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I'm Ella Shawn, a southern gothic erotic romance writer attempting to figure out how to live my most enchanted life. Enchanted B.E.A.S.T. Podcast is my new imaginary friend... where I come to work my own spiritual shit out without feeling like I'm having conversations with myself. Feel free to join me... but remember, This podcast is where I let my Enchanted BEAST roam free. She is not tamed, timid, or tactful. What she is, well Lylith is bold, essential, authentic, spiritual, and my Truth. Welcome to the Enchanted Forest...

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Hmmm, I think somebody’s trying to set me up
Thank you for tuning in to Enchanted BEAST Podcast, season 4, episode 7 . In this episode; Hmmm, I think somebody’s trying to set me up, Ella talks about the systematic implementation of the ”decadent lifestyle trap” and how to work it to your advantage to live your most enchanted life. Key Words •Decadent •Lifestyle •Trap •Design •Luxurious •Active •Passive Key Point •Factors determining lifestyle •Debunking the decadence myth •Design principles of a lifestyle trap Stay in Touch
June 18, 2021
Stope Being a Pain in the B.U.T.T./ Trust the Reasons and Treat Thorns with Love and Compassion.
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
KEY POINTS Reasons Character Thorns Form Foundational Beliefs About Change (Trauma) Thorns Are Not FLAWS or FAILINGS Thorns are Functional Formations Treat Thorns with Love and Compassion Every Living Being has Thorns Every Living Being has and will Continue Experiencing Change Living as Love and Compassion Enchanted Surcie Stay Connected Send My Free Book
June 1, 2021
Stop Being a Pain in the BUTT! Recognize the value of insightfully managing character thorns (AKA flaws)
My favorite part about being a writer is discovering the arc--trajectory of growth--of my characters. It's not unlike getting to know a new friend or love interest. We all have aspects of our personality that are greatly affected by the various facets of what makes up our character--the set of learned behavior patterns that inform how we interact and engage with ourselves and other. Instead of looking at the parts of ourselves and others' character we don't vibe with, I'm attempting to be less of pain in the BUTT about the "thorns" we carry and more of an Enchanted BEAST.  Be sure to claim your first surcie using the link below. ELLA'S ENCHANTED SURCIE Join my other listeners and fans in my weekly newsletter community where I share behind the scene footage, new releases, free books, contest and giveaways. Receive a free Sci-fi erotic romance novella when you join my email list. I NEVER SPAM! Send My Free Book Stay Connected
May 19, 2021
Your Playing Small Doesn't Serve the World
In this episode, Ella concludes the 3-part series, How Being Overly Humble is Detrimental to Your Soul's Purpose.  Key Points “ALICE She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME And she grew so tall, She ate from a plate called TASTE ME And down she shrank so small. And so she changed, while other folks Never tried nothin' at all.”  ― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  What the hell was in that damn drink? DEFENSIVENESS—the need to defend or protect against. REACTIONARY—opposing social reform; traditionalist, rightest INTORVERSION—being wholly interested in one’s own mental life NEUROTIC—filled with anxiety, nervousness, phobias, fear and visceral disturbances KINDERHEARTED—having a soft heart; empathetic and benevolent MANIPULATIVE—using what is weakest to one’s advantage; taking advantage of ENTITLEMENT—the belief in one being deserving of special treatment; gifts GREED—wanting more than is needed; what is worked for RAGE—unadulterated anger and consuming wrath OBSTINENCE-- sticking to an opinion or purpose in spite of reason, or persuasion WILLFULLNESS—of an immoral act of omission; intentional; deliberate TEMPTATION—the desire to do something wrong or unwise ALIENATION—the experience of being isolated from one’s group or activity LAZINESS—unwillingness to work or use energy; a state of idleness LONLINESS—abandonment, sadness because of lack of friends What the hell's been happening? Digital—spending too much time on social media Emotional—taking on the emotional stress of others Spiritual—neglecting my own practices Timidity—moving in fear and acting small Reluctance—overthinking things and not acting Anger—fear of failure, ridicule and abandonment Carelessness—inattention to what’s happening with me Tiredness—physical fatigue based in doing too much Intimacy Drought—lack of true relationship with self Overwhelmed—focused on what I can’t control Negativity—environment saturated with dense e-motion Statis Quo—acceptance of what always is ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  What have I been feeding my Enchanted BEAST? Threatening—causing anxiety Altering—change; different Suspicious—questioning; mistrust Tantalizing—interested; alluring Enigmatic—confusing; charmed Mimicking—looks good for Enthralling—magnetic; pulling _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  I Want My Free Short Story Follow Me
April 2, 2021
So, You Think You're Special... Spoiler Alert! You're Not!
What is it with entitlement and people believing they deserve some kind of special treatment simply because they weren't caught in a condom or swallowed? This episode, Ella sets out to burst as many entitled bubbles as possible with a harsh look at just how dangerous being entitled is when trying to be about the business of your higher purpose. Topics Covered: Entitlement Unrealistic Expectations Disappointment Displeasure and/or Annoyance Lowered Expectations Enchanted Wisdom: "The only way we're going to get to where our soul needs us to be is to get through where we are." ~Ella Shawn Follow Me   Newsletter Signup  Buy Me a Cup of Tea  Call In  Yoga Farm Ithaca 
March 15, 2021
What do you mean, I'm Lacking?
In this episode, Ella Shawn introduces the first of a three part series on how being too humble is more detrimental to living your purpose than being prideful.  Key Points: Want-a deficiency or failing Need-cannot be removed; innate WE WANT BECAUSE WE LACK A TRUE SENSE OF SELF AND PURPOS We want from the part of us which is lacking Never satisfied with itself because it doesn’t even know how to recognize itself without having someone, thing, place… object to compare itself to Disengage ego, engage higher self and recognize you have what you need Follow me on my other social media platforms TWITTER   INSTAGRAM   FACEBOOK   MEDIUM  YOUTUBE [You can watch this and all coming episodes on my channel.] Books and Merch Sign up for my Newsletter  Buy Me a Cup of Tea Larissa Sedalia Designs  [Jewelry] Remember, life is a journey and just because I wander doesn't necessarily mean I'm lost.  Thanks for being a part of my enchanting life as a romance writer... one enchanted story at a time.
February 28, 2021
Not All Who Wander are Lost Part 2
Part 2 of Not all who wander are lost. Ella Shawn takes you further down the rabbit hole in this episode. You'll get pointers on: Recognizing the difference between opportunities and trouble How to be open and prepared to avail opportunities as they are presented, discovered, or created How to use your B.E.L.I.E.F. like a magic wand The Art of Being Wonderful : A short story inspired by the 2-part  series, Not All Who Wander are Lost. Enjoy the read. If you're interested in Enchanted BEAST Podcast merchandise, use the following link to shop. EBP MERCH Interested in joining my email list? Don't worry, I will NEVER SPAM! I barely have time to write a monthly NEWSLETTER. Thanks for subscribing and supporting my writing, podcast, and blogging. Want even more of Ella's Enchanting Life? Be sure to follow me on MEDIUM where I'll be posting weekly installments of a standalone dark romance WIP for your reading pleasure. #womensempowerment #witty #socialcomentary #higherself
February 15, 2021
Not All Who Wander are Lost
Welcome back to Enchanted BEAST Podcast! Author, Ella Shawn is starting the 4th season off with a call to empower women to immerse themselves into the divine experience of living in the eternal moments of every day. Let the wonder in your soul guide where your feet wander.  #empowerwomen #podcast #author #woman #experience #wonder #soul #guide #empower #immerse #living #divineexperience #soulguide Thanks for joining me. FOLLOW ME: Instagram Facebook Twitter  READ MY BOOKS: Goodreads Amazon Website BUY ME A CUP OF TEA: Anchor Patreon
January 28, 2021
Not All Who Wander are Lost
Author, Ella Shawn kicks off season four with honest, hard-hitting truth. Tune in wherever you listen to your favorite podcast for the first episode of this season at 6 PM on the 28th of January.
January 28, 2021
Visualize your higher self and show up as her, every day.
Visualize Your Higher Self and Start Showing Up as Her! If you like what you hear, and would like to hear more be sure to support this podcast Have you ever thought about what it would take to truly be happy in your life right now? Without anything changing about your current situation? In this episode of Enchanted Beast Podcast, Ella shares how the practice of visualization helps her to be happy in the life she has, not the one she imagines. She explains that visualization is not about changing your circumstances, rather it's about connecting with your higher self. What would it be like to really be able to visualize your higher self and show up as her in your everyday life? This episode will answer the following questions: What is visualization? Does visualization really work? Why does visualization work? How can I get visualization to work for me? Enchanted Beast Podcast Episodes for Further Information If you're interested in learning more about how to use the energy of your Chakras to practice more transformative visualization, please sign up for my email list to receive your guided visualization using Chakra energy. Thanks for listening.  I'd like to invite you to sign up for my email list... I promise I won't SPAM you.  But it's really the best way to stay up to date with what's happening in my Enchanted Life as a Romance Writer, Podcaster, and Blogger. Stay in touch Purchase my books Get your Enchanted Swag!/
February 7, 2020
Damn, I Didn't See That One Coming: How to be your plot twist.
In this episode, Ella explores the need to shake some things up in her life by using the literary element of implementing a plot twist. Is a plot twist what you need in your life to get you moving in the right direction again? Thank you to my new sponsor, Browns -N- Barnacles Premium Crochet Designs on Etsy!  Be sure to check them out and get one of a kind handmade crochet items just in time for Christmas.  KEY POINTS Defining plot twist Figuring out if your life is in need of a plot twist Exploring types of plot twists  Applying the plot twist to your life Word-Nerd-Girl Moment: the difference between COLLECTIVE AND TRIBE My own personal Plot Twist Revealed I wanted to explore the theory of reincarnation in November because it’s my birth month. I turn 45 this month and thought it was a good time to consider the possibility of having more time to learn lessons I need to learn. Time to put positive vibes out into the Universe. Time to accomplish the work of my soul. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and my journey. I’ve also figured out what to set as my intention markers for the next 365 after my birthday. Until next time, be brave. Be beautiful and stay enchanting. If you like what your hearing and want to hear more, feel free to buy me a Cup of Tea by supporting my podcast or become a Patron on Patreon. I’d love to offer more than podcast episodes, maybe courses, webinars, live workshops…but your support is the only way that happens. Thanks. Enjoy time spent with your family and friends and remember, this land was not discovered; it was stolen. Peace.
November 29, 2019
Decoding the Philosophy of Reincarnation: Strategies for living an enchanted and creative life.
Become a Patron! In this episode of Enchanted Beast Podcast, Ella shares three strategies derived from the philosophy of reincarnation to start living your most enchanted and creative life. Stick around till the end of the show, and she shares with you how to receive an invitation to a free webinar where she shares even more strategies and tips designed to get you moving toward your own enchanting, creative life. #lifestyle, #philosophy, #creative, #freeoffer What is reincarnation… really?  This controversial belief is defined in its simplest terms as the rebirth of a soul in another body. Roughly about 25% of Americans believe in some form of reincarnation and about the same amount of Europeans not associated with religions believing in reincarnation “This concept of rebirth necessarily implies the continuity of personality… (that) one is able, at least potentially, to remember that one has lived through previous existences and that these existences were one's own…” Carl Gustav Jung "TO LIVE A CREATIVE LIFE, WE MUST LOSE OUR FEAR OF BEING WRONG." ~Joseph Chilton Pearce Creative—a deeper, closer, more intimate look (link to OE dictionary) The number fourteen is a powerful and transforming number My Definition of Creative Creative is having a productive imagination capable of working with all available temples on-hand, while actively producing the soul’s quality intention to function as resourcefully as possible. Using the philosophy of Reincarnation to live an enchanting and creative life: 3 or 10 strategies Learn As Much As Possible Raise Your Karmic Vibration Recognize Your Own Divinity Want to learn more?  Become an Enchanted Beast Tea Buddy at the $4.99 or above level and receive an invitation to attend a free webinar. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates, contests, and general information about my Enchanted Life as a romance writer, podcaster, and overall badass! 
November 11, 2019
I'm sorry, I need to apologize. I'm guilty.
In this episode, Ella shares her take on the differences between saying "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" and how understanding those differences can lead to more #intimate communication between #women and #men in their #relationships. KEY POINTS OF INTEREST When a person says, they are simply expressing how they feel about a situation. An apology isn’t filled with regret and/or remorse; although it may be, in general, it’s a formal admittance of a wrong we’ve done. In a psychological study, it was found that men and women apologize for about 81% of the time when they feel they’ve done something offensive or wrong. EVERYONE HAS BLIND SPOTS.  [Nanny]: "Honey, de white man is de ruler of everything as fur as Ah been able tuh find out. Maybe it’s some place way off in de ocean where de black man is in power, but we don’t know nothin’ but what we see. So de white man throw down de load and tell de nigger man tuh pick it up. He pick it up because he have to, but he don’t tote it. He hand it to his womenfolks. De nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see.“ There Eyes Were Watching God. ZNH Women apologize from a place of empathy and responsibility  Men apologize from a place of self-justification and preservation Focus—take responsibility for personal actions without causing or feeling guilt Facts—Event, item of information, or state of affairs existing, observed, or known to have happened, and which is confirmed or validated to such an extent that it is considered 'reality.’ Fight: in reality, you both want the same outcome Fair—marked by impartiality and honesty: free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism RESOURCES UPDATES AND HAPPENINGS  Starting in November, I’ll be producing Enchanted Ecstasy; a weekly 10 to 15-minute podcast where I read adult contemporary romance short stories and erotic poetry written by yours truly for my #Patreon patrons. I’ll let you all know when my Patreon will launch. FOLLOW AND SUPPORT  TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM PINTEREST BLOG AMAZON GOODREADS
October 4, 2019
Mind Over Matter: What your mind wants you to kNOw when it comes to sex.
What your mind wants you to K.N.O.W.  Kink Narrative Openness Wonder Reimagining the Sexual Response Cycle HOW TO BUILD EXCITEMENT CLIMBING THE PLATEAU REACHING THE CLIMAX THE ENDING IS BEST PART Follow and Support!/
September 23, 2019
Mind Over Matter: What your mind wants you to kNOw about sex.
This episode is one of three parts where Ella discusses the importance of listening to what the mind wants you to #kNOw about sex.  She explains the Sexual Response Cycle, negative mind chatter, and how the mind and physical body work together to protect the emotional and spiritual bodies. *** WARNING *** This episode does contain adult content and language. You may want to listen with earbuds if children under the age of 18 will be present. Key Points: Sexual Response Cycle--the sequence of physical and emotional changes that occur as a person becomes sexually aroused Four phases of the SRC--Excitement. Plateau. Orgasm. Resolution. Adrenaline causes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and works by causing less important blood vessels to constrict and increasing blood flow to larger muscles Dopamine is responsible for reward-driven behavior and pleasure-seeking.  Oxytocin is a hormone directly linked to human bonding and increasing trust and loyalty. Marie Geonet and colleagues recently concluded that negative thoughts play a key role in women’s sexual dysfunction: They distract women from erotic stimulation, produce anxiety and guilt, and diminish sexual arousal and pleasure.  Negative mind chatter is the number reason NET destroys the plateau phase and obliterates the ability for a woman to reach the orgasm phase. Resources & Further Reading: Follow Me: Twitter  Instagram  Facebook Pinterest Blog Thanks for your support: Amazon  Little Enchanted Things
September 16, 2019
Resolving Internal Conflict: Source of Evil or Pathway to Live
What is internal conflict? Internal conflict is a fight, battle, a war taking place inside of a person.  Many of these types of conflicts arise when a person has a choice to make between what is perceived as right and what is right for them. Who decides what's right for you? That you is the Earthbound Greedy Ogre; also known as the E.G.O. (Does. Not. Matter.) Your Beast is the part of you most connected to the Universe.  The part in constant communication with who created and works to give you the desires of your heart.  She. Does. Matter.  She wants what is right for the path she and the Universe have placed you on to fulfill your purpose… your work. (She. Is. Infinite.) The Universe wants what your Beast and She have planned for your life. She wants what is going to create a large enough pocket of order to allow those who aren’t connected to Her, to find their way back. (Lives. In. Present.) Conflict isn't Evil, it's the path to learning how to Live Follow and Support:
September 6, 2019
Know Thyself: Envy is ignorance; Imitation is suicide
In this episode, Ella explores the destructive nature of envy and imitation.  She takes an transcendental/existential approach to bread down the psychological phenomenon.  Don't worry, it's Ella and she makes it all make sense.  This podcast runs a little long, but it's so worth it to listen to it till the end. Further Reading Self Reliance and other Essays Ralph Waldo Emerson How to Kill Creativity Harvard Business Review  With whom do we compare Psychology Today The psychology of envy Psychology Today The Science behind gratitude Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram Blog Buy me a box Bigelow Green Tea Wear my merch Read and review my books Amazon Goodreads
May 8, 2019
This Elevator Only Goes Up: Level 5-Elevation
  Why it took two weeks to get to this level I wasn’t ready to accept the message of elevation. Allowed everything around me to dictate how my time was used Relinquished my right to be in my own sacred space Limitations to Elevations Traditional religious institutions Racial identification  Gender/Sex Socio-Economics Educational level Mental, Physical, Emotional disabilities Limitations Recap We give permission to circumstances to set limits on our lives We accept other people’s perceptions of our limitations as true facts. Limitations are either self-imposed, are self-actualized We create the greatest limits on ourselves with our minds Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of limitations Whatever you thought was limiting you, was simply an invitation to look deeper inside yourself Limitations invite you to become more self-aware! Self-Awareness = Self-Control We become honest experts of our intimate truths, standards, and desires; a practice of consideration Practice of Consideration: Respect. Mindfulness. Forbearance. Support Enchanted Beast Podcast: Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram Blog Purchase my romance novels: Amazon Goodreads Merchandise: Enchanted Momentum
May 2, 2019
This Elevator Only Goes Up: Level 4-Everything must change
Level 4: change -is defined as alteration, modification, transformation. It can also be defined as a substitute , a switch, or to transmute. Some other words associated with the word change are vary , revolutionize, amend, and shift. Key Points: 1: transformation- (METAMORPHOSIS) change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means.  2: transmute- to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form 3: shift- to assume responsibility for restoration; a reestablishment; a return to CHANGE AS TRANSFORMATION Structural Change is a deep reaching change that alters the way authority, capital, information, and responsibility flows in an [society]  Our divine resource is our enchanted beast.  CHANGE AS TRANSMUTATION You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself. Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence. ― Alan W. Watts (The Book) That is the highest self , the higher self that is 100% eternal, all knowing, unconditionally loving , and authentic in always. The higher self is the divine aspect of who we are designed to be.  CHANGE AS A SHIFT We are responsible , we take responsibility for , we are being held accountable by the universe to reestablish, to restore, to return to a time when God was a woman. Women are creatures of balance , we are not here to exert our authority, we are here to create balance.  Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram Blog Buy My Books: Amazon Goodreads Cup of Tea
April 17, 2019
This Elevator Only Goes Up: Level Three-Progress
 And this week we're leveling up to progress. When we think about progress most of us only consider what comes at the end of progress, right?  Not the actual process of getting to the end right? But this week on, level 3 progress I want us to focus on the process how we get from point A to Z.    There cannot be progress if there is no discomfort.   Discomfort: slight pain   soreness   irritation  stiffness  as to make someone feel uneasy or anxious or embarrassed    to make uncomfortable    to be disconcerted   to put someone off their stroke; off their game    discombobulated    to disturb someone   to rattle    to be perturbed    to set someone back on their heels      Word-Nerd-Girl Time  Cause-Reason, source, origin, basis, root (n)  essence, core, foundation (n) groundwork, footing, society (n) Humanity (n) Understanding (n) Appreciation (n) Gratitude (n)      Grit—determination, fortitude, courage, tenacity  Resiliency—an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change  Attention—kindness, thoughtfulness, awareness responsiveness, notice  Trust—belief, confidence, care, reliance, protection, responsibility  Intuition—insight, perception, instinct, sensitivity  Tact— adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.  Utility— the state of being useful, practical, or beneficial.   Dedicated— devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose.  Effervescent— vivacious and enthusiastic. Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram Purchase My Books: Amazon Goodreads Buy Me a Cup of Tea
April 11, 2019
This Elevator Only Goes Up: Level 2-Understanding
You can't fight what you don't understand. Ella Shawn is moving on up to level 2 in her elevation series. On this level, she shares how to use Universal Law to elevated information from the collective unconscious to the collective consciousness through seeking and gaining understanding of self and others. Key Points: Understanding is friendly or harmonious relationship; an agreement of opinion or feeling: adjustment of differences. New tools for the artist tool box The Law of Correspondence--harmony, agreement, and correspondence between physical, mental and spiritual realms. Know thyself and thou shall know all the gods and mysteries of the universe. The Law of Polarity--everything has an opposite. The Law of Vibration--everything moves, nothing rest. Openness--tendency to appreciate new art, ideas, values, feelings, and behaviors Conscientiousness--tendency to be careful, on time for appointment, follow rules, and be hardworking. Extroversion--tendency to be talkative, sociable, enjoy other people, have a dominant style. Agreeableness--tendency to agree and go along with others rather than to assert one's own opinion or choices. Neuroticism--tendency to experience [lower frequency] emotions such as: anger, worry, sadness, interpersonal sensitivity. Subscribe to my Newsletter Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram  Purchase My Books: Amazon Good Reads       
April 4, 2019
This Elevator Only Goes Up--Level One: Listening
Listening is an art that requires attentiveness/talent, spirit/ego, and others/self. Most people don't listen with the intent to understand, most listen with the intent to reply and be heard. Ella jumps into the first part of the 5-part series on creating a collective consciousness throughout humanity. Key Points: Listening is an art form Sacrifices/Reward attentiveness/talent spirit (Enchanted Beasts)/ego others (collective consciousness)/self (personal consciousness) Listening Artist Tool Box--tools used to create Pockets of Order ™ Patience-keeps you from monopolizing the conversation Discernment-keeps you from judging and/or projecting Respect-keeps you in the moment, attentive and alert Third-Eye-allows you hear and understand what's not being said Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram  Newsletter Sign-Up: Ella's Enchanted Life Purchase My Books: Amazon Good Reads
March 27, 2019
Blue or Red: Im only offering the truth. Nothing more.
Do you remember that scene in The Matrix, when Morpheus offered Neo the red or blue pill?  Of course you do!  In this episode, Ella's offering you your choice of red of blue, and just like Morpheus; she's only offering you the truth. Nothing more.  Join her in her quest to help elevate humanity from the shared collective unconscious to a heightened state of share collective consciousness.  No, you won't wake up naked in amniotic fluid... but you will wake up. Key Points: Carl Jung--the father of analytical psychology who coined the term, Collective Unconscious as well as the concept of Archetypes as a means to explain why all human beings the world over had similar ways of understanding, relating, and navigating the world based on shared symbols and their meanings. Human Psyche--made of three parts; consciousness, personal unconsciousness, collective unconsciousness Foundation Quote: "...Man's task is... to become conscious of the content  that presses upward from the unconscious--to create more and more consciousness." Jung  Male dominated governments tend to benefit only men; however, when there is a strong female presence in the governing body of countries, the entire country seems to be stronger, more progressive, healthier, wealthier, and happier. Further Reading:  Reconfigured Carl Jung Quote:  "...[Wo]man's [spirit] is... to become [aware] of the [detailed information] that presses upward from the [unaware] to [cause] more and more [new] [awareness] to [live] [using her talents and imagination]." Five Weeks to Elevation Series:  Part One: Listening is how your Beast communicates with the world. Part Two: When we understand our neighbors, our family grows. Part Three: There is no progress with discomfort, and no discomfort without pain. Part Four: Change; you think you want it, until it happens and you're not ready. Part Five: Elevation; a world without control or boundaries. Stay Connected:  Twitter Facebook Instagram Blog Books  gj7p7b8k 
March 21, 2019
I Suck at Being a Human DOing: I'm So Busy DOing Everything, I Can't BE Anything
Get rid of all those TO-DO Lists, they won't make you more productive or successful! Ella shares how she transitioned from living as a Human DOing to a Spiritual BEing having human experiences. Important Points/Resources Just because I check something off my To-Do list, doesn't mean I've accomplished anything. How am I spending my time?   Do I value my time?   Is my time spent DOing what's expected, or BEing who I want to be? There are 24-hours in a day; who says I have to eat breakfast in the morning? Is my day structured according to my body's natural rhythm?  Am I optimizing my day based on how my body feels and what it needs? I am not a Human DOing. I am a Human BEing... for now. What and who am I giving my energy to?  Do I understand how energy is designed to be used?  Am I ready to use my energy execute The Plan? Resources The Theory of Spoons--Great article explaining how Lupus depletes a survivor's energy Follow/Subscribe/Join Blog Instagram Facebook Books
March 15, 2019
Visualization: It's not what you imagine.
Imagine your life without the limitations of impossibility.  Now, visualize the necessary steps you need to take to get there. Ella takes you on the journey of remembering the life you've always wanted and then she tells you how to get there. Understanding the Plan Trust the plan Work the plan Grow the plan Essential Questions If there is no physical evidence to prove that this plan for my success will works, can I trust the plan? I have no idea if and when or how the plan will be executed. Can I work the plan? I do know I'm going to stumble and fall, lose friends, family, and material possessions; can I still grow this plan? How to trust, work, and grow the plan Visualization--Imagining, in vivid detail, what you would be looking at if your dreams or goals were already realized.  Additional resources The Science Behind Visualization Creative Visualization Follow Me: Twitter Facebook Instagram Goodreads Blog
March 7, 2019
Wade in the Water: Life doesn't happen on the shore.
Have you been waiting for your dream life to find you?  Newsflash, that's not how this works!  Ella shares her own baptism of sorts as she is finally able to acknowledge what kept her from going after the life she visualized for herself. Notes: Unpacking fear: you can't take it with you on this journey. Doing what I had never seen done before Stepping away from what was comfortable The unlimited opportunities Meeting people who may want to harm me Never making it back home Choosing the shore: Why did you stay Familiarity and examples Proving people wrong Self-doubt, self-hatred, insecurity, inferiority complex I didn't know what I already knew Life on the shore: What did you do College, marriage, career, children Suburban lifestyle (trap and pitfalls) Work, vacation, children's activities, shared friends safety and security Unexpected high tide: When it's not safe and secure anymore Loss of job and income Health issues Repossession, foreclosure, bankruptcy depression, anxiety, despair, hopelessness The tide recedes: I'm farther out in the water Gain a different perspective Realize my own strength Found different people Learned to trust what's inside me to guide me Wade in the Water (song performed by The Moses Hogan Singers) Reconnect with my Enchanted Beast Practiced gratitude, forgiveness, and ritual Acknowledge, deal with, and release anything and anyone undermining my peace of mind and joy. Acknowledge, deal with, and release anything and anyone undermining my peace of mind and joy.  Follow Me: Twitter Instagram Facebook Blog Buy my books
February 20, 2019
Chocolate Covered Guilt
 Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day, anyway?  Ella shares a brief history of sweetest holiday known to man.  Did you know this celebration has its roots in a pagan fertility festival?  Ella asks the hard questions and gives even harder answers. Intimacy and Romance are what women crave and why so many love Valentine's Day.  It's the one day out of the year when they are guaranteed to get at least one or the other. Check out Ella's blog
February 15, 2019
I'm really not W.I.F.E. material... Am I, Lilith?
 I am not created to be a #Whore. #Indenturedservant. Fu#k toy. #Expendable. I am not a W.I.F.E. Ella explores the dual nature of #womanhood and why a #woman will never be a happily #married W.I.F.E. because she will not acquiesce to the whims of #masculinetoxicity. Lilith Lesson #1 A woman is on equal footing with any man; therefore she will never allow herself to be placed beneath or behind him... not even for orgasms. Lilith Lesson #2 A wife accepts the fact she is expendable and works to keep her husband happy, even at the expense of herself. A woman knows once a man has experienced a woman, he will never want to be apart from her. Lilith Lesson #3 A wife willingly takes responsibility  for her husband's mess and ties herself to her husband's service until he says she's done enough. A woman will not tolerate the messiness of men and refuses to take part in cleaning it up. Lilith Lesson #4 A woman honors all aspects of her dual nature as well as the various roles she has to play. She is Shekina when she first marries. She is a mother when she gives birth. An always--she is a woman, Divine Goddess--who treasures the company of a man but won't sacrifice herself for his ego. Resources for further reader chaper 10 from Graves, Robert & Raphael Patai, (1964). The Hebrew Myths. pp. 65-69 (New York: Doubleday Follow Me: Twitter Instagram Facebook Blog
February 7, 2019
OK, Google... Why is it easier to ask you for help than people I know?
This episode takes Ella on a mind-blowing trip into why she uses Google Assistant to avoid asking other people for help.  She shares personal experiences, past hurts, and uncovers some insightful epiphanies about her attitude about asking for help. Loaded Questions What expectations do I have of people I may ask for help? Who or what taught me to expect those things when asking for help? What does it really mean to ask for help from others? LQ1  Expectations--A belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.  Help--To give support to, to assist with, to make more pleasant, to improve a situation. To relieve. Unpacking LQ1  Watching my mother repeatedly ask for help left me with feeling of insecurity and an inferiority complex. I avoid(ed) asking for help to avoid dealing with my feelings and emotional state. LQ2  My mother taught me asking for help made me a weak and inferior human being. Unpacking LQ2  Experiences. With experience comes growth in rational people.  But in irrational people, experiences leads to more of the same. [Lack of being present in her life leads to a lack of self-knowledge.] Good judgement or discernment requires a connection between the understanding of the physical and spiritual self. The lack of spiritual awareness leads to a lack of sound actions and decisions. LQ3  "Welcome evermore to gods and men is the self-helping man. For him all doors are flung wide. For him all tongues greet, all honors crown, all eyes follow with desire.  Our love goes out to him and embraces him because he did not need it." Ralph Waldo Emerson. Unpacking LQ3 "God will not have His work made manifest by cowards." RWE The universe designed both the physical and spiritual selves to work in a symbiotic relationship.  My humanity is not strong enough, not brave enough to do the work the Universe has for me.  My Beast (divine self) needs my humanity to do the work the Universe has for me. Follow Me: Twitter  Instagram  Facebook  Blog Call In to the show using the Anchor Mobil app. Subscribe, share and comment.
January 31, 2019
If it's not posted on social media, it probably didn't happen.
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to witness it, did it really happen? this question has put many a people in a quandary for a long time. now the new question is if it's not posted on social media did it really happen? I'm not sure but I intend to find out in this episode of Enchanted this podcast. I'm pretty sure that everyone is tired of seeing the very best of everyone else's life when they know for a fact things aren't really as great as social media makes it seem. I am 100% ready to be 100% transparent with my life as long as I don't have to use social media to connect with people to do so. I take a moment to explore what my life could be like without social media as a personal platform to connect with family and friends. I dare you to take the social media cleanse challenge can you make the same connections with family and friends in person as you do on social media?
January 23, 2019
I Honestly Intended to be More Productive... I'm Just so Distracted.
This episode of Enchanted Beast Podcast answers the Essential question of why I allow myself to be distracted from completing the tasks I need to complete. Focus: Intentional Living or Living on Purpose I've started reading a little book titled, Everyday Mindfulness: 365 Ways to a Centered Life (365 Ways to Everyday...) by Bounty Book.  I am determined to live my life intentionally as opposed to simply allowing life to happen around me.  I've discovered several important fact about intention in the 16 days I've been practicing mindfulness. The intentions behind my actions are more important than the actions themselves. I am allowing myself to be distracted as a way of avoidance and escape whatever I may be feeling. It's important to know and understand the difference between how I feel and what my emotional state is. My Good Intentions (feelings): Designed to make me feel better about what I do Create the illusion of taking responsibility for my actions Provide a sense of purpose and stability Lead me down the slippery slope to hell :) My Inevitable Descent into Hell ( feelings): I give myself a lot of wiggle-room in my boundaries I play the 'what if' game with myself about possible outcomes I make plausible excuses to push beyond the established boundary I set myself up to fail... and then I accept the failure as an inevitability My Acceptance of My Place in Hell (feelings): I settle in for the long ride, and find a sense of pride in myself for doing so I develop selective memory when it comes to my standards and goals I extend my stay in the name of deeper understanding and research I fail miserably and refuse to acknowledge my failure is of my own construction My Reality Check (emotions): I am irritated with my lack of focus, progress, and passion. I am apathetic about pretty much everything that used to excite me. I am aloof in my interactions with other people whom I love and care about. I am the architect of my own demise. My New Good Intentions (emotions): I intend to manage feelings of stress by acknowledging I need help and accepting I can't control anything outside of me I intend to deal with feeling of being overwhelmed by allowing those who look to me for guidance and strength to see my vulnerabilities.  I intend to overcome feeling of inadequacies by honoring my right to say 'no' and claim sacred space and time for myself. I intend to maintain a healthy, positive, and balanced state of mind by acknowledging, experiencing, and releasing whatever I feel in a specific moment. Final Thoughts: I thought my bibliophilia was the root of my distractions; however, I realize my bibliophilia is simply a way for me to continue to live my life unintentionally... without purpose or reason. Thanks for listening and you can call into the show using Anchor Mobil App. Subscribe on whatever platform you're on. Subscribe to my blog,  Instagram Facebook Twitter
January 16, 2019
Freaky Friday: What is sapiosexualism?
Ella talks about her discovery of sapiosexual and how it plays along with her other sexual identifiers. #sexulaity #lables #intelligence #intellectual #turnons #dating #sapisexualism #sapiosexual #bigbrains #podcasters #womenempowerment. Comments: Message me To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrite
December 10, 2018
Monday Motivation: When you know, you know--Listen to, trust in, and honor your bodies.
#Tunein to #EnchantedBeast #Podcast where Ella #challenges conventional ideas about how #women #listen to, #trust in, and #honor their bodies. #podcasters #womenempowerment #bodyimage #positivity #stongwomen #positivevives #StayEnchanted #Encouragement #liveyourbestlife #knowwhatyoukinow #acknowledgegreatness #enchantedforest #enchantedlife Four Steps to Knowing what you Know! Step One: Reconsider the composition of your bodies Step Two: Acknowledge each body speaks a different language Step Three: Build trust in what your bodies are telling you Step Four: Honor your bodies; collectively and individually Please leave a rating wherever you listen. Tell your friends and family all about the Enchanted Beast Podcast. Thanks for supporting me. Comments: You can leave a message in the Anchor mobile app Thank you for purchasing, reading, and leaving a review of my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrite
December 4, 2018
Monday Motivation: Let that shit go!
#TuneIn to Enchanted Beast #podcast for #MondayMotivaton: Let that shit go! Getting rid of negative self-talk, isolationism, and downplaying your skills, talents, and abilities. #podcasting #itunes #inspiration #motivation #mindset #spotify #WomenEmpowerment Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrite
November 26, 2018
Monday Motivation: The Crown Chakra-Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
#TuneIn to Enchanted Beast #podcast for #MondayMotivaton: The #Crown #Chakra-Heavy is the head that wears the crown. #Explore the #transcendent nature #spiritualwisdom #podcasting #itunesconnect #connections #inspiration #motivation #mindset #spotify #WomenEmpowerment Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
November 12, 2018
Motivation Monday: The Third-Eye Chakra-I have three eyes. Two to look and one to see.
#TuneIn to #Enchanted Beast #podcast for #MondayMotivaton: The #ThirdEye #Chakra-I have three eyes. Two to #look and one to #see. #Explore the difference between the two and how #seeingisbetter #podcasting #itunes #inspiration #motivation #mindset #spotify #WomenEmpowerment #StayEnchanted Key Information: Sanskrit name-Ajna (Brow) Element-Light Gland-Pituitary (Master Gland) Location-Forehead, between the eyes Meaning-Intuition/psychic ability, visualizations, wisdom, memory, comprehension, dreams, and decisiveness Affirmation-I see Color-Indigo/purple Sound-Ohm Sense-Pure intuition For further study: The Archetypal Dimension (Carl Jung) Collective Consciousness and Collective Unconsciousness From physical to metaphysical Transcending from duality The Third-Eye chakra is linked with the Root chakra-they keep each other balanced. Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
November 6, 2018
Monday Motivation:The Throat Chakra-Don't let the rocks speak to you.
#Tunein to part 5 of the 7-part series, Balancing the chakras; heal the bodies. Today, Ella works with the #throat #chakra. Location: base of the throat Element: ether (spirit) Color: sky blue, aquamarine, turquoise Physical association: throat, mouth, jaw, neck, and thyroid Important information: -first spiritual chakra -helps release pressure in the heart chakras -align energies throughout the chakras-associated with the etheric body Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 30, 2018
Wednesday Wisdom: Your strength naturally repels weak ass men.
#Tunein: Enchanted Beast #podcast this evening for #WednesdayWisdom: Your #strength naturally repels weak ass men. Ella explores what it means to be a #womanofstrenth vs. a #strongwoman. She also warns against the dangers of allowing #weakmen to attach themselves. A strong woman is recognized by the world as having what it takes to live her #bestlife according to her #desires. She is considered strong by those on the outside looking in, not by herself. A woman of strength knows it's her attributes-character traits- that allows her to accomplish all she does. Her focus is to inspire, make better, and leave a legacy for others. A woman's strengths are what makes her strong, not the other way around. Use the Law of Attraction: Whatever you focus on is what you bring into your life. -Focus on your personal strengths -Work to build upon what you already have -Inspire others to do the same Some qualities of a #weakman: -lazy -selfish -passive/aggressive -poor listening skills -unable to express or experience emotions -no protective instinct -doesn't make plans or follow through with them -blames others for shortcomings and mistakes Women and men of strength shared attributes: -steel-magnolia. Noun. (plural steel magnolias) (chiefly Southern US) A woman who exemplifies both traditional femininity as well as an uncommon fortitude. -leader -caring & empathic -good communicator -self-reflective -ambitious -competitive -arrogance -confident Can women of strength build up a weak man? Are women of strength obligated to work with the weak man? Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 24, 2018
Monday Motivation: The Heart Chakra-Put a little love in your heart
Are you having trouble #trusting and #connecting with yourself and others? #TuneIn to Enchanted Beast #podcast for #MondayMotivaton: The #Heart #Chakra-Put a little #love in your #life. Basics about the #Heart #Chakra: -#Sanskrit name is #Anahata, which means unstruck -Element is #air -Color is #green -Physical association is the heart, lung, circulatory system, arms, and hands -Psychological feature is #love -Identity is #socialidentity -Greatest #challenge is #grief -Scents are #lavender, #rose, and #jasmine -Herbs are #yarrow, #meadowsweet, and #orisroot Important facts about Anahata: -Unifying and integrating chakra-bringing upper and lower chakras together -The #healing center of the chakra system -Acknowledges the #interconnectedness of relationships with life and the universe -The Way or Path of the heart. #Grief causes the heart chakra to become imbalanced; to get stuck in one of five stages: -Denial -Anger -Bargaining -Depression -Acceptance When there's too much energy: -Everyone gets your love -No boundaries within relationships -Taking everyone's maltreatment -Accepting whatever is given without thought -Giving without restraint -Saying yes to everything and everyone -Codependency When there's too little energy: -#Loneliness -#Shyness and social anxiety -Being overly #critical towards yourself and others -Holding #grudges -Inability to give or receive freely -#Suspicion and #fear, especially in friendships and romantic relationships Balancing the heart chakra: -#meditation and yoga (element of air) -go out in #nature, activities involving air; kite flying, sailing, etc. -take notice of the color green when you're out -surround yourself with green #plants, add the color green to your wardrobe -daily #affirmations of #gratitude, #love, and #compassion -acknowledge, #honor, and deal with hurtful, painful, and resentful #feelings and then let it go -#create a #sacred internal and external space where you feel #safe, #loved and #caredfor When the heart chakra is balanced: -Feeling love for others, for life in general -Being more compassionate -Being more acceptant with yourself -Feeling inclined to #forgive -Better overall sense of #balance and well-being -Integration between with physical and earthly plane needs and #spiritual aspirations -#Altruism, selflessness -Harmonious, balanced #control of the senses and #emotions (does not -feel like constriction or excessive control) -Balance of #female and #male energies within oneself -Harmony in #relationships Sources for research: Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 22, 2018
Freaky Friday: Servant of lust or master of love
#Tunein to Enchanted Beast #podcast today for #Freaky #Friday. Are you a servant of #lust or a master of #love? #podcasters #repost #women #womenempowerment #empoweringwomen #sexualhealth #honest #truth #lifestyle #fun #trueshit #questions #servant #Masters Lust makes me think of hot, sweaty, groping--teeth clashing, tongue sucking; lip biting and pulling and thrusting--We couldn't stop if we wanted to. Good thing we don't have to. Love makes me think of Sunday mornings rolling over, patting shoulders--rubbing cold feet on warm, hairy legs and sliding cold fingers over warm, firm skin--flipping soft thighs over hard length. Pulling away and coming together--I hope no one knocks on this door before we're done. Me too, but we won't stop, right? Lust is an altered state of consciousness programmed by the primary urge to procreate. It affects the brain in the same way as snorting cocaine--What the actual fuck?! When lust is no longer a factor in your love relationship Communication: texting co-journaling daily love, sexy, dirty post-it notes send a song of the day and request a response song in reply talking it out in a safe, sane and consensual with ground rules: no judgment no condescending remarks no blame listen, restate, respond "I" statements only express appreciation Decide that lusty sex is important create a schedule institute mental foreplay watch porn together shop for sex toys together cook meals together shower together touch each other--skin to skin kiss with and without tongue just for the hell of it hug it out cuddle and watch TV take a walk and hold hands buy each other clothes, underwear Seek professional help from a sex therapist. Thank you for #purchasing, #subscribing, #following, and #commenting. Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 19, 2018
Wednesday Wisdom: Principle of Regeneration; Let it go, you can always regrow it later.
#Tunein to Enchanted Beast #podcast when Ella shares her Principle of Regeneration. She #encourages you to let it all go because you can regrow it later. Understanding why #platitudes are dangerous to your growth -Gives a false sense of hope and security -Allows the responsibility to placed elsewhere -Provides a reason to do nothing about the situation -Enables others to hold on to what no longer exist Principle of Regeneration states it is impossible to replace the missing pieces of yourself with the pursuit of material possessions and pleasures of the physical world. Once the entire self is made whole; all that was lost [let go of] will be replaced. #Stress defined: the response to any stimuli that throws your body into #disequilibrium. Stress causes #physical, #mental, and #emotional #weakness brought on by the attempt to #control the constant state of #uncertainty, #doubt, and #indecision. What are you compensating for? #Lowselfesteem #confidence #unacceptance #lossidentity #insecurity A note about #acceptance: If acceptance... if the love you receive is based on conditions; #letitgo! Once you learn to #love and #accept yourself and others #unconditionally, you can grow it all back. Adopt a #regenerative #mindset. If you're struggling to maintain anything in your life; possessions, relationships, employment... anything at all and it's causing you stress. LET IT GO! Do the work, fill the holes, and when you're ready--you can grow it all back. Comments: Subject line-Enchanted Beast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 18, 2018
Monday Motivation: What is your super power?
#TuneIn to Enchanted Beast #podcast for #MondayMotivaton: What is your super power? Ella delves into the third solar plexus #Chakra #Identity #podcasters #womenempowerment #lifestyle #repost #subscribers
October 16, 2018
Freaky Friday: I'm good with the treats, better with the tricks.
#Tunein to Enchanted Beast #podcast as Ella invites you to plan an #enchanted #Halloween for the adults in your life. Are you tired of the kids having all the #fun? It's time to reclaim the night and take a walk on the dark side of sexy. Planning your adult #trickortreat Choosing food that looks sexy and foods that have a sexual connotation. Have fun with a "Bite, Suck, and Blow" candy bar. Or maybe fill clean, unused, flavored condoms with "suck and swallow" jello shots. Play games that will both treat and trick your guest. Get them talking about humanity with the game, "cards of humanity" or maybe they'll enjoy "naughty Pictionary". Make sure your playlist is as sexy as your food, games, and costumes. I love Damien Rice, James Blake, and a little Zepplin to set the mood. Contact Information: Subject line; Enchanted Beast Podcast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 13, 2018
Wednesday Wisdom: The choice is up to you.
# Tunein to Enchanted Beast #podcast for #WednesdayWisdom: The #choice is up to you. How and why #women make the #choices we make and why we need to #change it. Make choice in your own best interest. Women are the nucleus of their families, what's best for us is best for them. The #UniverseTeaches us #lessons, if we don't learn them then we have to repeat them until we do. Comments, Suggestions, and Questions Subject line: EnchantedBeast To purchase my books: Follow me: #enchantedbeast Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 10, 2018
Monday Motivation: Find and Establish Your Own Space
#Tunein to Enchanted Beast Podcast for #MotivationMonday: Find and Establish Your Own Space; balancing the #sacral #chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with the #emotioanalbody, #sexuality, and #creativity. Its primary function is #pleasure or #satisfaction or #enjoyment. This chakra is associated with the #element of #water and its #energy moves with #fluidity and #flexibility. #Guilt is the number one blocker of the sacral chakra. Resource for Sacral Chakra balancing work: Contact me: To purchase my books: Follow me: Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 8, 2018
Freaky Friday: You're never too old to play.
#Tunein to #Freaky #Friday: You're Never Too Old To Play presented by Enchanted Beast #Podcast Ella discusses how #kink can have a #positive impact on and in a #relationship. #intimacy #romance #communication #women #empoweringwomen Websites used in research: Resources for books: Books for the man in your life: Sexual limit worksheets: To purchase my books: Follow me: Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites
October 5, 2018
Words of Wisdom: Don't Just Stand There!
You are the #architect of your life. What you #focus your #energy on is what #creates your #reality. If your life were a physical space, what type of space would it be? How would it be used? What would its #purpose be? What #buildingmaterials would you #choose to build your life? Cheap and plentiful or expensive and rare? Energy is your #lifeforce. Energy is #infinite, but it can be #wasted. Watch out for #energydrainers, #energypollutors, and #energyblockers. When you know what they are, then you are able to deal with and manage them. Create your reality by focusing your life force on what will help you bring forth uniquely, #wonderful experiences that are truly important and designed to #saturate your soul with #joy and #peace. Follow me: Facebook- @authorellashawn Twitter- @ellashawn0215 Instagram- @therealellashawn Pinterest- @ellashawnwrites Join me Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
October 3, 2018
Monday Motivation: A tree without roots will wither and die.
Ella starts a 3-part series, Balance the #chakras and heal the bodies. She starts with the first chakra, the #root or #Muladhara. Chakras are wheels of #Devine energy or #prana (life force) which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive. There're 7 main chakras; the root, the #sacral, the #solarplexus, the #heart, the #throat, the #thirdeye or brow, and the #crown. When a chakra is #blocked, energy can't move through them and it causes an #imbalance in the #emotional, #spiritual, and #mental bodies. This imbalance causes the three unseen bodies to be in a state of dis-ease and this state will manifest itself in the physical body as #disease. I wanted to mention two resources that helped in my research. Follow me Pinterest @EllaShawnWrites Twitter @ellashawn0215 Facebook @authorellashawn Instagram @therealellashawn Amazon #Tunein on Monday, Wednesday Friday
October 1, 2018
Freaky Friday: What's in your spank bank?
Ella dips into the private spank banks of #women to uncover the #dark #fantasies women may find #embarrassing, #disturbing, and #questionable. Women are sexual creatures but in a patriarchal society, we are sometimes made to feel ashamed of being so. As long as you are indulging your fantasies in a safe, sane, and consensual environment; try everything once and twice if you like it. 7 Dark Fantasies: EMBARRASING 1-Having sex in public 👀 2-Being treated like a whore🤑 3-Double penetration-MMF 🧔🤵🏽👩🏾 DISTURBING 4-Total sexual dominance ⛓ 5-Being raped😱 6-kidnapped sold into the sex trade 🤪 QUESTIONING 7-Lesbian sex😕 BONUS *8-Combination of fantasy 2 and 6 😁😍😊
September 29, 2018
Words of Wisdom: The only cure for pain is in the pain. ~Rumi
Ella shares her thoughts about how #denial, #silence, and holding on to past hurt causes #pain in the #emotional, #mental, and #spiritual bodies. Then she gives an #enchanted way to #cure pain. Causes of pain: 1-Denying your own feelings to make everyone around you comfortable. 2-Silence about what, who, and why you're in pain. Refusing to see the world as it really is. 3-Holding on to the past with judgments and never giving forgiveness to yourself or others. Inspirational Quote: If you're silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it. ~Zora Neale Hurston Curing the pain: Break from the chains keeping you in a state of denial and silence about your BEAST. Exchange the old way of doing and embrace your Beast's way. Assess situations without judgment or attachments. Strive to reach your Beast's standards of happiness, success, joy... Trust your Beast to work it all out to ensure the desires of your heart are achieved.
September 26, 2018
Monday Motivation: Enough is Enough; Decide, Commit, Succeed!
Today Ella shares the motivational tips to help make a #commitment to #decisions leading to personal #success. #Brilliance #Effervescent #Able #Sacred #Tenacious #womenempowerment #growth #selflove #selfcare
September 24, 2018
Freaky-Fun-Friday: Touch Me Where I Hurt for You.
#tunein and #connect with your #EnchantedBeast Take your lover on an #erotic escapade and #teach them just where your #erogenous zones are. Ella shares some not-so-commonly known body parts that can send #women into #sexual #frenzy. She discusses gives an in-depth tour to the parts of the #vagina and how they aid in the sexual experience. Oh, and she may give some hints on using hot wax and ice, but she is not responsible for any burns or freezing incidents any listeners may incur as a result of listenting to this podcast.
September 21, 2018
Monday Motivation: Six Enchanted Stress Busters
It's time to bust your old way of responding to stress and adopt a more productive attitude towards it. Ella shares two 6-step approaches on how to deal with stress. Approach One: Acknowledged Beast. Step 1-Stop what you're doing the moment you start to feel stressed. Step 2-Think about what is causing the feelings of stress to arise. Step 3-Realize every situation is temporary and it will pass. Step 4-Evaluate positive, productive ways to respond to stressors. Step 5-Summon your courage and resolve to respond productively. Step 6-Strive for your personal standard of happy. Approach two-Reclaimed Beast Step 1-See your stress for what it truly is. Step 2-Think positively and with gratitude about the current situation. Step 3-Respect the process and know the universe is working for you to win. Step 4-Exude confidence in your ability to handle it. Step 5-Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Step 6-Stand in the knowledge you're good enough to do and be great things
September 17, 2018
To Masturbate or Not to Masturbate: That is the question/
It's a #sin, #taboo, and just plane #wrong for a #woman to engage in #selfpleasuring. Ella calls #BS! In today's #episode of Enchanted Beast #podcast, Ella shares the #myths, #truths, and her own #opinions on the topic of #masturbation among the fairer #sex. #Tunein and get #inspired, #empowered, and #enchanted. #womenempowered #podcasters #truthistruth #healthy #sexuality
September 14, 2018
Writing With Your Soul:Wednesday Words of Wisdom
#Womenwriters, don't let #insecurity, #insincerity, and #fear stop you from #writing with #soul, #creativity, and #love. As #women, we are #empowered to #share who we are with others to #create a #network of #wise and #powerful women. In today's episode, Ella shares #WednesdayWordsofWisdom #writingtips #inspired by her new #word, #meraki-to put something of yourself into your work. Episode Notes: 1. There is no such thing as #perfection, not in you or me, and not in writing. We are both a #wip. Accepting this as #fact allows us to be more #secure in ourselves and our #art. 2. #Writers have no choice in if they will write or not--writing is a #giftofdivinity (g.o.d.) and we have to share it. It will not rest until we do. 3. Fear is designed to protect the physical body from harm, writing is metaphysical in its origin. Therefore, it #trumps fear. Life is a journey, and every so often the #universe gives you stepping stones to make your trip a little more #enchanting.
September 12, 2018
It's Hard Being a Rolex
#Women, are you being taken for granted? Does everyone around you seem to be getting pats on the back except you? If this is the case, you may be a #Rolex. Ella shares #motivational #insights on how she deals with #feelings of #inadequacy.
September 10, 2018
Slut Shaming: Not every man can love a BEAST
Ella sounds off on #slutshaming and shares her thoughts on the power of a #woman's #sexuality. #rhsin #divinefeminin #empoerment #sex #adultcontent
September 7, 2018
Up Cycle My Life
We don't have to only up cycle our clothes and furniture, we can up cycle our lives, too.
September 5, 2018
Wake up and live deeply
Ella talks about the importance of being aware and attentive to the moments that make you feel alive.
September 4, 2018
I'll be the Woman Who Goes For It.
Ella is honest with herself about how much life she hasn't lived because she's been living from a place of fear.
August 28, 2018
I'm Cracking Up!
Ella talks about the high cost of having it all. Controversial thoughts on #womenslib and 3-step process to get back to center. #stop #drop #roll
August 27, 2018
What the World Wednesday: Naked Vagina...?
Ella attempts to answer the question about why she chooses to remove her pubic hair. Her BEAST wants her to be as natural as possible, but Ella's not quite ready to succumb to her Wild Woman ways just yet.
August 22, 2018
Answer the Call
Ella Shawn, reluctant romance writer, talks about why she finally decided to answer the call of her BEAST.
August 21, 2018