St. Paul's School for Girls Oral History Podcast

St. Paul's School for Girls Oral History Podcast

By Eliza McGehee
This podcast interviews alumnae of St. Paul's School for Girls and explores the history and impact of SPSG.

Special thanks to our guests:
Kathy Armstrong Gaudet ‘69
Nell Tapscott Goetze ‘89
Ebony Harley ‘05
Emily McKhann ‘79
Laura Ciekot Newell ‘99
Edee Waller
Jan Colt Wang ‘69
Karen Berger Yeagle ’63

St. Paul’s School for Girls educates hearts and minds in an inclusive community that is grounded in the Episcopal values of respect, integrity, and spiritual growth. We empower voice, nurture intellectual curiosity and creativity, and inspire confident leaders who serve in the world.
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More places to listen

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