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Neurocise - Eye Movement Emergence - NLP - Hypnosis

Neurocise - Eye Movement Emergence - NLP - Hypnosis

By Elvis Lester
Elvis provides cutting-edge education, training and coaching using Neurocise®, Eye Movement Emergence™, NLP and Hypnosis (and much more). By actively listening you will learn amazing skills that help you easily transform yourself and effectively evolve your beautiful life.
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The Power of Association - PsyPerformance™ & Neurocise®
Be my guest & listen to the "The Power of Association - PsyPerformance™ & Neurocise®. Here I discuss "association & your way of being in the world” for Optimum Performance.
July 29, 2021
Identity-Engineering and iVIBES Modeling
How you can relate to the roles you do play out in your life - with more power, pleasure & appreciation in the way that you do relate & determine by design with intention what you will do to transform your way of being & doing. 
July 28, 2021
You are the "Human-Engineer"!
Identity-Engineering & your talent of deciding & designing the very sequence & structure of your experience. Take a trance & learn more about how you are the creator & the generator of your experience.
July 13, 2021
The Power of Presupposition
The Silent Assumptions & Distortions we live by! What Lies Before, Beneath & Within. Utilizing & Working with Presuppositions as a System
July 13, 2021
iVIBES™ Modeling with Elvis Lester - Neurocise® Studios
Identity - Values (& Vision) - Intention - Belief - Expectation - State/Strategy/Story™ How to recognize & read the Structure of Excellence & Engage +VIBES!
June 29, 2021