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Law Beyond Borders

Law Beyond Borders

By ELSA Tilburg
ELSA Tilburg is a local group of the European Law Student Association. Our purpose is to contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers under the slogan:

"A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity"

With this Podcast we want to spread knowledge and thematize current, interesting legal topics and issues from all around the globe. We hope you enjoy it!

*DISCLAIMER: The opinions voiced in this podcast do not reflect ELSA’s view but are solely the speakers personal views.*
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Brexit And Nationalism In Europe

Law Beyond Borders

Brexit And Nationalism In Europe
“Our true nationality is mankind.” ― H.G. Wells We recorded another Podcast episode! This time we have guests from all over Europe. We had an interesting discussion about Brexit, nationalism in Europe and their causes . Listen for yourself and let us know what you think! 
April 6, 2021
Artificial Intelligence systems - A source of discrimination and inequality?
Our world is increasingly technologized. This has impacts on every aspect of life and does not stop when it comes to law. But have you ever thought about the risks and dangers which come with computers taking decisions for humans? What happens when this leads to discrimination?  Aviva de Groot is a legal researcher at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT)  working on issues of justice in the domain of human rights and technologies. She will be explaining how Artificial Intelligence systems can lead to discrimination and what can be done against that.
November 22, 2020