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Emerging into Greatness With Sade Popoola

Emerging into Greatness With Sade Popoola

By sade popoola
Welcome to The Emerging Into Greatness Podcast, where I interview successful, inspiring and influential business women and men who share what they do and their journey from
start-up to success.

You would learn how they've weathered
the storms, achieved their success and what's next on the horizon. This show will inspire, encourage and enlighten you as well as give you wisdom on how to forge on in the midst of challenges.

This show is designed to encourage, inspire and nudge you to bring forth your greatness.

For more about Sade Popoola visit
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Interview with Gloria Robson- Highly sought after Mentor. Global Brand Polisher. Multiple Award Winner.
Gloria Robson is a Global Brand Polisher and  multiple award winner. She is an Entrepreneur par excellence with an Entrepreneurial Certification from the Australian Business School and Daystar Business Academy.  She is also a member and associate of CICMCN where she was certified a mentor & Coach . She  is an Alumna, CITC Leadership Centre to mention but few. Gloria is a refined public speaker, a Published author of " Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen"  (a super book written to bring out classic refinement in men and women, making them POLISHED Ladies & Gentlemen)  She is a  Trainer, Coach and Mentor. As well as a  presenter/guest analyst at Radio & TV stations with few names as Rave TV, Jordan FM 105.5, GVTV etc Gloria is the CEO, Packway Polishing Academy/Educoncept.  President of GRIC (Gloria Robson Imaging Castle) where she polishes Entrepreneurs and personal Brands for Global shine  She is also the Lead Mentor, Packway Mentors Hub ( where Mentors and Prospective Mentors are groomed and Certified PROFESSIONALLY 👌. She has an NGO( Polished Damsels Foundation Inc.) which she set up to polish , groom and  rehabilitate young girls who have been abused and molested in the society.  She is popularly Known as 'The Brand Polisher' because of her passion to polish brands and Entrepreneurs, helping them have  credibility and polished  Character.  She therefore has helped  to polish brands for a  Global shine.  As at 2021, she has successfully polished over 4,500 brands, cutting across business owners, Entrepreneurs, Employees/ Employers in different organizations, presenters in radio/ TV stations, students, as well as individual brands. To further expand her Mentoring Prowess,  she founded Polished Ladies and Gentlemen Academy  Facebook Community few weeks ago with growing  followership across the globe Gloria holds her First and Masters Degrees in French Language & Educational Admin/Mgt. Before she started pursuing fully her PASSION and PURPOSE of  Polishing Brands, She taught in classrooms and rose in Ranks successfully as Head of Schools in four( 4) great schools in  Lagos Nigeria. She now consults for schools and Organizations as HR Professional & Image Consultant. She is happily married to Pastor Robson. Her marriage is blessed with three amazing wizkids . She makes her home in Lagos, Nigeria. Contact her via: 🌹FACEBOOK: @Brand Polisher 🌹INSTAGRAM: @Brandpolisher 🌹TWITTER:@Gloria Robson 🌹LINKEDIN:@Gloria Robson 🌹TEL: 08133522476(WhatsApp)
May 08, 2021
Interview with Titi Oguns- Co-ordinator for Women's Affairs Group of The Nigerian Community In Bayern, Germany.
Titi Oguns provides a viable conduit for Nigerian women  in Bayern, Germany as well as help create a strong support system by assuming the role of co-ordinator for the women's affairs group of the Nigerian Community Bayern Germany e.V, in addition to that Titi  is a customs and trade compliance consultant with several years  of hands-on experience related to customs, export control, taxation,  supply chain and foreign trade. Her career has primarily been in the  automotive industry and  is also a  certified Business Economist for  International Business (BAA) of the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of  Applied Sciences. She holds a Master of Science degree in International  Business and Management from the Liverpool John Moores University. The website of the Nigerian Community Bayern Germany e.V. also known as NCBG in short form is: The official E-Mail address of the NCBG e.V. women's affairs group is:
April 18, 2021
Interview with Gift Chidima Nnamoko Orairu-Media Personality, Author, Public Speaker, Mentorship Consultant & Entrepreneur
Gift Chidima Nnamoko Orairu is the founder of Save the Nigerian Child Initiative, the New Africa  Mentorship Institute, and the Three Six Teen Gospel Network: NGOs that  mentor and cater for the youths and the less privileged in Africa. She  is also the CEO, Three Six Teen Mart, and Wear Africa International; the  Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the New Africa Magazine, and past  President of Nigerian Fashion Designers Association. She is one of  the leading African mentors with over 2000 youths under her close watch.  Her passion in developing young people’s prospects and seeing every  youth discover their personal potential.  Be inspired as you listen to how she managed to turn a business she started from nothing but her word to a multimillion business, how she got through challenges and most of all about her magazine that puts Africa in the brightest of lights. The New Africa Magazine with over 15,000 views online  and growing.
March 22, 2021
Interview with Ada Ajomale- Producer. Actor. Film maker. Scriptwriter.
Introducing Ada Ozodo Ajomale. Mother, wife and the executive director of Tumaini Media Services. She is a filmmaker, actress, presenter scriptwriter motivational speaker and trainer/ coach  Ada went into film making after feeling unfulfilled  as a trainner,housewife and missionary. She was a missionary for number of years and trained people for missionary. Untill one particular day she felt she needed to do more and pursue her passion in the arts. She enrolled into  University of Hertsfordshire where she obtained her masters in film making  where she birthed 36 episodes of a series for her dissertation. Listen to how she has scaled through the hurdles of film making, juggling a family and what she has in store for the future.
February 14, 2021
Wendy Capewell
February 02, 2021
Interview with Producer/Media Management Rita Ekokotu-Odigie
What does a producer do when after shooting 15 scenes and the star of the movies walks out.? Introducing Rita Ekokotu-Odige producer and event , artist and media management mogul , founder of JRO Management company managing and working in conjunction with the best in the acting and music industry AY and Smade to name a few. Rita speaks to us on the Emerging Into Greatness Podcast and tells us how she has been able to rise above the hurdles of producing  and managing artists. Rita's story will not only inspire you but open your eyes to how tough the industry is and how to scale through it .
September 22, 2019
Interview with Tonya Hofmann. CEO of Public Speakers Association
Hear how Tonya rose above a challenge that would break her if she refused to emerge out of it. Listen to what steps she took. It will inspire you.
August 09, 2019
Interview with CEO Of The Uncaged Life- Rebecca Tracey
Becca's life has been the definition of ‘uncaged’, and  her work history has too. Becca  lived in a van for a year rock climbing and travelling  around the U.S. She started her business in her van  with her  dog Rhubarb, something  they  often  do when  she  wasn't working. Becca today runs a successful online coach business  helping people to be uncaged from their 9-5 jobs and also helping existing business owners scale through challenges in business. She runs a thriving facebook page. Connect with Becca on her Facebook page and website  . Find out how Becca emerged to her greatness from the van to thriving in an online coaching business today.
July 10, 2019
Caroline Emile- Happiness & Fulfilment Coach, Author, Speaker and Breast cancer thriver. !!
Meet Caroline Emile and be inspired by her powerful story of how she beat cancer which propelled her into her coaching business. Caroline is no ordinary theoretical coach but one who has practiced what she preached into her life and is helping others today. Caroline took a leap of faith and determination to emerge from cancer into her purpose,according to Caroline  cancer was not going to be the determining factor of her life but rather a stepping stone to her purpose. Listen to how a renewal of her mind gave her the strength and drive . You will be inspired.
June 07, 2019
Evan Carmichael. CEO of The Evan Carmichael Communication Group On The Emerging Into Greatness Podcast.
Evan Carmichael, one man who is determined to help entrepreneurs by working  to solve the world's biggest problem which is untapped human potential. Evan's motivational videos have and are still a powerhouse for entrepreneurs all over the world. With a buzzing subscription of over 1 million people and over 5,000  motivational videos created ,he shares with the Emerging Into Greatness Podcast  how challenges fuel his determination to succeed ,he explains  how passion was the driving force to turn down a job paying over $100,000 for a business barely making $500.  His passion is highly infectious .   In his words evan said 'I'm working to solve the world's biggest problem: Untapped human potential.'
May 30, 2019
Lovelda Vincenzi: Highly sought International Moderator. MC & Host.
Lovelda  Vincenzi is a 2nd to none international Moderator, MC and Host, captivating, mesmerizing with bags full of energy!  On the Emerging into Greatness Podcast Lovelda gets down to the nitty gritty of the mistakes she made while building her highly sought business  of speaking at events powered by the likes of Twitter, google etc over the years. She shares how she came to a place where she had to make the decision to hone into her business, decide what stayed and what left and in her own words ’owning and embodying.  This episode will encourage you to look inward even if you are making 7 figures in your business, it will cause you to take a closer look at the subtle habits that eat into progress.  For more info visit : 
May 24, 2019
Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE. Transformational Coach.
Introducing Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE  Transformational Coach. Dr Yvette tells us how she emerged  into greatness despite battling  with fibromyalgia . She successfully battled this  difficult illness  while running her business  without any form of drugs and is pain free  today . She now helps  other business women facing burnout in their businesses. Dr Yvette's story is not only inspiring but it's a wake-up call for all entrepreneurs to self care first and always. These and more on the Emerging into Greatness Podcast with sassy Sade.
May 17, 2019
Introducing Tosin Otudeko- Leading Nollywood Screenwriter,Songwriter, Playwright and Theatre Producer.
Tosin Otudeko  is one of Nigeria's leading writers, songwriters  and theatre producers with a  plethora of lyrical poems. she wrote and produced one of Nollywood's successful musical theatre productions, Heartbeat and wrote the blockbuster movie The Wedding Party, a movie that broke the record in Nollywood{The Nigerian Movie Industry} in the first weekend of release . Tosin also co-wrote Desperate Housewives Africa , a Pan African adaptation of the American Series. Find out how Tosin emerged into writing greatness after leaving  a chemical engineering degree behind. Tosin can be reached on LinkedIn and via her email-
May 16, 2019
Candid Interview with Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach Wendy Capewell
Wendy Capewell speaks on Emerging Into Greatness candidly about her challenges and how they helped shape her decision to help others. After suffering from breast cancer, failed abusive marriage and low self esteem Wendy tells how she picked  herself up from a simple advice from her husband while facing abuse from him. This is an interesting episode. Contact wendy via her website or Instagram page- Instagram- @wendycapewell.
May 14, 2019
Lola Bejide - CEO of Soluman Consultancy Firm On the Emerging Into Greatness Podcast.
Lola Bejide is the CEO  of Soluman Consultancy, which she founded out of a deep desire to run at her own pace whilst supporting others to achieve greatness. Lola emerged into running her own firm after in her own words received the gift of redundancy. Listen to how Lola's mindset brought her to where she is now delivering A plus service to her clients on the Emerging Into Greatness Podcast.
May 10, 2019
Interview with the CEO of The Christian Millionaires Book Club. Blessing Theophilus -Israel
Meet Blessing Theophilus -Israel , the CEO of The Christian Millionaires Book Club, Blessing Theophilus Israel speaks to us about how she emerged into greatness  how she scaled through the challenges and what guided her through  emerging  through  and the plans she has to get to greater heights with the book club and her coaching business.  For more information visit Blessing or more information about the Christian Millionaires Book Club visit-
May 04, 2019
Interview with the CEO of Des O'Connors Women In Business events.
Des O'Connor is the CEO of  UK’s No.1 Creator of Women in Business Leaders Worldwide – Inspiring them to Lead and Empowering them to Speak on Stage both nationally and internationally. Des O’Connor’s Women in Business events give you the opportunity to learn from a panel of experts ranging from social media, public speaking, marketing your business with webinars and Facebook Live, women’s networking groups, investing, book publishing and writing, and more! As part of his coaching and consulting for business experts, Des also creates opportunities for international speakers to come to the UK to speak on stage, and for UK business experts to attain international speaking opportunities in the U.S. and other countries. Every Des O’Connor event features an exciting line-up of top business leaders and professional speakers. He hosts, promotes and manages high-impact, sold out live Launch Events to expand new brands, sell products, launch books, and introduce business experts to the world. Des also helps his clients learn how to earn passive income with online marketing and sales strategies – he can teach you proven, proprietary methods to monetize your expertise and earn money while you sleep!
April 29, 2019
Emerging Into Greatness Intro
The Emerging into Greatness  Intro
April 29, 2019
The Emerging into Greatness Promo
Emerging into Greatness show promo gives a snipet of what to expect on the show.
April 25, 2019
Jingle about host Sade Popoola known as Sassy Sade
Welcome to our jingle , a snap shot of  host Sade Popoola known as Sassy Sade.
April 25, 2019