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By Ellis Maxwell
Ellis Maxwell, was featured on Now he brings real police stories from retired, former, and current officers. Discussing in detail incidents they’ve been involved in and the impact it had on the officer, their families, and or career. This may be explicit and emotional. Visit to learn more about Ellis. Brace your self for raw real-life events, from officer involved shootings to murders and more discussions regarding the Susan Powell case.
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#5 - ICAC Travelers
#5 - A variety of discussions with my friend and former cop, Eric. With a focus on his assignment as an agent for the internet crimes against children task force.
June 16, 2019
# 4 - The Heartbreak of Children
 10-88 Nation! #4 is published! Visit my blog at for additional information & links to my social media. Please share, repost, and retweet!! Cheers & Thank-you!  
April 1, 2019
#3 Friends Investigating Friends
10-88 Nation! #3 is here! A former cop, a close longtime friend of over 20 years! And, the one who shared this whole podcast concept with me nearly two-years ago. We’ll be discussing a shooting he was involved in, in 2008. Visit my blog at for additional information, links to my social media. Please share, repost, and retweet!! Cheers & Thank-you! 
March 11, 2019
Ep 2 - The one who inspired
This week our guest is anonymous as well as his agency. Please respect this if you recognize him. He served 26 years for a municipal police agency in Northern Utah. More importantly, he’s been retired for 26 years, this year! We’ll be discussing a shooting that he was involved in, in the late 1970’s. Hope you enjoy! Thank-you for listening and sharing my links. You can always follow me on social media, visit to learn more about the backstory on this guest.  
March 4, 2019
10-88 Intro
This is the first episode. Basically I’m going to share with you what the purpose and content of this podcast will be. I’ll be sharing with you my background and what led to 10-88. I’m super excited and I can’t wait until next week or two weeks to bring on a guest and really kick this off!! Be safe and enjoy 🤙🏼
February 25, 2019