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Ellie + Jared

Ellie + Jared

By Ellie and Jared
Ellie and Jared have vlogged their lives on YouTube for years, but now they're diving deeper into the things that matter most to them in their lives. Welcome to the Ellie + Jared podcast.
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Allie + Tylan Glines
Today we sit down (virtually) with Allie and Tylan Glines. They run a very successful make up YouTube channel and have recently launched make up bags! We talk about their long history of entrepreneurship, YouTube, singing, and a secret that Tylan has been keeping from us. Check out Allie and Tylan on their YouTube Channel here: Thanks to our sponsors: User code ELLIEANDJARED for 15% off $10 Off Skylight Frame at using code EJ
April 29, 2020
*NEW SEGMENT!* Ellie and Jared BITS - Quick Questions with The Dashleys!
In a new segment, we're taking the episodes a little shorter, with more information! Let's ask some fun questions. Who would you like to hear from next? Check out the Dashleys!
April 22, 2020
Andrew and Shawn Johnson East - Marriage, Miscarriage, and More
Today we sit down with Andrew and Shawn Johnson East. You might know them as the internet's favorite couple. Whether they're long snapping footballs, or flipping on the floor in the olympics, they seem to be charging through life no matter what is thrown at them. We discuss their incredible "how they met" story, courtship, miscarriage, baby, dog, bags, candy, and more! Sit back, relax, laugh, be inspired and enjoy! Thanks to our sponsor, Mucus clear! Get 15% off and free shipping by using the code EJ15 at check out at for 10% off your purchase!
April 8, 2020
DBEJCK Quarantine Vacay Podcast! (With Bryan, Missy, Cullen, and Katie)
We bring the vacation to YOU! Well, not really. We're not on vacation, but this is what it felt like almost every evening when we were all on vacation together! Come join us as we talk about binging shows like Tiger King, COVID-19, conspiracy theories, and more! Check out Bryan and Missy - Check out Cullen and Katie - Thanks to our sponsor, Mucus clear! Get 15% off and free shipping by using the code EJ15 at check out at
April 1, 2020
Coronavirus and Food - How We're Dealing With It Right Now...
Things have escalated quickly with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and we wanted to give you a little insight into the timeline we've had from first knowing of the virus to where we are now. We want to talk about our food storage and how we've built it to where it is now and give you some advice on how to start building yours right now. Get the Griffiths Cookbook Digitally - Check out our blog about Food Storage - Thanks to our sponsors -  Magic Spoon - Get free shipping with a Variety Pack - Better Help - Get 10% off your first month of Better Help by going to
March 25, 2020
Our Kid's Personalities VS Their Zodiac Signs! (SURPRISING!)
Let's get our minds off of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) for a little while and laugh for a minute. Today, we research what our kid's zodiac signs are, what the associated personalities, likes, and dislikes are, and then compare them to our kids. Are the spot on? Are they way off? Let's find out! Bonus round, Ellie and I compare ourselves to our zodiac signs too! Sit back, relax, enjoy an hour of stress free chatting with us! - Ellie and Jared Get 10% off your first month of Better Help by going to
March 18, 2020
The Night I Almost Died (with Special Guest)
Thinking you aren't going to make it through the night is a very scary thing, but it happens. Today, we invite a special guest to talk about our experiences thinking that we might not make it to the next morning and the issues that our hearts are having. In addition, our special guest (Craig Mecham, my Dad) talks about his work in Utah and what he enjoys doing now that they have moved! for 10% off your purchase! Thanks for listening, Ellie and Jared
March 11, 2020
You Won't BELIEVE What Ellie Has Planned...
Today we discuss our goals and where we are currently standing with them. We provide some insight on what makes a good goal and why that can be different for some people. Ellie decides to do something that will change our family dynamic and that I did NOT see coming. Big surprise for us. Thanks for listening,  Ellie and Jared for 15% off your first purchase For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to and enter code ELLIEANDJARED50
March 4, 2020
Sexual Safety - I Can't Believe Jackson Asked This! - Part 2
Today we continue to talk about sexual safety with kids and specifically about a conversation that Jackson had with Ellie. We feel like this intense conversation could not have happened unless we did the things which we talked about in Part 1.  We know that each parenting style and kid is different so these ideas may not apply in every situation. We encourage you to do what you feel is best for your kids. That being said, we feel like it's something we need to do. We know our kids will be experiencing this at some point in time, they might as well learn to be safe and prepared from their parents in a controlled environment. for 10% off your purchase! Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp by going to Thanks for listening, Ellie and Jared
February 26, 2020
Sexual Safety - Preparing Kids (Part 1)
Today we talk about sexual safety with kids and what we're doing to help prepare them for issues that they may run into. We discuss this based on past experiences we've had and based on the social media lifestyle we live. We know that each parenting style and kid is different so these ideas may not apply in every situation. That being said, we feel like it's something we need to do. We know our kids will be experiencing this at some point in time, they might as well learn to be safe and prepared from their parents in a controlled environment. Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp by going to Thanks for listening, Ellie and Jared
February 19, 2020
We all have a few little things in our lives that drive us absolutely crazy!! Ellie and I discuss what pet peeves we have and even more specifically, what pet peeves about each other bother us! I'll bet you never knew this about me! Did you know Ellie did this ALL THE TIME? What are your pet peeves? We'd love to know! for 10% off your purchase! Thanks for listening, Ellie and Jared
February 12, 2020
Ellie and Jared Say Goodbye - Part 2 - Regrets and Things You Didn't See.
Today we want to discuss our flashback that we included in our video of us announcing we are leaving YouTube after 7 years.  We want to talk about some regrets we experienced, things that you didn't see in the vlogs, and even the TEA. Get your cups ready because because this is a long one! Follow along the video as we discuss it in the podcast! Link below! If you haven't already seen the announcement video and flashback, you can see it here: We know this is difficult for many of you, and we understand. Let's talk about it in greater detail in today's podcast.  Thanks for being with us. -E&J
January 22, 2020
Ellie and Jared Say Goodbye - Part 1
Ellie and Jared Say Goodbye ... Or do they?  Today we want to discuss with you our thoughts and emotions behind this big decision of leaving YouTube after 7 years.  We want to talk about the different emotions that we experienced, and why they were indeed different reactions. If you haven't already seen the announcement video and flashback, you can see it here: We know this is difficult for many of you, and we understand. Let's talk about it in greater detail in today's podcast.  Stay tuned for the next podcast where we breakdown the Flashback video and discuss the "tea", BTS, and unknown items from some of the clips. Thanks for being with us. -E&J
January 15, 2020
How Many Kids Is Harder? 2? 3? More?
Today we ask the question "Is going from 1 kid to 2 kids harder than going from 2 kids to 3 kids?" We explore the difficulty of our kids and why our answer might be different than you would expect!
January 8, 2020
Recurring Dreams We Have And What They Mean
Do you ever have the same dream over and over again? Why does that happen? Today, Ellie and I talk about the recurring dreams we have and we look up some of the meanings behind them.  What dreams do you have? Send us a voice memo on Anchor! Tell us your dreams and pet peeves!
December 18, 2019
You need to know about this about YouTube, The FTC, and COPPA - Featuring J-House Vlogs
December 9th is a big day for YouTube, Creators, the FTC, and COPPA. We sit down with Jeremy of J-house vlogs who gives us a run down on what is happening to YouTube and family friendly creators. Please listen to the entire episode as we answer a lot of questions that creators have been asking. Big thanks to Jeremy, check him out here - IMPORTANT LINKS Sign our Petition: COPPA: everything you need to know Write a comment to the FTC: Suggested Talking Points for Viewers: Suggested Talking Points for Creators: See comments written by others: Playlist of videos I'm in talking about COPPA: Mixed Audience Exception in more detail:
December 9, 2019
Taking The Leap With Sara Dietschy
Today we get to sit down with the incredible creator Sara Dietschy! We discuss some of the big life changes she's made and how that has put her in a position to be living where she wants doing exactly what she wants. Life doesn't always go exactly how we see as we grow up and that's okay. Sara explains that opportunities can happen and it can turn out better than we expect. Check out Sara here!
October 30, 2019
The End Of YouTube... For Family Vloggers
In Today's Podcast, Ellie and Jared discuss some of the many changes that are coming to YouTube within the next couple of months. They dive into how it may impact their YouTube channel and other family channels. These changes could impact a huge industry and a lot of changes will come as a result. You may see people essentially "lose their job" and production companies close.  We give our thoughts and opinions on this and talk about the future of Ellie + Jared on YouTube.
October 24, 2019
More Kids = More Problems? - Featuring The Dashley's
Today we have on our special guests, Dallan and Ashley from The Dashley's! Today, we talk about how the four of us met and how Dallan and Ashley met and fell in love! Also, we talk about dating troubles... From there, we talk about kids. How many is too many? Do more kids equal more problems? What about the effects pregnancy has on women and their bodies? Their mental health too? All of this and more is discussed on today's podcast! Be sure to check out The Dashley's here!
October 17, 2019
The One Thing That Changed Our Lives Forever.
In today's episode, we discuss things that we've bought that has had a positive impact on our lives. Jared and Ellie each have something that has dramatically improved their lives and we want to know what yours is! It could be something as simple as socks, or something as extravagant as IVF. We also discuss the future of the podcast and what we have planned! Stay tuned and be sure to give a good rating and review! Thanks! Ellie and Jared
October 9, 2019
Life On YouTube With Daily Bumps (Bryan And Missy) and Carl and Jinger
Today we sit down with Bryan and Missy of Daily bumps and Carl and Jinger of... well, Carl and Jinger! 😂 We talk about the various aspects of living our life on YouTube, the changes that we've each made, the content that we make, and more.  Then we dive deep into our past about how we might have found a path on social media and how it affects our life.  We talk with Bryan about his past life and how he's made changes so his kids don't live the same way he did. We talk with Carl and Jinger about a secret project that they've been working on. I hope you are just as inspired to do what you love as you listen, as we did while we chatted. Thanks for listening!
April 11, 2019
Mindy McKnight of CuteGirlsHairstyles - Viral Parenting
Today we are joined by the incredible Mindy McKnight of CuteGirlsHairstyles! As of just recording this podcast, they have celebrated 10 years on YouTube and the #1 hairstyling channel on YouTube (certainly least in our hearts!) Today, we talk about the journey of starting their YouTube channel, expanding to multiple channels with their family, creating new products, and Mindy's new book - Viral Parenting. We discuss the importance of parenting digitally as well as analog parenting and how it's a new environment than what we might be use to. You can pre-order Mindy's book here: And it is available EVERYWHERE on April 2nd. Follow Mindy: Be sure to give us a good rating and review and follow us below!
March 20, 2019
How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy... Well, It Worked For Me.
Today, Ellie and Jared sit down and give you a BIG SECRET. And based on the title - It's not what you think.  We're going somewhere so fun and we can't wait! In more related news, Jared discusses the reason behind losing 20+lbs in less than 2 months. It's all because of intermittent fasting. Jared got his information and tips from We're not doctors. This is just us talking, please consult a physician before doing anything related to the matters in the podcast. Ellie and Jared are not held liable for any action you take based on this podcast. 😬 I felt weird typing that, but we gotta protect ourselves. haha! There's a lot of ways to lose weight and become healthier. Jared outlines the few ways he did it and how he did it quickly. What are your helpful hints? Let us know! #ellieandjaredpodcast
March 6, 2019
YOUTUBE Makes A HUGE Change. Will It Ruin Everything? - WHY? Let's Explain
Today, Ellie and Jared discuss their experience with their previous and current YouTube schedule. Why they made the changes and how it has impacted them. In addition to that, Ellie and Jared discuss the recent changes to YouTube and why their comments are currently disabled. You can read more about that directly from YouTube and their statement here: We love the community and know this is temporary - we want to do what we can to help maintain a positive and uplifting environment in all of our social platforms. We're not perfect, but we're doing our best! Thank you for listening. Please rate and review the podcast! Thanks!
February 26, 2019
Why Did We Buy Property? With Bonnie And Joel
Today, we sit down with Bonnie and Joel and discuss some dreams and ideas that we have with the new property that we bought.  We also answer some of your questions about it! But first, we look into how we can become ministers and marry people.
January 31, 2019
How To Spend Your Holiday Time With Family
Today Ellie and Jared talk about their history of the holidays. How often they spend time with their family during the holidays and how they make time for themselves while maintaining peace throughout the families. They also talk about their traditions old and new.
December 19, 2018
Let's Talk About HORMONES!
Today we have the opportunity to sit down with Ellie's hormone doctor and ask a lot of questions about his story of coming into the hormone therapy world, but we also get to ask questions that you submitted! Take his Hormone therapy quiz - Check out Don't Tell Mom for our guest appearance on their podcast!
December 11, 2018
Richie Norton - Dealing With Tragedy, Loss, and Creating Time In Life
In today's episode with talk with Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Advisor, and overall Happy Guy, Richie Norton. We talk about his book "The Power Of Starting Something Stupid" and how it impacted our life and how it can impact yours. We talk about the inspiration for the book including some unexpected tragedy that happened in Richie's life and the lessons he learned from it. If you're experiencing any loss or tragedy in your life, this podcast is for you. Please check out Richie Norton's website for all of his information -
October 2, 2018
The Hilarious Comedy of Studio C, Er... I Mean JK Studios!
Today we are privileged to hear from the original cast of Studio C who are now venturing off on their own under the name JK Studios! We sit down with the cast and chat about the history of Studio C, their most memorable and embarrassing moments, and what we can expect to see from JK Studios! To follow JK Studios click here! - Patreon - Instagram - Studio C - Click here to support this podcast -
September 26, 2018
My Parents Would NEVER Say That! | Generational Changes - Ellie and Jared
In today's episode we discussion some generational differences between our kids, us, our parents, and even our grandparents. So many thing can change over time, even how we talk. As we always say, there is more than one right way to raise kids. We've decided to be more open with our kids in certain subjects than our parents were, and even more so than their parents were with them.
September 18, 2018
Back To School! Did You Get In Trouble?! E+J School Stories
In today's episode we recap Jackson and Calvin going to school together for the very first time. What the differences between them seem to be so far and our experiences in school. Did Ellie or Jared get in trouble in school? Who got detention? Tweet us at #ellieandjaredpodcast to tell us your school stories or ask us questions! Check out the pre-orders for the cookbook!
September 11, 2018
THE D WORD - Discipline...
On this episode, Ellie and Jared debut the new listener support feature from Anchor where you can support your favorite podcast in $.99, $4.99, or $9.99 increments monthly. We talk about the launch of the Cook Book we've been working on for over a year. You can pre-order the book at while supplies last! We then get into discipline. We talk about how we as kids were disciplined and how we've brought some traits from growing up into how we discipline our kids today and also some goals we have for our parenting and discipline. We then answer some listener questions.
August 15, 2018
Our Parenting Philosophy
In this episode, Ellie and Jared are asked a question about their parenting philosophy and whether they are Gardeners or Carpenters. They are two very different ways of parenting and we talk about how we were raised and how we tackle parenting with our kids today.
July 30, 2018
How We Met And Fell In Love
In today's podcast we introduce our new musical intro along with some important business items. From there, we talk about how we met each other 10 years ago and over the course of a year, fell in love, got engaged, and got married. We also talk about one of the most important parts of our marriage.
July 23, 2018
Birth Story - 001
In today's episode (Our very first Podcast), we talk about the emotions we felt during the delivery of our 3rd baby. We talk about the happy moments, the things that brought us to tears, and some surprising stories we didn't show in the vlog.
July 13, 2018