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Ellen Powell writings

Ellen Powell writings

By Ellen Powell
Ellen Powell poetry and writings.
Weekly readings of my poetry with explanations of my thought process. Or just random thoughts because some poetry can't be explained.

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Please send in your poems if you want me to play them and talk about them!

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October 24th 2021, Getting Through.
I move through my space with the determination and strategy that is required to get across the room. Everyday that can be a little different, obstacles can be greater or lesser depending on your quality of rest. Things can be placed in your way and remove just as fast. In the scheme of things going from one side of your bedroom for the other does not seem like a momentous occasion. Alas, in that moment that you have to sit up from your bed and plant your feet on the floor. That can be one of the hardest decisions to make that day. You are powerful and you are strong and your footfall can Shake Nations if properly done. Everyday that you stand up and walk across your room is a day that you take hold of your own life. Everyday that you walk over and open your door is yours and no one can take it from you. Will you make that decision? When you make that decision to get up and start your day of your own free will, that choice should carry you throughout the day. Because you got up you get to do what you want. No one can tell you different. Hold your head up strong, they can't make you lay back down.
October 25, 2021
Trailer for the rest of the show
Welcome to my writings, this trailer is just telling you that this podcast is now a Miss Mash of all of my writings, whatever I feel inspired to make one I'm going to make a podcast. If you'd like to check out any of my other work please go to or 31 days of podcasting poetry by Ellen Powell on Amazon.
October 24, 2021
Jan 31 2021 "my burrow"
Jan 31 2021 "my burrow" ———Tucked away in my safe hidey hole- No one can get to me, and I won't be cold- Me With pillows, under my blanket- I hide from the light- With all this weight getting up is a fight- Because Just a sheet won't cut it- Let me lay here and grow old- In this burrow where I have control——— 《Check out all I do at 》 End of season one! Stick around for more!
February 02, 2021
Jan 30 2021 "folly of the blossom"
Jan 30 2021 "folly of the blossom" ———You think I'm a delicate flower- You care for me, watch me grow- You water me, keep My leaves clean- make sure I don't get too much sun- And then after I have bloomed- The most beautiful flower you have ever seen- You cut me at my root and put me in a vase- Presented for all to see- Exposed- All of my Stem reflected in the water- Until My blossom Gets too heavy and wilts- Then I am discarded——— 《Check out all I do at》
February 02, 2021
Jan 29 2021 "Complacency"
Jan 29 2021 "Complacency" ———Doing the same thing over and over again- When will I realize I'm not going to win- Yes sir, yes ma'am, I'll get that right away- I swear I am going to snap any day- Oh haha I haven't heard that a thousand times- what why are you telling me about your crimes- No! I'm not your servant! Despite you treating me like one- All right that's it today I'm done- But I don't want to learn something new- I'm just really done working for you- I hope I can make my dreams a reality- But for now I am in complacency——— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 30, 2021
Jan 28 2021 "gay sun"
Jan 28 "gay sun" ———The rabbit chases the wolf today- They run around the Briar Patch- No one there to get their way- As they spin, getting closer to the snatch- Running in the Sun so gay- They aren't the typical match- But when seen they all must say- Even though it might be a little cliche- They are quite the catch——— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 29, 2021
Jan 27 2021 "I need"
Jan 27 2021 "I need" ———I need words, but instead I have love- I do not have the right words to give- But I swear to whatever is above- I will continue to on as long as I live- As long as the soul of- Your mind will forgive- That I have not words but love——— 《check out all I do at》
January 29, 2021
Jan 26 2021 "face paint"
Jan 26 2021 "face paint" ———We paint our faces everyday- We all have flaws you know- You don't have to hide them away' Someday you'll learn how to glow- We paint our faces everyday- Not just with makeup- But when we smile in that way- You don't have to suck it up- We paint our faces everyday- We go on living - Not knowing what to say- That's why our fake Smiles are so unforgiving- We paint our faces everyday- Maybe eventually Society- Will give us a way- To relieve some of this anxiety- We paint our faces everyday——— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 27, 2021
Jan 25 2021 "long night"
Jan 25 2021 "long night" ———I shiver and Shake despite the blanket- I am so cold. -- nothing makes me warm But your touch- These nights just keep getting longer and longer without you- I fear I cannot go on- I am scared the darkness will consume me- You are the only thing keeping me in the light- Come hold my hand and take me somewhere warm- Somewhere we can be together-- Somewhere just for us———    《Check out all I do at》
January 26, 2021
Jan 24 2021 "green paper, a tanka about money and capitalism"
Jan 24 2021 "green paper, a tanka about money and capitalism" ——green Bills have power- really they are just paper- We treat them like gods- Just green pieces of paper- Very gross paper at that——— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 25, 2021
Jan 23 2021 "productivity"
Jan 23 2021 "productivity" ———Get up, workout, write to do list.- I will conquer whatever the Day brings- I will get stuff done today, I will do this!- How long have I been laying here? - It's ok it's fine rest is important - But i have no effort to get out of bed- Don't just lay there, at least sit up, write down the gist- just get it together and let me finish things- Come on brain it's not that hard for you to do more than exist- Maybe when the deadline is near- Give it a thrilling slant….- Maybe that's what I need to get out of my head.- I hope I can start tomorrow morning- Or maybe in the evening——— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 24, 2021
Jan 22 2021 "future"
Jan 22 2021 "Future" ———I dream of a life with you- to wake up early and make breakfast- stay up late reading and talking- fall asleep in each other's arms- You make me so happy—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 23, 2021
Jan 21 2021 "shining sky"
Jan 21 2021 "Shining sky" ———So bright in the sky- It makes me wonder why- People would ever want to be inside- For it is just a place to hide- Don't worry mother nature isn't that shy——— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 23, 2021
Jan 20th 2021 "purple"
Jan 20th 2021 "purple" ——I use to think I was quite purple,- That I would consider all the options- Before choosing which one I want- But as I have grown and the world had changed- I have figured out that my choices are limited - I only have half the options put on the table- It's no longer agree or disagree on one thing- Now we put a letter by our name - And anyone with out that same letter- Is the enemy- There is no discussion- There is no compromise- I can't wait to get back to a world- Where difference in view- Doesn't mean a difference- in someone's human value- That world starts today—— 《Check out all I do at 》 And congratulations to Biden and Harris. Thank you for what you will do. I'm excited to end the chapter in favor on this new one. Women better where shoes because that glass ceiling has just shattered.
January 21, 2021
Jan 19th 2021 "bright"
Jan 19th 2021 "bright" ——The stars in the sky are so bright- It makes it hard to sleep at night- When I can stay up and see this delight- Occasionally noticing a satellite- Or a plane on an evening flight- I truly want to stay up until the morning light- I know that would give my sleep schedule a fright- I have to give the sleepys a fight- To stay up under the stars and write- But really now against my spite- I have to do what's right- And get the sleep I need tonight- Good night—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 20, 2021
Jan 18th 2021 "fear in the distance"
Jan 18th 2021 "fear in the distance" ——I can hear them howling in the distance- As the night goes on they get closer- I have nothing to do but fear- Until fear itself takes over—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 19, 2021
Jan 17th 2021 "seemingly imperfect"
Jan 17 2021 "Seemingly imperfect" ——He fears for the day they will collect him- He knows his time is getting low- One day he started running on a whim- Where to he'll never know- They will not Grant him any leniency for his actions- He knows what he did but cannot yet atone for it- In this life he is paid for but a fraction- Of all the suffering he will get- Alas he could never hush the demons- They were always there, gnawing on his bare soul- The farther he runs the more he summons- He knows when he stops he will have to pay the toll- So run he shall run until he has died- Then he will find out what waits for him on the other side—— 《check out all I do at》
January 18, 2021
Jan 16 2021 "I'm late for coffee"
Jan 16 2021 "Im late for coffee" ——If there is one constant in life it is my caffeine addiction- I cannot go without the sweet Bean Juice- I would like to add physical books in addition- But really my Kindle gets a lot of use- I wish to express it has to be sugary sweet - black coffee makes me quake from my head to my feet- While I wish I could go without such additives- Without it list lack of caffeine on my motives- Without coffee to sustain me I am a puddle on the floor- I will be late everyday if I have to, just to have- Caffeine throughout the day more and more—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 17, 2021
Jan 15th "green and gold"
Jan 15th 2021 "green and gold" ——I feel the shackles heavy today They weigh me down, take my joy- I don't really ask for much okay- But someday I hope not to be employed- I toil away the hours, they are not used for my own- For you see I'm on someone else's dime- Through my emotions it is really shown.- They take something you can never reclaim, time.- I have spent years of my life talking to folks- Selling things they don't even need- Getting them to buy it all with my jokes- For this is how I have survived the capitalist greed.- While I will never Escape capitalism's hold- I hope to learn to use it for my own, if I may be so bold—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 15, 2021
Jan 14th 2021 "the grim planter"
Jan 14th 2021 "the grim planter" ——I don't know why you always die- I don't want to keep saying goodbye- Please I water you and I put you in the Sun- But I have to chuck you out when you're done- I talk nice to you and I give you pretty pots- make sure they're big enough to hold Lots- I clean your leaves make sure there aren't bugs- Pouring water in from coffee mugs- I wish I knew what I had to do- To keep everything alive even you—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 14, 2021
Jan 13th 2021 "cracks"
Jan 13th 2021 "cracks" ——shattered, never to come back together- Once the crack is there- You can never make a whole again- Hair line fractures are enough to be deadly- It all starts there, one point - Just spiders out until- It falls completely apart.—— 《Check out all I do at》
January 13, 2021
Jan 12th 2021 "Crone"
Jan 12 2021 "Crone" ——I look to the sky above- The trees around- And the ground beneath- I cherish her so- Her breath gives us life- Her voice gives us love- Remember where you came from—— 《Check out all I do at 》
January 12, 2021
Jan 11 2021 "inspirational
Jan 11 2021 This is just the first cutlet of "Baby doll lamb" But I loved it so much that I wanted just it by its self. ——Inspirational! She is!- She tells me to follow my dreams!- With her encouragement I found that this- Isn't as Out Of Reach As It Seems—— 《check out everything I do at》
January 11, 2021
Jan 11 2021 "baby doll lamb"
Jan 11 2021 "Baby doll lamb" ——Inspirational! She is!- She tells me to follow my dreams!- With her encouragement I found that this- Isn't as Out Of Reach As It Seems- I will spin my own yarn!- And cut to the wool from the Sheep myself- I live on property where I can house a barn- And soon my work can be on a local shelf- I call this a win! She wants a lamb too- We can get them together and help the species- In my mind they are eating grass right from where it grew- Look at their faces! The cute little beasties!- Someday Someday My Dreams will come true- I'll sit here and knit with someone elses yarn until the do—— 《Check out what all I do at 》
January 11, 2021
Jan 10th, 2021. "Touch of my book"
Jan 9th 2021 "touch of my book" —— crisp new pages. Soft and smooth cover- You are the first of many- I need to fix things, a lot will change before this is over- Despite being flawed, I love you more than any.- You being here opens a new door- I will use your inspiration to go on- I will fix my mistakes and more- I'll keep working until all the work is gone- Seeing you physically, getting to hold you- I've wanted this since high school- It may be true, it's not the best I can do- But doing it has given me so much fuel- I am already writing my next book- Because I have a fire under me and an incredible Hook—— 《Check out what all I do at》
January 11, 2021
Jan 9th, 2021. "Why sleep" a tanka
Jan 9th 2021 "Why sleep" a tanka.  ——oh why must I sleep- those eight hours are wasted- I could do so much- I think that time should be mine- to do as I please all night——
January 09, 2021
Jan 8th "sleep, a tanka"
Jan 8th ——sleep is for the weak- I don't need any of that –  let's party all night-  We'll regret it tomorrow-  that is future me's problem-— 《Check out what all I do at》
January 09, 2021
Jan 7th 2021, "my own"
January 7th 2021 my own ——I want to own my own land- To build a home just as I wish-  My plans aren't really big and Grand- But I would have a place for every dish- I just want to be alone, my own space –  no one in the kitchen while I cook -  the house loud or quiet, me at my own pace –  in my library, curled up with a book–  I would do yoga and the living room -  paint in the garden where I grow my food – I would seal my bed off like a tomb – try on all my clothes if I was in the mood -  oh wouldn't I love this -  I think it would be just be Bliss—— 《Check out what all I do at》
January 07, 2021
Jan, 6th 2021. "Warm"
Jan 6th 2021 "warm" ——The warmth and safety I feel- It cannot be matched by any other- I feel at once home and eternity- Through the heat of your soul- And the weight of your touch- I fear that I have grown cold- Every time there is silence- And then there is your hold- That takes all my fears away- Just a moment is all I need- Despite craving more- I have a thirst for your warmth- That may not be quenched- With you I may rest- But alone I toil- Please do not leave- for i Can not see - the other side without you—— 《Check out what all I do at》
January 06, 2021
Jan, 5th 2021. Bonus new years episode! Thank you joanna Penn for your inspiration!
Welcome to the bonus episode, this episode is entirely dedicated to Joanna Penn for inspiring me so much over the past few months. She made it upset about her New Year's goals and I wanted to do the same. If you have anything you want to share go to my website and look at the ways to contact me
January 05, 2021
Jan, 5th 2021. "untitled documents"
Jan 5th 2021 "untitled document" ——Reclaim the blank documents- Look over that first draft- There is no better time but now- Sitting right here where you are at- As you scroll through social media - Do not shame yourself - But just know you could be writing- Because of the technology in your hand- Just start typing and see where it goes- Nothing harmful about it- Just relax from your head to your toes- And let your mind drift away - You could be in a castle- Or under the sea- Type to your hearts content- And see where you go- This is your moment - So its your Choice - You can look at cats- Or you can write your future ——                                                                 Check out all I do at!
January 05, 2021
Jan, 4th 2021. "The child"
Jan 4th 2021 ——Acid coming up my throat, mind racing.- What do I do? Stick calm and stay where you're at.- You're in control, you are the anchor.- Hand shaking. Breath shallow. Gonna vomit.- Why didn't you count? Did you not think I? Did you not care?- Lightheaded, hyper-focus, not going to leave his sight.- Here they come! This is them!- "What have I told you about running off?"- What? No? you left him?- "Come on"- But. You don't sound worried?- You don't sound concerned?- Deep breaths, it's over now, he's with his family.- But is he okay? I'll never know.- Back to business.- Don't puke.- It'll be okay. Right?—— For context I work at a toy store. For three years this hasn't happened. Someone walked out without their kid. The came back after somebody went and told them they left them but they didn't seem concerned. This is such a jarring moment for me because I worry about that kid now. I hope he's okay. He had tucked himself into a corner of my shop but they didn't do I head count and come looking for him. Check out all I do at!
January 04, 2021
Jan, 3rd 2021 happy birthday dad!
——Dear dad, though I know- you'll never read this- It still needs to be said- You are the best dad I could have- You are not what everyoneneeds- But I couldn't ask for better- You're different, and Lacks- You dont follow what people say- But you know what I need at the end of the day- You've been there for me when I needed- And you left me alone when you should- I love you more than I could explain—— Check out all I do at!
January 03, 2021
Jan, 2nd 2021. "The woods"
——Look out to the woods!- What do you see?- Anything good? - Its all good to me.- I see flowers and trees and a frog!- All living naturally,- Oh look over there! A bog!- A habitat grown organically.- Pick up a stone- Look at the tiny ecosystem.- All these creatures call this home- Carefully set the stone back on them- Love and respect the outdoors- And it will also to you and yours.—— A little sonet about the woods behind my house. Check out all I do at!
January 02, 2021
Jan. 1st, 2021 "regret"
I got the prompt regret and this is what came out of it. ——I could have been a pharmacist- But instead I'm writing about myself like a narcissist- Sitting in my minimum wage job- Dealing with someone acting like a snob- I don't actually regret my decision- I worried at first but my hindsight has perfect vision- I knew my life is meant to go other places- So it work I'll keep smiling a drowning faces—— I took this and made it something light instead of something heavy. This is just a reminder that just because the prompt is heavy doesn't this is just a reminder that just because the prompt is heavy doesn't mean your poem has to be deep. Check out all I do at!
January 01, 2021
Jan. 1st 2021 "happy things"
This is a reading of my poem from the prompt "happy things". —Bananas first thing in the morning- Salted caramel so my coffee isn't boring- I'll have a big green salad in the afternoon- With a cup of tea, hope I have my spoon- Finally I'll cook dinner, maybe without it burning— Limerick rhyme scheme about food and eating healthy. Check out all I do at!
January 01, 2021
Jan. 1st 2021, "Shout"
——Well we made it one more go-round- It wasn't fun, this Revolution- But we kept turning anyway- Everything kept spinning- Shouting about the New Year- As loud as we can from our own houses- Telling everyone we can reach that it's over- We think the date turning over, the clock striking midnight- Will end this years misfortune- But the time has nothing to do with it.- Oh Let them Shout, we need something.- We all need a chance to believe- That there can be change —— Free form poem Written at 12:28 on January 1st 2021. I know the rolling over of the year will not change anything that has happened this year. It will all continue. Everything we are going through will keep going. But for just one small moment we need to believe that we have the power to change what's happening. Happy New Year I lets hope for one better than 2020. Check out all I do at!
January 01, 2021