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Embracing Your Journey - Carol Davis

Embracing Your Journey - Carol Davis

By Carol A Davis
My goal in having “Embrace Your Journey” is to help others find their voice. I am a firm believer in morning pages, their therapeutic value and capturing your life story through photography and writing. At any point, you can change your story, create your own life and write a happy ending. Journaling gives you a point of reflection and solitude in your own thoughts.
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UNLEARNING all the things that may be holding you back.
We are taught things our entire life... Are they the things that we want to keep in our life or is it time to UNLEARN things? Bonus: Fifteen-minute sound byte of the chimes on Carol's porch where she sits and journals in the morning. Click here for the download:
January 10, 2022
5 Secrets to improving your mindset and creating a successful 2022
Join me as I go over 5 ways to improve your mindset in 2022. I even give you a bonus at the end. Peace and Love, Carol
January 07, 2022
Girls Club - Discussion about Goal Setting, Word of the Year
In January 2021, a group of teenage girls I facilitate was able to get back together again via zoom. Normally we meet at the local high school once a week... With the school continuing to be on a virtual learning platform we weren't able to do that. This recording was pulled from our zoom call. There is a lot of good interaction and information here, so I wanted to be able to share it. Some things never go out of style. And yes, I do have permission from them to share with you all. Peace and Love, Carol
January 07, 2022
Are you going through the right doors in your life?
Are you going through the right doors in your life, or are you caught up in where you think you should be?
June 25, 2021
Who are the Influencers in YOUR Life?
In this episode of Embrace Your Journey, we go over who are the Influencers in YOUR Life? We cover the acronym "WIND," as in the wind beneath your wings... The Wingman, The Influencers, The No Matter Whats and the Difference Makers. We will also touch on those who can have a negative influence in your life and how to handle it. Join me to see who is having both a positive and negative input in your life. :-) 
August 16, 2020
Deadline 2020 - Reboot for the rest of the year
It's up to you to pause and pivot wherever you are, right here, right now !! Reboot for the rest of the year. Listen to 20 things to meet your immediate goals for the rest of the year. Ready, Set - GO !!
August 09, 2020
Getting over the FFT and a comfortable chat with Muriel Dollins
This is the FFT for Embrace Your Journey's podcast. My guest, is Muriel Dollins and we go over all kinds of fun subjects. Recorded during the last week in May, the FFT fell into place again and I am finally releasing it! I hope you Enjoy!
August 08, 2020