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Healing Corner with Emily Tennison

Healing Corner with Emily Tennison

By Emily Tennison
Holistic health enthusiast Emily Tennison explores topics of nutrition, spirituality, detoxification, and body intelligence with healers, practitioners, and industry experts.
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Kira Sutherland on medical astrology

Healing Corner with Emily Tennison

Ellen Mahloy on teaching psychic development and angel communication
Ellen Mahloy on teaching psychic development, breaking down the 8 psychic abilities, plus amazing stories and practical applications Find me at @healing_corner_podcast on Instagram or at Guest information • Ellen's website: • Find Ellen on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn • Ellen's courses: Psychic development Reiki with Angels Spiritual Teachers Training Program • Upcoming events: Psychic Angel Communicator Conference in Virginia Beach, Aug. 1-5, 2022 Reiki with Angels Weekend - a Reiki share in Virginia Beach, Aug. 6 & 7, 2022 Episode Notes: What it means to be psychic The 8 "clairs" Ellen's personal story Being psychic at work Veterinarian medical intuition Psychic development classes What someone can expect in a class: format, size, content Ellen's ideal student Who Ellen turns away Reiki with Angels Defense against the dark arts Solving an FBI case Psychic ability + health  Medical intuition The next 5-10 years Ellen's current offerings Fairies = nature angels Emily's dying plant Ellen reviving a dying tree
May 24, 2022
Catherine Carrigan on medical intuition and healing
Medical intuitive healer, Amazon #1 bestselling author, and host of the The Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio Catherine Carrigan dives into the 5 aspects of health (the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies working together,) what someone can expect during a session, her path to working as a medical intuitive healer, and unexpected treatments. Episode notes Find me at and @healing_corner_podcast on Instagram Guest information Text to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Catherine: 678-612-8816 Twitter: Facebook Pinterest: Instagram: Youtube: Tumblr: Linkedin: Goodreads: Link to her Amazon No. 1 bestselling books Sign up for her newsletter through Facebook Messenger: Catherine Carrigan Author Episode notes How I found Catherine Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss Vibration of illness vs. vibration of healing The 5 bodies How she reads people from a distance What to expect during a medical intuitive reading Catherine's lineage of medical doctors Catherine's first memory of being intuitive Meyers Briggs personality test and which type is most intuitive Linda Howe How to Read the Akashic Records Pandemic patients Asking for intuitive guidance How to Keep the Shadow from Ruining Your Life Trusting intuitive guidance (examples) Measuring overall chi/energy levels Catherine's offerings
May 10, 2022
Kristen Hinman on anchoring your business into 5D energy
Intuitive channel, business mentor, and certified AHAI™ 7-D energy healer Kristen Hinman on anchoring your business into 5D energy, holding the vibration of abundance, and living from our aspirations vs. our wounds. Find me at or @healing_corner_podcast on Instagram Guest information @kristen_hinman on Instagram “Go 5D” channeled message Episode notes Kristen’s background Getting into being a business psychic Christina the channel AHAI 7th dimension energy healing A Psychic’s Story podcast Ellen Mahloy Consciousness of business How Kristen works Client examples Signs businesses are out of alignment Holding the vibration of abundance Identify purpose of business for highest good Kristen as a bridge Jenna Zoe on IG Clients = people wanting to be in your energy Common denominators of Kristen’s business and clients Turning the light on  Why business owners are so valuable right now Why free consultations are a no-no Oath Oracle on IG Peta Kelly on IG The Minimalists on IG and website Desire for her business Weekly rituals Kristen’s offerings @kristen_hinman on Instagram “Go 5D” channeled message Daily Crystal Inspiration card deck: her pulls for the show Aragonite (release your emotional baggage), Tiger’s Eye (overcome your fears), and Selenite (clear the clutter) #5d #5dconsciousness #consciouscreator #empathsbelike #cocreation #consciousawareness #higherconsciousness #consciousbusiness #findyourfreedom #perfectlyimperfect #ascending #ascension #claimyourpower #shadowwork #unityconsciousness #newearth #alignment #businesspsychic #businessmentor #businessgrowthstrategy #intuition #intuitive #intuitiveguidance #intuitionmentor #energy #energyhealing #energyhealer #spiritualmentor #mindsetmentor #inneralchmey #starseed #starseedwisdom
April 26, 2022
Shekinah Grace on The Work of Byron Katie, shadow work, and quantum healing
Intuitive healer, shadow worker, and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie Shekinah Grace shares her journey into self-inquiry, integrating shadows, releasing chronic pain and illness, and living her soul contract of total freedom in this lifetime Find me at or at @healing_corner_podcast on Instagram Guest information for more on her current offerings @shekinahhealing on Instagram Notes Defining The Work by Byron Katie Shekinah’s experience meeting The Work by Bryon Katie Contemplating suicide (trigger warning) The Work: The 4 questions Emily’s experience with Shekinah and The Work Shekinah’s dark time of her life Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Calling in total freedom in this lifetime Shadow work and examples of shadows Healing ancestral lineages Being homeless Nomadic lifestyle Light language activation with Krystianna Name change A Course in Miracles Mooji Eckhart Tolle Rupert Spiras Teachers in the invisible realm: Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc Shekinah’s offerings
April 12, 2022
embue cacao co-founder Moses Draper on ceremonial cacao
embue cacao co-founder Moses Draper has owned the business and led cacao ceremonies for over a decade. Here he discusses his path to co-founding embue cacao alongside his wife, the benefits of this heart-opening plant medicine, and what someone can expect during ceremony. Find me at or @healing_corner_podcast on Instagram Guest Information to shop cacao bars and powders, sign up for virtual and in-person ceremonies, and learn more about experiential training programs (virtual and in-person) Visit their website through this link to claim 10% off of your purchase!: 10%OFF (note: the "Healing Corner with Emily Tennison" podcast earns small affiliate credits with items purchased through this link to put toward future products or ceremonies) embuecacao on Instagram  embue cacao on Facebook Episode notes Moses + Ambe background and introduction to cacao Differences between cocoa and cacao History of cacao What makes cacao a heart opener Effects of drinking cacao + the “feel good” compounds Kids ingesting cacao safely Healing exploitative history with business practices + farmer partnership 1% for the planet and AIR guatemala Cacao varieties Why we need to be cautious of people claiming Criollo + Arriba nacional varieties CCN-51 Cacao ceremonies for beginners Why ceremony has always been about transformation Format of embue facilitated cacao ceremonies Moses’ own transformation Parenting + spirituality Moses and Ambe daily routine Vision for next 10 years Downside of bigger growth Martín Prechtel work #cacao #cacaoceremony #cacaonibs #cacaolove #cacaobeans #ceremonialcacao #cacaobliss #sacredcacao #plantmedicine #spirituality #psychoactive #regenerativeagriculture #consciousparenting #newearth #heartcentered #heartcenteredbusiness
March 29, 2022
Emma Griffin on witchcraft, intuitive channeling, and creating the Sacred Space
Eclectic witch, intuitive channel, and mystical teacher Emma Griffin shares her magical upbringing, stepping into being a witch + an intuitive, starting the Sacred Space, and her passion for guiding women to live their soul's purpose. Find me at, contact, or @healing_corner on Instagram (If you're accessing show notes on Apple podcasts, please use your mobile for links to be live) Guest information website sacred_space_cornwall on Instagram  EmmaGriffin46 on TikTok Episode show notes What makes a witch a witch? Emma’s upbringing Hezicos Tarot deck -- out of print but beautiful images here The Amberstone Dragon children’s book on Amazon UK kindle Family seances Ouji board no-no’s Being authentically seen Visual storytelling: the relationship between creativity + spirituality Beautiful Chorus on Spotify Using practical magic to meet her husband The tarot reading at 18 years old that changed her life The magic of being a mum Sea witches How being a mother has influenced her gifts and her offerings now The turning point for starting the Sacred Space Sacred Space operations Channeling explained Higher dimensional beings + akashic records Downloads from the universe Facing fears of being an intuitive witch Astral travel meditation Snow White and the Huntsman film Death of loved ones increasing intuitive gifts Becoming more heart-centered and present Women’s responses to Emma sessions Emma’s sacred cacao Familiars Spring equinox rituals Sacred Spells Current and future offerings #witchyvibes #witchesofinstagram #witchythings #witchystuff #pagan #witchesofinsta #witchaesthetic #magick #witchesofig #witchofinstagram #witchylife #witchuk #witches #naturalwitch #eclectic #wicca #blessedbe #modernwitch #witchery #witchlife #witchywomen #instawitch #witchywoman #magic #witch #witchcraft #greenwitch #cornwall #akashicrecords #intuitive #intuitiveguidance #psychic #spiritguides #familiar #seawitch #heartcentered #innerpeace #ascension #manifesting #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #meditation #innerpeace #higherconsciousness
March 15, 2022
Marissa Ciccia on energy healing + energetic discernment and protection
Certified energy healer, meditation guide, and artist Marissa Ciccia breaks down some of the darker sides of energy, shares recommendations for how we can protect ourselves and our spaces, and reveals how she found her path as a healer. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram or Guest information wingedwoman on Instagram Mjcheecha art account on Instagram Free e-book on energetic cords on her website High Vibrational Artwork with Light Language — prints for sale on her website Episode notes • Free 10 min grounding meditation on InsightTimer app (search for Marissa Ciccia) • ToBeMagnetic • Expanded Podcast Episode 60, Marissa mentioned at 2:15:44 • Marissa’s clients • Free e-book on energetic cords on her website • Energy body + chakra explanation • Calling your energy back • Marissa’s specific way of working • Body of Health: The New Science of Intuition Medicine for Energy and Balance by Francesa McCartney • Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life • Dr. Melissa Sell, German New Medicine practitioner on Instagram • Writer Elizabeth Gilbert on Instagram • Gold Ray Gemstone Harmonics + gemstone energy properties • Kahuna ARCH work • Marissa’s past • Dark sides of energy • 12D protection shield guided meditation • Space clearing and protection • Marissa’s light language artwork • Marissa’s diet • Alcohol, drugs, and your energy field • Delores Cannon “Convoluted Universe” • Jane Roberts “The Oversoul 7 Trilogy” • Teal Swan “The completion process” • YouTube: Chastity Ann and Xi Earthstar starseed sound healing chambers #energyhealing #energetichealing #energyhealer #vibration #highvibration #consciousness #spirituality #meditation #spiritualawakening
March 08, 2022
Teresa Bruni on PSYCH-K® and healing from chronic illness
Certified Professional Coach, Certified HeartMath Practitioner®, PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator, healer, and international best-selling author Teresa Bruni shares why stress management, mindset shifts, and tools like PSYCH-K® are so effective when healing from chronic illness and shifting into abundant, healthy living. Guest Information Website: LinkedIn: YouTube: Pinterest: Teresa's books: {An} Unsinkable Soul: From Fear to Fabulous, The Nurses' Pocket Guide: Stress Relief Techniques for Use at Work and Home, The Resilience Journal: Transcending Turbulent Times Through Journaling Find me @healing_corner on Instagram or Episode Notes Teresa's personal story experiencing illness and being out of work on disability Detoxing: environment, eating habits, relationships and thought processes Surprising relationship between self-esteem and health Psychiatry and therapy Beginning a business Living from love vs. fear Getting off of psychiatry medication Stepping into being a healer and into personal power Working within a client's belief system Mindset and nutrient absorption Meeting clients where they're at Clients that are a good fit for Teresa's programs To Be Magnetic PSYCH-K® Bruce Lipton "The biology of belief" Genes turning on and off Ancestral lines of illness PSYCH-K® videos A surprising aspect in resolving emotions Teresa’s resources and healers Tips for staying present and clues for when stress is driving the bus Creative pursuits are a must Wayne Dyer Abraham Hicks Gregg Braden Judith Orloff Teresa's books: Unsinkable soul, Nurses' pocket guide, Resilience Journal: Transcending turbulent times through journaling Request discovery session (free 45 min at no cost): Free e-course and newsletter sign-up
February 22, 2022
Lady Krystianna on psychic energy, healing and activations, galactic beings, and humanity's ascension
Galactic Ambassador to the Pleiadians and Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Master Lady Krystianna explains light codes + light language, her personal awakening and divine mission, and Earth’s shift from 3D to 5D Find me @healing_corner on Instagram or Connect with Lady Krystianna: Pleiadian Portal®️ on YouTube -- videos and galactic channeling. I love her Free Daily Meditation! Pleiadianportal on Instagram Ray of Light healing and Light Star activation offerings Episodes notes Lady Krystianna’s career and background Explanation of light language  Growing up seeing ghosts or ”trapped souls” + alien abduction Signs of waking up during flight attendant career Family dynamics Ray of Light healing and Light Star activation offerings Family upbringing Food + beverage protocol Using her soul glyph to purify wine  That time she tried a pot gummy Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek Creature comforts + favorite TV shows Social media app agreements and getting off of Facebook 3D to 5D “New Earth”: what is happening? Earth infrastructure missions Resources for people who are struggling Lorie Ladd on IG or Phil Good on IG or Ray of Light and Light Star energy healing offerings Sylvia Browne books Pleiadian reminders #ascendedmaster #ascendedmasters #enlightenment #starseed #starseeds #starseedwisdom #starchildren #andromedan #appollian #arcturian #lyran #sirians #blueavaian #crystalchildren #indigochild #rainbowchildren #indigochildren #cassiopeian #vega #fairy #cassiopeia #orion #lemurian #pleiadian #rainbowwarriors #galacticbeing #galacticbeings #galacticnation #raiseyourvibration #soulawakening #ageofaquarius #divinebeing #globalconsciousness #globalawakening #lightbodyascension #shiftingrealities #trustyourpath #spiritual #spiritualguidance #esotericknowledge #soulsjourney #gaia #motherearth #vibrationalenergy #newparadigm #paradigmshift #creatorenergy #energyupdate #energyshift #lightworkersofinstagram #lightlanguageactivation #lightlanguagetransmission #lightcodefrequencies #lightlanguagecodes #lightlanguagechannel #lightcodeactivation #lightcodes #lightcodefrequencies #lightlanguagechannel #universalguidance #beinharmony #awakenedhearts #multidimensionalreality
January 24, 2022
Renata Taravski on astrology and waking up to your soul purpose
Naturopathic doctor, astrologer, and Reiki healer Renata Taravski on waking up to her soul purpose, what our personal astrology can offer to each of us, and some of what we can expect in 2022.  Find me @healing_corner on IG or Find out more about Renata Taravski Follow @alignwithrenata on Instagram Follow @officialalignwithrenata on TikTok • Free Alignment Starter Kit  • Link for “Life Purpose Astrology Reading”  • Link for “2022 - 12 month astrology forecast reading”  Show notes: Renata's background + her personal journey with depression, anxiety, IBS Renata's personal astrology and revelations - Leo sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising - Chiron in Gemini in 11th house - Jupiter in Pisces in 8th house of scorpio - North node and MC in aries Renata's 2022 forecast energy Collective north (taurus) and south nodes (scorpio) stationing in 2022 Renata's diet preferences Renata's mentors + healing modalities Comedic inspirations Her current offerings #spiritualcommunity #spirituality #astrology #astrologer #empaths #darknightofthesoul #higherself #healersoftiktok #spiritualitytiktok #astrologytiktok #witchesoftiktok 
January 17, 2022
Jenny Peterson on German New Medicine
Chronic illness coach Jenny Peterson walks us through German New Medicine, including a surprising explanation of physical symptoms, the innate wisdom and self-healing capabilities of our bodies, and why mindset is just as important as nutrition and detoxification when building vital health. @healing_corner on IG Now offering podcasting mentorship! Book a free 15 consultation Learn more about Jenny Peterson @themindbodyrewire on IG Simplify Your Healing podcast Why Can’t I Heal? Free Masterclass Show notes Jenny’s story Defining German New Medicine (GNM) Body organ, brain, psyche connection Physical symptoms explained The 5 biological laws Bio laterality (right or left hand dominated) If microbes don’t cause disease, what is happening? Why eating healthy does not prevent us from getting sick What does prevent us from getting sick What role nutrition and detoxing play Case studies/testimonials demonstrating GNM in action Book by Dr. Katherine Willow: German New Medicine Experiences in Practice Simplify Your Healing podcast
December 07, 2021
Kyle Gati on food sovereignty and at-home gardening
Beekeeper, bread maker, and gardener Kyle Gati reflects on creating a massive backyard garden to suit his culinary needs, including: sacrificial plants for critters and pests, what he does with surplus, surprising water management methods, and tips + tricks he's learned over the last decade. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram and Follow along with Kyle over at @gati_k on Instagram Notes • How and why Kyle got into gardening • Pots vs. in-ground and keeping pots for certain plants • Converting an RV pad into a backyard garden • Benefits of using basalt stone vs. a wooden frame • How he deals with rabbits • Surprising weed blocker • Kyle growing 20 different veggies, including 5 tomato varieties • Amish paste tomato and Midnight Roma tomato from Row7 seeds • What to do with surplus • Vegetable pairing + planting  • Sacrificial plants • Nasturtium + marigolds • Ornamentals for pollinators • Slugs • What about bigger vegetables? • Seeds and space • Seed starter tips • Daily maintenance  • Wine cap mushroom or garden giant mushroom • Northspore Mushrooms • Tilth Alliance (Pacific Northwest) • YouTube for tutorials (search for your region i.e. "Midwest Gardening") • Instagram accounts + websites @row7seeds (chef + plant breeder + farmer collaborative) and website @mycosymbiote (mushroom cultivator) and website @northsporemushrooms (great mushroom + gardening resource and supplier) and website @sonomahillsfarm (cannabis farm and culinary garden) and website #foodsovereignty #growfoodnotlawns #growyourownfood #selfsufficient #selfsufficientliving #selfsufficientgardening #victorygarden #organicgarden #permaculture #regenerativeagriculture #foodsecurity #foodsecurityisfreedom #realfood #pnwgardening #northspore #spreadthespore 
October 05, 2021
Brook Belden on intuition + human design
Women's coach Brook Belden on getting in touch with intuition through a human design lens. Find me at or @healing_corner on Instagram @brookbelden on Instagram Brook's courses and personal mentoring Notes: for your human design chart Brook's journey to her current version of self Ascension vs floating on a cloud Getting in touch with intuition Shadow work Emotional authority 5/1 Emotional Manifestor: what does intuition feel like? Splenic center as intuition center Authority is team captain Making decisions as an emotional authority Getting to know yourself Sacral generator examples of listening to authority Shame around listening to authority Manifestor common shame  Healing from patriarchal trauma Brook's offerings - business and emotional healing Open emotional center and open G centers Defined ego center Manifesting Generator + 4 defined motor centers #sacralauthority #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualawakening #ascension #shadowwork #humandesign #emotionalauthority #empathproblems #generators #genekeys #deconditioning #manifestorsjourneyhome #manifestor #manifestors
September 29, 2021
WaveBlock Founder Ben Salem on deflecting EMFs in wireless earbuds
WaveBlock founder and dad Ben Salem on the importance of blocking EMFs within our wireless earbuds, the differences between children's skulls and adult skulls, and the joy of the creative process and tinkering in a lab. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram @waveblocktech on Instagram Use "EMILY20" for 20% off of your purchase! Notes • Book by Brandon LaGreca Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution • SAR testing (specific absorption rate)  • New Jan 2022 FCC regulations on bluetooth devices • FCC SAR (specific absorption rate) regulations on bluetooth devices • Thermal vs. non-thermal absorption • Nurseries banning wifi under the age of 6 • Babies skulls vs. adult skulls • Ben's process from idea to development • Customer testimonials • How the product works • Adhesion in stickers super important • • Other things Ben practices at home • Tim Ferriss stopped carrying his cell phone in his pocket and doubled his sperm count in 3 months  • Ben's favorite part about the job #WaveBlock #rideourWAVE #airpods #airpodsstickers #airpods2 #airpodsapple #beatemf #earbuds #emfradiationk #emfprotection #emfprotectiontools #technologythesedays #technologysolution #technologytrends #technologylifestyle #instagood #fyp
September 21, 2021
Amber Gordon, CHC and nutritionist, on hydration and healing through food
Holistic nutritionist Amber Gordon, CHC (@ambergotthejuice) breaks down her rheumatoid arthritis healing journey, how she empowers her clients to embrace dietary and lifestyle changes, which water to buy at the store and what to avoid, and the fruit she adds to her water at home to make it naturally alkaline. Find me at or @healing_corner on Instagram @ambergotthejuice on Instagram for e-books, courses, and products The Wholistic Living Room podcast: @thewholisticlivingroom on Instagram Notes: • Amber's morning routine • Benefit of intermittent fasting • Her journey of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and finally putting it into remission • Becoming a health coach • "You can't heal a body you hate"  • Hydration and water recommendations • Problems with alkaline water • Spring water • LMNT packets • What Amber puts in her water • Top 3-4 minerals to supplement with • Hydrating food recommendations • Body's pH levels • Food Babe sparking water report • Aquasana • Sante for health shower head destroyer  • Custom programs • Current offerings
September 14, 2021
Rasa Co-Founder + Chief Herbalist Ben LeVine on adaptogens
Rasa Co-Founder + Chief Herbalist Ben LeVine discusses the science of adaptogens, his journey to becoming an herbalist, and the joy and challenges of building a conscious business within a capitalist system. Find me at or @healing_corner on Instagram @wearerasa on IG Discount code: HEALINGCORNER15 for 15% off of your order! Episode Notes • Difference between adaptogenic energy and caffeine energy • Where adaptogens grow • Ben's upbringing and background • His mystical mountain top experience  • Meeting Lopa and deciding to collaborate • Signature 12 herb blend for everyday use • Adaptogen origins and American integration • Phyto-chemical diversity • Discussing contraindications • Michael Pollan "This is Your Mind on Plants" • Coffee and capitalism • Dale Pendell Ben’s favorite plant poet • Network pharmacology • Triterpenoids • Sourcing and direct trade • Examples of partnership and Rasa’s deep investments • Experimenting and macrodosing as an herbalist • Ben's favorite blends and his daily routine • Adaptogens vs coffee and pharma • Antiracism at Rasa • Whiteness at work • Rachel Ricketts “Spiritual Activism 101” • Herbalist specific course: "Woke Without the Work" • Ibrham Kendi How to be an Antiracist • What Ben's most proud of • Where to find Rasa • Ben’s recommendations for beginners • Men vs. women customer split
September 07, 2021
[Company spotlight] Suite Eleven: Black woman owned non-toxic nail polish
Discussing Black woman-owned non-toxic nail polish brand Suite Eleven as well as the major toxin offenders in mainstream polish to avoid. This is part of a solo episode series highlighting woman and/or Black-owned companies that deliver on clean ingredients, social impact or environmental stewardship, and the ability to ship within the U.S. Piggy Paint (for kids) Suite Eleven on Instagram -- Find me at or @healing_corner on Instagram -- #nontoxicliving #nontoxicnails #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxicliving #toxinfree #blackwomanowned #blackwomanownedbusiness #blackwomanentrepreneur 
August 02, 2021
Jess Smith on intuitive guidance with tarot cards
Intuitive tarot reader Jess Smith of Empress Tarot walks us through the wonder, practicality, and accessibility of tarot cards as a tool for empowerment, self-trust, and guidance -- as much for each client as for the reader herself. empress.tarotreadings on Instagram -- DM for booking here EmpressTarotReadings on Etsy Find me at or @healing_corner on Instagram Episode show notes: Jess journey to tarot Tarot pull for the collective Major Arcana Minor Arcana Rider Waite deck What deck Jess uses Modern Witch Tarot deck Examples of tarot helping clients Clearing the energy of a tarot deck Card beneficial ones and malefic ones Health + wellbeing issues and tarot Benebell Wen website and Instagram 78 degrees of wisdom book by Rachel Pollack Biddy Tarot website and Instagram Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast by Lindsey Mack Coffee Cup Tarot podcast
July 27, 2021
Natalie Perry on Breathwork
Natalie Perry, Breathwork coach, on manipulating the breath to activate the vagus nerve, walking us through a balancing breath exercise, and why "small moments, many times" is her mantra. -- Guest info: for courses and teaching @natalieperryfarnham on Instagram Breast cancer awareness month article by Natalie: Find me at: @healing_corner on Instagram Show notes: - What is Breathwork? - Natalie walks us through a "balancing" Breathwork exercise - Natalie's personal journey - Yoga with Adrienne - Frog's Breathtaking Speech - 10% happier meditation app -- "taming anxiety" challenge within app with Lisa Booker
July 19, 2021
[Company Spotlight] HoneyPotCo: Black-owned feminine care
Black-owned, woman-owned, plant-derived feminine care company. This is part of a solo episode series highlighting women or minority-owned companies that deliver on clean ingredients, social impact or environmental stewardship, and the ability to ship within the U.S. Sign-up for their newsletter for 15% off your first purchase @thehoneypotco on Instagram thehoneypotcompany on Facebook  Overnight pads Herbal infused  Post-partum pads for a baby shower gift or new mama gifts Menstrual cup Find me at or @healing_corner on Instagram #happyperiod #thehoneypotco #thehoneypotcompany #divinefeminine #femininecare #femininehygiene #womenshealth #humanswithvaginas #organic #nontoxic #blackowned #blackwomanowned #blackwomanownedbusiness #plantbased #veganbeauty
July 12, 2021
Emily Marson, MSTOM on acupuncture for fertility
Emily Marson, aka the "Fertility Guru", dives into the science behind fertility, why she'd prefer to see all women four months prior to conception, and the case for saying goodbye to lavender-scented products. Find me at @healing_corner on Instagram Guest info: @acupuncturebyemily on IG Episode notes Emily’s background Lower abdomen temperature 4 patterns: Building blood Egg Hormone Axis Quality of the egg/PCOS IVF transfers Fertility labs: run your own! How to build blood  Vegans as patients and building blood to support fertility Ancestral supplements IVF - stim phase and transfer phase Uterine lining and transfer success Moxa or mugwort herb  Chromosomal damage Endocrine disruptors in household products Scent/fragrance  Heavy metals in water and miscarriage relation Fragility of “y” chromosome Dirty dozen for produce selection ThinkDirty app Lavender = endocrine disruptor Hormonal birth control  BBT charting (basal body temping) Cervical changes during ovulation Legacy semen analysis FHPro supplements for men Marijuana’s effects on sperm Emily’s personal fertility journey and what she did to prep herself
July 05, 2021
Kira Sutherland on medical astrology
Naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, and astrologer Kira Sutherland breaks down medical astrology and explains why understanding our lunar phase return is an important part of starting any new diet, workout routine, or detox program. Find Kira at: (sign up for her newsletter for a free download) @astrologyofhealth on social media   @uberhealth (for sports nutrition) Find me at  @healing_corner on Instagram Episode show notes Intro: Emily likes for birth chart info - select "Placidus" system. has access to birth charts, too. Elements: fire, air, water, earth + rising signs Overview of medical astrology Constitutional quirks Historical medical system House systems 1st house and 6th house as important rulers of health Malefic and benefic planets Decumberature chart (past astrology transit for illness and accidents) Horary chart Lunar cycles and disseminating moon Johnny appleseed story Dane Rudhyar The Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality Demetra George Jan Spiller Astrology for the Soul Jan Spiller New Moon Astrology Lunar phase returns Menstrual cycle - follicular phases and luteal phase Bodies are cyclical Lunar essences by Kira Love Wellness horoscopes
June 28, 2021
[Company Spotlight] BLK + GRN
A solo episode series highlighting woman or minority-owned companies that deliver on clean ingredients, social impact or environmental stewardship, and the ability to ship within the U.S. This week: BLK + GRN, selling natural products handcrafted by Black artisans and entrepreneurs. to shop and sign up for their newsletter for 10% off your first purchase @blkandgrn on Instagram Find me: @healing_corner on Instagram
June 15, 2021
Reflections on feeling triggered by home birth and natural birth
Solo episode discussing some emotional triggers women feel regarding "home birth" and "natural birth" (i.e. no medical intervention) Find me at and @healing_corner on Instagram
June 09, 2021
Doula Saima Kara on empowering women to birth at home
Doula and women’s coach Saima Kara @livewildbirthfree is on a mission to help women experience empowered, transcendent, and natural births. Episode Notes:  Saima’s background and love of childbirth from a small age Issues with hospital births The mainstream narrative of birth Menstrual cycles as the beginning of birth preparation Acknowledging fears and limiting beliefs before moving past them Medical intervention Why ultrasounds are harmful, and, unnecessary Emily’s birth experience in a cast Conscious leadership tools and radical responsibility Infantilizing of women Practicing "no" Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek Stepping into our power through the birth experience Herstory by Jane Hardwicke Collings Accessibility to a doula with limited or no resources Homebirth reservations + solutions Vaginal tears heal themselves Maidens transforming into mothers Nutrition tips Placenta benefits, encapsulation, rituals The First Forty Days by Heung Ho Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckely Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth Ina May Gaskin Freebirth Society podcast Search “Unassisted birth” videos on YouTube -- Where to find Saima: @livewildbirthfree on Instagram Book a free 30 min consultation with Saima 10% off any 1:1 session with code “healingcorner” Radical Birth Education Course starts July 13th 2021 Coaching and workshops (Menstrual Magic, Birth Coaching, Home Birth Doula, Postnatal Support) -- Where to find me: @healing_corner on Instagram --
May 31, 2021
Angie Alt, NTC, CHC on healing from autoimmune disease, social justice, and the importance of community
From healing her own autoimmune diseases through diet, coaching individuals within her health coaching programs, and serving 4 million visitors per year on the website, Angie Alt discusses her healing journey, her perspective on privilege and activism within the wellness world, and why she's over the term "self-care." Where to find Angie:  @angie.alt Instagram SAD to AIP in 6 @autoimmunepaleo The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast Where to find me: Episode notes:  Being misdiagnosed Privilege Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Unlearning and addressing systemic racism Leader vs. influencer Platform as privilege Calling in the white community to become antiracist North and the South mini-series on Amazon Prime Situations where white people are the minority What does it mean to be well within a community?  Rob Wolf: The Paleo Solution Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s website The Paleo Mom Angie’s celiac diagnosis to becoming a coach Dr. Tee Williams website + Instagram @imdrtee Chakita Sharnis @unitedstreettours and @ChakitaSharnise  A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zen Nicole Charles Heal Me Delicious and @healunited "Pray with Our Feet" Emelda De Coteau podcast + Instagram @praywithourfeet Danielle Coke @ohhappydani Rachel Cargle @rachelcargle and @lovelandfoundation
May 24, 2021
Reflections on Health & Privilege
In this episode, Emily reflects on health, privilege, and inspiration for becoming more aware and unlearning. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram email: Notes Chani Nicholas in Rolling Stone interview Austin Channing Brown I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness Ibram X. Kendi How to Be an Antiracist Ibram X. Kendi Antiracist Reading List for NYtimes Dr. Yaba Blay One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race @melissau founder of Whole30 + video on inclusivity (her newsletter is great too) @glennondoyle author of Untamed Debbie Millman podcast episode with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach Glennon and Dr. Yaba Blay: Can Black women and White women be friends? The whole interview is great but 27:47 is where the question starts Chani Nicholas in Nailed magazine interview
May 17, 2021
Vishal Verma, MS, EAMP on acupuncture, Eastern medicine and Ayurveda
Vishal Verma, MS, EAMP reflects on his career as an acupuncture & Eastern medicine practitioner and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, remarkable patient stories, and his favorite kitchari recipe for detoxifying and replenishing. Find me over @healing_corner on Instagram Vishal Verma MS, EAMP Omshen Eastern Medicine Acupuncture + musculoskeletal pain Stress variables Meridians or Jing Wei Nervous system mapping Vishal's background Qi definition (h/t Vitamin Qi blog) Vital air Remarkable recovery stories Eastern and Western medicine together Herbs COVID, acupuncture, and immunity Ayurveda 5 elements Recipe for Kitchari (Ayurvedic rice porridge): excellent for detoxifying and replenishing The Yoga of Herbs by Dr. David Frawley Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution by Dr. Robert Svoboda  The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk
May 10, 2021
[Superfood Spotlight] BLK & Bold Specialty Coffee + Tea
A solo episode series highlighting woman or minority-owned food & beverage companies that deliver on taste, social impact or environmental stewardship, and the ability to ship within the U.S. This week: BLK & Bold Specialty Coffee + Tea Find me @healing_corner on Instagram BLK& to shop and sign up for their newsletter @blkandbold on Instagram Fortune article June 2020: Coffee startup BLK & Bold’s cofounders on incorporating social impact into the business model and proposals for the feminine economy Find them at Target, Whole Foods, Hyvee and BLK& 
May 03, 2021
[Superfood Spotlight] A Dozen Cousins
A solo episode series highlighting woman or minority-owned food & beverage companies that deliver on taste, nutrient density, social impact and/or environmental stewardship. A Dozen Cousins makes "soulfully seasoned beans."  A Dozen Cousins (free U.S. shipping)  Also on and Whole Foods @adozencousins on Instagram Project Potluck
April 26, 2021
Alison Leighton talks colonics
Nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist Alison Leighton explains why colonics are so good at kick-starting our health. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram Episode notes: Alison Leighton Nutrition and Colonics Website: Email: Instagram: alison_nutricolonics Facebook: Alison Leighton Nutrition and Colonics Notes What the heck are colonics? Colonic benefits Alison’s personal path Non-restrictive diets Constipation Recovery stories Who colonics are not for Open + closed systems Can you see the poop passing through? Activated charcoal for bloating Infrared sauna Tips for colon and bowel health Nutrition and eating recommendations during COVID Netflix Seaspiracy documentary
April 19, 2021
Julie O'Brien, NTP: founder of Firefly Kitchens and author of Fresh & Fermented
Julie O'Brien, NTP makes the world a more delicious and nutritious place - on this episode, she reflects on falling in love with fermented sauerkraut, starting and running her business, and the healing power of fermented foods.  Find me @healing_corner on Instagram Notes: @fireflykitchensseattle on Instagram @julieboltonobrien on Instagram Getting started at home Celtic Sea Salt (France) High vibe workplace Ideal gut acid pH  Easing the digestive load Easing constipation Kimchi #1 seller: Vegan, Green vs napa cabbage Fresh & Fermented cookbook Recipe ideas Probiotic poops Fennel asparagus soup Tacos Ingredient sourcing and farmer partners Envirostars certification Cooking classes Probiotic hot sauce Use code "healingcorner" at for 10% off any purchase (free U.S. shipping too!)
April 12, 2021
[Superfood Spotlight] Yolélé fonio
A solo episode series highlighting small-batch, woman or minority-owned food & beverage companies that deliver on taste, nutrient density, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. Yolélé supports West African smallholder farming communities and regenerative agricultural practices through the cultivation of fonio, a gluten-free ancient African grain. @healing_corner on Instagram Notes: Yolélé website @Yoléléfoods on Instagram Pierre Thiam 2017 TedTalk: A forgotten ancient grain that could help Africa prosper Pierre's cookbooks
April 05, 2021
Clarinda Mann on astrocartography + health
Astrologer, Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master, and human design specialist Clarinda Mann walks us through astrocartography and why where we live or travel affects our health and wellbeing.
March 29, 2021
Sarah Holgen MS, CNS reflects on the liver + skin relationship and terrain theory
In her second Healing Corner interview, clinical nutritionist Sarah Holgen reflects on the full moon parasite cleanse, breaks down the skin and liver relationship, and explains terrain theory -- or, why viruses don’t like clean bodies. Find me @healing_corner on Instagram Sarah Holgen, MS, CNS @nutritionfortheppl on Instagram Website: Email: Contact Sarah for a free 15-minute consultation or to get on her waiting list Episode Notes: (See episode 1 for our first discussion) Parasite full moon cleanse follow up and "full moon kit" -- DM or email for her practitioner's code and to book a free consultation to prep Drainage therapies Enemas Grounding Detox symptoms Full Moon in March 2021 = worm moon according to farmer's almanac Skin + Liver relationship Eczema, psoriasis, cystic acne, itchy scalp, rashes The importance of sweat (5 million opportunities/pores to help us detox) Liver detox phases Ibuprofen and NAPQI Food tips for antioxidants for Phase 1 Proteins, vitamins, amino acids for Phase 2 Bile for Phase 3  Mineral salt as a regulator Iodized salt vs. mineral salt Tips for choosing the best salt The Bean Protocol by Karen Hurd Soluble fiber vs. insoluble fiber
March 22, 2021
Magda Girao, OTRL, CST-D, NDT on craniosacral therapy
Magda Girao, OTRL, CST-D, NDT breaks down craniosacral therapy -- how it works, why it works, and many of the physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues that benefit from it.  Magda Girao, Founder of Michigan Craniosacral Email: Website: Facebook page: Michigan craniosacral Episode Notes  Fascia/connective tissue covering the entire body "Listening stations" SQAR testing in the body Visceral manipulation to help organ malfunctions and restrictions Somato emotional release - releasing negative thoughts or belief patterns to relieve physical symptoms Anxiety and depression Pregnancy relief for mom and baby Helping her 4-month-old son Picky Eating as a sensorial processing issue Behavioral issues Rebirthing to release trauma from the delivery experience Upledger Institute Find a therapist: -- Articles by Magda: The ABCs of Handwriting for Children with Special Needs - Friendship Circle - Special Needs Blog : Friendship Circle — Special Needs Blog What to Do When Your Kid is a Klutz - Detroit and Ann Arbor Metro Parent -- Find me at @healing_corner on Instagram 
March 15, 2021
[Superfood Spotlight] Firefly Kitchens
Superfood Spotlight: Firefly Kitchens. A solo episode series highlighting small-batch, woman and/or minority-owned food companies that deliver on taste, nutrient-density, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. What's So Good About Fermented Foods? Sauerkraut: The Miracle Cabbage Use code "healingcorner" for 10% off any online order. Free shipping included with every order. Envirostars Certification The Post Carbon Institute article The Future is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification 
March 08, 2021
Sharmeen Abeysinghe and healing through creative movement
Creative movement coach, certified ELDOA instructor, and Registered Early Childhood Educator of 19 years Sharmeen Abeysinghe offers insights into the body, brain, and nervous system connection, and how repatterning this connection through movement allows us to experience improved health and vitality. @my_aligned_life on Instagram Website: for individual coaching services for all ages through her “Aligned access to your body’s intelligence” program + ELDOA Privates, Semi-Privates & small Group sessions, Masterclasses, Webinars, and Lunch & Learns  Email: Small movements, big impact Traumatic events stored in the body Feldenkrais Method®  Self-trust + intuition Building new neural pathways through movement Movements for chronic pain, anxiety, depression Emotions and how to regulate so we don't get stuck The Covid-19 Survival Guide for Parents of Stressed Children article Gabor Mate “When the Body Says No” "The 5-second rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage" book by Mel Robbins Benefits of creative movement for all ages Parental stress absorbed by kids and the importance of co-regulation
March 01, 2021
Dr. Katherine Erlich, M.D. on preconception, pregnancy, and baby nutrition
A board-certified pediatrician and author of the book Super Nutrition for Babies, Dr. Katherine Erlich M.D. shares pre-conception and pregnancy tips, first food recommendations (plus what to avoid) for ages 0-2, and which vitamins may help support our bodies' healthy immune function during COVID. Super Nutrition for Babies book on Amazon Dr. Erlich’s holistic pediatric practice in Franklin, MI (check out "Health Tips" for excellent info to support a sick or injured child, and tips for sleeping and eating!) Email Dr. Erlich for an appt: Healing the Whole Child Facebook page Discover organic farms, raw milk, CSAs, and/or source wild-caught fish near you: for product recommendations, guides, + egg rating scorecards Mom microbiome + vaginal seeding to establish a healthy microbiome Dietary guidance + overall tips: pre-conception, pregnancy, and post-partum Homemade baby formula recipe (raw milk-based and liver + bone broth formula) Food categories: CRAP, OKAY, PURE, POWER Raw milk vs. pasteurized milk Babies first food: recommendations and things to avoid Food introduction timeline from 0-2 yrs old Vegan and vegetarian recommendations Vitamin recommendations to support our immune systems during COVID Sunscreen vs. no sunscreen A Holistic Approach to Viruses by Dr. David Brownstein founder of the Center for Holistic Medicine $10-$12 wild-caught caviar at Whole Foods for $$$ salmon roe, other wild seafood, and organic products
February 22, 2021
Dr. Lisa Lavoie, N.D. on nutrition + human design
Dr. Lisa Lavoie shares the liberation that human design offers regarding our nutrition choices and digestion circumstances. She breaks down nutrition by energy type, the 6 digestion systems, and what’s possible when we live according to our own strategy and authority. for individual readings, mentorship program, and a free mini program @drlisalavoie on Instagram to access your human design chart
February 15, 2021
Sarah Holgen MS, CNS on parasites, drainage, and detoxification
Mold toxicity. Drainage. Parasites. In this episode, certified nutrition specialist Sarah Holgen shares her passion for detoxification and her tips for effective drainage. Find out more about Sarah: @nutritionfortheppl on Instagram Learn more about the "Full Moon Kit" parasite cleanse at Note: DM Sarah or email for her practitioner's code to purchase the kit and to book a free 15 min consultation for the cleanse. Submit questions or comments on Instagram @healing_corner
February 02, 2021