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Change It

Change It

By Eloise Seidelin
‘The pace of change will never be this slow again’
Whether we like it or not Change is happening. It’s how we respond to Change that defines us. Join me for the ultimate insight into how professionals highly qualified in Change embrace it, tackle it and succeed in the face of it.
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You thought you knew Prosci! Revealing everything you don't know about Prosci ft Tim Creasey
In Episode 3 of this 4 Part Masterclass Series Tim reveals what you don’t know about Prosci! Beyond the 3 day course- Tim also defines Change Management, talks Change sponsorship and provides heaps of resources that prosci have been working on! Linkd: Prosci home page -- What is Change Management? -- Prosci Training Programs -- Integrating Agile and Change Management Training Program -- Change Management Resources -- Change Practitioner Competency Model Webinar -- At the Intersection of Agile and Change Management Webinar -- Return to the Workplace: Insights from Strategic Change Leaders -- Virtualize Change Management Premium Webinar -- Tim's LinkedIn --
February 08, 2022
Agile Change- Aligning ADKAR to Agile ft Tim Creasey
In Episode 2 of this 4 Part Masterclass Series Tim talks Agile Change, Change in Agile, aligning ADKAR to Change, the Prosci Agile Methodology. Where Agile works and where it doesn’t. ‘Wagile’ and when it’s best. Tim Creasey, an author, researcher, and change expert, Tim focuses on the people side of change with process, wit, and vigour. Tim’s work forms the foundation of the world’s largest body of knowledge on change management. His role as Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci gives him unparalleled insight into change management challenges, trends, and futures. Tim provides deep insight into adapting and Adjusting Change Management in an Agile Project and Aligning Change Management with the Pace of Agile Initiatives. Links: At the Intersection of Agile and Change Management webinar replay - Adapting and Adjusting Change Management in an Agile Project - Aligning Change Management with the Pace of Agile Initiatives short video - - Integrating Agile and Change Management Workshop – Prosci home page -- You can connect with Tim here: I’d love to know what you thought of this episode- jump over to: and tell me what you learnt!
December 21, 2021
Change Ecosystems- how to stay ahead in Change Ep 1 with Tim Creasey
To kick off this first Episode in the Change Masterclass Series with Tim Creasey we are discussing The Ecosystem of Change - how to get the most out of your Change Program by working holistically. Tim reveals how to become a ‘Multilingual’ Change Leader to stay ahead in Change. Tim Creasey, an author, researcher, and change expert, Tim focuses on the people side of change with process, wit, and vigour. Tim’s work forms the foundation of the world’s largest body of knowledge on change management. His role as Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci gives him unparalleled insight into change management challenges, trends, and futures. Tim talks us through: Change Enabling Systems and Multilingual Change Leaders webinar - - Harnessing the Power of Change-Enabling Systems - What is a Change Ecosystem? short video - Advisory services- Change Management Integration Workshop Today’s episode is Episode 1 of 4 in this series. If you want to listen to this entire series to take all of the Change Masterclasses then make sure you SUBSCRIBE so as not to miss an episode. You can connect with Tim here: I’d love to know what you thought of this episode- jump over to: and tell me what you learnt!
November 29, 2021
Organisational Design- what your toolkit needs to master it
In Episode 13, Organisational Design Expert, Vice President of Org Vue, Sebastien Berlioz teaches us what we need to know to drive Organisational Design well. Seb shares his observations of where set build an ‘Org Design Muscle’ (and what this is!). Seb’s expertise and passion in the space allow him to provide tactical takeaways to add to your toolkit. This episode is a punchy ‘lunch and learn’ or ‘walk and wise up’. You’ll find yourself coming away with tools that you want to apply!
November 14, 2021
Being the leader of your career with Michelle Gibbings
In Episode 12, Workplace Expert Michelle Gibbings shares her journey through a successful corporate Career in Change into launching her own business. She shares: -Curiosity and learning opening doors -What makes you competitive in your career -Corporate- how to succeed in tough environments and thrive -Bad Boss- how to assess your leader and hold yourself accountable -Hybrid working- what she’s seeing and where we need to go -Shifting and transforming identities- from solo contributor to Author. An episode to reignite your inspiration and encourage you to just start…
July 25, 2021
Changing thoughts to enable transformation with Jamil Qureshi
In Episode 11 I am joined by Jamil Qureshi. Jamil is a globally-recognised expert on the psychology of peak performance. He has been recognised as one of the most influential figures in British Sport. Jamil has helped six people to number one in the world. He was the first ever psychologist to work with the European Ryder Cup team, he's worked with 3 English Premier League Football clubs, coached 22 golfers inside the Top 50 and he's worked with well known the Formula 1 drivers! Jamil is CHANGING THE GAME. He's awesome at applying his insights from peak performance in sport into a fresh perspective on business. I am VERY excited to share this one with you, whether you work in Change & Transformation or want to fine tune your performance- this one is filled with savvy takeaways.
July 04, 2021
The 5 different types of Change with Catia Davim
In this episode Founder of The Social Good Summit and Partner of KPMG, Catia Davim talks about the 5 different types of Change and why we need to be diagnosing them in order to successfully deploy and embed them. Catia reveals; -The one mistake all Tech implementations make -The number 1 skill of the future -The top trends in Change -Why Change is important -The Social Good Summit and how to sign up Links;
June 06, 2021
How to Hybrid with Jody Weir
In Episode 9, I am joined by the dynamic and infectious Jody Weir. Jody’s a specialist in new ways of working- from agile, design thinking, lean and most recently Hybrid. Jody talks to me about the current best practice Hybrid ways of working, sharing tools, facilitation techniques and mistakes that are costing companies talent and time. Jody provides her 6 top tips in how to hybrid. We also discuss; -camera on or camera off? -how to prepare to facilitate virtually -tools that are free and increase engagement -how to call out the passenger and make them a participant without being confrontational -thought leadership in this space Links;
May 30, 2021
5 Things you need to do to successfully transition into the Future of Work with Dr Temre Green.
In Episode 8, I'm speaking with Dr Temre Green in a really open conversation about change - from her personal change journey through to her work in supporting businesses to transition into the future of work. In this candid chat, we discuss leadership, work life balance, as well as designing and living in new ways of working.  One of Temre's highly visible roles was leading a large Change team in the corporate space responsible for an annual $150 million investment, and she still beams with pride when she recalls her team and what they achieved each year. In her time in the corporate world, Temre designed, planned and led transformation programs that were driven by a range of factors, such as innovation, growth, compliance, regulations, restructures and economic downturns.  Temre was recognised as a leader with many accolades, including the annual Women of Influence and Business Bank Fellow. Temre departed her corporate role just as Covid-19 made its global impact, which meant new challenges and opportunities for her. Temre is now the Head of Consulting at Human Performance Technology by DTS, a consultancy that specialises in the future of work, organisational development and psychometric testing.
May 23, 2021
How to create a Single View of Change with Euan Wu
In Episode 7 I speak with Entrepreneur: Euan Wu- founder of The Change Compass. The tool that digitally maps out change to assist with the creation of a Single view of change across portfolios. Euan and I talk about: -his journey from Head of Change at NAB into launching his product and being a full time entrepreneur -his top tips on creating a Single View of Change -Why the traffic light system is no longer fit for purpose -The struggles of entrepreneurship and the innovations to the tool that he’s got planned Thanks for your awesome insights Euan. This one is for leaders, change practitioners and transformation professionals all to gain insights into the highly topical, much discussed: Single View of Change. #podcast #changeit #episodeLaunch #episode7 #change #Transformation
May 10, 2021
Where to start when looking to build Organisational Change Capability. With Louise Carmichael.
In Episode 6 Louise Carmichael, Change Director of Agile at Aware Super talks to me about; building capability in Change and how embedding agile mindsets and skill sets across Organisations can help you innovate. Louise has over 15 years of experience in Change and Transformation and speaks candidly about; -Single View of Change -Data being fundamentally important in prescribing change -Using Metrics to demonstrate the value of Change Louise has been pivotal in creating a culture of safety, trust and innovation in Aware. In this episode she talks openly to me about how she’s up skilled leaders in change, the opportunities that come from Merging and acquiring companies and why agile helps with every agenda in every discipline of the organisation.
April 15, 2021
Why Change will play a key role in the fourth industrial revolution and why. With Michael Priddis
Episode 5 is with the all inspiring Michael Priddis CEO of Faethm ai, who teaches me what artificial intelligence is, sharing what should excite us about Workforce of the future and highlighting the pivotal role that Change will play in this agenda. Michael highlights what to be thinking about if you’re a leader or Transformation professional. He reveals why Change is at the heart of this and undoes the negative connotation surround the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
March 30, 2021
What is Organisational Design and why do I need to know about it? With Jan Bowe
In this episode, Leader in Organisational Design consulting Jan Bowe talks us through what Org design is and why it’s going to be more and more prevalent in Workforce of the future agendas. You will learn from Jan : -what is required to do Org design - where to acquire skills in Org Design -common pitfalls & misconceptions -how long you need to set aside for a program of this nature A MUST listen to anyone wondering about the Organisational Design space- whether you’re looking to build it into your skill set or embark on a program in your company- this will set you up with some serious learnings to embed.
March 15, 2021
How to embrace Agile Change fearlessly and succeed with Alyssa Tai
In episode 3, I’m joined by a super switched on woman and inspiring leader in Agile Change. Alyssa excels in the uncomfortable ambiguous spaces because she’s trained herself and those around her to feel safe in experimenting. In this episode Alyssa talks about how we can get comfortable with trying (and failing) which ultimately unlocks our potential to achieve more. She not only talks about what agile change is and how you can deliver in agile but also what to avoid. This episode was such an intimate and thought provoking conversation- Alyssa shares her experiences of being a female leader in technology and her advice on how to build your companies culture to unleash innovation. A must listen to anyone who is looking to embrace agility.
February 28, 2021
The 3 things you need in your toolkit to manage Change with Caroline Perkins
In Episode 2, I am honoured to be joined by Caroline Perkins- Head of Change. Caroline comes with over 20 years if experience in Change and transformation across iconic brands. Caroline speaks candidly about how to overcome resistance to change, what every toolkit must have and what question she asks in Change interviews. Also covers: What skills you need to ensure you remain relevant and employable in Change How agile change gives you a competitive advantage What demands are coming post COVID and in workforce of the future. Caroline Perkins:
February 21, 2021
How to sell the value of Change with Jennifer Zuber
My guest this week is an inspiring woman and incredible Transformation professional, Jennifer Zuber. Jenn has driven some of the largest programs in Change through to successful embedment- helping employees transition workforces, adopt new technologies and change fundamental operating processes. Jenn has a company called Axiology where she provides Human Centred Change consulting to Clients across industry on their big change problems. This covers: - The Change impact assessment - How to sell Change - Books and Podcasts to review - How to deal with ambiguity - How to manage change across a portfolio Jenn:
February 12, 2021