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Live Well with Emily

Live Well with Emily

By Emily O'Brien
Live Well with Emily is your weekly dose of inspiration and education on all things yoga, Ayurveda, mindful living, and holistic wellness.

Emily shares her insights and knowledge as a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner (and brings on other amazing, intelligent guests) in hopes that you'll be empowered to take your health into your own hands, connect deeply with your truest nature, and live a more balanced, healthy, peaceful life.
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Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse
Vata season is here! This episode will give you a simple break down of what an Ayurvedic cleanse looks like during the transition from summer to fall. Enjoy!
September 21, 2021
Children's Dental Health w/ Danielle Panzer
Dental health is imperative for whole body health! Danielle's back and this time we're focusing in on children's dental health! Danielle shares her experience with her own son's dental health, the hurdles they had to overcome, and what they're doing now as a family to keep their teeth (and whole body) healthy and well. This is a wonderful episode that I'm sure you'll learn something from!
September 7, 2021
Yoga Talk w/ Tiffany Hilgendorf
Tiffany is a yoga teacher, studio owner, massage therapist, and all around badass woman. Today we talk about yoga, CrossFit, her triumph over Epstein Barr virus and cancer, and so much more. Give it a listen :) Connect with Tiffany: @exhaleyogaaz
August 31, 2021
The Montessori Method w/ Kate Kostovska
Today I chat with Kate, a professional Montessori guide, about all things Montessori!  The books recommended by Kate in the episode: The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori  The Child in the Family by Maria Montessori Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori The Formation of Man by Maria Montessori Education for a New World by Maria Montessori Discovery of the Child by Maria Montessori Understanding the Human Being by Dr. Montanaro How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin And a website:
August 24, 2021
Sean's Back!
A real and impromptu conversation with my partner, Sean. We talk about yoga and teaching, supplements we take, and more.  The seed cycling seeds I mention:
August 17, 2021
The Four Goals of Life
Artha, Kama, Dharma, and Moksha.  Kino Workshops: Feb 4th, 5th, 6th. Or Venmo me at EmilyAnneOBrien  To sign up for recipes or inquire about Costa Rica Retreat, send your email to me through IG or Email.  IG: @emilyobrienwellness Email: Backbending workshop: Aug 21st, 2:30-4:30pm Authentic Yoga Scottsdale:
August 10, 2021
July Q&A
In this episode, I answer questions about getting your kids to eat good food, my favorite way to consume collagen, and how to start incorporating more home cooked, wholesome meals in your busy day-to-day life. :) If you have questions, send me a DM on IG or email me at and I'll answer them in the upcoming Q&A.  Love you!
August 4, 2021
Astrology Charts with Julie Hoffman
Julie is a retired nurse on her new journey of yoga teacher, astrologer, tarot reader, and more. In this episode we talk about the basic qualities of each astrology sign, and she reads my birth chart! Pull up your own birth chart and take notes, so that you can gain more understanding within your own chart. Or just go book a reading with Julie! ;) Connect with Julie: IG: @julie_hoffman_wellness
July 27, 2021
Death + Dying w/ Leanne Nolan
In this episode Leanne, a death doula and yoga teacher, chat about death and dying. We also touch on the children's book she's writing that aims to help children learn about death and accept the emotions that come with experiencing a loved one pass away. Connect with Leanne: IG: @leannenolan_yoga
July 20, 2021
Dental Health w/ Danielle Panzer
Danielle was my midwife with Connor. She's an amazing healthcare practitioner, and in this episode she shares her latest passion about dental health. It's eye opening!  Here are some of the books she references: JAWS: The story of a Hidden Epidemic by Sandra Kahn and Paul Ehrlich HOLISTIC DENTAL CARE: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums by Nadine Artemis
July 13, 2021
Holistic Nutrition w/ Alexandra Radway
Alexandra is a nutritional therapy practitioner who helps women thrive during all stages of their reproductive life. In this episode we talk about drainage pathways, food, cooking, motherhood, hormones, holistic wellness routines, and way more!  Connect with Alexandra: IG: @alexandraradway Website:
July 6, 2021
Pelvic Yoga w/ Lisa van Leeuwen
Lisa is a pelvic floor and period yoga teacher. Her work addresses all sorts of issues including bladder leaks, constipation, painful periods or painful intimacy, and more. We talk about everything from how to properly do a Kegel, to the charity work she's doing with local foundations and her puberty education program for young adults, to why it even matters to connect to your cycle and your pelvis at all. There's a lot of goodies in here, folks. Give it a listen! Here's your DISCOUNT CODE to join Lisa's virtual period yoga class: LIVEWELL15 Connect with Lisa:  IG: @doyogawithlisa   
June 29, 2021
Ayurveda + Ashtanga Yoga w/ Carrie Sobeck
Carrie Sobeck is an authorized level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner. In this episode we talk about all things Ashtanga and Ayurveda. Hope you enjoy! Get in touch with Carrie: IG: @carriesobeck
June 22, 2021
Seed Cycling + Hormone Health w/ Kate Morton
Kate is a registered dietitian turned period entrepreneur! Her journey started after getting off birth control and learning how little she knew about her own body. Her goal now is to change our relationships with periods through food. Today I chat with her about all things seed cycling and hormonal health! Discount on Funk It Wellness seeds: WELL15 Go to for your seeds and don't forget to use the discount WELL15 at checkout! IG: Kate's IG: @carbsandkate
June 15, 2021
Principles of Ayurvedic Digestion
The Ayurvedic stages of digestion, an intro to ama, and simple everyday tips for better digestion.
June 8, 2021
Talking Yoga with Sean Shelton
Just a little conversation in our backyard on the trampoline while the kids play inside. We chat about ashtanga yoga, practicing with injuries, the siddhis of yoga, seventh series, and more!
June 1, 2021
The Truth about Ashtanga Yoga
Here's Krishnamacharya practicing at 50 years old: Kino Macgregor: @kinoyoga on IG, or Reach out to me to sign up for Kino's workshops coming up, or at least to stay up to date on all new information as it comes in: or on IG @emilyobrienwellness 
May 25, 2021
Cook More at Home! Here's Where to Start.
A few simple tips for starting to spend more time in the kitchen without the overwhelm. Basically, if you want to get more involved in your kitchen, prepare your kitchen! These are a few things I do to keep meals simple, yummy, and accessible. Read: readily available spices, healthy fats, proper tools, and solid cookware! Plus, what to do with your scraps to get the most bang for your buck.  I mentioned Recycled City in this episode -- if you're interested in a compost service for your home or work place and you live in Arizona, check them out!
May 11, 2021
Guided Meditation: Total Relaxation + Body Awareness
A guided meditation to totally and completely relax the body, while also being fully present and self aware. Best done lying down without distractions.
May 4, 2021
Triphala: What is it and Should you Take it?
Learn what Triphala is and some of the amazing health benefits it provides. :) IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website:
April 27, 2021
Soak & Sprout for Optimal Health
Nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes -- are you soaking and sprouting them?! This episode tells you why you should and how to do it. Read the blog on my website for the visual version of this podcast. IG: @emilyobrienwellness
April 20, 2021
Intro to Prana
A super short, basic intro to the subtle aspect of vata. :)
April 13, 2021
Intro to Tejas
Inner radiance, inner glow, inner confidence and drive... it all stems from tejas! Listen to learn more :) IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website: Email:
April 6, 2021
Intro to Ojas
A short, basic introduction to Ojas, the subtle dosha of Kapha! Reach out with any questions
March 30, 2021
Yoga for Vata Dosha
Grounding, strength building poses that increase circulation and promote digestion. Forward folds, hip flexion, and full, deep breathing through the nose! Listen to learn more :) Email: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website:
March 23, 2021
Yoga for Pitta Dosha
Spread the fire throughout the body and remove excess heat! We're maintaining our spark without overheating or causing burnout. Deep back bends and poses that stimulate the liver, spleen, and small intestines. Maintaining your dristhi, and practicing eye-focused meditations. Listen for more :) Email: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website:
March 16, 2021
Yoga for Kapha Dosha
Open the heart, expand the chest, deepen the breath, break a sweat, build heat! This episode lightly goes over the subdoshas of Kapha so you can understand a little more deeply what this dosha does for you, and then how to target those areas in a physical yoga practice! Listen to learn. :) Email: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website: 
March 9, 2021
Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse for Beginners
Interested in doing an Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse but not sure what that is or where to start? This episode is for you! I provide a basic outline of what a seasonal cleanse looks like in Ayurveda. Listen to learn :)
March 2, 2021
February Q&A
In this episode I answer questions about Ayurvedic dental health, maintaining a healthy diet/lifestyle while traveling, yoga and motherhood, tea, cycles and the doshas, and more! Here's the Daily Swish Oil by Banyan Botanicals: And the Desert Essence Pulling Rinse: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Email: Website:
February 28, 2021
Six Tastes of Ayurveda
In this episode I go over the six tastes of Ayurveda -- one of the biggest proponents to Ayurvedic nutrition is eating the right proportion of the right tastes for your specific needs. Listen to learn :) IG: @emilyobrienwellness Email: Website:
February 23, 2021
Holistic Tips for Perfect Health
In this episode I go over the Three Pillars of Life and some simple yet powerful Ayurvedic tips for achieving and maintaining svastha, or perfect health. If you commit yourself to these pillars and tips, you'll notice a difference in your wellbeing in no time!
February 16, 2021
Ayurveda's Perspective on Meat Consumption
Is it bad to eat meat? What do the Ayurvedic texts say about consuming animal protein? This episode answers just that! For more info or to schedule a private consultation, reach out to me! Email: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website:
February 9, 2021
Yoga and your Period
In this episode I break down the four phases of the menstrual cycle and how I use these phases to set the tone for my yoga practice. I hope you enjoy! IG: @emilyobrienwellness Email: 
February 2, 2021
January Q&A
In this episode I answer the following questions: What would a typical day look like using these Ayurveda practices together? For an Ayurveda beginner, which practice would you recommend to start with or focus on? In what specific ways do Ayurveda and yoga relate in your life? I’m a kapha dominant person and I don’t know what to eat. Everything I read feels very limiting. So many things are not allowed. What exactly is allowed? Help with tinea versicolor. Also my boyfriends skin is often red and irritated, so skin stuff in general would be greatly appreciated. What daily routines can I add to my self care practice? Best diet to balance vata and pitta doshas? Should you practice yoga on your period? How to control sweet cravings? How to incorporate better foods as opposed to dieting, how to know who to listen to. There are so many different opinions on what to eat and what not to eat. I hope you enjoy! Email: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Website:
January 31, 2021
Balancing Vata Dosha
This episode gives you simple, practical ways to balance your Vata dosha. You can even start implementing them today and, in some cases, experience immediate relief! Email: Website: IG: @emilyobrienwellness YouTube:
January 26, 2021
Balancing Pitta Dosha
This episode gives you simple, practical ways to balance your Pitta dosha. You can even start implementing them today and, in some cases, experience immediate relief! Email: Website: IG: @emilyobrienwellness YouTube:
January 19, 2021
Balancing Kapha Dosha
This episode gives some simple, practical ways for you to balance your Kapha dosha. You can literally start implementing these today and, in some cases, feel immediate relief!  Email: Website: IG: @emilyobrienwellness YouTube:
January 12, 2021
Intro to Vata Dosha
This is the third and final episode in a three-part series where I touch on the basics of the three doshas. Today's episode is on Vata dosha, or the air and ether elements within our body and the world. This is a very simple introduction, and while there's a great deal more to cover and discuss about Vata dosha, this will give you a solid foundation to grow and learn from as we move forward with Ayurvedic wisdom! Questions? Send them over to Website: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Youtube:
January 5, 2021
Intro to Pitta Dosha
This is the second episode in a three-part series where I touch on the basics of the three doshas. Today's episode is on Pitta dosha, or the fire and water elements within our body and the world. This is a very simple introduction, and while there's a great deal more to cover and discuss about Pitta dosha, this will give you a solid foundation to grow and learn from as we move forward with Ayurvedic wisdom! Questions? Send them over to Website: IG: @emilyobrienwellness Youtube:
January 5, 2021
Intro to Kapha Dosha
This is the first of a mini three-part series where I go over each Ayurvedic dosha type-- something that will probably come up time and again on this podcast!. This episode introduces the basics of Kapha dosha, or the earth and water elements within the body and world. There is so much more to be said and learned here, but this will give you a foundational understanding to build off of.
January 5, 2021