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Areas of Agreement

Areas of Agreement

By Elia Powers
One of the most dangerous divisions in the United States is between urban and rural communities. The urban-rural divide runs deep. Resentment is widespread, and clashes over politics and culture can turn violent. One nonpartisan organization is trying to bridge the divide. This series examines a multiyear effort to help people on both sides build relationships, find common ground and take on systemic problems that impact everyone.
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Episode 1: America's Urban-Rural Fault Line
Experts describe the urban-rural divide as one of the biggest fault lines in the United States. This first episode explores some fundamental questions: What causes the division? Why is it getting more pronounced? Why do we resent people who don't live in the kind of places we do? What can be done to bridge the divide?
November 25, 2020
Episode 2: Everyone Eats
Food might be the ideal topic for people living in cities and rural areas to unite around. Lack of access to food affects all communities. This second episode examines efforts to reduce food waste and food insecurity.
November 25, 2020