
One of my fave subjects is Crystallization; a process of pressurization which brings clarity and balance to the mind. Just like a chunk of coal can become a diamond, so can a dense mind become clear and radiant. One way to bring about clarity, is to have awareness around the foods we eat and how we think about foods in general; do you consider food as medicine? as an emotional pacifier? as recreation? Do you have digestive issues? Have you noticed a cloudy mind is directly linked to iffy digestion? These and other issues will be discussed in today's episode of The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living.   Healing is another form of creativity ---and when you feel good, you'll have the energy and focus and the clarity of mind to produce the kind of work you want. If you feel sluggish and foggy, you won't feel like being creative. There is a direct correlation between how we digest our food and how we digest our thoughts and emotions. All this is to say, that Clarity is achievable in body, mind and spirit with consciousness around how we choose and process the food we consume.
July 01, 2021
Episode 10 - Victory and Healing in Art
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Victory is a state of mind where obstacles are gifts that can be gratefully overcome. Victory is a great topic leading us into the healing power of art because victory, like healing, can be attained through a change in one's point of view. Belief in your own ability to heal is a victorious attitude; you are what you think and mandalas, gongs, mantras and music can all help you to shift the mind. I played a small portion of Sat Nam Wahe Guru by Tigerstyle, my favorite DJ.  It's the only mantra recording I have found of theirs; most of their music seems to be bhangra and dance remixes. Then talking about the monks and sand mandalas made me think of Alex Chilton's song Dalai Lama from the album High Priest. And since Chilton was the founder and lead singer and writer of the band, The Boxtops, I couldn't leave without sticking in The Letter, one of their greatest (and shortest) hits. Next episode, we finish up Art of Healing by talking about food, the pineal gland, and how to de-stress.  Check out The School for Creative Aquarians for information about upcoming classes, workshops, courses and trainings. Here's a link to the patreon site ...we are going to be having a fundraiser in a few weeks...a monthly membership gives you access to lots of free content, events, discussions, merchandise, discounts, and the joy of co-building a vital creative Kundalini yoga community. And if you want to buy the books, you can find them on Amazon.
June 04, 2021
EPISODE 9 - The Art of Healing - Finding Your Rhythm
"Where I come from, we say that rhythm is the soul of life, because the whole universe revolves around rhythm and when we get out of rhythm, that's when we get into trouble." - Babatunde Olatunji, percussionist I decided to discuss Healing - with an emphasis on stress relief - because so many people I talk to are in need of tools to de-stress and ways to initiate healing patterns in their life. We get sick when we do not metabolize and process the food we eat and we also get sick if we do not metabolize and process our emotions. The body and the mind are so deeply interconnected, that one will often alert the other when something is not right. We have to pay attention to the signals to stay on top of when we are not in balance so we can DO something about it.  Getting back into rhythm will set you on the path to healing. This episode includes a recording of the intro to a class I taught on May 2 (zooming through Heartbeat House) on the Art of Healing - which is also the seventh chapter of my book, The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living. It includes instruction on a powerful stress relieving Kundalini Yoga meditation with brings the body, mind and spirit into balance with the rhythm of the 8-count breath.  Please visit for the link to purchase the books and to learn about my new project, The School for Creative Aquarians. You can also visit our patreon page and see what we have in store. Thanks for listening! Sat Nam Raghubir
May 05, 2021
Episode 8 - The Art of Flourishing, Letting Go and The Art of Deliverance
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In the Art of Flourishing, it's all about the process and after all that delicious work, it's time to let go. If you don't let go, the world will never know what you did, your art will never have the opportunity to uplift anyone, communities won't be transformed by your creative engagement, and the people in your life won't know what it is like to be loved by you. Letting go is a spiritual practice unto itself and it sits in between flourishing and delivery in the Law of Creativity. Many creatives get stuck between these two stages and end up giving up, feeling guilty, unfulfilled, victimized and so on - mostly just because of fear and worry.  Fear of judgement, rejection, embarrassment, attention (good or bad), and also, fear of being a success, pretty much takes care of all the reasons a project will stay in creative purgatory forever....and ultimately destroy you.  Then I move on to The Art of Deliverance in which I begin to touch on the requirements for perfecting the Art of Deliverance. These are willpower, self-determination, prana and radiance and the strength and the willingness to let go. If you use them, your life will change and we will cover them in more detail in Episode 9. Shout out to David Byrne Live from Austin, a 2007 release from Luaka Bop - simply marvelous album from which I play "God's Child"...a song of deliverance if there ever was one.  It just oozes the freedom and power to be one's true self.  Make sure to visit The School for Creative Aquarians and become a patron for special content, courses, trainings, programs and creative/spiritual community. We just manifested this in April 2021 !  Also, visit and for my books, where you can order directly. Sat Nam! Raghubir
April 26, 2021
Episode 7 - The Art of Flourishing - Organizing and Producing in a Healthy Way
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
The Art of Flourishing is basically organizing and producing in a healthy way...the operative word being "healthy." Often artists and creatives forget self-care when they are in the throes of making things - they lose track of time and personal needs - but that is the intense level attention one must pay to one's project at hand to bring it into the world. When you are onto something, you are like a dog after a bone. This phase of flourishing is the second part of the "law of creativity" - to conceive, flourish, and deliver and for me, the most fun. It's all about process and it can be exhilarating to be deeply engaged in your work. Kurt Vonnegut said that to practice art was a way to make your soul grow and I completely agree; art making and spiritual practice both nurture the purest and most authentic parts of ourselves and they work in tandem to promote self-realization.  Featured in today's podcast is the music of White Sun; Trinity, from their first album and Sa Re Sa Sa from White Sun III. Both songs are available on Spotify, Apple Music and of course, Please share this podcast with others and go to to get the links to buy my two books: The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living and WORKBOOK for the Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living.   May the confluence of art and spirit prevail!!! Sat Nam.
April 02, 2021
Episode 6 - The Art of Conceiving: The Nucleus of Creativity
The Law of Creativity - To conceive, flourish and deliver - is at the core of all creative endeavors, all relationships and in fact, absolutely everything that we do. In today's episode, we look at the Art of Conceiving; the point of the creative process when energy transmutes into ideas and then implants in our consciousness. After we conceive, we can work on the ideas (flourishing) and share them with the world (delivery).  For me and many other creatives, the conception state is the most exciting of the stages of creativity because it's fueled by anticipation, hope and possibility.  But it's also a stage that we must get ready for; and that involves some elbow grease. By this I mean toning up the nervous system, aligning the physical body so that the channels of energy are free and clear, and nurturance of a neutral or meditative mind. If you impose your ego on this process, you will get in the way of what you can "pick up" and might just close down the process before it starts.  When an idea takes root, provided that it has fertile ground in which to implant, it seems to have a life of its own and you are there to fan the flame...or water it, in this case.  This podcast features the music of Jamie Liddell who recorded Another Day, Little Bit of Feel Good, and All I Wanna Do between 2005 - 2008. I discovered him on one of those "customized" playlists back in 2012 through the song "All I Wanna Do" and immediately took to his complex blending of pop and soul. You can hear his musical heroes in his music and so its fun to listen to his layered and soulful songs. When I started recording this episode, his songs magically popped into my head. They speak about some of the very things I discuss in today's I hope that you enjoy them. You can find Jamie Lidell on Spotify: I hope you purchase my book(s) --- both available on Amazon. You can get to them through other ways to reach me: and please like and share!  Thank you to Sat Nam,  Raghubir
February 24, 2021
Episode Five - Practical Tools for Uplinking and Deep Listening
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Whether you call it uplinking or deep listening, the practice of quieting and clearing the mind allows one to dive into the receptivity of creative practice. Through meditation and cultivating a state of emptiness, we can feel, hear and see what the Universe Mind is broadcasting. If ten people receive the same or similar signal, the output as a result of that transmission, will be unique. Some people may not even choose to respond and others may not have the power to complete and deliver the work if started. The Law of Creativity is to conceive, flourish and deliver and Uplinking and deep listening precede the conception phase.  This episode opens with a piece of music by Pauline Oliveros called A Love Story. Pauline was an educator, composer, performance artist and activist whose primary instrument was the accordion. You can read about her work here: Then, we listen to Suniya by White Sun. You can find White Sun on Spotify and other platforms and here is their website to explore: I close the episode with another Pauline Oliveros composition called Crossing The Sands. You can find a wonderful selection of Oliveros music on Spotify. Check out her workbook, Deep Listening. on Amazon.   Don't forget to check out my book(s)
February 16, 2021
Episode 4, Creative Living and The Art of Uplinking
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Creativity in daily life is not necessarily in the studio, it's in the living.  Creative Living is accessing the "infinity channel"  all the time, anytime you want... through YOU. The question is do you uplink to it? Where IS the access point? And how can uplinking give you the intuition needed to disassemble the obstacles and blocks in your life. Musical interludes include songs by Bob Marley, Charles White and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, and White Sun. Please visit for links to buying my books and for information about yoga classes and workshops.
February 16, 2021
Episode 3, Universal Mind, Compassionate Activism and the Breath
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In episode 3 we continue to look at the Universal Mind and how it plays into a non-violent energetically-based form of activism called Compassionate Activism. Based on the power of group consciousness and meditative engagement, this group dynamic can change political landscapes as well as heal communities and even shift the forces of nature. These brings us to prana and the breath - one of the quickest and most efficient ways to plug into the Universal Mind. Why is practicing Compassionate Activism even included in the creative model?  You'll have to listen to find out! Music on today's episode includes: Reach Out Of the Darkness by Friend and Lover, Incense and Peppermint by the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Fresh Air by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Within You and Without You by the Beatles, Adi Shakti by White Sun, and Mother by John Lennon. You can purchase The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living and the Work Book on Amazon ( Barnes and Noble sells the Work Book). A quick link is If you feel so inspired, please share. Sat Nam.
January 05, 2021
Episode 2, The Art of the Universal Mind
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
What is the Universal Mind and how can we plug into it?  These and other questions are answered on today's episode of The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living.  Music on todays podcast are from This Mortal Coil (Velvet Belly and At First, And Then; and White Sun (Hummee Hum).  Visit my website for a direct link to purchase copies of my books on Amazon. 
January 03, 2021
Episode 1, Introduction to the Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living is about re-framing how you think about creativity and how your life can transform as a result. This year I published two books - one at the start of the pandemic and the other in the Fall.  Both books are available on Amazon and deliver the teachings of Kundalini Yoga through the lens of creativity.  You can visit my art, yoga, and dedicated book websites for more information on me, my practice(s), and ordering the books. Happy New Year and may 2021 be filled with love, prosperity, abundant health and creativity. Sat Nam. Music in this episode: Sat Nam Wahe Guru, Tigerstyle The Dolphins, Tim Buckley Song to the Siren, TIm Buckley Behold the Light, White Sun with Samuel J
January 01, 2021