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Running Late with Emel

Running Late with Emel

By Emel Khan
A spoken diary of Emel, a 20-something year old living in Dallas, Texas, someone who has always felt like she's running behind for all things in life, including careers, relationships, graduating, and everything in between.

This podcast features rant-style individual episodes as well as interviews with other women facing similar societal pressures, where they talk about everything from keeping up with the Joneses', personal finances, side hustles, politics, pop culture, adulting and all the life lessons learned along the way.
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Episode 9: Simplifying real estate investing for Gen-Z
Hello, Running Late listeners, I had a great chat with Vayna, a young 20-something realtor based out of Seattle who is simplifying real estate for the younger generations. Vayna is a real estate agent based out of Seattle, who found success within real estate from the young age of 18. Since then, she’s sold over $6 million worth of real estate. Vayna uses her platforms on Tik Tok and Instagram to teach the younger generation about real estate investing, preparing financially for homeownership, and how to get into the field at a young age. She’s going to be telling us about her journey and hopefully giving us some tips on how to get started in real estate. We discussed whether Vayna jumped in headfirst into real estate full time, or started off part-time until she found success. What advice she has for those who want to try their hand at real estate but aren’t ready to commit to full time, and of course, her first successful sale and what her first paycheck looked like.  She says real estate investing is owning a business, and with that comes business challenges and hurdles she's had to overcome. Creating a business plan, marketing herself, time management, and burnout are some of the things she mentions.  Here are some resources, books, and people she would recommend to people interested in learning financial freedom and real estate and overall improving their lives: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck David Goggins Tom Bilyeu Tatiana Londono Tom Ferry podcasts Habits tracking apps *Audio disclaimer* Unfortunately, in this episode we ended up having a lot of background noise that we just weren't able to cut out of the episode without compromising the contents of our conversation. I apologize for the inconvenience and moving forward, I promise to keep our sound quality crystal clear!
April 17, 2021
Episode 8: Fast fashion, launching a magazine and redefining modesty
In this episode, I spoke with Ifrah Akhtar, who is is founder and Editor-in-Chief of MODEST Magazine, a fashion magazine exploring and redefining modesty. She works on a number of other projects and enjoys learning, writing, reading, and baking.  We talked about what piqued her interest in writing and publishing a magazine, how she hopes to see it grow, and some of the biggest hurdles she's faced thus far, one of them including brands being more selective when it comes to nano-influencers and magazines with smaller audiences.  I asked her the classic Running Late question, that being is there something she feels like she's running late or behind for. I think you'll really relate to her answer.  She mentions how her background isn't in communications or business, so she's been self-teaching herself through this journey, and of course, we covered social media woes.  Here are some of the organizations mentioned that you can use to educate yourself about inequalities in the fashion world and beyond:  Slow Factory Foundation, Fashion Revolution, The New Fashion Initiative Book mentioned: All About Love: New Visions Connect with me: Email Me / Send Music: Twitter Podcast Instagram Personal IG Facebook Use the hashtags #runninglatepodcast, #runninglatewithemel and #RLWE to discuss us on Twitter, FB and IG! Feel free to email me Topics, Questions & Feedback at
April 17, 2021
Episode 2: Starting a Start-Up, Pursuing Engineering & Enjoying The Journey
Hi friendsss! This is the 2nd episode of Running Late, brought to you by Emel Khan. This episode features Ayo Aigbe, also known as @ayodeleaigbe on Instagram. She’s the founder of @shophangio which is the all-in-one hanger of your dreams. She's an entrepreneur, engineer, student, inventor, STEM advocate and one of the most positive and encouraging people you’ll ever come across. She was kind enough to sit down with me to talk about her experiences with starting a business, finding her path towards engineering, enjoying the journey and our collective lack of knowledge on music these days. ✨ • The overall theme of our conversation was "enjoying the journey" 💜 Here are a few of the specifics mentioned in the show: Sources talked about: 2:00: How we met at Aron Placencia's event -- he's the CEO & Founder of Roleplay ( 16:00: 35:00: Discussing the old Tumblr days 37:00: MYSPACE!! 48:00: Her favorite artist. Hint hint, it's H.I.M 50:00: We try to figure out 6ix9ine’s name (we figured it out now) end up confusing him with Chris Brown, Kodak Black and and XXXtenation (which we thought was pronounced extension) and ended up calling him Mr. 69. It's honestly the most embarrassing thing I'm putting on the internet.  53: We also talked about how I once thought a friend of mine ended up buying a Bugatti because of an IG photo (it ended up just being a song by Ace Hood) 56:00: Our love for calendar invites  Bonus: Take a shot every time you hear me say the word "yeah" Connect with Emel: Email Me / Send Music: Tweet Me: Instagram: Personal IG: Facebook: Use the hashtags #runninglatepodcast, #runninglatewithemel and #RLWE to discuss us on Twitter, FB and IG! Connect with Ayo: Quotes by Ayo:  "It’s not the finish line that’s interesting, it's the journey. It’s the hoops you have to go through, it’s the things you have to tackle, it’s the person you’re becoming. That’s what’s interesting." "Life is like a GPS, sometimes you’ll detour, but you have a final destination and you’ll eventually get there." Feel free to email me Topics, Questions & Feedback at 
June 22, 2020
Episode 1: Corporate Interviews From Hell + Following Your Intuition
In this episode of Running Late with Emel Khan I sat down with a good friend of mine, Tram-Anh Le, to discuss our journey with entrepreneurship, navigating our early 20's, interviewing for corporate jobs (horror stories!), trusting our intuition + gut as well as not listening to the nay sayers.  Some influential and badass people mentioned in this podcast are: Tram-Anh: Christiana Yerba: Jewels Clark: Quote by Corey: If you have ever felt like you were born here to do something BIG, then you probably were. That feeling isn't just a figment of imagination from our ego, it's our intuition. Whenever you hear that voice, never doubt it." - Corey Johnson Follow me on IG and message me mango emojis 🥭🥭🥭+ feedback so I know you're a real one.
July 15, 2019