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Confessions of a Grieving Mother

Confessions of a Grieving Mother

By Emma's Footprints
Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death affects more families than you may realize. Tracy and Julie (two grieving mothers) are here to help educate, support and break the stigma behind this topic of pregnancy and infant loss. Join us as laugh, cry and remember our babies!
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Falon Gervais: Meet Owen
Listen as we talk with Emma's Footprints - Director of Support, Falon Gervais and the loss of her son Owen during a complicated labor.  If you are interested in joining Emma's Footprints monthly support group, please head to our Facebook or Instagram for more details or email
September 23, 2021
Riki Hay: Meet Eleanor
Riki shares Eleanor with our listeners and what it was like to get a life limiting diagnosis, make hard decisions as a parent and hear that their baby didn't have a heartbeat.
September 16, 2021
Create a Team for this years Memorial Walk!
We encourage you to create a team or join one for this years Memorial Walk on Saturday, October 9th at Penn State Behrend. If you aren't local to Erie, PA that's ok! We still want to support you even if you are far away!  Create a Team Here! Questions? Contact or reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram Account!
September 9, 2021
Tyler and Sara Volk: Meet Oliver
Listen as Tyler and Sara talk about the loss of their son Oliver at 33 weeks gestation. 
September 2, 2021
Pastor Parris Baker: Loss Father
Parris Baker (Father, Spouse, Pastor, College Professor and so much more) shares about his losses and how it shaped him into the person he is today. If you have been touched by Parris's story, you can reach out to him at
June 17, 2021
It's Emma's Birthday Episode
Happy 14th birthday to our sweet Emma! 
May 27, 2021
Jessica Deasey: Meet Jack
Jessica shares what it was like to be a hospice nurse for 11 years but wasn't prepared at all for the loss of her own son. 
May 20, 2021
India Washington: Loss Mom
Listen as India shares her loss story with us. 
May 13, 2021
Kary Grotkowski: Meet Luke
Happy Nurse's Week!  Listen as Mom & Nurse, Kary, shares about losing her son Luke to trisomy 18 and life as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. 
May 6, 2021
For the inexperienced friend...
Julie and Tracy chat with Co-Founder, Kristen Banocy about how friends can help during loss. 
April 29, 2021
Courtney Frazier: Meet Easton
Listen as we talk with Courtney about the tragic loss of her father and then a couple weeks later, losing her son to SIDS. 
April 22, 2021
Grady's Decision
Listen to Ryan, Founder of Grady's Decision, talks about how Grady's started and learn more about their mission.  Grady's Decision Facebook Grady's Decision Website Contact Grady's here!
April 15, 2021
Ryan Smith: Meet Grady & Gianna
Listen as we talk with Ryan about the journey of infertility to loss. He opens up and shares his twin miracles with us, Grady and Gianna.  Grady's Website Grady's Poem
April 8, 2021
Answering the HARD question: "how many kids do you have?"
Tracy and Julie talk about how to prepare yourself for the HARD after your loss. 
April 1, 2021
Stacy Fraschetti: Meet Eli and Joy
Stacy shares how her excitement around pregnancy quickly changed into sadness, how joy has been brought back into her life and how she is excited about her future. 
March 25, 2021
LCSW Pam Presler: Q&A's
Listen as we ask our LCSW, Pam Presler some questions from our listeners. If you have questions for Pam that you would like answered, please send them to Or if you are interested in a session with Pam, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can point you in the right direction. 
March 18, 2021
Sharon Ross: Meet Alice
Listen as loss mom, Sharon Ross, shares her story about bringing Alice into this world, what that looked like for her family and how they remember Alice today. 
March 11, 2021
Joe Mineo: Father and Grandfather of Loss
Listen as Joe Mineo, talks about the loss his family experienced in 1986. He also shares the memories of losing his granddaughter, Josephine. 
March 4, 2021
Alison Jacobson: Meet Connor
Alison shares about the loss of your son, Connor. He will be 24 this year. For more information:
February 25, 2021
Pregnancy After Loss: Tracy and Julie's Advice
Pregnancy after loss can be an emotional journey. Listen as Tracy and Julie give their views on how they handled their pregnancies after loss. 
February 18, 2021
Colleen & Oriana Mattis: Meet Robin
Listen as we interview our first couple. Colleen and Oriana talk about what that day was like and how they remember Robin to this day. 
February 11, 2021
Jake Tobolewski: Meet Baby Tobolewski
Listen as Jake talks about their losses and the everyday battle of showing up when life is hard. 
February 4, 2021
Carol Jacobson: Meet Baby Bean & Joanna Rose
Carol Jacobson, shares about her two losses. 
January 28, 2021
Katie Stern: Pt.2: The Little Fox Foundation
Toby's Mom, Katie Stern, shares with us how The Little Fox Foundation started and what they provide for families. The Little Fox Foundation Website
January 21, 2021
Katie Stern Pt.1 : Meet Toby
Listen as loss mom, Katie Stern, shares her story with us and the day she lost Toby to SIDS. 
January 14, 2021
Bryan Dailey: Emma's Dad
Welcome to Season 2 of Confessions of a Grieving Mother! We wanted to kick this 2021 off with a new season AND Emma's Dad, Bryan Dailey! Listen as we interview our first dad on this podcast and what loss looks like through his eyes. 
January 7, 2021
HOLIDAY EPISODE: What a 'New Year' looks like after loss
2020 is a wrap (well almost). For some, it was a terrible year, for others it was another year without their baby. We hope you take away something from this podcast to help your vision for 2021. Take a step forward in your grief journey, maybe find a support person.  Whatever 2021 looks like, we will be right here with you.
December 31, 2020
HOLIDAY EPISODE: What grieving people wish you knew at Christmas
It's Christmas Eve. We want to share tips on what grieving people wish their family or friends knew at Christmas.  Be kind to yourself. Show yourself some grace. And remember the tips that Pamela Presler shared about creating a safe place this holiday. 
December 24, 2020
HOLIDAY EPISODE: Self care during the holidays
Grieving during the holidays is hard work. We don't want you to forget how important it is to self care this month! Listen as we laugh and share what our self care tips look like during this season.
December 17, 2020
HOLIDAY EPISODE: Finding the words to communicate during the holidays
LCSW, Pamela Presler is back to help us with finding the words to communicate during the holidays.  If you are interested in setting up a session with Pam, you can reach her at (814) 455-1301 or by email at
December 10, 2020
HOLIDAY EPISODE: Ideas on how to celebrate your baby during the holidays
We know the holidays are tough but we want you to know you are not alone. Listen as Tracy and Julie share tips all month on how to remember your babies, celebrate them, communicate your grief, self care and more. We are so glad you are here. 
December 3, 2020
Erin Richer: Meet Lyida
Happy Thanksgiving! Listen as Military wife, Erin Richer shares her loss story. And also shares how her relationship with Jesus helped her during her journey. 
November 26, 2020
Josie Zaffuto: Labor and Delivery Nurse + Bereavement Coordinator
Josie, Labor and Delivery Nurse and Bereavement Coordinator on her floor. She talks to us about her position at the hospital and how it has transformed the past couple of years.
November 19, 2020
Brandy Gentry: Meet Oli
Brandy Gentry, mother of Oli, shares her loss story. 
November 12, 2020
Meghan Slater: Meet Baby Slater
Bereavement Coordinator, Loss Mom, and Bereavement Doula; Meghan Slater shares her loss story and where it has led her to today.  
November 5, 2020
Pam Presler: Meet Emma's recommended LCSW
Listen as our LCSW, Pam Presler shares tips and tools for grieving families. Find us on Facebook (Emma's Footprints) and Instagram (@emmasfootprints)
October 29, 2020
Amanda Berk: Meet Aubree
Director of Bereavement, Amanda Berk, shares her story about her miscarriage and her daughter who had a life limiting diagnosis.  
October 22, 2020
Julie Swanson: Meet Gus
Executive Director, Julie Swanson shares about her SIDS loss.
October 15, 2020
Tracy Dailey: Meet Emma
Co-Founder, Tracy Dailey talks about her loss.
October 8, 2020
How Emma found her Footprints!
Co-Founders, Kristen Banocy and Tracy Dailey talk about how they met and created Emma's Footprints.
September 29, 2020