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Build Your Coaching Business

Build Your Coaching Business

By Elizabeth Salazar
There has never been a better time to build your coaching business and the Build Your Coaching Business podcast is here to help you do it. On this podcast, we cover: > how to start a coaching business > how to grow a profitable and simple coaching business > how to ENJOY your coaching business Plus we dig into the failures and lessons we’ve learned along the way. Visit to sign up for the free training.
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Daily Success Habits for Coaches
Episode 11 -- The biggest goals happen in the mundane choices we make everyday. The habits we build that become our norm. Taking what used to feel hard and making it the new norm...along with the building results that come after repeating those habits. In today's episode, I share 6 daily success habits for both the new and seasoned coach.  We break each habit down as well as dig into why it works.  You can do my free training on these daily habits in The Daily work. Click here to get that. 
January 06, 2022
6 Gifts To Give Your Future
Episode 10: In today’s episode I share 6 gifts you can give your future self and future business. They’re not things you buy but rather ways of thinking that will feel amazing for you and help you create possibility. You may receive the gift just listening because of how your awareness shifts while experiencing each idea. You may receive the gift because you choose 1 and spend 15 minutes giving it to yourself in a purposeful way. Both are powerful and effective. My gift to you is the realization that you can give yourself such good gifts.
December 16, 2021
Doubles & Halves
Episode 9: You can double a business forever. But not if you don’t also focus on the halves you want to make to pair WITH those doubles. In today’s episode we dig into: The value of double and halves to growth (why you want and need both) The foundation pieces that make doubling possible What gets in the way of doubling In a job it would take a lot of time and skill building to double your income once and be almost unheard of to do it over and over again. But in business that’s all possible. You can make $6,000, 2 years in a row and then make $120k and then $300k (those were my first few years). You can make $50k in 6 months and then make $100k in 6 months. And when you break your own rules on what’s possible in your business, you open yourself up to creating bigger results WHILE reducing the things you want a little less of. To listen to coaches first hand experiences with doubling and halving, be sure to check out episode 7 & 8 to hear Suzie and Jenna’s business stories.
December 02, 2021
Jenna’s Doubles & Halves
Episode 8: Today I want to introduce you to Jenna Harrison. Each of my clients has a different story of growth.  Your story won't look exactly like any of theirs. Yours will be yours. The POINT of listening to their story is so you can build your own belief in your goals, in the normal twists and turns of the process and to learn from their mind as they encourage you to keep going. ​​​​ Jenna joined the mastermind wanting to grow her business and to learn how to do goals without them either burning her out or feeling like hitting them was a fluke. She did both of those things AND the work she didn't even realize she needed as she paved the path for her growth.  Things like... Trusting her clients to get their results using her process (instead of spreading herself thinner with 24 hours access to her and writing all of their copy) Refining her process and mind while doing 1:1 coaching as a way to prepare to sell group. (instead of jumping in fast from overwhelm at the business she currently had) Using her mind to create results (instead of tactics and strategies) ​ ​ This isn't just the story of a $100k coach. It's the journey of a coach whose building something bigger than this year for both herself and her future clients. This is a story of what real growth looks like. ​ Jenna Harrison is a business coach specializing in clarity. Here’s how you can reach her:
December 01, 2021
Suzie’s Doubles & Halves
Episode 7: In today’s episode, I’m sharing Suzie Soloviev’s journey of doubling her business from $24k last year to $47k in 11 months this year. Every coach's journey of building their business is different. Suzie’s included things like going from 28 offers to 1, having major surgery, decreasing how much time she spent working and cycling through the lows without making them mean everything needs to change. She is an example of what’s possible when you show up and create the business and future you want. Suzie is a career coach for recovering perfectionists. Share her with those you know who want to find meaning in their job again, who don’t want to be depleted at the end of the day/week and who want to make more money. You can find her at
November 30, 2021
The Willingness To Keep Going
Episode 6: the only way to NOT create a result you want in your business is to stop moving towards it. In this episode I share an example of an area of my business I was willing to keep going, what makes continuing hard and what makes continuing easier. (knowing both will help you balance into ease)  This style of creating goals will build your self-trust, reduce your urgency and help you focus on how you’re progressing even before you have the exact result you want.
November 23, 2021
Identifying What You’re Missing
Episode 5: Identifying What You’re Missing In this episode of the Build Your Coaching Business podcast, we dig into one of the top thoughts I hear coaches saying to themselves when they aren’t getting the results they want… “I must be missing something” Are you? Yes. But it’s something that is obvious and always available for you to catch and use to get yourself moving again.
November 04, 2021
Your Driving Motivator
Episode 4: What drives you can be looked at as your WHY, as something you’re HUNGRY for or as a motivating force. No matter what yours is, it’s what you use while you’re in process towards your goals. In this episode, we talk about weaving together a driving force that helps you maintain your drive without burning out. We dig into the three parts of this drive so you can create and strengthen it for yourself on demand.  
November 04, 2021
The 3 Routines Of Consistency
Episode #3 -- Consistency is often cited as the reason a person is or isn’t creating the results they want in their coaching business. Those coaches who struggle to create content regularly believe that to sign clients the need to just be more consistent. But the coaches who are uber consistent with weekly trainings, 2 emails a week and daily social engagement know that you can do all of that and STILL not sign clients on the regular. So then what’s the solution… It’s balancing the 3 routines of consistency in your business. The Mental Routine (your focus) Engagement Routine (doing the pieces of your business) Self-Evaluation Routine (learning from yourself) In this episode I break those routines down and share what they look like day to day so you can WIN at building your business instead of burning out from overworking or self-destructive criticism. Visit to sign up for the free training.
October 07, 2021
The Only 6 Decisions You Need To Make To Start Signing Clients
Episode #2 -- In today’s episode we’re laying the foundation of a simple and profitable coaching business. When your mind is confused about the essential pieces of what it takes to start making money with your coaching will focus on a lot of unnecessary things. My objective in today’s episode is to help you focus on what matters so you can stop focusing on everything else. In this episode we go through each of these decisions and what to consider as you make them so you can lay a strong foundation for your coaching business start making money  focus on the right pieces to adjust when you aren’t getting the results you want Those 6 decisions are: Your Offer: Length, Who, Result & Price Marketing: Where you meet & nurture people. Sales Process: Interest to Client journey  Visit to sign up for the free training.
October 07, 2021
Developing Your Identity As A Coach Clients Want To Hire
Episode #1 -- Who does your best client WANT to hire?  You might put yourself in their shoes by thinking about who YOU want hire. What does the person you want to hire think about you? What does the person you want to hire think about what they're offering? What does the person you want to hire think about themselves? These details are the difference between believing they have your best interest at heart verses theirs. These details are the difference between you believing they can follow through or not. These details are at the basis of the identity of a person someone wants to hire. In this episode, we cover: How to know in minutes if you need to build your identity as a coach What exactly is an identity Who your clients WANT to hire Visit to sign up for the free training.
October 07, 2021
How To Double, Without Focusing On Doubling
Episode 118: This week I'm sharing Jennifer Dent Brown with you. She is a life and weight coach whose doubled her business 3x, from $37k in 12 months to $60k in 6 months to $101k in 6 months.  She shares what doing less tangibly looks like, her ah-ha's around using and directing her mind to create results and the 2-question filter she uses to focus her efforts and simplify her business.  If you're a coach whose been looking at your business as a numbers game... If you're a coach whose been stuck at the same income year after year... If you're a coach who is curious what doubling your business, without obsessing about doubling looks like... Today's episode of the podcast is a MUST listen.  You can find Jennifer on her website: 
May 19, 2021
Decision Failure
Episode 117: The willingness to take action towards your goals, not knowing if that action will where failure is made.  It's how businesses are built.  It today's episode we look at where the opportunity to fail BEGINS. How to move toward figuring out what works and doesn't (failing) in order to create a $100k business and hit goals. This episode breaks down two ways to start towards your goal and open yourself up to failure immediately. Plus what to look for when you're accidentally failing to fail and avoiding that next step. 
May 12, 2021
The Daily Work
Episode 116: For over 3 years I have given away for free a daily practice called "The Daily Work".  It's the practice I used to create my first $9,000 month and coaches since have used to fill their practice, sign clients and book more consults than they've ever had.  In today's episode, we go through the daily work, why it works and how to use it. I share new ways I think about it and guide you through getting the most from it so you can feel the difference and see the results. 
May 04, 2021
What FUN Looks Like While Doubling
Episode 115: This week we're talking about having FUN while doubling your business.  Fun isn’t a one-size fits all word. It means and is experienced by every person differently. What is the same for everyone how fun FEELS.  Fun is light. Fun is playful. Fun is happy. It’s eager to see what’s next. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. We put FUN a coat. In today’s episode we’ll cover... The base belief: Any coach can double What stops us from having fun What FUN can look like To learn more about the Double Your Business Mastermind, click here. 
April 28, 2021
The Illusion of Fitting In
Episode 114: Have you felt like you don't fit in? It's a pretty common human experience... but one that can be costing you money in your business, emotional bandwidth and connection with amazing humans waiting for you to let yourself fit in.  In this week's episode, we talk about the Illusion of Fitting In. WHY does this matter for your business?? Because the behavior that comes from believing you don't fit in like holding back, not including yourself and trying to be perfect... all also show up as you buy programs or coaching.  I want you to coach with me. I want you to be in that space fully accepting yourself, others and embracing fitting in.  So we start our in this episode ♥️
April 20, 2021
Disney, Selling & Being Sold
Episode 113:  Have you ever meet a Disney enthusiast? They OOZE everything Disney. In this episode, I break down what you can learn from a Disney enthusiast to make building your coaching business even more fun and successful.  The people who are BEST at selling, aren't trying to sell. And those who are WORST at selling...are trying sooooo hard. 
April 13, 2021
The Magic of The First 5 Clients
Episode 112: When you're signing your first 5 clients as a coach, there are 2 phases you master.  Phase 1: This is where you get in the AREA to sign that first client. Picture playing golf...this is the first swing. You know where you are and where you want to be but you aren't trying to get a hole in one on your first're getting in the area.  Phase 2: This is where you fine tune how you create clients. So clients never feel like a fluke.  Some coaches will master getting in the area phase but not the honing phase...and their business will feel like a game of whack-a-mole, busy, frustrating and never sure where to focus.  Building a business means you master both skills. The first 5 clients is the time to do it. You can do this work with me in my program The First 5, click here to join. 
April 06, 2021
The Only 6 Decisions You Need To Make To Start Signing Clients
Episode 111: in this weeks episode, we dig into the ONLY 6 decisions you need to make as a coach to sign your first clients.  I remember making this SO HARD. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Which was part of why my first two years in business I made $6,000 each year. I didn't realize it could be simple.  Well okay let be more honest, I had developed the habit of making everything HARD...and even if someone had told me how to make it simple I wouldn't have understood and would have wandered away confused 🤣 Setting up a solid and simple business doesn't have to be complicated, overwhelming or something you get lost in. You can make SIX decisions, sell yourself on those decisions and then start DOING those decisions...and you know what you'll be able to do NEXT? Actually help your people. 😍 your people. That's what's waiting for you on the other side of these decisions.  So head over to episode 111 of the podcast to listen. (link in bio)  I also share this week two ways you can work with me. One for coaches signing their first 5 clients and another for coaches who've made $10k+ in their business and want to learn the art of doubling without doubling their effort and action. 
March 30, 2021
The Approach: Consults & Clients
Episode 110. 
March 23, 2021
How NOT To Cram Yourself Into Rules
Podcast 109: Have you been cramming yourself into rules in your business? it feels... heavy hard forceful  You imagine there is an easier way but it just all feels HARD.  Doing things because you "should", because it's the "right way" or because your coach told you to.  In this week's episode, we talk about how NOT to cram yourself into rules in your business.  You know what's available when business doesn't feel hard, heavy and like something you have to do?? It feels light, it feels easy, fun, it feels like a challenge that you choose and WANT to do. 
March 16, 2021
Money VS Your Coaching
Episode 108:  Your money issues will make selling hard.  "people don't want to spend money" "people really need their money" "this is a lot of money"  "it's better for someone to have cash than coaching"  Fill in the blank with what YOUR money based thought is. In this week's episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast I break apart money and the value of coaching with you.  I talk through thinking about money as well as how to think about and develop your thoughts around what you sell and the value of coaching with you.  When you are ON FIRE for what you sell and the impact of it...selling is easy.  Your normal BEING is selling for you, even when you're not trying. 
March 09, 2021
Money Talk
Episode 107: Let's talk MONEY.  Specifically... 💋 why you DON'T want your business to create consistent money like a job 💋 how to create the consistent financial experience you want  💋 how to flex WHEN the plan gets knocked off balance (I share my own experience)  The more exposure you have to money conversations the easier it is to experience money like an entrepreneur. To build your coaching business you can't just be good at have to pair it with developing yourself and your identity as an entrepreneur. Let's start with episode. 
March 02, 2021
5 Qualities You Can't See From The Outside
Episode 106: STOP mimicking what you SEE successful people doing.  The most valuable thing you can mimic, is what you CAN'T see them doing. I remember spending those first 2 years of business mimicking the actions of successful coaches.  I started a Facebook group, I did a weekly show, I interviewed other people, I built relationships, I created 34 freebies and funnels 😂 But it never created the money and results I wanted. It just created more work and more confusion and frustration that it wasn't working.  There are qualities and habits of growing a business that you DON'T see but need to.  In this week's episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast, I pull back the curtain and share 5 of those qualities with you.  I share the qualities plus examples that will help you connect in with each point so your mind doesn't just hear the information but is able to shift it's perspective with it. 
February 23, 2021
Goal Stacking
Episode 105: goals can be simple or complicated.  in this weeks episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast I break down how to stack your goals so they're simple, you know exactly where to focus and the junk that needs to rise to the top...does.  I also break down a common misconception that when your goal is $100,000 that each month you "should" be creating $8,333.  (you shouldn't be, tune in to hear why not and what to expect instead)  The biggest barrier to hitting your goals this year, is you making them more complicated than they need to be.  Let's keep it simple.  Not as a motivational thought...but in the reality of how you structure and run your goals this year 
February 16, 2021
Your Four Roles In Business
Episode 104: Being a great coach, isn't enough.  Being great a selling or marketing, isn't even enough. There are 4 roles you play in your business as an entrepreneur.  In this episode, we dig into each role of your growing business. Role 1: The Visionary. (This person holds all of your belief.) Role 2: The Coach. (This person hones her skill and thinks on purpose about clients) Role 3: Marketing & Sales (this person LOVES what she sells as her #1 sales skill)  Role 4: Admin. (this person feels accomplished and productive getting little things done but has very limited hours every week)  As you're growing your business -- wrapping your head around what you do and expanding how you think about it, is part of the growth.  Seeing each role, allows you to embrace them, to separate yourself from your business and to set the drama aside as you show up to the role you need to be in.  And that is the skill of building a consistent mind that creates at consistently higher and higher levels. 
February 09, 2021
Tea with Elizabeth
Episode 103:  💋 possibility... 💋 off shoot results you'll create and delight in... 💋 getting what you need from the simplest ah-ha's... It sounds casual...because it is.  Come on in and let's have tea. ☕️
February 03, 2021
Rounding Out Hard Work
Episode 102: "Excuse me! Excuse 30 seconds or less tell everyone what you attribute your success to!" yells the news reporter at the successful person as they're walking by. The person casually and without much thought replies, "hard work" as they continue walking. You've heard it right? Hard work. It's why people have success. But there is SO MUCH MORE to building your business and creating the life you want than just hard work. It's a more rounded out way of thinking about it...and in this weeks episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast I cover what ELSE it takes to build your business other than just hard work. 
January 26, 2021
The Fuel: Wanting VS Have To
Episode 101: You don't have to. But you can WANT to.  In this weeks episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast I dig into the emotional fuel you use to run your business...from small tasks to big. "Wanting to" feels so very different than telling yourself you "have to" or "should".  This impacts how you see the past of what you've been doing, your experience of your business and the actual words that come out of your mouth as you're creating.  Learning to "WANT TO" is a skill that will change how you feel in your body, how often you create from flow and your overall enjoyment of your business as you are in the phase of creating the results you want. 
January 19, 2021
Don't be the best, be better
Episode 100: "don't be the best, be better" Simon Sinek says in his book The Infinite Game. And it applies 100% to building a consistently growing business. Trying to be the best is full of pressure, comparison and self-judgement. Being better is simple, calm and FASTER in it's steadiness than than being the best. In this weeks episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast, we talk about being BETTER, not being the BEST.
January 12, 2021
Successful Starts: Your Morning Routine
Episode 99: Does your morning routine start you off feeling accomplished, invigorated, motivated and ready to go? Everyday, you wake up.  You have a routine. A morning routine. In episode 99 of the Strategic Mindset podcast, we dig into creating one that sets you up for success throughout your entire day.  We cover... how to use a morning routine to set you up for success through the day the simplest way to create one for YOU ideas for your morning routine When you decide how you want to feel starting your day, your brain remembers throughout the entire day that you have a choice.  When you start the day doing what you say you're going to do (and you made it really simple for yourself) you set yourself up to do what you say you're going to do through the day. 
January 05, 2021
Cheese Tamales And Creating $787k
Episode 98: What does learning to make cheese tamales have to do with creating $787,000 in 12 months? Everything.  Learning how to do them is the exact same process.  In episode 98 of the Strategic Mindset podcast, I invite you to see an area of your life that you learn and create so you can bring that perspective to your business.  The creation process is SO SIMPLE in some areas of our life...and requires more energy in other areas for the exact same process.  And that's okay. 
December 29, 2020
The Easy Way (it is the "right" way)
Episode 97: One of the traps I see coaches fall into is trying to cram themselves into ways of running their business because "the experts" said to do it that way...because they want to do it "right". This creates is a lot of mental drama and chatter. Seconding guessing. Pressure. Feeling like you're failing and making SLOW progress. This week, I break down the different areas of decisions you might be doing this in as well as walk you through exactly WHY a coach suggests doing it in a certain way.  When you brain here's that 👆🏼 it will be the understanding your brain needed to relax into your business simply make decisions from what feels easiest. 
December 22, 2020
The Basics of Business As Seen In Life
Episode 96: In your everyday life, you're building the habits you need in your business. From learning to apply strip lashes, decorating your home, styling your clothes or losing weight. When the brain doesn't understand the process to look for though, it doesn't cement in that it's ALL the same.  This week, we zoom into the core processes of business and how they show up everyday in your life. 
December 15, 2020
Celebrating (no confetti necessary)
Episode 95: Celebrating is a misunderstood and judged concept. In this episode, I break down the root of a celebration and two super simple ways to do it.  WHY do it??? It feels good AND when you do it, you'll make more money. 
December 08, 2020
The Obstacle Course Called Business
Episode 94: Our brain LOVES visuals but we have to TEACH our brain which visuals to choose.  This week on the Strategic Mindset podcast, I am showing you how believing your business is an obstacles course can help you navigate it and enjoy the process. First you'll choose WHICH obstacle course you're on. We talk about each one and how so many people slow themselves down because they're switching obstacles courses.  Then we cover the power of... 1) loving the challenge (rather than wishing its as easier) 2) deciding you WIN and celebrating the small wins (rather than wondering and feeling like you have so many small defeats) 3) choosing how you want to EXPERIENCE the obstacle course  You're simply teaching your brain how to...(you'll fill in the blank).
November 24, 2020
"I have to"
Episode 93: Telling yourself you "have to" is part of how you're overcomplicating your business.  As you're doubling your business, you'll remove things like "have to" and replace them with something simpler that fills you with energy, focus and a giddy lightness.  In today's episode we explore releasing everything you think you "have to" do. 
November 17, 2020
5 (normal) Habits That Delay Consistent GROWTH
Episode 92: As a normal part of growing a business you will be NAILING it sometimes and other won't be. When you're NOT nailing're in the delayed phase of growing your business. It's not a problem to be here, it's part of the process.  The quicker you realize you're there, the quicker you can re-adjust.  Those 5 habits are... 1) trying to sell your person without selling yourself 2) you don't value the time YOUR brain needs  3) you aren't in your clients heads 4) move fast and don't learn from yourself  5) Solve not having your results from "it's NOT working"  You'll know you're in one of these spaces because your results aren't on track and you don't feel in the flow like you normally do. 
November 10, 2020
The Reset Button
Episode 91: your brain is a computer that nobody taught you how to use.  It this weeks episode, I share with you how to use the "reset" button to bring yourself out of the drama of the mind and get back to creating the results you want. 
November 03, 2020
What A Consistently GROWING Business Looks Like
Episode 90: in this weeks episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast we dig into the specifies of what a consistently GROWING business 📈 looks like. A consistently GROWING one that makes MORE money, in the same amount of time.  More Money, in the same amount of time is... $100k working 40 hours a week Then $200k working the same 40 hours a week Then $500k working the same, 40 hours a week A consistently GROWING one that makes MORE money, in the same amount of time.  We cover the 3 parts of a consistently GROWING business: thinking like an entrepreneur (not an employee or wife) creating a vision (to pull you out of the weeds)  setting and hitting goals  We also cover the #1 reason coaches won't create the business they envision for themselves...FEAR it's not possible for them and exactly why it IS POSSIBLE.  The mind doesn't come knowing how to build a consistently growing business. I'll teach you.  I'll teach you in the Consistent Business Builder Mastermind.  We start November 2nd.  Click here to apply. 
October 27, 2020
Goals: Date VS Result
Episode 89:  5 clients by October 31st.  One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is that they STOP at the date of their goal.  Goals and deadlines...are imaginary Iines meant to help you focus and give you direction.  In this episode, I break down why date based goals are HURTING your business and exactly how it looks to focus on the result of a goal instead. 
October 20, 2020
Goal Perspective: 2 Categories of WHY
Episode 88: In order to set AND hit build a consistently growing business you have to give your goals perspective. The perspective is what keeps you going even when all the normal parts of the goal happen. In episode 88 of the Strategic Mindset podcast I've broken this perspective into 2 categories.  A why for YOU and a why that is NOT for you...that is about other people or something bigger than you.  You shouldn't have this already developed.  Now is the perfect time to start building it out...or to build it out to the next level. Your fire for your business and your future...will out burn stronger and more calmly when you do. 
October 13, 2020
Voting For The Results You Want
Episode 87: your goal is NOT done...until it's done.  And every day you VOTE for the result you want to be done in the future.  Today's episode we look at the 3 outcomes available to vote FOR, what slows down our voting, as well as what we vote WITH towards our goal.  This concept adds to the idea of "done-energy" in such a beautiful way.  Let's vote for the business YOU'RE creating and bring it to life.
October 06, 2020
Who Taught You To Use Your Mind
Episode 86: Who taught you to use your mind?? Nobody.  It's not like riding a bike and you can remember clearly who taught you.  Nobody teaches us to use the most powerful asset we have. 🧠 Nobody even explains what the brain does and what we can expect FROM it.  Instead they teach us to use EFFORT. A byproduct of the mind.  But effort only gets us so far. Then to bring our visions of the future to life...we have to leverage the mind.  This week's episode, I show you what that means.  I will teach you to use your mind. Because when you know, you are never the same in the BEST ways possible. 
September 29, 2020
Money Making Emotions with guest: Simone Seol
Episode 85: Emotions make you MONEY.   In this episode, I've invited my client and friend Simone Grace Seol to talk about MONEY making emotions.  We share our top money making emotions as well as how we think differently about and understand emotions. This isn't a basic 101 conversation about emotions. That being said, no matter what level you are at you'll take something away from this conversation.  If you feel a lot of emotions or are new to identifying'll enjoy this look into emotions that make you money.  Simone Grace Seol is the host of the Fearless Marketing for Life Coaches podcast and a brilliant source to learn marketing from.
September 22, 2020
Real Coaches Real Growth Round Table Chat (Friday)
Episode 84: We idealize HITTING a goal. We love the thrill of setting a goal...but we don’t talk about what happens in between those two points. This week on the Strategic Mindset podcast, I’m featuring REAL coaches and their GROWTH. It’s messy. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s real. Today’s episode you’ll hear from Melissa, Trudy & Jill on what their growth has looked like. (every day this’ll hear from a different group of coaches) Connect with these coaches here ⬇️ Jill Allison Bryan, founder of Creative Oasis Coaching A master creative life coach since 2008, I help multi-passionate creative people move past blocks of perfectionism, procrastination, fear, inner critic voices, and overwhelm so they can turn their creative dreams into reality. Website: Instagram: Email:  Candy Motzek Candy Motzek is a life coach for coaches. She believes that coaching transforms lives, she helps coaches get unstuck and become more confident so they can play bigger and create more meaningful success. Instagram: @candymotzek Podcast: She Coaches Coaches Amber Grubenmann Amber helps women attract men without playing games and overcome dating anxiety. Ig: @ambergrubenmann Website: Podcast: Women’s Dating And Confidence Podcast
September 18, 2020
Real Coaches Real Growth Round Table Chat (Thursday)
Episode 83: We idealize HITTING a goal. We love the thrill of setting a goal...but we don’t talk about what happens in between those two points. This week on the Strategic Mindset podcast, I’m featuring REAL coaches and their GROWTH. It’s messy. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s real. Today’s episode you’ll hear from Melissa, Trudy & Jill on what their growth has looked like. (every day this’ll hear from a different group of coaches) Connect with these coaches here ⬇️ Melissa Snow: Melissa Snow helps smart, successful women stop attracting the same type of man over and over again so they can finally have the kind of love they want and deserve. Email: Instagram: @mmslifecoach --------------------------------------------------------------------- Trudy Coler: Trudy Coler is a coach for motivated women struggling to lose weight in their 50’s and now menopause has made it even harder.  She teaches them how to develop a plan and a mindset for sustainable, permanent weight loss. Contact: Website: Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Jill Griffin: Jill Griffin helps people who love and hate their jobs get the results they want in their career. She doesn’t rewrite your resume. She rewires your neural pathways. Together you’ll unravel old beliefs, rewrite your career story, and create an action plan to set you in the right direction. IG: @jillgriffincoaching FB: LinkedIn:
September 17, 2020
Real Coaches Real Growth Round Table Chat (Wednesday)
Episode 82: We idealize HITTING a goal. We love the thrill of setting a goal...but we don’t talk about what happens in between those two points. This week on the Strategic Mindset podcast, I’m featuring REAL coaches and their GROWTH. It’s messy. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s real. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Kristen, Debbie, Diane & Jennifer on what their growth has looked like. (every day this’ll hear from a different group of coaches) Connect with these coaches here ⬇️ Diane Payne: Diane helps LDS Moms learn skills to manage their mental and emotional health so they can create a family life they love. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Debbie Shadid Debbie Shadid is a Wedding Business Success Coach and founder of The Wedding Business Institute. Debbie helps women BOOK MORE BRIDES. Her passion is to help women simplify their business so they can work less and make more. Podcast @ The Wedding Business Success show --------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer Dent Brown: Jennifer Dent Brown helps women learn to stop. dieting. forever. IG @jenniferdentbrown Facebook --------------------------------------------------------------------- Kristen Elrod: Kristen Elrod helps millennial women ditch overwhelm, simplify everything, and create an intentional life they love. You can find me on Instagram, @_kristenalanah, or at my website,
September 16, 2020
Real Coaches Real Growth Round Table Chat (Tuesday)
Episode 81: We idealize HITTING a goal.  We love the thrill of setting a goal...but we don’t talk about what happens in between those two points.  This week on the Strategic Mindset podcast, I’m featuring REAL coaches and their GROWTH.  It’s messy. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable.  It’s real.  Today’s episode you’ll hear from Sandra, Lara, Michelle & Christy on what their growth has looked like.  (every day this’ll hear from a different group of coaches) Connect with these coaches here ⬇️ Michelle Chestovich, M.D. Michelle Chestovich is a physician life coach who helps overwhelmed physician moms feel better and yell less. As a mother of four and family physician, Michelle know the struggles of motherhood and medicine. We've tried so hard to create this’s time to exhale and enjoy! website: IG: Sandra McDermid: Sandra works with women at midlife, ensuring her clients confidently move through midlife so it feels easier, happier and more meaningful. Christy Towns: Christy serves millennial women who have careers that seem great on paper, but feel like they lack passion, fulfillment, and confidence. She helps you clarify what is truly important in your life and design a career or business that perfectly aligns your values, strengths, interests, and ideal lifestyle. Through this process, you take a deep dive into knowing and defining who you are, discovering your purpose and what you're capable of, and building the ultimate source of joy, balance, and badassery. Instagram Website: email: Lara Taylor Johnson Lara Johnson is a coach for stay at Home Working Moms. She understands that working from home and being a mom can be busy. Lara will teach you how to discover dreams, set and actually accomplish your goals, and to be the best mom you can be in the process.
September 15, 2020
Real Coaches Real Growth Round Table (Monday)
Episode 80: We idealize HITTING a goal.  We love the thrill of setting a goal...but we don’t talk about what happens in between those two points.  This week on the Strategic Mindset podcast, I’m featuring REAL coaches and their GROWTH.  It’s messy. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable.  It’s real.  Today’s episode you’ll hear from Jen, Heather, Violeta & Kate on what their growth has looked like.  (every day this’ll hear from a different group of coaches)  ---Connect with these coaches here:   Violeta Marinova helps Real Estate Agents build thriving businesses without working 24/7.  As an immigrant, she knew she had to work harder than others...and she did. She went from $0 to six-figures in less than 2 years and then burnt out.  She rebuilt it a second time making the same money in half the time. Now she helps other agents do the same and skip the burnout. Website:  https://AgentHUB.CO Instagram  LinkedIn  Facebook:  ----------------  Heather Kerr is a former international tax lawyer, turned life coach and artist. Heather understands what it feels like to wake up feeling trapped and empty in a great job. Heather helps high achievers step into their creative power, get unstuck and embrace life.  ----------------  Kate Saffel: helps women overcome the daily struggles and love mom life again. Kate Saffle is a Life Coach for moms and host of the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast. She helps women overcome the daily struggles and love mom life again. Join her free 5-day e-course Daily Life Hacks for the Overwhelmed Mom or connect with her on Instagram. Instagram:  Download her free 5-day training Daily Life Hacks for the Overwhelmed Mom  ----------------  Jen Navaro is a former makeup artist turned life coach. It was a major breakup that led Jen to deep dive into her self exploration.  But the growth in her spiritual practice and healing journey accelerated when she hired her first coach. Through countless hours of counseling and advising the talent that sat in her makeup chair, she made the decision to shift from creating beauty on the outside to inviting her clients to find the deep beauty within. As a coach, she helps energy healers build their businesses feeling light (instead of heavy!).
September 14, 2020
Success Study With Jill Griffin
Episode 79: Success leaves clues. This week's episode highlights Jill Griffin's success in her business over the last 4 months WHILE digging into what it took to create that success over the last 10 years.  Jill shares how she thinks about money and investing as well as how she knows FOR SURE that she'll hit her long term goals.  Here's more about Jill and where you can connect with her:  Jill Griffin is a Mindful Career Coach. She helps people who love and hate their jobs get the results they want in their career. "I am not rewriting your resume. I am rewiring your neural pathways. Together we’ll unravel old beliefs, rewrite your career story, and create an action plan to set you in the right direction."  Connect with Jill... IG: @jillgriffincoaching  FB: Email: LinkedIn:
September 08, 2020
The Trinity of YOU
Episode 78: In order to create a consistently growing'll have to STOP focusing on other people for a minute.  So often in business we focus on our clients, we focus on our offer and we focus on creating value... but in doing this, we miss a MAJOR piece of the puzzle.  The Trinity Of YOU.  This trinity is the foundation of your business.  Summed up simply, it's a who you've been in the past, we you are in this exact moment and who you're becoming in the future.  It's the key to why so many struggle thinking of a future self, seeing progress and loving this exact moment of the journey. 
September 01, 2020
4 Essential Experiences To Consistently Grow Your Business
Episode 77: There are 4 essential experiences in the process of creating a consistently growing business.  The first one I teach my clients, is how to feel a emotional steadiness. But it's not enough. A calm coach who stays in ONLY that experience will be like the Monk who feels great but isn't growing into bigger and different goals.  In this weeks episode, I break down the other 3 experiences you'll use to grow your business. 3 of them will feel pretty good and 1 of them will feel uncomfortable.
August 25, 2020
Revisited: Setting A Goal VS Learning To Be The Person
Episode 76: Traditional goal setting doesn't work.  How we know for because you aren't setting AND hitting your business goals.  Nothing is wrong with YOU.  You do NOT need to work harder or do more.  You haven't hit goals, because nobody teaches us how to set and hit a goal.  They don't tell us what else is involved other than more action or better action.  In today's episode, I teach you how to set and hit goals in a new way. 
August 18, 2020
From 7 To 19 Clients, In 8 Weeks (Doing Only 4 Actions)
Episode 75: Every hard worker's mind tells them the same story, "I don't have the result I want because I'm not doing enough...or I'm missing something". Today I am sharing Amber story and how she broke out of that cycle.  Two months ago, she had 7 clients. In just 2 months, she signed 12 more doing only FOUR actions in her business.  This episode breaks down what that journey looked like for her, the thoughts that drove her and the advice she would give others as they do it too.  Connect with Amber here: Ig: @ambergrubenmann Website: Podcast: Women’s Dating And Confidence Podcast
August 11, 2020
Goal Cycle
Episode 74: Setting and hitting a business goal can feel out of your control and be when you are the meanest to yourself.  None of that is necessary.  In today's episode, we break down the cycle of a goal.  The brain has no pattern for goals and we have to teach it one.  There are 5 parts to a goal cycle. You need to know and master this cycle so you don't: set goals and forget about your goals feel powerless to hit the goal fail to hit the goal and have no idea what needs to change You want a consistently growing business and setting and hitting goals is part of how you do that.  Where do you start then? Start by listening to this episode. 
August 04, 2020
How To Be Featured By Your Coach
Episode 73: How would you like to be FEATURED by your coach to all of their audience? This is exactly what your coach WANTS to do.  They want their clients to use their work, transform and then share it with them.  But what I see are clients GETTING the results they want...and then not doing these simple steps that would help their coach feature them. In today's episode, I share 3 steps to help you get featured PLUS dig into the thoughts that you might have that would STOP you from sharing that success.  
July 28, 2020
Which of These 7 Habits Are Slowing YOU Down?
Episode 72: Are you making growing your business harder than it needs to be?  Do you suspect there is a simple path...and that you're missing it? Often this is actually the case.  In today's episode, I break apart the simple path to your goal AND the 7 areas the mind regularly gets slowed down.  The first step to moving more quickly, is to recognize the patterns and teach your brain to zoom out from the weeds. Today's episode, will help you do that.
July 21, 2020
{Case Study} From 1 to 10 Clients in 12 weeks (without hustle)
Episode 71: The HARDEST part of creating a consistently growing business is... believing you can Then showing up from that belief...over and over and over again until you have the result you want.  I recently interviewed my client Dr. Caitlin Faas on the podcast.  It is truly a case study of BELIEF.  She set a goal. ❤️ 10 clients in 12 weeks. ❤️ Resign from her teaching position. ❤️ Do it without being all consumed by her business She had NO idea how it would play out. (nobody ever gets to know) That COVID would hit. That her husband would be laid off during COVID. That she would need to have conversations about resigning from her position BEFORE the contract date she’d been visualizing as the goal. That when she had that conversation, she’d only have 3 of her 10 clients. Caitlin set AND hit her goal. This episode is every bit of that process on the table for all to learn from. Caitlin is showing you HOW to do it. Study success. ...  Dr. Caitlin Faas is a certified life coach and former tenured psychology professor. She helps academics reclaim 5 hours in their week for themselves.  Connect with her here:
July 14, 2020
Tell Your Story On Purpose
Episode 70: In life, you often decide how you want to think and feel about something that happens. A divorce, a job, a relationship, a failure, etc.  You do it without thinking.  But when it comes to business, I see coaches just letting the story happen on it's own.  This means ANYTHING could be stored into your subconscious, and that's not helpful.  In today's episode I show you how to create that story on purpose.  We specifically look at ending a month and the result you created in that month. I share with you a 5 step process I teach inside my mastermind for ending a goal. Today's podcast digs into step 5 of that process. 
July 07, 2020
Belief vs Disbelief
Episode 69: You always have the choice to believe. Often we forget that it's a choice though and we take up disbelief as though its reasonable or logical.  In this episode I break down exactly what belief and disbelief look like in your business as you strive for a goal.  You'll learn the difference in how belief and disbelief feel as well as the habits/actions that are involved based on where your belief is.  Most importantly, you'll create an awareness to catch yourself in disbelief and get back into belief. 
June 30, 2020
Watch Me Learn From Me
Episode 68: There are 2 places you can learn from; other people and yourself.  In this episode, I show you exactly what learning from myself means as I show you my mind.  There are 3 simple steps to creating the results you want in business: 1. set a goal  2. reprogram your mind 3. learn from yourself Today's episode digs into step 3 and how it dramatically influences what you do next and how quickly you create your goals.  And in case you weren't doesn't matter how much success you create and how brilliant you are at navigating your mind, your mind will always be doing crazy things and revealing your work to you. 
June 23, 2020
I Always Hit My Goals
Episode 67: I always hit my goals in business.  This wasn't always the case though. I learned how to do it.  And in today's episode, I break down 5 ways I approach and hit my goals...every time.  I don't do more.  I don't get in front of more people. I don't get more productive. Those were all the things I thought I had to do (and that I see my clients thinking too).  I learned to be the person who always hits her goals. As you listen today, look for how you think differently and start there. 
June 16, 2020
How To Focus When Distraction Is Easy
Episode 66: Are you struggling to focus?  Does it feel like your mind is so full that there is barely any room for what you want to get done.  Focus can feel like something that is outside of us, that we're not in control of and that is happening to us. But in order to show up to our lives and our  businesses and create exactly what we want, we have to teach our brain HOW to focus.  In today's episode, Jennifer Dent Brown shares her journey of learning how to focus.  From taking a quiz that said she probably needed to consult a professional to learning how to focus using her mind.  Then using that skill to process her own mind in the middle of re-launching her podcast AND making sense of her own emotions as a black woman experiencing a lot of inner turmoil.  Jennifer is a coach for women who want to Stop. Dieting. Forever. You can listen to her podcast called Stop. Dieting. Forever. as well as check her out in any of these places:  Podcast: Stop. Dieting. Forever. Free Weight Loss Guide: Website: On Instagram: @jenniferdentbrown 
June 09, 2020
Pie In The Sky Goals
Episode 65: Are your business goals methodical and planned out OR more pie in the sky? Pie In The Sky meaning..."something that is pleasant to contemplate but is very unlikely to be realized". In today's episode, I show you what both look like. I share details of my 3 year plan to create a million dollar business and how that has guided my growth. I also share my "pie in the sky" goal to send our kids to a different school.  Even if you find out your goal is "pie in the sky"...just the AWARENESS is enough to help you shift into a planned goal. 
June 02, 2020
I've Never Done It Before
Episode 64: "I've never created $100k in my business."  These are the words I hear coaches say to me as though they mean something.  They don't. It doesn't matter.  But every moment they are focused in this a moment they're missing everything that they could be focused on to create the result they want. In this episode, I share with you how to identify which zone you're in based on if you're feeling open or closed and how to move between each zone to create and problem solve at a higher level. 
May 26, 2020
Episode 63: In business judgment will slow you's an emotion AND a verb.  It will slow you down as you worry about what others think, it will slow you down as you judge others (your mind on their business, instead of yours) and it will slow you down as you judge yourself.  There is ONE magical emotion to meet it with.  Plus I share how I presented my husband with my judgment and how his epic response can be mimicked in all of us. 
May 19, 2020
Success Amnesia
Episode 62: Successful coaches every where are forgetting who they are. It's not a's Success Amnesia. If you've ever created something AMAZING and then 24 hours later not been impressed anymore...maybe even forgotten, you need to listen to this episode. I break down... 1. What Success Amnesia is 2. Why women are forgetting how successful they are 3. Why it's vital to remember (and HOW)  When we show up remembering who we ARE...we create a higher level. That level of creation is always available to us but we have to remember who we are first. 
May 12, 2020
Goal Amnesia
Episode 61: Goal Amnesia What is GOAL AMNESIA? ​ ​​It's when you FORGET your goal. I've broken this into 3 areas... Forgetting the actual goal Forgetting why you choose that goal (the growth inside of the goal) Forgetting the bigger impact of the goal ​​​ Forgetting is a normal process of the mind. It can't possibility store everything. That would be exhausting and slow the machine waaaay down. ​​​​​​ Your brain can only remember what you create a habit for it to remember. (so the act of remembering the goal becomes the habit, not the actual goal)
May 05, 2020
Tweaking Into The Result You Want
Episode 60: As you look at your business are you thinking "I DON'T have the results I want yet". The keyword is YET. Mindset is NOT putting on a positive face and ignoring everything that doesn't fit. It is also NOT looking at your business and inadvertently labeling it all as "not working" So what's the in-between ground? Today I will show you a simple, systematic two-step process for tweaking into the result you want.
April 28, 2020
You CAN’T Hit Your Goal Today — Here’s Why
Episode 59: That goal you set?? You CAN'T hit it...not today at least.  How do we know for sure? Because you haven't yet. The version of you who DOES hit goal, literally thinks and problem solves differently than current you.  The goal you set to sign 1 client this week or create $10,000 this month? You can't hit it, until you tweak the pieces that are actually not working. 
April 21, 2020
Super Simple Business Basics
Episode 58: Business breaks down into 3 core elements; marketing, sales and nurturing. Then the foundation of them all, is the mindset you have in each area.  In today's episode we break down each of the three areas so you can decide which you use and end the confusion and trying to do MORE. 
April 14, 2020
6 Steps To Becoming Your Future Self
Episode 57: In today's episode I share 6 steps to becoming the version of you, who has the goal you WANT.  You set a goal and then you have to learn how to HAVE that goal. You have to become the person who just naturally creates it. If you DON'T, you get the goal but you don't know how to repeat it, you struggle to HAVE it and you feel out of control.  These 6 steps are the quickest way to create that first or next $100k.
April 07, 2020
7 Directions Your Mind Focuses
Episode 56: As a human, there are 7 directions our mind can focus. When you don't realize this, you stay on default. You let your mind and thoughts hang out where ever they want.  In business though, in order to set and hit big goals, you have to learn where your mind wants to hang out and intentionally point it.  In this episode, we dig into each of the 7 areas. The helpful elements of them and the not-so-helpful. 
March 10, 2020
Feeling In Control
Episode 55: What would be different in your business if you felt in control of yourself, your results and replicating your success?  Feeling in control IS POSSIBLE.  It's a mindset.  In this episode, I show you how sneaky feeling out of control can be and exactly how and what you ARE in control of...and how you're also in control of everything you're not in control of. Yes. Yes you read that correctly.  
March 03, 2020
Jill Tripled Her Income In 9 Months, After 10 Years of Showing Up Consistently (Here's What Changed)
Episode 54: “I’m thinking and DOING so much, but not getting the result I want” -- these were the words Jill Allison Bryan said in our consult 9 months ago. She was fantastic at consistency and doing. She knew she was a great coach and had a lot to offer. She also knew that she wasn’t getting the results she wanted and that something had to be missing. She’d read AND did the money mindset books, she journaled, she said mantras...and none of it created the shift she was looking for. Jill wanted a process, a systematic way of approaching her mind and business to create change. I taught it to her.  In 9 months, she tripled her income from the year before and stopped running her business from obligation. She finally feels in control of creating clients and money. This is the power of mindset. Today's podcast features Jill's story.  To connect with Jill check out her website:
February 25, 2020
You Are Not Your Thoughts
Episode 53: I didn't become aware that the conversation and thoughts spinning through my head at every moment of the day...weren't ME and also weren't necessary until I was about 30.  I probably wouldn't have cared, except that I was NOT getting the results I wanted in my business, no matter what I did.  Today's episode we cover: How this awareness helps you make money What is a thought (its strange but we spend very little time thinking about them) Who you are, apart from your thoughts How to practice separating yourself, from your thoughts (the HOW of mindset)  
February 18, 2020
When You 'should' Be Further Along
Episode 52 - If you've ever thought to yourself, "I SHOULD be further along", "I COULD have been further along" or maybe even, "I knew what I was supposed to do and didn't do it...but if I had" -- THIS episode is for you.  I share 3 simple steps to put this frame of thinking down so that you can step into your next goal more quickly. 
February 11, 2020
3 Habits of Your Mind: The Secret To Why Growth Feels Hard
Episode 51: We dig into THREE habits of your mind. These habits are the secret to why growth FEELS hard and also the key to making growth feel easier.  Your mind and it's patterns are the answer to why...   You just need to get that project done...but haven't yet  You WANT a different result in your business but just keep creating more of the same You are making progress AND still thinking, "it's not enough"  After listening to this episode, instead of believing "this shouldn't be so hard, I must be doing something wrong"'ll have access to believe, "ahhh, of course this feels like effort. I'm teaching my brain a new habit".  That acceptance is exactly what your brain needs in order to change and create a new result. 
February 04, 2020
Leveling Up
Episode 50 -- Small changes matter. Today's episode is about leveling up your environment as a way to shift and shape how you FEEL inside of your life and business.  Usually we start with the mind side but today we're going to the doing side. 
January 28, 2020
Interview: The MINDSET of Multiple Six-Figure Growth (in under a year)
Episode 49 -- Interview: The MINDSET of Multiple Six-Figure Growth (in under a year) Highlight reels are great..but what's better is when we see what really changed behind the scenes.   If you're consumed with HOW you'll create your goal and focused on all the things you'll DO...this episode is for you. Jen Madden started 2019 as a government employee, she knew she would get a pension in that job and it was her golden ticket.  But something changed between January and December... And she ended 2019 as a full time entrepreneur with a multiple six-figure a way that she could have never anticipated.  In today's episode, we dig into that story.  You can learn more about Jen at
January 21, 2020
Stop Making It Hard
Episode 48: What if you're actually making this whole business, hitting your goals thing...harder than it needs to be?  I've identify 6 belief that run like soothing background noise in your mind and are causing your experience to feel hard. In this episode, we dig into those 6 beliefs so you can hear them as optional and begin catching them in your own mind when the record starts to play.  If one or more of these is familiar...this episode is for you: Change / business growth should be easier Change / business growth is easier for OTHER people I'll do it later Maybe I'm not meant to ___ It's going to be hard. I would rather not do hard right now. (sometime in the future would be a better time)
January 14, 2020
My Money Mindset: Swim Suit Edition
Episode 47: This episode is a glimpse into how I think and approach money. I recently left my swim suit at a hotel and had to choose if I would re-buy that swim suit and to choose how I thought and experienced it all. You're not going to learn a strategy in this episode for DOING're going to experience my mindset in action.  I encourage you to listen to how I think and see how it differs from how you experience and approach money. Listening to this, IS what helps shift your mind. It shows you what is possible and sometimes for the first time, shows your brain an option for how it can interact with money in a new way. 
January 09, 2020
How To Know Where Your Growth Is
Episode 46 - Click here to download the workbook.  In today’s episode, we break down the 4 parts to knowing where your growth is, so you always know what to do next and where to start. Those 4 areas are... Expect emotions to happen AND prepare to move through them Set a goal, decide who’ll be and WHY you want it Take a snapshot of who you are today Identify the gap between who you are now and who you want to become...and get started. To help you apply this work, I've created a worksheet plus included my talking points.  Click here to download the workbook. 
December 31, 2019
What Are Your Forgetting To Think?
Episode 45 shares with you one of my favorite questions to ask myself and my clients. "What are you forgetting to think?" also asked, "what are you forgetting to believe" -- because we don't want to just think thoughts, we want this question to prompt thoughts you already believe...but forgot to think.  In this episode we dig into the 5 areas to focus your mind and your intentional belief... Yourself Your offer Your future clients Business Possibility
December 17, 2019
7 Things To Remember About Goal Setting
Episode 44: I'm recording this in December of 2019 -- you're either thinking about this year's goal or already jumping ahead to 2020 and today's episode is designed to help you think differently about how you approach goals so you can HIT them easily. 
December 03, 2019
Do Your Mindset Work — even when you’re busy
Episode 43 — just because it’s a holiday or you’re busy… Doesn’t mean you stop cleaning and being intentional with your mind. Today’s episode is just a quick reminder.
November 26, 2019
Building Thought Towers
Episode 42: In today's episode I share with you concept of "Thought Towers". It's a way to visualize and create systems around how you THINK in your business. I share the top 6 areas you need to build thought towers (or take some down) as well as specific areas like before a consult, after a consult, when a consult says YES but then waits a long time to pay... Don't wing it. Create thought towers. Let your brain have a place to go back to to remember things and not have to hold them all the time. Then eventually -- you'll remember these thoughts on auto-pilot and you'll go out and build more towers. 
November 19, 2019
How NOT To Get Lost In Believing (mindset meets business)
Episode 41: A client asked me a question this week...and it was brilliant. She asked, "how do I know if I'm on the right track?". From a mindset perspective...there is no "right" track, you're exactly where you're supposed to be and all of it is perfect.  But from a business perspective -- that answer doesn't cut it.  Her fear was essentially that she would get LOST inside of believing it was working and in possibility but not be realistic about her progress.  Let's NOT get lost in belief.  The way NOT to get lost though -- is what we dig into in this episode. 
November 06, 2019
3 Nervous System Hacks (for the skill of mindset and feeling)
Episode 40: In mindset, there are things that we do but don't necessarily talk about or even notice. Those are the things I love to study. The more I understand how the mind works...the easier it is for me to create money using it and help my clients do the same.  In today's episode, we dig into 3 tiny tweaks. 3 very practice elements of mindset that are often overlooked. You're going to FEEL these tweaks immediately on the podcast and just having this awareness will help you catch yourself and course correct in your own work. 
October 29, 2019
Emotion As Fuel
Episode 39 -- Emotion is the ONLY reason we do or don't do things as a human. It's the link most mindset connoisseur miss or don't know how to leverage.  So in today's episode...of course I dish on all the things. The two types of people who experience emotion, how emotion is connected to mindset, how emotion will help you create more money and how to USE emotion as fuel for your growth. 
October 22, 2019
Listen In To How Mindset Transformed Jen's Business in 6 weeks (Interview)
Episode 38 - One thing I encourage all of my clients to to my daily mindset worksheet. It's the exact work I did to create my first $9k month and I've tweaked and tested for over a year.  Every time I run this program...people reach out to share the shifts. This time, I wanted to share Jen Navaro with you. She's been doing this daily work for 6 weeks and has seen a complete change in how she shows up to her business AND the results she's creating. She's finally having FUN.  You can connect with her here... Facebook: Instagram: Let's dig in! 
October 10, 2019
Why Do You Want Money?
Episode 37: Do you know why you want money? There are only three reasons...and in this episode, we break them down so you can see how your mind is working and question if it's how you want to want and use money. 
September 25, 2019
Interview: My Husband's Perspective
Episode 36: In this world of growing a business, we as the entrepreneur are just 1 part of it. Beside us is sometimes another person. A partner who experiences business with us. The ups and the downs.  In today's episode, I bring my husband on to talk about this. I think what I love most about hearing him is that he has such a strong mind around money, believing it me and accepting who I am and what I'm doing.  For some of you, YOU will need to learn to think more like my husband for your own business. For others, you can listen to this with your partner and create a dynamic conversation. 
September 17, 2019
LIVE Coaching On Creating Money With Your Mind
Episode 35: This week I'm hosting my signature Make Money With Your Mind training LIVE. I took a part of the first live coaching call and wanted to share it with you here on the podcast. It covers the emotions of what drives us, how and why the action alone doesn't create results and how to set a goal that you actually show up to create. 
September 10, 2019
When Your Brain Believes You Don't Have Time
Episode 34: Time. It's a fun construct. We all have the same amount, yet some people use it better and created more effectively with it.  Why is that?  It's a simple emotion.  For me, when my brain is believing "I don't have time" or "I have so much to do" -- I feel anxious and overwhelmed.  But these emotions NEVER cause me to create at my highest level. In fact there are the emotions most likely to result in me taking a long lunch, puttering on social media or talking to my mom.  In today's episode, we dig into approaching your brain when it feels anxious and overwhelmed about time so you can learn to create at a higher level. 
September 03, 2019
Creating Peaceful Calm (in 3 second chunks)
Episode 33: How you feel in your body matters. Your feelings are connected to what you are creating or not creating. So in today's episode we dig into how to create a peaceful calm feeling in your body, in an instant.  One of the compliments I get the most, is on my calmness. I haven't always gotten this compliment because I haven't always been this person.  It doesn't take hours of yoga. It doesn't take finding peaceful thoughts. This is about clearing your mind and stepping into your body. This has been such a powerful tool I've learned and today, I share it with you.  Happy Listening! 
August 27, 2019
Are You Doing BOTH Types Of Mindset?
Episode 32: One of the most common things I hear from coaches is that they're "doing the mindset work...but still don't have the results they want". There is a good reason for this and today, we did into exactly what these two mindsets are and what they look like in your business. 
August 20, 2019
Money Management: First $100k VS Second $100k
Episode 31 -- In this week's episode we talk money MANAGEMENT. You get a peek into my business, my numbers and what growth looks like as you grow your business. Specifically how I thought about and managed my money in 2018 as I made my first $100,000 and how that changed this year as I made my second $100,000. 
August 05, 2019
Setting A Goal VS Learning To Be The Person
Episode 30 -- Okay, I say this every week it turns out...but this one is SO GOOD!! One of the things I keep running into is watching my clients set goals and then use that goal to beat themselves up. It's counterproductive and it never creates clients. In todays episode I share with you what the traditional goal setting looks like and what the contrast option looks like when you learn to BE the person who easily creates your goal.  This stuff will set you free and shift how you feel in your business BIG TIME.  Happy Listening! 
July 26, 2019
Finding Neutral
Episode 29: Finding Neutral -- Y'ALL. This work in here is going to change your LIFE. We all have thoughts. Some of them are default thinking and others are intentional thinking.  What we often forget though, is that there is a neutral circumstance. There is something that our brain is bouncing off of with it's thoughts. And when you practice identifying THAT bounce point. You create more awareness and control of your mind. And the more awareness and control you have of our mind...the more MONEY you make with it.  Happy Listening. 
July 16, 2019
The How of Mindset: Listen In As I Process My Drama
Episode 28 -- In today's episode, I share with you a step-by-step process to mindset (the strategy of mindset!) to process your mind, take back your power and create a calmness in your body. You get to hear my mental drama and exactly how I work through it.  Why you might ask?  Because how you FEEL all throughout your day matters to the money making side of switching your brain to business. And when we learn to process our emotions, our triggers and our mind in one area of our life, we can bring the practice over to our business mind and we can more smoothly transition into our chosen emotions to fuel our business growth. 
July 09, 2019
Stop Arguing With Your Brain (it's a no win game)
Episode 27 -- In today's episode we dig into what "arguing" with your brain looks like and what to do instead. You know you're arguing with your brain because it keeps reminding you of beliefs like, "I don't know if I can do this..." and rather than that belief diminishing over time because you see how it doesn't serve hardball into the opposite belief of "yes I can!".  Arguing with your brain will feel like you're gritting and bearing're getting through this...and then you'll feel better. I'd like to offer you a way to feel better AND create that thing you're not sure if you can yet. 
April 23, 2019
How To Process Getting Triggered
Episode 26: Today's episode is SO good. We dig into...  What a trigger is Why you need to learn to process them in order to make money 2 ways you're likely processing on default that aren't serving you How to process your triggers in a way that you will allow you to learn, grow and get back to creating with EASE A trigger is a simple as your mind having a thought, which creates an intense negative experience in your body. It can feel obvious or very subtle. The result is ALWAYS though, that your energy is impacted and you lose focus on your goal and serving those around you.  In today's episode we go deep. Let's dig in! 
April 09, 2019
Innocent Thoughts And What They Really Create
Episode 25 -- In this week episode we dig into a thought as innocent as "It's NOT working...what can I do to fix it". We flush out why this thought is hurting your productivity and results..and the simple tweak you can make to energize and empower yourself as you hit your goals.  If you've been loving the content on the Strategic Mindset podcast and want to explore working together 1:1 to hone in specifically on your mind and business...I want to invite you to click here to book a consult.  
March 30, 2019
My Next Major Transformation
Episode 24 -- As a mindset coach, I am always working on using my tools to create my dream life. Last year it was in terms of my business and income and this year, the big result is my weight.  I'm in the process of losing 100lbs and a step of that puzzle has been deciding not to eat sugar and flour.  My mind told me that this would be so hard. That weight loss is hard. That I would likely fail, so why even bother.  After 10 days though I've been SHOCKED at what's possible...seriously shocked that I could be 10 days in and believe that this is EASY. To feel the flow and ease of doing it and to have a realization that  my weight loss is like a dial to turn. I am in control of it...and it's easy.  I did NOT think this way 14 days ago. This is the power of mindset and in this episode I break down the 6 elements that make this possible in weight loss as well as business...because I just couldn't not talk about that! 
March 19, 2019
Everything You Have Now, You'll Only Have More Of
Episode 23: My mentor Brooke Castillo told me (well and everyone else I guess) that what we have now...we will only have more of as we scale our business to a million. I have been taking that admonishment and applying it to my business and in this episode, I help you do the same. 
March 06, 2019
When Things Feel Like They've Stopped Working
Episode 22: In today's episode I share with you 3 powerful questions to ask yourself when you're feeling like things aren't working.  You're likely seeing evidence all around you confirming that things aren't're feeling terrible and avoiding your business.  Maybe you're even doing thought work but it's only seeming to compound the idea that something is wrong and now you suck as a coach because you can't coach yourself out of this.  These 3 questions are designed to help you see your brain on a deeper level, to find and take back your power in any situation and to refocus your brain on the result you WANT to create. 
February 26, 2019
Your Action Reveals Your Belief
Episode 21: Often times I hear clients assure me that they DO believe...and yet when I hear the action they took or didn't take I know the truth.  Our action (or inaction) is ALWAYS a reflection of our level of belief.  Which really is great news because when you're not getting the result you want, you have the insider awareness that it's not your actions that create the result but your belief that create the action and powers it to create your results.  (your belief is like the electricity that powers a lamp...the lamp is the physical sign of what's happening underneath). 
February 06, 2019
What Comes First: Belief or Action?
Episode 20: In today's episode we dig into the discussion of what comes first...belief or action? There are two types of people...those who struggle to believe and so they take no action and those who are taking action like crazy but have underlying belief issues. Neither person is getting what they want...and today's episode, we dig into what each looks like and how to balance the two out. MONEY is the result of balancing don't skip this step! 
January 29, 2019
{Case Study} Elinor Added ONE Tool And Shot From $500 months to $10,000
Episode 19: In this weeks episode, I am talking with Elinor Cohen with The Just Me Company in a Case Study: How To Create Money With Your Mind. Elinor has been building her business online for years but like so many people, myself included...still hadn't brought all the pieces together to make really good money.  She "silently" did a free 5-day training I hosted back in October. She made money. Then she joined the 6-week version of it to go deeper...and she made even more money. She has continued to use the ONE tool I guided those ladies to mastery in...and just yesterday reached out that she has already secured that first $10k for this month.  In this episode, we talk about her journey...the thoughts she was having while she struggled to make even $500 a month and what shifted for her as she has stepped into being a $10k a month earner.  Elinor will always hold a special place in my heart because she introduced me to Brooke Castillo...literally her suggestion changed the course of my life and I am so very thankful that we meet in that group coaching program so many years ago. 
January 22, 2019
2 (Easy To Miss) Ways To Create Your Results
Episode 18: I focus a lot of creating results for myself and my clients. It's the thing we do to move ourselves forward and grow.  In today's episode I share with you 2 hacks to mindset work that will help you see why you haven't been creating the result you want and exactly what you need to actively do in order to begin. 
January 15, 2019
The Mindset Of Pre-Launch: 5 Ways I Set Myself Up For Success
Episode 17: The Mindset Of Pre-Launch: 5 Ways I Set Myself Up For Success These 5 mindset techniques will help you... Create and show up from an abundant place (instead of lack and fear) Identify the exact thoughts you need to carry you from start to finish See the objections your brain is getting caught up on and how to move through them  Follow through on your plan (maybe for the first time!)  Nail down the specifics from an inspired and aligned place This is the behind the scenes of what making money with your mind looks like.  Most people focus so hard on the strategy of launching...if it were as simple as creating a plan and executing it, everyone would be wildly successful.  But it's not that simple.  Launching is a combination of planning, executing and being in the right client focused energy that draws people to you.  And if you have mind drama, your launch is guaranteed  to bring that drama out and have you stopping before you start; not promoting it, not making an offer and possibly being so focused on yourself that you come across as an icky sales person just out to make money.  I know you want to help people and that the biggest impact you can have on their life is when they hire you. Let's dig into to today's episode. 
January 08, 2019
The Mindset of "Even When"
Episode 16: The concept of "even when" is something you likely are already using in your personal life. In this episode, I show you how I use it in regards to shoe shopping AND business. 
December 27, 2018
What Keeps Me Going When...I Don't Want To
Episode 15: I've been experiencing a lot of "I don't want to" lately. And you know what this thought creates for me more often than not? A day completely available to work...and instead I scroll on Facebook. Cue then the frustration with myself for choosing to do nothing productive for 10 days in a row. In this episode, I share with you a story that drives me to work on myself and to show up in my business, even when I don't want to. If this speaks to you, I hope you also search our YOUR motivator.
December 20, 2018
You Are NOT A Resource
Episode 14: For 2 years, I created content and built an audience. I embraced the idea of being a resource and I made very very little money in that mindset. This week, I saw TWO clients bring this up as well and so I wanted to bring it to you. When we're growing a business, it's possible to be creating content all the time and NOT making money. When that's happening, it's always because of how you're thinking about yourself, your business or your potential clients. In this episode, we cover the line of thinking "I want to be a resource and help!" and why it's preventing you from working with paying clients.
December 11, 2018
Insider Secrets To Easily Selling Your Offers
Episode 13 - It doesn't matter if you're selling a free training, 1:1 coaching or a group program...there is something VERY specific that successful businesses are doing in order to sell with ease. And in this episode I'm sharing with you exactly what that is and how to use it yourself. Hint: if you're not in love with your offers, nothing has gone wrong. It's not something that without effort. (At least at first)
December 05, 2018
The Only Thing Between You And Your Goal
Episode 12 of the Strategic Mindset podcast is just in time for month and year end goals. In today's episode I share The Only Thing Between You And Your Goal and the sneaky ways our brains have of getting us to quit early.
November 27, 2018
Sneaky Thought Patterns
Episode 11: The reason you have the results you current have, is because you have a pattern of thinking that triggers your next this episode we dig into identifying those patterns so you can choose the patterns that help you create your result.
November 06, 2018
100k Q&A: Your Questions Answered
Episode 10: In today's episode I asked my social media followers what questions they had around the thought work it took to create my first $100,000 year in business. Here are those questions as answered in this episode! Q: (Allison) What negative thought consistently came up for you and how did you replace it? Q: (Sabrina) How do you know which steps to take to get to the 100k in your thought work. Like not going too far ahead before you’re ready to believe. Q: (Whitney) How did you market or make offers differently from your first $50k to your second $50k? Did you make offers more boldly? What thought kept you making offers despite the result? Q: (Jake) What obstacles seemed big early on and how do you look back on them now?
October 30, 2018
The Money Is In The Details
Episode 9: Today I share with you insight from a client who just signed another client herself...and the minor tweak she made to her thought work. I also dig into how to gauge if you believe a thought you've created (which is key if you're going to start living from THAT belief).
October 23, 2018
Stop Believing All Your Thoughts
Episode 8: The thoughts you have are optional, and from that place, you can choose to feel better and to create the results you want in your this episode, we dig into what that looks like.
October 16, 2018
Self Coaching: What It Is & How To Use It
Episode 7 of the Strategic Mindset podcast digs into the premise of what is Self-Coaching...and how does one use it to get faster results in business?
October 09, 2018
How I Created My First $9,000 Month Self-Coaching
Episode 6: To join the LIVE version of this training, join here: Grab your pen and paper, in today's episode I share with you the EXACT work I did in my business to create my first $9,000 month. This isn't a podcast where I share nice ideas and things you've already heard. I tell you exactly what to do and give you examples so YOU can learn to coach yourself and create any result you want.
October 04, 2018
Why You Procrastinate On Things You Want To Do
Episode 5: Why You Procrastinate On Things You Want To Do. In today's episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast with your host Elizabeth Salazar we cover why you aren't doing the things you actually WANT to be doing...and once you know why, exactly how to start taking that action so you can create the result you want.
September 30, 2018
You're Not Doing It Wrong
If there is a "right" way to do something, that means there is also a "wrong" way. In today's episode I address how thinking of your business in these terms will slow you down and sometimes be the death of it.
September 29, 2018
How To Quickly Move Through Fear & Discomfort
As a business owner, feeling feel and discomfort is just part of the game of growth. In the early stages though before you've seen compounding success, that fear can stop you from taking action, getting help or starting things you WANT to be doing. In the 3rd Episode of the Strategic Mindset podcast I share with you the power of learning to FEEL your feelings. (hang with me if that sounds weird). Learning this skill will empower you to... 1. feel better by moving through the negative feelings more quickly 2. identify the power those sensations in your body are having on your results 3. Coach your clients from a place of neutrality (in their head, not yours) 4. Access the feelings of the future version of you (the one who isn't afraid!), truly feel them and begin making decisions from HER confidence.
September 27, 2018
Why Positive Thinking Is HURTING Your Business
How often have you heard the example of being someone who sees the glass half full or half empty? Most people think of themselves as positive people. The reality though is that being positive, is actually HURTING your business. Instead of being positive and wishing things away, learn how to use your fear and doubt as a guide and map to YOUR specific work. Plus I share with you TWO ways to coach yourself around your specific doubts.
September 26, 2018
Strategic Mindset: For When All Your Action Isn't Working
I used to think mindset was made up. Something people were selling to people who were desperate. A trick even to communicate how you have all of these "blocks" and oh by the way...I can help you clear them, but YOU can't do it on your own. Or that it was just random stuff like journaling or tapping...with no clear path on how to handle the real stuff in life like inaction, action that isn't working, doubt, fear and something you can use when you're IN IT. Then I learned that mindset is simply learning to think differently and thus act differently from those thoughts. Strategic mindset is the art of systematically going through and breaking the habits and patterns of being so you can build the business you want. This podcast is designed to help you do that with hands on tools and insight and my favorite...glimpses of what's possible.
September 25, 2018