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By Emily Reader
In this dark comedy, university students Sam and Sally drunkenly meet at a house party. Sam is a creep, Sally is a slut. That is, according to their reputations. But are any of the rumours true? And what does Sally's boyfriend Harry have to do with them?

Trigger warnings: strong language, sexual assault

Sally - Francesa Elizabeth
Sam - Alex O'Bryan-Tear (
Harry - Jack Greenall

Written, edited and produced by Emily Reader (
Music by Rambling Heart
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Rumours Part 2
The party is over but there are still truths to be discovered. Who can you really trust?
May 21, 2020
Rumours Part 1
Sam and Sally meet at a house party where neither of them feel welcome. They both know a rumour about the other; whether the rumours are true is another issue altogether.
May 14, 2020