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In Cahoots! Episode 1: a Get to Know Me Q&A

An episode of In Cahoots! with @thegingerintrovert

By Elizabeth McIlhenney
You are In Cahoots! with @thegingerintrovert, a podcast where we reflect on life as a twenty-something, and no topic is off limits.
Reacting to Taylor Swift's "Lover," and other new music!
In this episode of In Cahoots! With @thegingerintrovert, Liz talks all about the music she's been listening to and loving the last couple of months, in addition to reviewing Taylor Swift's album "Lover" track-by-track.  To access the full show notes, as well as this episode's playlist, click here! Follow @thegingerintrovert for more fun autumn content and podcast news! The theme song used is "Sweet Love" by Ralph Julian.
September 18, 2019
In Cahoots! Episode 1: a Get to Know Me Q&A
In this VERY FIRST episode Liz answers some fun get-to-know me questions! For this episode's playlist, check out the show notes: Loved this episode? Follow @thegingerintrovert on Instagram! Let's be friends :)
September 9, 2019
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