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Embracing Brokenness Ministries

Embracing Brokenness Ministries

By Steve & Colleen Adams
Welcome to the Embracing Brokenness Podcast. Our focus is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. To live authentically and without pretense. To encourage others toward a greater understanding of who they are and who God is. To teach the blessed HOPE that the Bible calls the “Anchor of the Soul”. That is Jesus Christ and His healing presence – not only available in this life – but in eternity to come.
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65. Identity Matters #4 | The Fall of Man

Embracing Brokenness Ministries

72. Dying to Self
For many of us, the notion of dying to self is a foreign one. What does that even mean? Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Luke quoting Jesus said, "And he said to all, 'If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.'" The idea of denying our own self interests is at the core of our Christian belief system. It starts with a posture of humility and understanding that our life is not our own as Christ followers. In today's Podcast Joe D'Orsie and Steve Adams go deeper into that conversation.
September 26, 2022
71. Lies We Believe About God
In today's Podcast, we examine the sometimes devastating fact that we believe lies about God. When lies are adopted as truth the consequences show up in dysfunctional behaviors and in ways that lead to confusion and mistrust. God is not a God of confusion. He's a God of Love not fear. We are created in His image and with His attributes. Those attributes have become distorted by sin and an enemy that would have us believe lies about God, ourselves, and others in an effort to isolate us from the truth of who God says we are. It's part of a master plan of deceit to keep us from pursuing an intimate relationship with our Creator and Savior.
September 12, 2022
70. The Four Sides of Temptation
Being tempted is not a sin. Being tested can be challenging. How we respond to temptations and testing defines us. We must understand that we were not made for this world. We were made to exist in perfect harmony with Him. That is the only way toward wholeness and freedom in Christ. We have an enemy bent on taking us out. We must not be complacent about that fact. Don’t let the enemy win. Don’t let the enemy sideline you from your calling and purpose, even when that liar would have you believe differently. Don't listen to or live in the false belief that your life doesn’t matter and you might as well just quit. Pack it in for a better way of life. That better way doesn’t exist apart from God. In today's podcast, Steve shares a recent experience targeting him for a takedown.
August 29, 2022
69. Wealth | A Blessing or A Curse?
Garnering and harboring excessive wealth is something that has been nibbling at my conscience for a while. I can’t escape the gnawing feeling. The unfathomable amount of money resident not only in this country but around the world and the huge disparaging gap between those with and those without is striking. God has a lot to say about finances in his Word. In fact, money and possessions are the second most referenced topic in the Bible – money is mentioned more than 800 times. How we treat the poor, how we manage our finances, and our accountability in doing so in this life is paramount. Over the years I have come across a number of very rich Christians. Some of them are among the godliest and most committed believers I have known. Their riches are not necessarily a sign of God’s blessing – but neither are they something bad. The key thing is how you see your money, and what you do with it. In today's podcast, we take a deeper look at wealth and how God views it.
August 15, 2022
68. Identity Matters #7 | Safe People & Safe Community
In this final podcast episode on Identity Matters, we focus on safe people. We all desire to have close relationships with people we trust. People we know that are willing to battle it out in life by our side and have our backs. What would you consider to be attributes of safe people? We'll explore this topic in detail and more as we wrap up this series of teaching on the all-important subject of Identity in Christ.
August 01, 2022
67. Identity Matters #6 | Intimacy with God
In this podcast, we cover the topic of intimacy with God through hearing His voice. What might that look like for you?  Is it through scripture, others, that still small voice inside you namely the Holy Spirit? Does God speak to you through circumstances or unique moments in time? It's a topic not often discussed in church but one of the most critical parts of our spiritual journey toward wholeness in Christ.
July 18, 2022
66. Identity Matters #5 | Consequences of the Fall
Every day we experience brokenness in the form of consequences as a result of what is often called, original sin. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil all hell broke loose. Literally. Satan got exactly what he wanted.  Here's the good news. God always wins. He's the Creator of all and knows all. He wired each of our brains to heal from wounds that have been inflicted upon us. Yet, we still suffer the losses from being separated from God.  In today's podcast, we take a brief look at what the cost looks like in each of our lives. 
July 04, 2022
65. Identity Matters #4 | The Fall of Man
In case you weren't aware of it, a war broke out in Heaven on the heels of creation. When Lucifer rebelled and took 1/3 of the angels with him he landed on planet earth. Unfortunately, we then became the target of his evil ways and have been dealing with the consequences ever since. In this podcast, Steve talks about the impact that Satan has on our identity as he reviews the sequence of events that led to the fall of man. Thankfully God provided a way back to Him through the saving grace of His son Jesus Christ.
June 20, 2022
64. Identity Matters #3 | Who is Man & Woman?
When it comes to matters of identity it's vitally important that we understand who we are. Not just how we view ourselves but more importantly how God sees us. After all, He did create us in His image and likeness - with traits and characteristics that model His goodness. All was distorted when we decide we wanted to be like God. But restoration is coming.  In this episode, we go deeper into what Genesis 1 and 2 say about us and our God-given identity. 
June 06, 2022
63. Identity Matters #2 | Who is God?
In our second of a multi-podcast series on Identity, we examine how critically important it is to understand who God is and why what we believe about Him really does matter. Much of our impressions of who He is and how He sees us are formed at a very young age. How that translates into our day-to-day lives forms our ability to grow in our faith and in the knowledge of what a loving relationship with God should be. 
May 23, 2022
62. Identity Matters #1 | The Premise
Identity Matters seem to be one of the hottest topics on the planet and has been for some time. At Embracing Brokenness Ministries we teach, speak, and write about this subject matter on a regular basis, and is at the heart of our ministry.  On this week's Podcast you're introduced to an 8-week curriculum that is presented in person and will be online at some point in the future. Our prayer is that you'll continue your own personal journey of discovery around the true self that God created in you as you sure up your Identity in Christ.
May 09, 2022
61. Special Guest | Former Voice of America & Author J.R. Woodgates
In today's Podcast, Steve had the privilege of speaking with J.R. Woodgates. The author of Daily Light on the Prisoner's Path, and former Voice of America on-air personality. J.R. graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in broadcast journalism. He enjoyed a long radio career, internationally for 27 years at the Voice of America, locally in Washington, DC for 13 years at WETA part-time. He was live on-air with VOA when the planes exploded into the Twin Towers, in PA, and the Pentagon on 9/11, and the world experienced the most horrific terror attack ever seen on U.S. soil. Now, as an advocate for restorative justice, it’s his goal for prisoners everywhere to learn about and experience the relief, restoration, and empowerment they can enjoy as repentant, forgiven, and blessed sons of God. Tune in and be blessed yourself by J.R.'s story of restoration. How God carried him through his own healing journey and the consequences he experienced that landed him in Federal Prison. God wins though, every time. To purchase J.R. Woodgates book, Daily Light on the Prisoners Path visit
April 25, 2022
60. The Journey of Brokenness, Surrender, & Healing
Choices have consequences. Some are more devastating than others. In today's podcast, Steve shares more about his own healing journey that started some 30 years ago with a 90-day stint in Federal Prison. A lifelong believer in Jesus was tempted by what the world had to offer and it landed him in a very precarious situation. But redemption awaited. He only needed to look up and lookout. This is the beginning of that story that would lead to a book currently awaiting publication, 90 Days on the Inside - Short-timers Journey of Brokenness, Surrender, & Healing. Read more here 
April 11, 2022
59. Consequences of Sin & Our Healing Journey
In today's podcast, we discuss the consequences of sin that so easily befell us. Steve begins and ends with Colleen presenting in between. They look at a different perspective on how behaviors in this life are linked to the decisions made by our ancestors, Adam and Eve. Wounds inflicted by others, and our own bad choices left us in a bit of a predicament. But God gave us a choice to return "back to the Garden", restored in Him. Please join us as we go deeper into our healing journey prescribed for all Believers by our Savior.
March 28, 2022
58. How Federal Prison Changed My Life - A Testimony of Faith
In our first video podcast on Spotify, recorded during a recent class Steve taught alongside Colleen, he shares his story in testimony to the grace that God poured into his life many years ago, continuing to do so every single day. We jump right in without an intro and outro to this episode. Please provide feedback on your experience with this podcast on video through Anchor and Spotify. If you're listening on other platforms you'll get the audio. This story is chronicled in an upcoming book that Steve authored entitled 90 Days on the Inside, A Short-Timers Journey of Brokenness, Surrender, & Healing God will do amazing things in a life yielded to Him. Our prayer is that you'll be blessed by hearing one man's story outlined in the context of this teaching in our class entitled Identity Matters.
March 14, 2022
57. Special Edition | Pray for Ukraine
World events and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are cause for all Christ-followers to pause and pray for those impacted by this crisis. From the people of Ukraine and Russia to the world leaders engaged in a resolution toward peace. Steve introduces us to a guided prayer from John Eldredge, as we together ask God to intervene in this horrific situation.
March 05, 2022
56. Ball of Confusion | Part 2
Chaos and a spirit of confusion reign among us all like we haven't seen for quite some time. Look at COVID. Look at Ukraine and the aggression being shown by Russia.  How do we interpret what's happening around us in a productive and meaningful way? As Believers in Jesus Christ, there is only one way to do so even though the enemy of God's people has other plans. In Part 2 of this 2 Part series, Steve and Colleen further their conversation about the importance of understanding our days and the appropriate response to the confusion that surrounds each of us in a world where the focus is on what's temporary, not eternal.
February 28, 2022
55. Ball of Confusion | Part 1
You may recall a song The Temptations made famous years ago entitled Ball of Confusion. It's not a stretch to equate that same title to conditions on the ground on this ball of dirt we call planet earth. Chaos and a spirit of confusion reign among us all like we haven't seen for quite some time. How do we interpret what's happening here in a productive and meaningful way? As Believers in Jesus Christ, there is only one way to do so even though the enemy of God's people has other plans. In this 2 part series, Steve and Colleen have a conversation about the importance of understanding our days and the appropriate response to the confusion that surrounds each of us in a world where the focus is on what's temporary, not eternal.
February 14, 2022
54. The Great Script Writer - The God of Love
How we view God has a tremendous impact on how we view ourselves and others. He certainly is the Great Script Writer. We see familiar scenes from our life stories in every good film. From the foundation of the world, He knew each of us. Unique in our gifting and eventual calling in this life.  Our beliefs are formed at a young age. If we would recognize God as a God of love our relationship with Him and others would be transformed forever. Steve shares a recent teaching he did on this subject - contrasting the worldview we get from infancy to the transforming realization that God Is Love.
January 31, 2022
53. When Setbacks Happen
Have you experienced a setback lately? Setbacks may be defined in various ways but the word itself conjures up negative thoughts. There's not a human being walking the planet that hasn't experienced some sort of setback. How should we respond? Can we grow through them and come out the other side a better person for it? We'll answer this and other questions in this podcast with a real-life example and a few from God's Word.
January 17, 2022
52. Remembering 2021 & Consecrating 2022
As our 2021 came to a close and we look forward to what's next in 2022 we have the opportunity to ponder what God has in store for our lives in this coming year. To vision with Him what might be ahead in our relationship with Him, our family, our vocation, and perhaps ministry. In this Podcast, Steve asks us to revisit the highlights of 2021 with gratitude and look ahead with anticipation consecrating 2022 to God. We'll go deeper into how God might speak to you throughout the year ahead.
January 03, 2022
51. Wrap it Up
As Christmas arrives and 2021 comes to a close what should be our posture and focus as we move forward, not only on the calendar but in our daily lives? Let's explore that question in more depth in this Podcast.
December 13, 2021
50. A Little Gratitude Please
This time of the year we think of Turkey and Thanksgiving, followed closely by Christmas and New Year.  A lot of celebrating, eating and time with family and friends. But.... it's not that way for everyone. Yet, we all have one thing we can do to help ourselves and others, extend gratitude. There is always something or someone to be thankful for, especially our Creator God. Tune into this podcast for a little encouragement and a couple of suggestions for a little gratitude.
November 29, 2021
49. Practicing His Presence
In today's Podcast, Steve delves deeper into the practice of being in God's presence. What does that look like for each of us? Like the mental preparedness of Navy Seals, we need the same discipline in our spiritual lives.  Entering the battle for our hearts and minds we must be equipped by developing a personal intimacy with our Creator God. The one that formed us and desires to know us and be known for His love for each of us. Let's explore that together today.
November 15, 2021
48. Unfinished We Are
Every Believer is a work in progress. Uniquely ordained to be in relationship with God and loving others as He commands. Our enemy seeks to sideline us in the journey. Don't let discouragement, driven by the wounds of your past, give him a foothold in your life. We are all unfinished works of art that God desires to complete before he returns or you stand in His presence. In this Podcast, Steve tells his story of redemption and reclamation chronicled in a new book to be released in 2022 - 90 Days on the Inside - highlighting what's available for every follower of Jesus Christ.
November 01, 2021
47. Don't Give Up On God
Our hearts have been assaulted during these last 18 months. The enemy is attempting to derail us from our calling and our own individual healing journeys.  In this episode, we talk about the danger of leaving God out of the equation and taking control of our own lives. 
October 04, 2021
46. A Tribute to My Hero of the Faith
In today's podcast, I offer up a tribute to a woman who was truly MY hero of the faith. She raised me to love God and love others. What more could a child ask for but to know Jesus at a young age and live a life dedicated to serving Him?  No one does is it perfectly but I prefer to honor this 100-year-old woman in a way that respects her legacy of love for all she knew - who finally got what she longed for. To be with Jesus in a healed up body without pain, suffering, or angst. No more walker, no more tears, no more uncertainty. Just being in the presence of God waiting for the rest of us. Thank you, Mom. See ya real soon.
August 23, 2021
45. The War For Our Minds
In this upside-down Kingdom that Jesus brought to earth, we have an enemy that seeks to kill and destroy each of us in an effort to derail our healing journey and purpose in life. We must realize we're in a war for our minds and bring truth to the lies that Satan is spreading about us. In today's podcast, we dig deeper into the victory that awaits in our pursuit of life in Christ.
August 09, 2021
44. Legacy & The Dash on Our Tombstone
That dash on our tombstone - you know, the one that represents the life we lived between our start date and our end date? What we do during that time has eternal implications. Mark Twain put it so aptly. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” The “why” has everything to do with the legacy we leave and the influence of our dash. In today's Podcast we delve deeper into the importance of our Legacy and how God orchestrates our purpose in life.
July 26, 2021
43. Hearing God
The question of how and if God speaks is a common one. Our relationship with Him is first and foremost in how that question gets answered. God does speak and we can hear His voice - in many different ways. On today's podcast, Steve explores the many facets of God's promptings and His communication with us, providing insight into how you too can experience intimacy with God in the way He was always intended.  Walking and talking with Him daily is possible. We simply need to develop a relationship with Him that allows us to do so.
July 12, 2021
42. Truth in a Confused Culture
Are we living in an alternate reality? Is truth and morality relative? The research is shocking for many of us. In today's podcast, we'll answer these and a few other questions regarding the current and confused culture we're living in. Absolute truth is God's truth. It exists in His inerrant Word - His scripture. How we interpret that may differ due to many influences. Many of those influences are attacking the core of our Christian belief system. What do we do about it, if anything?  Let's have that conversation as you listen in.
June 28, 2021
41. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
The pace of life has taken its toll on all of us. Nearly without exception. BUT, God walks “slowly” because he is love. If he is not love he would have gone much faster. Love has its speed. It is an inner speed. It is a spiritual speed. It is a different kind of speed from the technological speed to which we are accustomed. It is “slow” yet it is lord over all other speeds since it is the speed of love. There’s a reason people talk about “walking with God,” not “running with God.” It’s because God is love. Join Steve in this Podcast to delve deeper into this subject and the necessity of slowing our pace of life. Credit to John Mark Comer and his book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. Opening from
June 14, 2021
40. The Affects of Trauma in 2021
As we consider the impact of one of the most traumatic global experiences of our lifetime it's important to recognize the implications for each one of us. PTSD is a real thing. On some level, we all have experienced the stress around uncertainty during this pandemic and the fallout should not be taken lightly. The antidote to fear is love. God is love and He desires to meet each of us at this moment and heal the wounds and care for our souls.  Steve explores the truth behind it all and how God will re-interpret our trauma and heal our hearts.
May 31, 2021
39. Out of Lukewarmness Into the Light
The Bible talks about God's view of lukewarm believers. It's clear in Revelation what He thinks of that. We live in a divided nation. The enemy is looking to assault our hearts and therefore our commitment to faith in Christ. He's also intent on derailing our ability to share that faith with an unsaved world. Steve examines the challenge of living a different way. One totally sold out toward intimacy with God and our fellow man. Loving as Jesus showed us. Uncompromised by the conditions around us in a world gone mad. What's the solution? Listen in to this week's Podcast. 
May 17, 2021
38. Safe People - Safe Community - The Pathology of Trust
We all need people in relationships that are safe. Safe to talk with and converse about the most difficult issues that surround our daily lives. From there we can develop a safe community of several folks willing to walk alongside us helping in any way the Holy Spirit guides. People that we can trust to have our back without judgment are often hard to find. But God..... will do that for us. He'll guide us to those that He deems safe. In this Podcast, Colleen does a deep dive into the concept of Safe People and Safe Community in the context of developing trust with our fellow man.
May 03, 2021
37. Another Gospel? What is Progressive Christianity?
So what is progressive Christianity? It sounds like it could be a good thing. Making progress in our relationship with God perhaps. But progress is a neutral word. You can progress toward falling off a cliff or toward life, health, and healing. How we do that as believers is a critical decision. Many have strayed from the foundations of the faith. In today's Podcast Steve examines the truth of scripture and the danger in any other teaching that would deviate from that truth.
April 19, 2021
36. Passion Week
The most significant event in human history took place roughly 2,000 years ago yesterday. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  On this Podcast, Steve reviews the events leading up to this life-saving moment. 
April 05, 2021
35. The 10-Stop Transformational Journey Part 2
In this second of a two-part podcast, we delve deeper into our journey of wholeness through Christ. Colleen provides her take in explaining Barna's research in this 10-Stop Transformational process. Six years after beginning what he assumed would be a relatively typical research process that sought to better understand how God transforms people’s lives, researcher George Barna discovered that he had tackled a deeply challenging and amazingly revealing journey. The product of his effort was the ability to identify some of the developmental processes, experiences, and obstacles that are common across the lives of Americans of all backgrounds. He contends that while the details of people’s developmental stories differ, everyone is on a spiritual journey and there is sufficient similarity in those journeys that we can describe a normative life path – a map that can help people make greater progress if their goal is to become more Christ-like.
March 22, 2021
34. The 10-Stop Transformational Journey Part 1
In this two-part podcast, we explore the journey toward wholeness in Christ - toward the place of exhibiting a deeply profound love of God and others. It's a process highlighted by embracing our own brokenness and discovering a different path. Six years after beginning what he assumed would be a relatively typical research process that sought to better understand how God transforms people’s lives, researcher George Barna discovered that he had tackled a deeply challenging and amazingly revealing journey. The product of his effort was the ability to identify some of the developmental processes, experiences, and obstacles that are common across the lives of Americans of all backgrounds. He contends that while the details of people’s developmental stories differ, everyone is on a spiritual journey and there is sufficient similarity in those journeys that we can describe a normative life path – a map that can help people make greater progress if their goal is to become more Christ-like.
March 08, 2021
33. Consequences of the Fall - The Brain and Our Wounds
Thousands of years ago Adam and Eve made a choice. Knowing what we know now we likely would have chosen differently. Unfortunately, there were consequences to the freedom allowing them to decide to sin against their Creator. That didn't work out so well. But there's so much for us to learn about God, our view of Him, our view of ourselves, and the patterns of behavior we've been experiencing ever since. Getting close to the wounds that drive us and our "isms" used to anesthetize the pain can be challenging. Consider the healing that will take place. We see it in scripture and we see it in our own lives and those whom God brings to us as we walk out this journey. Pay attention to what He wants to say to you through Colleen's teaching. It may just get you jump-started on your journey.
February 22, 2021
32. Soul Care
Our enemy continues his efforts to steal not only our joy but our connection with the One who brings that joy. The times call for an all-out frontal attack against the one doing that attacking. There are a host of ways to accomplish that but it starts first by deepening our relationship with Christ. By attending to our own Soul Care above all else. How do we do that? First by recognizing it's an issue and secondly by renewing our commitment to doing something about it. Pause for one. Connect for another. Let's talk about it in today's Podcast. 
February 08, 2021
31. What Is Your Messiah?
How is your heart these days? During this COVID season, many have fallen into despair - downright depression. The opportunity exists for all of us to fall to temptation in behaviors that will yield anything but hope. What is your messiah? What have you turned to in an effort to anesthetize yourself from the hurt and pain that surrounds this world gone mad? Division, isolation, sickness, death. All signs expected from an unseen enemy doing everything possible to derail our healing journey in Christ. Let's talk about it on today's Podcast.  For more on this subject and many others that will aid in your transformational journey with Christ visit our website at Be sure and sign up for our emails and visit our social media links for more content.
January 25, 2021
30. Safe People and Our Healing Journey
In this episode of the Podcast, we discuss the vital nature of securing safe people in our lives. People we can trust with our deepest concerns as we walk in our own healing journey with Christ. God calls us to community and Godly relationships that help us find our way through the rough terrains of life. Colleen uses an analogy you'll find interesting called the Glass Ball. Who can you entrust with your very unique and very special Glass Ball? For more on this subject and many others that will aid in your transformational journey with Christ visit our website at Be sure and sign up for our emails and visit our social media links for more content.  Blessings to you as we enter the year of our Lord 2021.
January 11, 2021
29. Another Perspective on Christian Counseling
In this episode Colleen is interviewed by our dear friend John who is currently enrolled in a Counseling Program at a local Christian College. The questions will provide answers around a faith-based counseling model from a different perspective.  In addition to her contribution to Embracing Brokenness Ministries Colleen is VP of Programs at Water Street Gospel Rescue Mission in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Prior to that, she was Executive Vice President for a national Health Care consulting firm and Adjunct Professor at Eastern University. She is a licensed clinical social worker and earned her MBA at Eastern University, a Masters in Social Work at Temple University, and a Bachelors in Social Work at Messiah College.
December 28, 2020
28. Special Christmas Podcast - A Brief Message and a Song
From our church family to yours - Enjoy this brief message from our Senior Pastor Beau Eckert and a duet of the all-time classic - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Meditate on the music and let the spirit of the holiday season overtake your senses. Merry Christmas to you all and a special blessing to you and yours.  An excerpt from the Calvary Church Christmas Special.
December 21, 2020
27. A New Name
“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it.” Revelation 2:17 In this Podcast, Steve explores the idea of God's unique calling for our lives. The notion that He has a specific "name" for each of us and what that really means. Mark Twain is often credited with saying, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Let's ask God what He has in store for each of us and pursue that life in Christ.
December 14, 2020
26. Knowing God and His Love
When we made the decision to choose our plan over God's plan the consequences were devastating. But God provided a way back. A way for us to return to Him, know Him, and know ourselves for who He created us to be. To love Him and to love others. Here's an excerpt by Colleen from a class we teach in our ministry that will encourage you to see the truth behind our freedom and our restoration. 
November 30, 2020
25. The Age of Acceleration
The pace of life in the 21st Century is breakneck. How do we steward our attention and our affections in an appropriate manner as a believer in Christ? Let's explore this idea a little further with some practical suggestions to disconnect from this world and reconnect with God's heart.
November 16, 2020
24. Election Day 2020 - God Is Still In Control
God put something on my heart to share with you on this Election Day 2020. No matter the outcome, He’s still on the throne and loves each one of us. Let’s be about His business and love others.
November 03, 2020
23. The Impact of Pornography on Society
The impact of sexual brokenness and pornography on our society as a whole may very well be one of the most unrecognized crises to exist in modern society. Between the broken relationships,  sexual sin, victims of the industry, and the trickle-down effect of those demanding use and services we have an epidemic of epic proportions on our hands. What can we do? In this episode, Steve and Colleen discuss this issue in more detail.
October 26, 2020
22. Prejudice in America - Another Perspective
We live in a deeply divided country. We may be looking in the wrong place for the solutions. God calls us to examine our own hearts. To consider whether there be any "wicked ways" in us. Of course there is. It's why we need a Savior. But what if our hearts were capable of changing? Can this world then be a better place? Steve challenges us to think differently and look for solutions within ourselves not pointing the finger at others.
October 12, 2020
21. Union With God
It's been a challenging year for all of us with many unexpected events. None of it surprises God though. We have an opportunity to participate in one of the greatest movements this planet has seen. That movement begins in our hearts. It begins by strengthening our union with God. By developing a deep intimacy with Him. Steve explores the obstacles the enemy uses to thwart our efforts but also the practices that can become a part of your everyday experience along your transformational journey. 
September 24, 2020
20. The Tree of Brokenness & What It Means for Each of Us
Each of us encounters wounding and trauma in our lives. No exceptions. How we respond to those negative influences set up the rest of our days on this planet.   God wants to heal the broken places. The places where our identity was hijacked. Where the enemy loves to reside, reminding of us all the mistakes of our past and bad things that were done to or around us.   We MUST address the wounds on the inside; the ones that aren't as evident but are acted on in very dysfunctional ways. Jesus is the answer. Allow Him to re-interpret those circumstances, correct the lies we believe about ourselves, and provide the path toward transformation and freedom. The recognition of who we really are. His children. Loved unconditionally. No exception.  #treeofbrokenness #woundsandtraumas #healinginhim #unconditionallove 
August 13, 2019
19. Running the Race
Pastor Joe Focht, of Calvary Chapel Philadelphia, reminds us that we have the responsibility of running our own race. Not someone else's race. We MUST resist the temptation to engage in the comparison game. Walkout THIS day as God has marked out for you. Finish the race well. Run, don't mosey through this journey called life, exercise your faith, and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. 
August 05, 2019
18. Dream BIG Workshop - The Path That Brings Me Back to You - Visioning with God
Colleen & Steve hosted a workshop at the "Dream BIG" 2019 conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on "Visioning with God". It's simple yet we make it so complex. We are all made with intentional purpose by God. Discovering that purpose is exactly what He intends for each and every one of us. But it requires an intimate relationship with Him.  Learn more on how to do just that on this podcast of our live workshop. Jeremiah 29:11
June 25, 2019
17. Sexual Brokenness Part 7 - The Impact of Pornography on Society & Wrap Up
The impact of sexual brokenness and pornography on our society as a whole may very well be one of the most unrecognized crises to exist in modern society. Between the broken relationships,  sexual sin, victims of the industry and the trickle down effect of those demanding use and services we have an epidemic of epic proportions on our hands. What can we do? Let's talk about it and consider the option presented here. 
May 22, 2019
16. Sexual Brokenness Part 6 - The Victims of Pornography
To believe there are no victims in the porn industry is a complete fallacy. Sex workers are forced to do unimaginable acts - getting locked into a way of life that devastates the conscience AND the body. We must understand the reality of this world seeking Gods wisdom in combating the evil forces that lead to participating in this most heinous assault on our identity. 
May 11, 2019
15. Sexual Brokenness Part 5 - Pornography and Its Affect on Our Mind
It's hard to comprehend the impact that pornography has on our brain and our ability to connect with the wounds that drive us to such dysfunctional behavior. There's hope in rewiring the circuitry to think and act differently through the healing power of Christ. #pornandthebrain #sexualbrokenness #embracingbrokenness 
April 26, 2019
14. Sexual Brokenness Part 4 - The Impact of Pornography in Marriage
The introduction of such divisive behavior as the use of pornography in a marriage relationship has devastating consequences on that relationship. We explore what's behind it and the impact of our sexual brokenness in this particular context. We invite you to provide feedback and any experiences you may have had where God healed the wounds that led to porn use in your life or the lives of those around you. 
April 13, 2019
13. Sexual Brokenness Part 3 - Our Story and The Tree of Brokenness & Restoration
God intended for each of us to experience intimacy in marriage, second only to intimacy with Him. The purpose of this intimacy is to bond each couple together in the pursuit of oneness in Him. Unfortunately, it all goes sideways when our enemy steps into the battle for our soul.  Our sexual brokenness leads us to fulfill selfish desires that rip at the fabric of our marriages. Steve and Colleen take a look at what causes that brokenness and the remedy to heal the wounds that drive us to fill the spot only reserved for God with the desires of OUR heart, not His. 
April 06, 2019
12. Sexual Brokenness - Part 2 - In the Beginning & The Way it Was Supposed to Be
God gave us a model for intimacy in marriage and what covenant really looks like. should look like. Unfortunately, the enemy had other plans - to distort what God intended to be uniquely available to each married couple. What was once sacred is now unsacred in this world. Yet, there's always a way back.
March 30, 2019
11. Sexual Brokenness - Part 1 - The Reality of our Brokenness
The first in a multi-part series on Sexual Brokenness. God created us to partner well. To honor, protect and love one another. But our enemy will do anything possible to hijack one of the most beautiful gifts God gave us - our sexuality. Inside of marriage in the appropriate way, it's a gift that keeps on giving. We're going to explore what went wrong. 
March 23, 2019
10. Sexual Brokenness & The Church - Series Intro
The topic of sexual brokenness and the "church" body has been ignored for far too long. We must face the challenges head-on. We'll be tackling the hard questions in this series over the coming weeks and months. Please pray that Gods people press into this subject and seek the spiritual healing that's available only through Jesus. 
March 13, 2019
9. My False Self & Stayin' Alive
The "impostor" invades every one of our lives. It's our fig leaf. It's the false-self created to prove the age-old question - Do we have what it takes? But God has a different plan. One that allows us to live out of our true-self. The self that each one of us was created for. 
February 26, 2019
8. One Thing ..... Leads to Another
It's easy to underestimate the wiles of the enemy. He would love to derail us. One thing always leads to another. Guard your heart and your mind. A trip to the shore proved it. Temptation abounds, but God wins. 
February 21, 2019
7. The New Me
There's so much "healing" available when we decide to press into the Christian journey. One rooted in the truth about who we are. The New Me - saved by Christ and in Him. Steve asks a couple questions for you to consider as you go deeper into this journey.
February 14, 2019
6. The Unseen Beginning - An Excerpt from the Book - Embracing Brokenness
We live in a world at war. The enemy lives to deceive us into believing we just don't matter. Our identity in Christ is irrelevant. Here's a brief excerpt from "Embracing Brokenness", our upcoming book, that tackles the significance of our journey toward healing in Him. 
February 06, 2019
5. He's In You
Sometimes the lessons of life come in the simplest forms. In this weeks podcast, we look at Rafiki and Simba in "The Lion King". They give us a glimpse into our journey of discovery. God calls us up, in this adventurous life, to uncover our true identity in Him. Yet the world distracts us from that calling. Discovering who we are in Him becomes a trek through a seemingly never-ending maze. It doesn't have to be that hard. Look inside. He's in You. 
January 30, 2019
4. Living the Anxious Life
 What would it look like for you to Wait WITH God not FOR God? Abiding in Him such that anxiety over your future is a distant memory? Steve takes a deeper dive into this concept.
January 24, 2019
3. Safe People and The Pathology of Trust
We live in a world where safety and security is paramount. But what about people? Who can you trust? Who can't you trust? The attributes of safe people need to be explored. Colleen and Steve teach a course on Identity in Christ. Listen in to this short segment on the subject of trust and safety in relationships.
January 23, 2019
2. Yesterdays Manna
Is it possible that a season of change is coming? Are you willing to lay down what may seem right now for the greater good God has for you and those around you? Let's explore that as Steve digs deeper into these questions. #yesterdaysmanna #ischangecoming #embracingbrokenness 
January 20, 2019
1. Introducing the Launch of New Audio and Video Content
We're doing something different in 2019. Bringing video and audio content around the weekly blog topic. It'll be available on our website at in the media section, on Anchor as a podcast, SoundCloud audio, and on our YouTube Channel. Won't you join us? #ebmvlog #embaudiopodcast#embracingbrokenness 
January 19, 2019
January 18, 2019
January 18, 2019